Moon Sextile/Trine Pluto ~ Love Bites

Moon in sextile or trine to Pluto seems to have much more sinister undertones than one would expect from a soft aspect. This is still a Hades moon after all and Moon/Pluto aspects are never easy going. The sensitive moon combined with the sometimes hellish transformation of outer-planet Pluto is going to be hard for an individual to carry on a personal level.

What the harmonious aspects can do however, is at least channel this intense, penetrating and occasionally ruthless energy into something creative. The artistic products are not going to be light hearted or bubble-gummy. Moon sextile or trine Pluto subjects will always have the tinge of the underworld about them and sometimes their work will make powerful political statements. The art will be profound and involve deep exploration of the shadow. Sometimes there will be a obsession with taboo sexual practices either as a proclivity or as something they need to expose as corrupt.

I also think this combination can be very successful in the advertising industry since it involves the creative use of sorcery. These natives have a natural ability with psychology, and use it to understand and negatively to manipulate base human instincts. The creative force of the sextile and trine can utilise this knowledge in the marketing of products. Where the creative outlet is blocked we can get into trouble however. In some cases (See examples below), the subject needs to raise to a higher vibration through much soul searching to find Pluto’s buried gold.

The list of sextile examples strangely, include a disturbing amount of serial killers and sex criminals, and also occultists. Some are a bit of both Ie; Crowley. One thing that Pluto inspires above all, is awe and power, the sizzling sextile and the mysterious nocturnal world of the moon make it all the more magical and spellbinding.

If this aspect involves affliction from a malefic then it will show a more obsessive edge, since the Moon rules habits and compulsions. It also carries the devouring mother archetype,  which the trine in particular makes rather insatiable.  Moon trine Pluto subjects can play their cards very close to their chest. They are survivors. Pluto trines can inflate the subject’s sense of power and here we can get the tyrant.


Moon/Pluto ~ Soft Aspects

Moon Trine Pluto

moon-sextile- trine-plutoHugh Hefner (61’) is a good example of this type, using sex to lure in the punters and to make him rich. The creator of Playboy claimed to have slept with most of his “Playmates”, despite being married. Power and sex are a heady mix here naturally. This aspect’s charisma is apparent in Jerry Hall (11’) and “Dr Who” David Tennant (92′) who aptly played Casanova. David also has the distinctive, penetrating Plutonic eyes. Generally the Moon trine Pluto’s power comes from it’s brooding, seething sex appeal and cunning. Positively the optimistic trine can be put to great use in the field of human rights empowering others, for example Jimmy Carter (16’) was generally regarded as a better man than a president and Harvey Milk (26’) was a gay activist. Milk in true secretive Pluto fashion must’ve covered his sexuality fairly well. As a youth he was never suspected as being gay. “He was generally regarded as a ‘man’s man’. Which in fact he was!”[1] Lyle Menendez (23’) along with his brother murderedtheir Beverly Hills parents then went on a million dollar spending spree. The best example of this aspect is that of Violette Szabo (15’), the British wartime spy who’s bravery won her the George Cross. In true Pluto spirit Szabo kept her mouth shut, despite being brutally tortured by the Gestapo. She was executed aged just 23.

More Moon Trine Pluto: Milla Jovovich, Stephen King, Hugh Grant, Daniel Day Lewis, Thomas Edison, Jeff Goldblum, Natassja Kinski, Nadia Comaneci, Damon Albarn, Lynda Carter, Madame De Pompadour, Shirley Bassey, Little Richard, Cliff Richard, Sandra Bernhard, J. M. Barrie, World War II, Lily Tomlin, Diana Dors, Isaac Hayes.

Moon Sextile Pluto

Aileen Wuornos (11’) has to be the most extreme example of this aspect, a female (Moon) serial killer (Pluto) claimed her victims attempted to rape her while she worked as a prostitute. Pluto here becomes her rapists, her revenge, the sex and death intwined.

Her childhood was traumatic, Aileen never knew her father since he was in jail for sex crimes at her birth. Aileen’s mother abandoned her to her grandparents when she was 4. At age 11, Aileen swapped sex for cigarettes and drugs at school, experienced incest with her brother and claimed her alcoholic grandfather raped her. At 14 Aileen became pregnant, the result of a rape by her grandfathers friend. At 15 she was thrown out of her home and supported herself by prostitution. Eileen killed seven men between 1989 -1990 and was executed in 2002.

More Moon sextile Pluto: Sean Penn (13’), Joan Baez (14’), Zac Efron (17’), Justin Timberlake (21’), Sean Lennon, Eric Menendez, Lyndie England, Angel Resendiz, John Phillips, Harold Shipman, Benjamin Natanyahu, Marie Curie, Bell Boyd, Harriett Wilson, Jeane Dixon, Martha Graham, Vanessa Redgrave, Mary Shelley, Aleister Crowley, Shivabalayogi, Hans Christian Anderson, Gary Numan, Sting, Bono, Amy Winehouse, Keith Emerson, Katie Holmes, Pierre/Marie Curie Davison.


