Mars In Taurus ~ Jun 9 to Jul 20


Astrologers will look at Mars through the houses for when the native is stimulated to take action. Mars is very pushy in business since it rules ambition and energy levels. The lusty red planet also raises the libido so it can ignite a sexual relationship. Mars takes roughly two and a half years to orbit the Sun and spends about two months in a sign. When Mars goes retrograde it can spend as much as seven months in a sign (and therefore house) and will behave more like an outer planet. Mars is instrumental in activating the transits of the outer planets and crucial for the timing of predictions. For this reason I have modified the Mars-in-house interpretation with the Sunsign since the Martian impulse is expressed differently through the lens of each zodiac sign.

Mars In Taurus For all The Zodiac Signs

Mars is in Taurus from June 9th until July 20th. Mars is a crucial transit so I have gone into more detail for the angular houses which are: The 1st house of self, the 4th house of home, the 7th house of relationships and the 10th house of career/life calling. So I have modified the angular house meanings according to the your sunsign. The significance will also carry more weight if Mars is your Sun sign ruler. You can still read for your Sun sign even if you don’t know your rising sign; the meaning will be similar but perhaps more subtle. You can find your rising sign using this horoscope calculator.

Mars Transit 1st House ~ Taurus Rising

Mars Transit 1st house with Aries or Scorpio Sun

Your energy levels and libido is at their peak. At this time, you will be fighting for your rights and acting with courage and daring. Self-assertion and confidence are at their peak as you feel potent and full of zest. You are incredibly alluring sexually. You are more likely to make the bold first move than to wait to be asked out. Whether you are conquesting in love or other areas, you will feel quite predatory. Mostly, you will get what you desire, so make the most of this bountiful hunting period.

Mars Transit 1st House with Leo or Sagittarius Sun

Right now, you are super-ambitious and approach life without holding back. It’s mostly about taking care of yourself and being quite selfish, or even ruthless. Be careful your ego doesn’t get so out of control that you run roughshod over everyone in your path. Consideration and teamwork are not your strong points at the moment, but at least strong leadership is. Although you might come across as bossy at first, if you take charge confidently and competently, you can be quite impressive and win many admirers.

Mars Transit 1st house with Aquarius or Capricorn Sun

You are more dominant than usual, but you don’t want to take advantage of others. It’s more important to you to be independent and self-sufficient. You could get quite aggressive if your plans are interfered with too much, so it’s probably best to work alone as much as you can during this time. However, you’ll feel very secure in your position and very confident. During this time, you should be able to put a lot of energy into back-breaking tasks.

Mars Transit 1st house with Gemini Sun or Virgo Sun

You are so sure of yourself right now, that seeing the other side of the arguments might be difficult. It is not the best time for trying to be forceful with words, nor will you feel like compromising with others. It would be best then, to work things out by yourself at this time. Physical energy is high, so it might be best to shut your mouth up and express yourself through actions instead. That doesn’t mean punch someone in the face! Even if you want to thump people, try to channel the aggression into hard work or better still… sex! With so much animal magnetism about you, attracting a partner won’t be difficult.

Mars Transit 1st house with Libra or Taurus Sun

Since your focus is on your own needs, you may be insensitive to others during this time. But, if you have been caving into other folk’s demands, it can be beneficial to be self-centred. Now is the time to look at what you want and make plans involving only yourself. You are probably feeling extra zestful and potent. Leaving others behind may be the right thing to do if they aren’t keeping up with you. It would be a shame to waste this virile and vivacious energy by holding back. This “Va va voom” period won’t last for long. So enjoy it while it lasts and rejoin the others later.

Mars Transit 1st house with Cancer or Pisces Sun

Right now, you are passionate about everything, but you could become extra-moody if people get too close to you. Enjoy feeling so hot-blooded and virile, but give yourself a wide berth. You might snap at others if they crowd you. People will see your snarky side! However, you are coming out of your usual soft-centred sea shell. By using these new ‘Shock and awe’ techniques, you succeed. Do not overuse this tactic. It is far better to take the bootie immediately and carry on independently. Solo projects fly you sky-high because of your enthusiastic, upbeat attitude.

