Sun Conjunct Mercury ~ Quicksilver Mind

Sun conjunct Mercury generally gives a sharp, quicksilver mind and tongue. These people live by their wits and have the ability to shine with words. They are often social chameleons. Their restless mind can be faddish and an over-active imagination often gives rise to odd quirks and phobias. A good few of the examples below had multiple marriages (3 and over!). Health seems to be an issue and this could come from their highly-strung nerves. It may be hard for them to separate their ego from their thinking, taking it far too personally when anyone disagrees with their opinion. They can be masters of spin. Mercury being the neuter planet can account for a tendency to androgyny and bi-sexuality, or a certain childlike asexual charm.

But there is also the question of combustion to consider. The Sun is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun, so the likelihood of Sun being combust Mercury (Within 8º) is quite high. Some forward thinking traditional astrologers have considered reducing the orb and raising the limit for Cazimi which I think would be worth considering when you look at the list on page 2.

I would consider giving under 30’ orb cazimi for Mercury myself (instead of 17’ ). This would bring prolific songwriter Carole King into the cazimi category. Despite the combustion there are many writers and composers with this aspect. Mozart is also considered a genius and has Mercury combust Sun. He was obviously gifted but you can still see the combustion in operation in the relationship he had with his father.

Sun Conjunct Mercury ~ Combust

Child prodigy Wolfgang Mozart was utterly groomed and overshadowed by his pushy stage-father Leopold (Sun/Saturn). A good example of the Sun (His father) absorbing his child (Mercury). Mercury being so close to the Sun can find it difficult to have its own mindset separate from the father or father figure.

The problem with cookbook astrology is that there are anomalies where the whole chart needs to be considered, especially when you consider traditional methods. Sun combust Mercury can work like cazimi in some cases.  Mozart’s Mercury was his chart ruler and in a mutual reception by triplicity with Saturn, which was also conjunct his Aquarian Sun opposite musical Neptune. At the same time this cookbook research has its uses, as you can clearly see the great intellectual vision and gifts of the cazimi Sun conjunct Mercury in the examples below.

Sun conjunct Mercury may have had a hard time getting heard or being taken seriously by authority figures as children and were probably constantly being told to shut up. To gain attention they could well have played the clown or fallen into thinking that if what they say is “silly” then they might as well take that silliness to the extreme. As adults then, they will tend to rebel from conventional society and support causes that are deemed ridiculous by the general public. They may be drawn to alternative movements, conspiracy and the like and become quite aggressive or zealous in their protests against “fathers” in the wider world.

Militant feminist Valerie Solanas is a good example of this. It can be very hard to debate with Sun combust Mercury because their ego/mind fusion may just not see that there could be a compromise between the opposing thought forms. Things are very black or white for them. Sun cazimi Mercury on the other hand sits in the heart of the sun and seems to have a deep wisdom that permeates from other dimensions and out through their soul. These people radiate wisdom and often become advisors and gurus to the elites.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Natives ~ Cazimi

Sun conjunct MercuryBill Hicks (13’) is a supreme example of stand-up comic genius. His humour was dark and satirical, covering a huge array of topics including social issues, religion, philosophy and politics. “He criticized consumerism, superficiality, mediocrity, and banality within the media and popular culture, which he characterized as oppressive tools of the ruling class that “keep people stupid and apathetic”.[1]

Annie Lennox (16’) is a gifted singer songwriter and also famed for her androgynous look in the 1980’s. Her myriad of provocative stage personas ensure her ongoing status as a gay icon. Italy’s most successful fashion designer Giorgio Armani (13’), employed cunning with his Machiavellian style business strategies to amass a personal fortune of 5 billion. He is openly bi-sexual. Other Cazimi’s; Writer, mentor, critic, and art patron Gertrude Stein (02’), Joseph Campbell (08’), writer and mythologist who coined the term “follow your bliss”, 8 times married Elizabeth Taylor (10’), visionary quantum-biologist Bruce Lipton (11’).


Carole King (24’) the prolific songwriter behind many of the biggest hits of the 1960’s. Her emphasis was on lyrics. It seems she wrote for others because her nerves reportedly gave such severe stage fright, she very rarely took to the stage. Benito Mussolini’s (32’) odd quirk was that he feared hunchbacks, cripples and open umbrellas. Deeply superstitious he also kept a St. Anthony statue about his person at all times. Oliver Stone (35’) used the power of spin for his opinionated films that deal with so called ‘conspiracy theories’. Stone has often been criticized for historical inaccuracy. Using several film formats in a single scene he gives a collage of information for you to make of what you will.

