Venus Neptune Aspects ~ Fantasy Lover


Venus Neptune aspects are romantic to a fault and with a hard aspect (unless the subject is very evolved), it is, most likely, going to be a fault! Usually, Venus and Neptune have the potential for bringing the native beautiful, fairy tale type connections, but often the realization of this fantasy is just too much like hard work.

Sometimes the problem comes from the fact that the romance is with someone from overseas and that distance makes a long term relationship impossible. The square or opposition challenge can be with alcohol and/or mind-altering drugs so that the beloved is an addict or needs rescuing in some way. Often the partner is very much higher or lower in status than the native.

Sue Tompkins says that Venus square Neptune or Venus opposition Neptune make what might be a lovely union extremely unrealistic:

“Their expectations are just too high for an ordinary relationship. They want to make beautiful music with another person, but forget that during rehearsal the music can sound anything but beautiful. They want so much, that it becomes difficult to accept anything or anyone that is less than ideal. Sometimes the Venus/Neptune person decides to do without the commitment of forming one romantic relationship. Sometimes they try one relationship after another relationship, doing a subtle exit when the initial glamour and romanticism has worn off.” [1]

The list of celebrities, musicians and beautiful people in the lists below speak for themselves. There are also a few child killers in there which could be the use of sorcery to lure in their victims. Victim/Savior energy is strong with the hard aspects too. However, the challenge of the square seems to give musical and film-acting talent which is not surprising since Neptune rules music and photography.

VENUS NEPTUNE KEYWORDS Romantic, Fairytale, Un-requited love, teenage crushes, Cinderella syndrome, Guru worship, cat-fishing, charismatic idols, fantasy partners, naive dreams, love-fool, slave to desires, long-distance romances, deceptive affairs, love addiction, glamorous art, unrealistic unions, hyper-dimensional connections, putting someone on a pedestal, supernatural love.

Venus Neptune aspects can give a glamorous type of success, but it can also be a case of ‘smoke and mirrors’ where the person may not be that talented but has enough charisma and beauty so that this lack of talent is overlooked. The harder aspects can also make money dissolve very easily too, the native could marry someone who easily drains them of their cash and even their life force. Venus/Neptune can either be very porous or very leaky.

It’s Supernatural

Charm and religion work together very well here but again with the square it can make this person quite the cult leader. Neptune can be unrequited and celibate so these gurus are worshipped from a distance and fantasized about.

Venus Neptune aspects can have a hard time finding true love as the naïveté intrinsic to this aspect can make these folk easy prey from cat-fishing. They are especially vulnerable to internet dating scams and online seduction. Venus in hard aspect to Neptune may have many long-distance, virtual romances that are never consummated.

Venus Neptune aspects

Venus conjunct Neptune on the surface is glamorous, romantic and beautiful. The energy is sultry, alluring and misty-eyed. Folk with this aspect are usually popular because they are so good at conjuring up such fantastic image for themselves.

Needless to say, they are extremely charming. People with this aspect have an eye for art and harmonious landscapes. The female form is often idolised and placed on a pedestal.

The problem with this aspect is that it finds it very hard to accept ugliness in any form. This is the aspect for the fairy tale romance, and these folk will often fall in love with the unattainable.

Neptune is the planet of celibacy and unrequited love so put this with Venus and it is really not surprising that these people often find themselves in love affairs with the unattainable or even with those in other dimensions! Love often feels supernatural.

Another possibility is being in a love affair that is hidden as Neptune is so deceptive. The fact that the meetings are so clandestine makes the swooning factor all the more intense. These folk can have many affairs while married, but it is never their fault! They are the victim of a loveless marriage or some other ‘pity-me’ story. The imagination here creates stunning masterpieces as these folk have such an eye for colour, aesthetics and harmony.

Artwork: ‘5 Of Cups’. Voyager Tarot © James Wanless

Love On A Pedestal

Music will be lush and full of yearning and drama. This is the perfect aspect for the serenading, romantic crooner or the composer of love songs. This aspect does very well in advertising as it can make the most boring product glamorous and enticing.

These folk are the best seducers you will ever find! Fashion photography has a very Venus/Neptune vibration with all the airbrushing and soft focus that can make even a plain model look like a goddess.

It would seem that is would be a wonderful aspect to have, but it is actually a very difficult one to live with if it is very strong in your chart. It will be hard to maintain the euphoric, butterflies-in-the-stomach love feeling in the long term.

Living with your partner will melt the best behaviour mask off eventually and Venus conjunct Neptune cannot abide the wrinkles and farts of an ordinary relationship. These folk can make very bad choices with their relationships because they construct a fantasy person of what they want to believe.

Living in the real world can be very hard for Venus/Neptune. These people can become love addicts, but not so much a sex addict. Neptune is a spiritual energy so can be very platonic. Venus sextile or trine Neptune can be the courtly love of the medieval times where a troubadour or knight would lavish attention on a woman.