Mars Transit 2nd house ~ Aries Rising

Mars could burn a hot hole in your pocket during this transit. Money will come in as fast as it goes out. Self-esteem could take a hit as arguments throw you into self-doubt. But see this as a test. The opportunity to assert yourself and develop courage is given to you.

Mars transit 3rd House ~ Pisces Rising

Try not to get into disputes with neighbours as Mars here can cause agro in your neighbourhood zone. You could get into fights with siblings, so it would be best to go to the gym with them instead. Playing tennis or fencing with neighbours or your siblings would be a great way to burn off that Mars angst. (By fencing, I don’t mean the garden fence.)

Mars Transit 4th House ~ Aquarius Rising

Mars Transit 4th House with Aries or Scorpio Sun

It is a great time to focus on your domestic situation. You could be working on renovations or putting effort into moving home. If you don’t live in the country of your ancestors, you also have a strong sense of roots and motherland. You could have strong feelings of cultural pride and connection with the land. If the two are the same, then this bond will be easier. Otherwise, learning about your native heritage will help you feel anchored and secure. You could also have to fight for your land in a literal sense. For instance, if there is a border dispute or a neighbour wants to make intrusive alterations to their property.

Mars Transit 4th House with Leo or Sagittarius Sun

There is much pride for your family at this time. Events occur where you can get together with extended family and feel empowered by your shared blood. You have a great deal of energy to give to your children or other youngsters you know. So set aside time for activities and adventures together. Physical bonding doesn’t require you to travel far. You might build a tree-house, play sports in local parks or build sandcastles together if you live near a beach. Have family fun in places that give you a feeling of connection with the earth and with each other.

Mars Transit 4th House with Aquarius or Capricorn Sun

You can get a great deal accomplished in your home and its environs at this time. Building projects go exceedingly well. Your passion for creating something that will last for generations motivates you. You can construct a place that feels safe and rooted for your family. From this base you feel brave enough to explore far and wide, knowing you have solid foundations. Knowing more about your genetic inheritance may help you better understand who you are. Possibly circumstances in the world are triggering insecurity, so you feel the need for ancestral protection.

Mars Transit 4th House with Pisces Sun or Gemini Sun

The home turf can be the source of conflict at this time because you are more confident about asserting yourself. Trying to cut the umbilical cord while still living at home can be challenging. There are mixed feelings as you want to maintain the connection but at the same time feel like you have outgrown the nest. Your request for severance should not leave any lasting scars if your domestic relationship has always been supportive. This transit will result in less reliance on family support and a greater sense of independence if you have already left home.

Mars Transit 4th House with Libra or Taurus Sun

Keeping harmony with those you live with can be challenging since you are less willing to compromise than usual. You will crave space from the rest of the household, so don’t let others enforce too much intimacy. If you need to go out more or barricade yourself inside your bedroom then do it. Since you are easily irritated, respect your need to disconnect. Otherwise, you risk offending a family member or flatmate. If you live alone, then you will enjoy making it your sanctuary. Put energy into your living space, by clearing out clutter and refreshing the décor.

Mars Transit 4th House with Cancer or Pisces Sun

Pressures at work force you to take refuge in your home at this time. Working with others will present you with frustrating obstacles that will test your patience. You will probably want to work from home if you can. Keeping busy with work concerns might also be a way to avoid domestic conflict. The home is fired up as much as it inflames your passions. Avoid the plate-throwing tendencies and instead, get spicy in the bedroom. Other options are cooking up the hottest Vindaloo in town or getting physical with some home DIY. Using power tools will be therapeutic, but not on each other!

Mars Transit 5th House ~ Capricorn Rising

This transit has ‘new, hot lover’ written all over it! Or it could just mean that your children will turn into supreme brats…. The best way to combat this transit would be to play with your children physically. You can burn off their excess energy that way, and when they get home, they will be exhausted. Put your energy into creativity, romance and leisure time for this is a passionate transit.

Mars Transit 6th House ~ Sagittarius Rising

Just accept that you will be very busy during this period. Depending on your energy level, this could be good or bad. So watch out for burnout! More positively this transit allows you to organise your schedule with military precision. That way you get the right balance of work and healing. Book those massages and physiotherapy. Factor in your gym days as Mars supports physical remedies.