Moon/Pluto Aspects

Moon conjunct/quincunx Pluto • Moon sextile/trine Pluto • Moon square/opposition Pluto 

27 thoughts on “Moon Sextile/Trine Pluto ~ Love Bites

  1. David Tennant, he does have some fantastic eyes!

    I think my son has Moon Trine Pluto, with the Moon conjunct the MC in Aries by minutes, and Vesta. At least on an orb about a degree or two.

  2. I have moon trine pluto (4 degrees). A bit wide I know, but I think it’s relevant for me as pluto also trines my sun (5 degrees) and is exactly opposite the sun/moon midpoint (29′). Pluto in the 4th trines my moon at 29 gemini in the 11th so I think that applies to my interests in human rights (I recently completed my masters in human rights law).

    For me, I feel that pluto trining my sun in 8th and moon in 11th gives me that unquenchable obsession for learning and researching as much as I can on psychology, astrology, quantum physics, metaphysics etc. But I think the trine grants a healthy dose of interest in these topics rather than making me obsessed, dogmatic and paranoid which might occur with the square! I least I hope so!!!:-)

  3. Wow, never thought about that one until now. I do have Moon trine Pluto, only 2 degrees. Moon in Sag, and Pluto in Leo – 6th and 2nd houses. What, Me obsessive??!! My aversion to discipline is pretty obsessive! Alright, I admit, there’s other areas, too. I have been told I have charisma.

  4. same for moon conjuct pluto (in scorptio no less).

    I’m worried my daughter’s boyfriend has this….(trined mercury) — he’s a professional videographer and very very sprirtual, so I’m hoping that is spiritual austerity will offset any negative obsessive tendencyies…would love your opinion. (he’s a cancer sun) — also (very widely trine

    1. Hi Val, the obsessiveness of Pluto doesn’t have to be negative. If you have somewhere to channel it then it becomes a virtue, as you rightly put it his work and spirituality ofset any negative tendencies, but it doesn’t mean he won’t be occasionally Plutonic in relationships, but that can be sexy too. We can’t all be perfect!
      Btw. I have Pluto trine Mercury and square my AC…so erm… maybe you shouldnt be asking me 😉

  5. I have this and it’s a true blessing. It’s very emotionally resourceful and gives great courage. I don’t really think that it offers a great sex-appeal though… (or maybe it’s my moon trine saturn speaking right now 😛 )

  6. Since I have two oppositions including Moon (moon opp.uranus and neptun)I was wondering if you could try to explain how those would manifest.
    I suppose it would have something to do with being emotionally unstable, or not seeing things clearly all the time?

    I also have moon trine pluto, but I would agree with dimos – not sure about that sex-appeal, but then again I also have some strong saturnian characteristics 🙂

    1. Wow your sensitive Moon is really being challenged by those outers. I will be getting on with the rest of the Moon aspects soon. You would certainly need to put this into some sort of spiritual practice, particularly Moon opposed Neptune. I’m sure you are very sensitive to peoples moods, you probably need alot of hermit time to cleanse yourself from any negativity you pick up from people. And Uranus is very volitile opposed the Moon, it also depends what stars you got there too.

    2. Transit of Uranus and Neptune to the moon is definitely emotional instability. You could be bowled over by Uranus and taken into some abstraction of heaven but it comes with a price of pain, which is Neptune, due to being under an illusion. It’s the heavenly victim, the self harmed, the nurse of the insane, but the inspired artist, the radical writer and out there musician if you can harness it.

  7. yes above that all I also have moon square mars so my moon is under a lot of presure. and yes, you were right about that sensitivity to oder peoples moods. and I do have a need for alone time, to ‘regenarate’ myself every now and then. but all in all it’s not as bad as it looks 😀

  8. would a moon pluto aspect be like a scorpio moon? what if the scorpio moon squares leo venus/mars on asc? newbie to astrology, thanks much…

    1. Hi Paloma, yes Scorpio moon is like Moon/Pluto, but I still think Moon/Pluto is more potent as it will be personal to you. Pluto is extra strong in your chart as it rules your Moon, plus looks like its squaring the AC also. Pluto square either Mars or Venus is powerful enough on their own never mind both together.

  9. ….. inherit masculine and feminine energies in too much agreement. so there’s a masculine daughter, (moon/mom; pluto/dad/granddad) and a feminine son who dissappoints, there’s also a free-flowing discharge of energy, not held back or pent up. depending on neptunes long sextile to pluto, there’s scientific occultism. w/ uranius, mercury high voltage.

