Moon Conjunction Quincunx Uranus ~ Shocking


Moon conjunction Uranus or Moon quincunx Uranus breeds a range of crazed lunatics, unconventional rebels and quiet outsiders. There is a pathological need to shock and outrage. However Moon conjunct or quincunx Uranus are often shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety their outrageous behaviour brings them. This aspect can be branded as an attention seeker, when all it is doing is being itself. The roots of this seemingly bonkers behaviour very often stems from their upbringing.

Artwork: “Ace Of Crystals”. Voyager Tarot © James Wanless

The mother was either a genius, a very eccentric individual, really spaced-out or totally absent. Whatever the case, the mother was just not the same as other mothers so these kids grow up feeling that they are unusually special or that they not worthy of normal parenting because they are freaks. Sometimes there is an odd mix of the two which leaves them feeling very insecure.

Moon conjunction Uranus Transit

When the Moon is conjunction Uranus in the sky the public mood is in flux and extremely changeable. The situation can shockingly shift in an instant so it very hard to plan an event for this day. However the vibe is that anything is possible, so if you hope for the best you may be very pleasantly surprised. Go for your dreams, but be prepared to adjust them slightly to suit the audience. The secret is compromise, but if you also deliver something unexpected on the side the public will lap that up too!

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