Mars Transit 7th House ~ Scorpio Rising

Mars Transit 7th House with Aries or Scorpio Sun

Woaahh! Mars in the house of open enemies could be interesting. You will discover who your real friends are. You might need them on your side when defending yourself against the wild mob who are hurling knives at you. Ok, it is not going to be that bad. However, Mars here will be feisty. So you need to be able to take the high ground and not rise to the bait. Your partner at this time might also delight in just winding you up. The best approach with lovers is to make love, not war. If they won’t let you take out the frustration on any non-human balls, that you can kick or hit.

Mars Transit 7th House with Leo or Sagittarius Sun

Your pride could take a big hit at this time, making you feel like you have to defend yourself constantly. Your ego could receive a bruising, but strangely, this can be quite an exhilarating experience. You might find yourself in a tug-of-war with partners, which could be enjoyable in a competitive way. The adrenaline stimulated will give you the impulse to raise your game, romantic or otherwise. You could have to prove you are worthy of your beloved. So paradoxically, the effort put into relationships of all kinds at this time will be worth it in the long term, even if it is not apparent immediately.

Mars Transit 7th House with Aquarius or Capricorn Sun

Have relationships come to a stalemate and feel like they are stagnating? If so, there is nothing like Mars in your partner’s zone to get them sparkling again! Of course, Mars will shake things up quite a bit, and at first, it will be challenging. But the trail-by-fire will allow both sides to vent out their grievances. This purification allows for a far deeper understanding of the other person. Through conflict can we appreciate how much someone means to us, which will become apparent by the end of this transit. Shallow connections easily part, but important unions become richer for seeing the real person behind the polite mask.

Mars Transit 7th House with Virgo or Gemini Sun

This could be a time when pens are drawn at dawn! Communication between yourself and others seems like they come laced with petrol, as any micro-aggression turns into WWIII. Sounds dramatic, but tensions are high in the house of open enemies. You could feel triggered by your partner’s words, whether it is business or pleasure.

So it could be hard to mix socialising and business at this time. After-work drinks at this time will make it difficult to stay professional… So maybe it would be best to avoid alcohol-fueled brainstorming with any collaborators. Someone is bound to take something the wrong way. Avoid touchy subjects with people you know are difficult and you should be fine.

Mars Transit 7th House with Libra or Taurus Sun

Mars here can feel impotent dealing with relationships and over-compensate with arrogant chest-beating. If you come across one of these specimens, try and be extra diplomatic! If you tend to go passive-aggressive, this will infuriate your rivals even more. You could be dealing with a massive projection of yourself, however. So try to use this as an opportunity to heal your inner brat. Sulking could be the latest fashion from all corners. Try to get on with business until the steam has fully expired from everyone’s ears.

Mars Transit 7th House with Cancer or Pisces Sun

Your ability to avoid confrontation in your interactions with others is tested. Do you tend to compromise for fear of offending? If so Mars will show this tactic up as failing dismally, even though you have gone against your principles to make someone happy.
Suddenly you can’t mask your resentment! In response to the seething viper within, others act out even more. There is no way you can avoid confrontation with bad behaviour. You have to decide whether this issue is worth fighting for. Things could turn quite ugly if the other is used to you backing down. If not, confronting the problem might mean severing ties with it altogether.

Mars Transit 8th house ~ Libra Rising

Prepare to fight demons! This be the underworld zone of your chart. You don’t want to get involved with anything nefarious during this time. But you do want to get a handle on any debts you have. Mars gets things done, so he will do a great job of taking action on your budget if you have let things slide with your credit rating. You could even come into some inheritance during this period, however, there could be fights with other beneficiaries.

Mars Transit 9th House ~ Virgo Rising

You have the opportunity to hop on a plane. Anything far afield is well starred for you. International relationships are passionate which could spark a long distance lover during this time. If you are in higher education you have great enthusiasm for your studies and can work for long hours. You should enjoy this Mars transit as it works well in the adventurous and pioneering 9th house. Be bold and take the road less travelled in all your endeavours!

