Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Venus ~ Pampered

Moon conjunct or quincunx Venus is the grand-trifle-on-top-of-a-meringue aspect. This sugar fest doesn’t really have to do anything.. In its pure essence Moon/Venus sits there, looking luscious, until some Mars type takes a great bite out of it. Generally Moon conjunct Venus doesn’t have to make a great deal of effort to get the good life, attract good fortune and be at the right place at the right time.

These people expect a life of luxury and abundance, so they usually get it. BUT, all this passivity leaves these people wide open to being exploited and manipulated by the Svengalis of this world. One thing Moon conjunct Venus wants above all else is peace and love. They are hungry for affection and will comply to keep things as harmonious and pleasant as possible at all times.

Many of them believe they are unlovable if, for example; they loose their temper, criticise their partner, put on weight, show their face without makeup, or anything else that is not aesthetically pleasing. The ultimate job for someone with this aspect strong in their chart would be a wedding planner. All the ingredients of Moon conjunct Venus would fit nicely; Romance, nostalgia, bringing families together, sensitivity to the needs of the couple, creating a beautiful setting, sentimental music, gushy speeches…

Hyper-Sensitive Honey Pie

Surprisingly Moon conjunct Venus can sometimes attract violent behaviour as it goes about trying to bring fairness to situations. Moon/Venus also has to watch out it doesn’t become a bit of a doormat with its people-pleasing. Sociable Moon conjunct Venus is so hypersensitive to the needs of others that paradoxically the only way they can get any “me” time is by shutting themselves off from company all together.

These people can be quite reclusive at times despite the lure of glamorous parties. In love relationships too, they crave the romance, but will suddenly withdraw if they see conflict on the horizon or if they are feeling particularly vulnerable. At first it might seem strange that the quincunx should have anything to do with the conjunction, but we must remember that traditional astrologers don’t even regard the conjunction as an aspect since it cannot ‘see’ the planet next to it.

Moon conjunct VenusThe quincunx is also known as the inconjunct since the planet has no mode, sex or element in common with the sign the aspecting planet is in. It also cannot ‘see’ the other planet and they have absolutely no common ground at all. So Moon conjunction Venus can be ultra sweet and sickly, but the quincunx makes it’s more like sweet and sour.

Cheese ‘n Jam

Moon quincunx Venus is greedy for affection and needs tangible expressions of love, but they go about this in an indirect way. Therefore, the person Venus/quincunx Moon are attempting to extricate this material ‘love’ from, does not even realize they are being syphoned. Moon/Venus has real difficulty with asking for what it needs in the normal fashion.

Moon quincunx Venus wants everyone to be happy, loving and congenial, but they can be obsessive in their pursuit of fairness and perfection. Because of their perfectionist quirk, these subjects really don’t take criticism well, are extremely sensitive and get upset far too easily, which draws them into very un-peaceful fights. So this combination can be very paradoxical, for example the ‘Champagne Socialist’ who declares they want a fair society where we are all equal, while having very elitist tastes.

Moon quincunx Venus looks like witchcraft and is a little eerie. The unusual combination seems to create harmony where it just shouldn’t. The quincunx causes creative dissonance, it’s especially effective with Venus’s slant towards harmony and the Moons amazing, intuitive imagination. This aspect can veer towards the kinky in relationships due to the mother figure being the chief disciplinary parent in childhood. Women therefore can be held in awe; worshiped and hated at the same time.


23 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Venus ~ Pampered

  1. “until some Mars type takes a great bite out of it.” LOL…I always saw those thought bubbles over the heads of men as having them with a bib ,knife in one hand ,fork in the other held up, tongue hanging out and salivating. Now I know why. Moon, then venus and uranus all within about 13 degrees. Yikes!

  2. This is true for my Moon conjunct Venus. I have also been on the receiving end of violence (as an adult, when I was trying to keep the peace, and deal with things like the adults we were supposed to be), but I have Mars square Moon/Venus, as well, and they’re in the 8th.

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