The suitor would treat the woman like a goddess but never, ever go further than kissing her hand. Venus Neptune then, can devote themselves to a partner in a very referent and religious sense, but consummating the union is not the priority, especially with the soft aspects.

Venus Neptune Natives

Venus Conjunct Neptune 

United Nations, Charles Prince Of Wales, George III of the UK, Jimmy Carter, Nelson Rockefeller, Ivanka Trump, Sophia Loren, Jodie Foster, Richard Gere, Teri Hatcher, James Stewart, Marcello Mastroianni, Meg Ryan, Gina Lollobrigida, Enrico Caruso, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Vanessa Paradis, Meatloaf, Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Cohen, Pierre Cardin, Cheryl Tiegs, Tula, Britt Ekland, Max Weber, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Truman Capote, Christopher Wren, Invention Of The Telephone, Louis Pasteur, Brussels, Florida, Portugal, Cambodia.

Venus Sextile Neptune

King of France Louis XVI, John F. Kennedy Jr. Napoleon I Bonaparte, Napoléon II Bonaparte, Joe Biden, Heinrich Himmler,  David Rockefeller Sr, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Jeremy Irons, William Baldwin, Peter Coyote, Jon Voight, Charles Bronson, Charlton Heston, Peter Sellers, Molly Ringwald, Lionel Barrymore, Gregory Peck, Raquel Welch, Ridley Scott, Simon Cowell, Billy Idol, Donna Summer, Dido, Sophie B. Hawkins, Suzanne Vega, Seal, Justin Bieber, Ricky Martin, Wyclef Jean, Melanie C, Beyoncé Knowles, Kate Moss, Billy Connolly, Salvador Dalí, Benito Mussolini, Carl Sagan, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Franz Schubert, Richard Strauss, Marcel Dupre, Lewis Hamilton, Bess Houdini, Oscar Pistorius, Proserpina Discovery chart, Isis Discovery chart, Kate Middleton/Prince William Davison chart, Wallis Simpson/Edward 8th chart.

Venus Square Neptune

“I went to New York. I had a dream. I wanted to be a big star. I didn’t know anybody. I wanted to dance. I wanted to sing. I wanted to do all those things. I wanted to make people happy. I wanted to be famous. I wanted everybody to love me. I wanted to be a star. I worked really hard and my dream came true.” ~ Madonna

Marie Antoinette, Madonna, Tina Turner, Pink, Whitney Houston, Gary Numan, Belinda Carlisle, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, Joan Baez, Grace Jones, Robert Plant, Syd Barrett, Nancy Spungen, Giorgio Moroder, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Christy Turlington, Pamela Anderson, Charlize Theron, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Joan Collins, Omar Sharif, Jane Fonda, Ewan McGregor, Dirk Bogarde, Hugh Laurie, Rik Mayall, Buster Keaton, Kirsten Dunst, Emily Blunt, Nicolas Cage, Salma Hayek, Germaine Greer, Camila, Duchess Of Cornwall, Harold Wilson,  Marine Le Pen, Josef Mengele, Richard Ramirez, Ben Thompson, Myra Hindley, Adolf Eichman, Tony Robbins, Billy Graham, Ron L Hubbard, Frederic Chopin, Maurice Ravel, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Caravaggio, Paul Gauguin, Cindy Sherman, Niki de Saint-Phalle, George Oppenheimer, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Graves, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Schumacker, United Kingdom, The European Union, The Brexit Party, Turkey, Ceres Discovery.

Venus Trine Neptune

Abraham Lincoln, Queen of England Victoria, Charles Darwin, Maggie Smith, Rudy Guilliani,  Burt Reynolds, Rod Steiger, Dennis Hopper, Benicio Del Toro, William Hurt, Anthony Quinn, James Dean, Victor Mature, Gloria Swanson, Chris Isaak, Ariana Grande,  Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain, Noel Gallagher, Billy Ocean, Paul Young, Jerry Hall, Róisín Murphy, Miles Davis, Nena, Eric Burdon, Ivana Trump, Chelsea Clinton, Garry Kasparov, J. R. R. Tolkien, Guillaume Apollinaire, Hans Christian Andersen, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Hans Christian Andersen, Louis Vuitton, Alfred Nobel, Johannes Brahms, Piero Di Cosimo, Salman Rushdie,  Claude Debussy, Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, Louis Chevrolet, Ferdinand Porsche, Karl Benz, Bill Wilson (Founder of AA), Darkstar Astrology, Mick Jagger/Jerry Hall Davison.

Venus Opposition Neptune

“Hippies are so phoney and fake” ~ George Harrison

Zahwa Arafat, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, Melania Trump, Brigitte Macron, Amanda Knox, Uma Thurman, Mia Farrow, Tori Spelling, Carlo Ponti, Gisel Bundchen, George Martin, Bob Marley, Boy George, George Harrison, Bono, Michael Bolton, Alison Moyet, Paul Klee, Pierre Bonnard, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Andre Agassi, Venus Williams, Venice, Pluto Discovery.

1. Aspects In Astrology. Sue Tompkins. p 192