Mars Transit 10th House ~ Leo Rising

Mars Transit 10th House with Aries or Scorpio Sun

This is an extremely powerful position for ambitious Mars, it loves to be in this most status-seeking zone and will do all it can to launch you higher in your profession. You might have a hard time if you take too much of a bombastic approach. Any authority you are subjected to won’t be tolerated well. So if others insist on putting obstacles in your way, god help them. However, if you need a jetpack to reach your targets, this is it! You might offend a few people due to your ruthlessness, but do whatever it takes. Being annoyingly self-confident is one thing, just try not to injure anyone in your stampede to the top.

Mars Transit 10th House with Leo or Sagittarius Sun

You want the crown and you want it bad! Mars enthroned in this position is much easier to deal with if you are already self-employed. You will work the extra hours to get ahead of your rivals and receive the full glory. However, if you are just a mere serf, you are easily angered by superiors trying to mould you into their obedient servant. Working as part of a team will be tough, but try to impress others by playing the leadership role. If you play this one right, promotion could be in the offing. So even if you are not exactly where you want to be, showing off your mastery and keen ambition could propel you up a few more rungs of the career ladder.

Mars Transit 10th House with Aquarius or Capricorn Sun

The time is right for you to take on more responsibility in your career. You don’t mind the extra load as long as you have total control of the distribution. It might take a while for your co-workers to get used to taking instructions from you, so try not to throw your weight around. But you will work extremely hard on the projects given to you, and no one will be able to fault you for it. Keep your head down and try not to get embroiled in office politics. It is not worth undoing all the good work just because somebody wound you up out of jealousy. The self-employed won’t need to worry about such nonsense, but you might feel like bickering with yourself. Be kind!

Mars Transit 10th House with Virgo or Gemini Sun

Career advancement is possible during this period, but only if you remember that others are involved. While it will be difficult, you should at least try to appear as if you are considering others’ interests. It’s easy to get into conflict when you generate so much passion around you. Sizzling working vibes can rapidly turn tetchy. It would be a shame to generate rivalry and resentment just because you were just one degree too pushy. You will learn to modulate! Any ruffling of rivals’ feathers will have them blocking your advancement. Use your enthusiasm to inspire others self confidence. By doing so, you appear as a role model rather than a ruthless competitor.

Mars Transit 10th House with Libra or Taurus Sun

You may easily threaten those in authority if you push too hard and fast. Be wary of over-defensive behavior. You don’t have to defeat every small opposition. With time, your approach will have enough zip to rally people to your side easily. It’s never easy to be patient when you want to win so badly, but keep focused. Try to steam forward without getting too frustrated by ‘helpful’ suggestions. Eventually, others will see you were right and trust you enough to leave you alone. The secret is harnessing this thrusting Mars energy so that it carries others in your wake. You can inspire by example rather than needing to rail-road others.

Mars Transit 10th House with Cancer or Pisces Sun

While your ambition for success drives you, you must also avoid sparking conflict. Mars here is a powerful stimulant, but it is also hard to regulate. You can have your eyes so focused ahead on the goal that you fail to see your peers reacting beside you. In your mad dash for the trophy, you risk trampling over others. Yes, you might want the glory all to yourself, but is this solo prize really worth the upset? If you can align your goals with your co-worker’s interests, you might become a successful team leader. You might have the share the bootie in the end, but your leadership skills will not go unnoticed. Non-threatening behaviour now will help you sail up the career ladder later.

Mars Transit 11th House ~ Cancer Rising

This period is excellent for making new friends and joining common interest groups. You will debate fiercely on social media, but it should be productive. You can cause a stir with Mars here but also learn to slow down and listen to others. This house of wishes is also something Mars can get his teeth into. Go for what ignites your passions. A friend can also turn lover.

Mars Transit 12th House ~ Gemini Rising

Mars in the house of self-undoing and hidden enemies can be tricky. It’s a zone of hidden love, so stay clear of sex scandals! You could be spied upon and then blackmailed, so just don’t! The best use of this paradoxical energy is putting all your energy into self-care and meditation. You can use this mystical vibe as a spiritual warrior. Go on a retreat and put energy into your spiritual evolutions. It is also a great timer to battle any addictions.