Venus Conjunct Saturn ~ Chains Of Desire

FEB 18 The aspect Venus conjunct Saturn is typically associated with feeling unloved, especially by the father or other symbols of patriarchy. It can also indicate a stern and regimental upbringing where there was a lack of physical affection. In the case of the conjunction, much depends on which planet is the strongest by dignity so it does not always work as a hard or unfortunate aspect. For example Donald Trump has this conjunction in Cancer where Venus overpowers his Saturn. So here glamorous and elaborate Venus almost overcompensates for the restriction of Saturn. Trump’s gaudy taste has gone to town with Venusian luxury and is very far from the traditionally classical and austere Saturn.

Venus conjunct Saturn is serious about aesthetics and often women with this aspect need validation that they are beautiful. These ladies might, for example, enter beauty contests to prove they are not ‘ugly’. Venus attractiveness has Saturn standards! It is interesting that Donald Trump has this aspect since he actually bought the Miss Universe contest in the 1990s. He is also famous for his glamorous wives and was on the cover of Playboy magazine himself. Melania Trump was also ‘validated’ by posing nude for GQ (Long before she became the first lady.)

Venus conjunct Saturn natives work very hard to make money, again this may be to overcompensate for having low self-esteem and to prove to the world they are worth something. If the person themselves considers themselves ugly then they will try and surround themselves with beautiful and high-status individuals. Sometimes this indicates a woman who is attracted to rich older men and of course they may be looking for a father figure since they felt so ignored and unseen as a child.

Love Bonds

Venus conjunct SaturnSome folk with this aspect will spend very little on their appearance and wear clothes until they fall apart. On the other hand, others will spend hours getting ready because they think their looks are offensive to the outside world. Venus conjunct Saturn fears being naked in the world without their protective mask of makeup or expensive suit. Saturn can be their shield against a world that they feel does not value them simply for being themselves.

Venus conjunct Saturn can be quite anti-social and live life as a hermit. There may even be a phobia of parties. Sometimes these folk find it really hard to just let their hair down and have fun. The conjunction can be either extremely frigid or conversely become a sex-pert! This person can work their way up in society by sleeping with the right person. The casting couch is totally Venus/Saturn. There can also be a great fear of intimacy and shyness, but with age, this can be overcome. Once these folk have found ‘the one’ they will stick with them till death and they are very loyal to their beloved. Saturn sticks to love like glue once bonded.

 Venus Conjunct Saturn ~ Natives

Madame de Pompadour is a great example of this aspect as she was a courtesan (Venus) who also wielded great authority (Saturn). “Madame de Pompadour, was a member of the French court and was the official chief mistress of Louis XV from 1745 to 1751, and remained influential as court favourite until her death. (In 1764) She took charge of the king’s schedule and was a valued aide and advisor, despite her frail health and many political enemies.” ~ Wiki  Here we see the successful merging of business (Saturn) with pleasure (Venus.)

Pompadour was born common Jeanne Antoinette Poisson and became ‘Madame de Pompadour’ after becoming the king’s mistress. “Through her position as court favourite Pompadour wielded considerable power and influence; she was elevated on October 12, 1752, to Duchess and in 1756 to lady-in-waiting to the queen, the most noble rank possible for a woman at court. Pompadour effectively played the role of prime minister, becoming responsible for appointing advancements, favors, and dismissals, and contributing in domestic and foreign politics.”

Due to ill health and lowering of her libido (Saturn), Madame de Pompadour ceased sexual relations with the king after 1750 but remained his valued friend and adviser for the rest of her life.” Madame de Pompadour was an influential patron of the arts, who played a central role in making Paris the perceived capital of taste and culture in Europe.” ~ Wiki. Pompadour was very influential in championing the ‘Rococo’ style (Venus) she also bought a porcelain factory which became one of the most famous in Europe. Fine porcelain a fantastic symbol for both Saturn which is sculptural and Venus which is elegant and refined.

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