Planets In Aspect

Sun Aspects

MOON: Sun quincunx MoonSun opposite Moon
MERCURY: Sun conjunct Mercury
VENUS: Sun conjunct Venus
MARS: Sun sextile/trine MarsSun square/opposition Mars
JUPITER: Sun sextile/trine JupiterSun square/opposition Jupiter
SATURN: Sun sextile/trine SaturnSun square/opposite Saturn
URANUS: Sun conjunct/quincunx UranusSun square/opposition UranusSun sextile/trine Uranus
NEPTUNE: Sun conjunct/quincunx NeptuneSun sextile/trine NeptuneSun square/opposite Neptune
PLUTO: Sun conjunct/quincunx PlutoSun square/opposition PlutoSun sextile/trine Pluto
LILITH : Sun conjunct/quincunx LilithSun sextile/trine Lilith • Sun square/opposite Lilith
CERES: Sun conjunct/quincunx CeresSun sextile/trine CeresSun square/opposition Ceres

Mercury Aspects

PLUTO: Mercury conjunct Pluto

Moon Aspects

MERCURY: Moon conjunct Mercury Moon square/opposite Mercury
VENUS: Moon conjunct/quincunx Venus Moon square/opposite Venus
MARS: Moon conjunct/quincunx MarsMoon sextile/trine MarsMoon square/opposite Mars
JUPITER: Moon Conjunct/Quincunx JupiterMoon sextile/trine JupiterMoon square/opposition Jupiter
SATURN : Moon conjunct/quincunx SaturnMoon square/opposite Saturn Moon sextile/trine Saturn
URANUS: Moon conjunct/quincunx Uranus Moon sextile/trine Uranus Moon square/opposite Uranus
NEPTUNE: Moon conjunct/quincunx Neptune Moon trine/sextile Neptune Moon square/opposition Neptune
PLUTO: Moon conjunct/quincunx PlutoMoon sextile/trine PlutoMoon square/opposition Pluto
LILITH: Moon conjunct/quincunx Lilith Moon sextile/trine-Lilith Moon square/opposite Lilith
CERES: Moon conjunct/quincunx CeresMoon sextile/trine Ceres Moon square/opposite Ceres

Venus Aspects

VENUS: Venus conjunct JupiterVenus square/opposition Saturn

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  1. Hi Marina 🙂

    Can you please do an article on Uranus and Neptune square Lilith? I’ve been looking everywhere for detailed info, and I dont really want to buy a whole book for research. Not yet anyway
    Thank you!

  2. Love to see an article about aspects to the ascendant/descendant.

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