Others with Sun conjunct Mercury include; Christopher Reeve (35’), Wolfgang Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, Dimitri Shostakovich, William Lily, Valerie Solanas, Hans Christian Anderson, Eric Gill, Alan Ginsburg, Titanic Hits Iceberg, Tatum O’Neal, Rudolph Valentino, Omar Sharif, Cary Grant, Keanu Reeves, Denzil Washington, David Tennant, Oliver Stone, Joseph Mankiewicz, Sonny Bono, Sean Lennon, Pattie Boyd, Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Larry King, Max Clifford, Marcel Duchamp, Madeleine’s Abduction, Miriam Stoppard, Amy Winehouse, Lena Zavaroni, Joan Baez, Edith Piaf, Liv Tyler, Frank Sinatra, Andy Gibb, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jennifer Lopez, Jeff Buckley, James Bulger, Helmut Kohl, Eva Braun, Oliver Cromwell, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Nancy Regan, Giles Villeneuve, Chris Evert.

1. Bill Hicks on Austin Public Access. October 1993

47 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Mercury ~ Quicksilver Mind

  1. This is an interesting read. My Mercury is conjunct my Sun and also conjunct Uranus…what does the Uranian influence bring to the interpretation above? Any examples of people with these shared aspects you can think of? I would be most interested to know.

    The description above is quite accurate… the social chameleon, the restless mind, the overly-active imagination, being high-strung, and I do feel utterly wounded when people don’t share my opinion. I can “spin” things but normally only do so to make people feel better or not offend them in someway (BTW-this triple conjunction is in Libra.) However, I am not androgynous or bi-sexual nor have I been married multiple times – I haven’t even been married once. Although this is mainly due to not thinking I can stay with one person for very long and experiencing the same.

    I would imagine (and I’ve experienced) that Uranus would impact my mind with surprising energy – flashes of ideas, overwhelming barrage of thoughts, quick wit, added nervousness and insomnia (due to not being able to “turn off” my brain. Is this close?

  2. @ Double Ivy. Oh yes you got the Uranus influence right. Also probably being objective,distanced,flashes of intuition,innovative thoughts, far out ideas. I think the quick wit and insomnia could be Mercury too. But Uranus is higher octave of Mercury anyhow, so its like you got a turbo charged Mercurial mind there. One could say Genius?

    Not everyone of course will be androgynous or bi sexual because those are quite unusual lifestyle choices. The aspects we are using are very tight, so our observations will be the most extreme expression of this energy.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Marina! I’m trying to learn more about astrology, so I am very grateful. Your site is so helpful – there is a lot of fantastic information and insight to learn from.

    BTW- My Sun and Mercury are on the same degree and Uranus is just one degree of difference – so it is rather tight but just not so extreme!

  4. I really like your article, and I can say that with a 27′ orb I think A LOT and I am scared of speaking in front of large crowds, what large crowds, in front of more than 10 people. But that is because of overthinking and vivid imagination, even if I fantasize about succesfully speaking in front of large crowds. I think this conjunction can give either loving to speak in front of large crowds, either fear of that. Ipochondria is likely too especially if the conjuction takes place in the 6th.
    I don’t think though that bi-sexuality is given by this conjunction, I am sure that those people have some other aspect responsible for their bi-sexuality. I am also a very open person in matters of sexuality and would try unusual things, but I think that is given by my 8th house cusp venus.

  5. Oh yes I agree that the chart is actually pretty sexless and you cannot definatively see sexual preferences in a chart. This conjunction certainly would’nt GIVE bi-sexuality. Annie Lennox isnt bi-sexual. But her creative style is, how she shines as a person has Mercurial qualities and one of those qualities is a bi-sexual sensibility , even if that just means being the “guy” sometimes when you (as a female.) are in bed with a man.

  6. @Marina
    Yes I think you are right about being the man sometimes. Mine takes place in my 7th and I need the pants, but not always and my style is very androginous, even if i am very feminine I need a touch of masculinity.

  7. Interessante, grazie. Ma secondo te esiste una differenza fra mercurio cazimi, congiunto al grado al sole, e un mercurio congiunto al sole 2 o 3 gradi?

