Libra Traits

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so it influence will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others.

Libra Rising Decans

0º to 10º Libra Decan 1 Rising* (Libra Triplicity)

Libra decan 1 are prone to triangular relationships. Deep down they may actually prefer the lifestyle of the ‘other woman/man’, whether they realize it or not. They are suckers for luxuriating in a scented bath, buying special silk underwear and wining and dining in obscure out-of-town restaurants. They also love the desperately romantic, “when-will-I-see-you-again?” lovemaking at the end of the night. Creating balance between opposing parties is the most positive manifestation of these triangulating tendencies. Of course this makes them natural peacemakers.

10º to 20º Libra Decan 2 Rising (Aquarius Triplicity)

Similarly to Persephone and Aquarius, Libra decan 2 fears being trapped forever in a relationship. Thus, they end up devising clever escape mechanisms. They may have a job that takes them away part of the year. There may be a demanding extended family, a consuming hobby, or the worst case scenario, a drug habit. Libra decan 2 has thus created a legitimate, non-offensive reason why they cannot do full-time relationships. Balance is restored, and everything looks fair and square. In reality, Libra decan 2’s are actually commitmentphobes. Still, the reputation of being the zodiac’s most romantic lovers pervades all.

20º to 30º Libra Decan 2 Rising (Gemini Triplicity)

Those folk marry well, with their partners as the Mars power behind their Venus throne. But even if they don’t marry, the business partnerships they make will be exceedingly fruitful. Sometimes great success can be their downfall and they can equally attract powerful enemies. The Gemini/Libra influence can give quite a tricky, philanderer energy to this decan also. However there are some very lucky stars here which also greatly help these ace seducers land the most highly-prized spouses. Their charm is also very hard to resist!

*Ascendant sample sections are taken from the Libra decan ebooks.

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