Venus Square/Opposition Uranus ~ Rebel Heart

NOVEMBER 27 ~ Venus opposite Uranus at 7º Scorpio/Taurus. Venus square or opposite Uranus are magnetic and have a sparkle that attracts many admirers. However, woe betides anyone who wants to bag this electric creature for themselves! Venus square or opposite Uranus person will need inordinate amounts of space and freedom in their relationships. These folk delight in pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in romantic unions.

The same radical approach is seen in artists who have this position too as they will be constantly challenging and reinventing perception. Venus square or opposite Uranus are the worlds iconoclasts. They are revolutionaries in the truest sense in that they will turn everything upside down in order to see things from the opposite perspective. Movers and shakers, they are at the forefront of new art movements and visions.

The biggest flaw with these folk is their stubborn and almost pathological individualism which can make them terribly self-absorbed. At the same time, they have a totally unique take on the world which makes them innovators. This aspect does not follow what has been tried and tested in the past but is unafraid to forge new paths into the unknown. Of course, this all means that Venus square or opposite Uranus can fail spectacularly as much as they succeed.

 Iconoclasts & Revolutionaries

Venus square opposition UranusIt is often hard for these folk to have lasting relationships unless they find a partner who is prepared to play second fiddle and tolerate their maddening inability to empathise. However, these folk make up for their inconsideration in love with their quirky and charming humour and mannerisms. So on the positive side, you can expect some touching and surprising demonstrations of affection with this aspect and you will never, ever be bored.

This is the archetype of the ‘mad scientist’ that becomes totally absorbed in their projects. It can even be quite dangerous to leave these folk to their own devices. They often need a partner to steer them out of the way of oncoming traffic while they are scribbling down a sudden flash of inspiration.

Venus square or opposite Uranus are attracted to long distance relationships since this way they can avoid offending their partner with that great need for ‘space’.

Conversely, these folk are often hypersensitive to rejection yet they expect tolerance of their own frequent ‘zoning out.’ Of course, it’s different with these geniuses, they are far more important, humanitarian projects on their mind!

One of these folks better qualities is the ability to make friends will all sorts of people. Rich or poor, young or old, black or white, religious or atheist. Everyone is welcome at their table.
These people are extremely idealistic but often detached from reality.

Artwork: ‘8 Of Crystals’. Voyager Tarot © James Wanless

They also have difficulty expressing their feelings but are usually very honest when they do. Often Venus square or opposite Uranus can cause offence with their raw, unedited opinions which is why they often prefer not to reveal their intimate thoughts to those they do not know extremely well.

Venus/Uranus In Hard Aspect

Venus Square Uranus Natives

Diana Princess of Wales, Tony Blair, Ivan The Terrible, Nazi Germany, Pope Francis, Alex Jones, Manly P Hall, Joseph McCarthy, Henry Ford, Adolf Eichmann, The European Union (Maastricht Treaty), Salvatore Guiliano, Elvis Presley, Prince, Robbie Williams, Sinead O’Connor, Mila Kunis, Lulu, Nick Cave, Gene Simmons, Sarah McLachlan, Alice Cooper, Angelina Jolie,

Benedict Cumberbatch, Tony Curtis, Joseph Fiennes, Mickey Rourke, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jason Connery, Tyra Banks, Juliette Lewis, Russell Brand, Kirk Douglas, Portia de Rossi, Anais Nin, Pola Negri, Franz Kafka, Susan B Anthony, Pierre Bonnard, Auguste Rodin, Antonio Gaudi, Georges Braque, Lucien Pissarro, Wallis Simpson/Edward VIII Davison.

Venus Opposite Uranus Natives

Steve Jobs, Sean Connery, Sharon Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Connolly, Rik Mayall, Gary Numan, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Page, Bobby Brown, Grace Slick, Dionne Warwick, Debra Kerr, Gertrude Stein, Linda Lovelace, Jesse Jackson, Jonathan Cainer, Jesse James, Princess Margaret, Ian Fleming, Robert Zoller, Pebbles Santiago, P. D Ouspensky, Golda Meir, Victoria & Albert Davison.

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3 thoughts on “Venus Square/Opposition Uranus ~ Rebel Heart”

  1. I have Venus oin Aquarius on the ascendant opposite Uranus in Leo. I find humans to be the most extraordinarily stupid of all creatures and this aspect wants desperately to make them rise in consciousness. It’s a very loving aspect but otherworldly. It offers a glimpse of how society could and should be. It’s innovation, creativity, imagination, the future way of living, but woe betide a relationship with those who follow rules, regulations and are compliant to orders over which the person has had no consent. Those are the relationships which will break.

  2. I recently found out I have Uranus/Venus aspect. I have a Venus 16 degrees in Scorpio squaring my Uranus in Aquarius. It also squares my Scorpio Sun. I can agree with the rebellious and eccentric tendencies, but to an extent. I’ve experimented with my fashion style and I’m a rebel at heart. I’ve gone through several erratic phases and belief systems. You learn to express yourself and deal with adversity. I have harmonious aspects to Venus, too! All in all, it depends how much you’re willing to sacrifice in order to balance your relationships alongside your personal freedom.


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