  8. Ekain, first I’ll translate, then get back to you.

    “Interesting, thanks. But second you exists a difference between mercury cazimi, joined to the degree to the sun, and a mercury joined to the alone one 2 or 3 degrees? “

  9. The idea of Cazimi is that if a planet is conjunct the Sun by 17 minutes or less, the power of the Sun “englulfs” the planet which is seen as very positive influence. This was meant to distinguish this tight conjunction from combust, which is a conjunct of 8.5 degrees or less. This is because in traditional astrology, combust, or being “under the sun’s beams” was said to weaken the planet invloved and thus be a negative influence.

    I don’t use this differentiation. I simply believe the tighter the conjunction, the stronger it’s influence, both in a positive and negative way. As a modern astrologer, I “make no distinction between a planet being combust the sun or cazimi.” [Cazimi – Wikipedia]

  10. Interesting. I have Merc/Sun conjunction (9 degree orb) in Pisces in the 8th. I definitely relate to the androgynous aspect of the interpretation. I often feel that I embody masculine and feminine traits in extreme obvious balance: I am a physically strong woman with a strong will but I am also very receptive, very sensitive. I have always felt this way, even my appearance (short hair, lack of frilly or girly-ness) is often androgynous. Mostly, I experience this aspect as my thinking nature and my ego nature are both of the 8th house variety, deeply probing, drawn to the occult/dark/strange/sexual and that transformation in thought and personal expression go hand in hand. I feel like a slow bubbling volcano, wondering if I will ever erupt or just be doomed to simmer forever.

  11. Ive seen a couple of Sun Merc conj who had a problem not knowing when to stop talking. in both cases Mercury was combust. I.e very close and ib bot cases the same degree. Niether person had any sort of inner editing mechanism and in one case the person overproduced saliva! I asked a homeopath about this and the remedy was Mercury!
    One of the subjects had Mars conj Merc and the Sun… what a temper.. and what drivel!!!

  12. I have a heavily influenced mercury.
    Merc scorp 8th conj sun Scorpio 8th
    Merc scorp 8th square moon Pisces 12th
    Merc scorp 8th sex tile Venus 7h and mars 6h (Venus conj mars)
    Merc scorp 8th conj Uranus sag 8h (end of 8 possible interpreted in 9)
    Merc scorp 8th semi sex tile Neptune sag 9h
    Merc scorp 8th semi sex tile Pluto scorp 7h
    Merc scorp 8th opposite chiron gem 2nd
    Merc Scorpio 8th trine ascending aries

  13. What does it mean when the conjunction of Sun and Mercury (RETROGRADE!!) is exact and also in conjunct with Moon and Mars???

  14. I had heard from many astrologers that my mercury and sun are in combust and Sun and Mercury are in exact degree(17 degree) which is creating problems in my life and hence i need to wear Emerald to strengthen the Mercury for getting name, fame & wealth in society. My question here is that do i need to wear Ruby or Emerald (i am wearing Emerald since last 3 years but no luck)

    Your experts comments awaited plz ..

    1. The stone will not increase mercurys power, you need to take actions to improve your natural energies

    2. Hey Prashant: In case you still check this: The Sun usually doesn’t produce negative effects in the First house/Ascendant. I think Mercury being retrograde could be more the problem. Planets that are inverted cause delays that from what I’ve noticed, can take years reverting the issue concerned.

      The person has the right idea, will make attempts, but can’t seem to manifest it early in life. Perhaps, it is tied into a specific planetary cycle’s time. Do you notice if you have similar qualities, skills or issues the author highlights in the essay?

      Are you also aware that in addition to the Cazimi, you have a Yod (Finger of God/Fate)? The person has something significant to fulfill. While powerful, the configuration can also be convoluted! It can take some time and doing to learn to master it.

      Venus who is also the traditional ruler of your ascendant is also the planet sitting on your Yod’s apex. This is the one that is usually out of sync with the rulers at the bottom, which is where part of the answer and solution seems to lie.

      Born in the Ascendant of the Red One, the native is bestowed with eloquence, intelligence, sensual features, and public honors. However, the person can suffer from insatiable and overwhelming desires for the finer things in life (Venus).

      You will have to learn to reduce these feelings, nor criticize or judge others who don’t meet your standards. You also mustn’t be overly controlling with your partner, or use sex as a tool to get your way. Acting upon any of these feelings could be detrimental to you. The Yod has a way of setting off a crisis at some point when we do the wrong thing.