  10. HI! i have sun square pluto, mercury square pluto, jupiter conjunct pluto, saturn trine pluto, neptune sextile pluto,uranus sextile pluto, and moon trine pluto in my chart. I also have pluto in scorpio. i wanted to know do i have a strong pluto influence? my sun sign is in Leo and my moon is in pisces but since i have so many pluto aspects do that mean i have more characteristics of scorpio than leo?

  11. I’ve been told that, with the otherwise crushing saturn-uranus-moon-chiron grand cross in my natal chart, the moon-pluto trine is probably what keeps me going. I should add that pluto is also conjunct mercury in my chart (with the moon in a trine to both).

    My life has for years now been the kind one would only wish on an enemy: poverty, illness, loneliness, family problems. Nor does anyone listen whenever I have had the chance to make a real difference in a given outcome. Nevertheless, I still hold myself together – as well as I can, anyway. I suppose it’s all any of us can do.

    All the best.

    1. I have this moon trine pluto too, and I totally feel for you,we’re sort of on the same boat..

  12. Oh my god! This is so i! lol. I have a grand water trine involving Pluto, the moon, and my Venus. This is definitely the most descriptive explanation of on leg of that trine and boy does it fit! 🙂 Now to tame it…

  13. My sister has moon trine pluto and what I admire most about her is her courage. She never worries to “jump with both feets into the cold water” and start something new – I wish I had a little bit of that courage.

  14. I have this aspect,i can recover fast emotional pain.But i was hurt many time, i guess Pluto even in positive aspect gives painful lessons.

  15. I have Moon trine Pluto in the earth element
    Pluto 16VIRGO (conjunct Uranus 17VIR)

    The way to transform lives of others and being in a constant transfomational modes of living is what seems to be this astral “signature”.

  16. My natal chart pluto is in scorpio (8th house) trine moon in cancer (5th house) as well as, trine ascendant pisces in the first house. My moon decan falls in pluto and again there is a scorpio influence. My friends tell me I am very Scorpionic. Can you something about this?

  17. I have this aspect natally. And both trines my ascendant as well. Does this affect my physical appearance in any way? I have read somewhere that the moon affects the shape of our eyes more than our rising sign. I have been told that I am intense with a spooky sense of humour. Lol! My Moon decan falls in 12 degrees while my Pluto decan falls in 4 degrees. Does the trine aspect between the Moon and Pluto give a very Plutonic feel to emotions, behaviour, appearance and sense of humour?

  18. i have this moon trine pluto 1°27
    16°46’01 Leo in the 12th House…just from pasting together what i have gleaned from Marina and all her subscribers, and the wealth of information she has provided … it connects so many dots i am dumbfounded…in a nut shell , my Org runs a triage unit specializing in Emergency Medicine, Water purification and Sustainable Dev. , in the form of education and Cultural exchange. I work with a team of Savant Professionals , that i am humbled to call my brothers, and they are truly, we’ve all given each other blood and sweat and tears.
    i work in war zones mostly, and am hugely conflicted when i return to the streets of Amsterdam and have a whole different life and experience and this happens over a matter of hours on a plane … it’s like living on different planets.
    Physician Heal Thyself comes to mind and indeed i have wounds to heal, and then from somewhere a question come to me..’Who? is wounded?’ ahhh i remember now, this Human i have, as long as we are together she will nag me with her Desire Nature’s manifestations, hahahhaa, who am i , really WHO THE FUCK AM I To be wounded after all i know.
    I shake the moment of self indulgence off with shame, really…and look around at all the convenience of my marvelously eclectic home, a ghetto blaster that still works and i put in a CD and play Legend.

  19. Yes, I do have this aspect. Plus I’m Cancer Rising with Cancer Moon in 1st House trine Scorpio Pluto in 5th House. I do have plutonian aura everywhere I go. But that also may be because I have Scorpio 5th House stellium. I do have strong Scorpio in my chart and my moon strongest aspect is Moon trine Pluto. The description is definitely true! 🙂

  20. I have a Grand Trine of Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon, and Libra Pluto, and I only WISH I had charisma or sex appeal! 🙂

  21. I also have this aspect but do not really feel the intensity of Pluto that much. My moon is in 6th in cancer trining pluto in scorpio in 9th house. I do believe this aspect is felt less in my case due to the fact my natal moon is heavily aspected – I have it opposite Neptune and Uranus, and also square my natal mars. From the combination of my aspect I believe it should be felt stronger in workplace or educational situations, which I can relate to more, but I didn’t really consider it to be that strong. Which is strange to me when I think about it now. I have a really thight orb with this aspect and a more wider orb with moon – neptune/uranus opposition, and I do believe I feel oppositions more than a trine aspect with pluto in scorpio.

  22. Wow. I was always worried about my Pluto-Moon square but after reading this I feel more comfortable and weightless.

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