      You will find much of your success in a group leadership type of position as opposed to the corporate, commercial sector. Do you have a gift for dealing with people and forming relationships? Or do you have a hard time meeting new people?

      Do you have any talents with your hands? Another option is with healing. Aspects keep showing skilled hands. Any one in your family practice medicine?

      Currently you are running Jupiter’s cycle and it could bring difficult results at times for you. One positive, is that there’s a good possibility you will go through a major life changing kind of event. This could bring you the opportunity towards your life purpose. Use it to connect with higher minded ideas and interests you may have, e.g., spiritual, metaphysical. It sounds like you have some skill to learn and offer.

      Regarding the stone, I’m no expert. I know they’ve helped some, but not others. I think part of it depends upon the quality of the stone and being the right specifications. It may also involve how adverse is the person’s situation? Remember there are delays here. You have a number of planets retro (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in addition to Merc. Has your situation changed any since you posted this?

      I hope what I’ve provided will be of help in reaching your purpose.

  15. My details: –

    Name: Prashant
    DOB: 2-June-1982
    Time: 5:50 AM
    POB: Rajkot (Gujarat)
    Country: India

  16. My Son has Sun conjunct Mercury+Venus+Uranus in Pisces.
    Goes without saying that he is a good looking boy,funny,sensible,an animal lover but also very rebel,stubborn,moody. Interesting combination.

  17. “Carol King”? Isn’t it Carole King, NY singer + songwriter, born in 1942, whose song “You’ve got a friend” was chosen “song of the year” in 1971? You wrote as if she were dead, but as far as I know she’s alive and kicking!

  18. Sun mercury conj is combust… They often cannot draw breath and talk too much! Have also noticed florid complexions with facial rashes and an over production of saliva… Too many ideas and plans… Interestingly they seem to fit the homeopathic profile for mercury as a remedy.
    I had a client once with Sun Mercury exact combust in Aries… She threw a screaming fit literally during the reading! She was bulimic and anorexic… Awash with ideas but a disproportionate view of how good they were… Huge sense of entitlement too!

  19. There is a brilliant social consultant who I wanted to add in the projects I´m funding. And I don´t know what to do. Brilliant as she is, she combusts, as UQW well states. And she has mars on Antares…!

    Might be too much. I will see if she might be an asesor, not in!

    Thankyou Marina.


  20. I don’t remember reading this before. I had to Google Bill Hicks to make sure that was his picture. One of my favorite comics for all the reasons you give here. A tragic loss for us all.

    I thought it could just as well be Bill Gates or Ozzy from 40 years ago. Two other geniuses.

    Thanks for re-posting this, Marina.

  21. I know a person with Sun conjunct mercury (4 degree orb) in Taurus (which also contains his AC and Saturn). He also has Venus-mars tight conjunction in Gemini, sign ruled by Mercury.
    All planets are in the bottom half of the chart, save for 2 planets in 12th house which is the hidden house anyway. Mercury is one of those two planets hiding in 12th house. Such charts belong to introverts i hear.

    He speaks so little. He in fact has trouble expressing himself. So mercury conjunct sun can be overridden by other stronger factors in the chart i suppose.

  22. Love Bills Hicks <3 not only was he a genius, but incredibly brave, he really was ahead of his time. I see him as the rockstar of comedy! Wish he was still in this world.

  23. Nick Cave has a 10 minute orb [so exact conjunction] between sun & mercury on the virgo / libra cusp

  24. I have Sun Mercury in Aqua.- cazimi. Sun at 4.03- Merc at 9.39-in Retro… I have several issues with this placement.
    I always feel, that I don’t have prompt answers. After 2-3 hours, I think, I should have said this or that.. In the past, I was very sarcastic, not any more, then my mind moved faster but in an ugly way.
    Another thing: I analyse thousand of charts but I don’t remember the charts at all… I have colleagues who remember each and everyone’s chart years later.. I feel dumb.
    My Chiron is at the So-Me midpoint… maybe this is the reason for the above.
    And Marina, your articles are masterpieces!

  25. Hmm..Just met someone who has Sun conj. Mercury in taurus (3 degree orb). Most probably his AC is sandwiched in between the two. (Cos birth time is off mother’s memory and not hospital record so could be out by a few minutes). He talks sooooooooooo little. He has a lot of trouble expressing himself. And i believe he has not achieved much for his age and skill level. Not much of sunny shine in his life. So I wonder if it says something about his AC degree being before or after Sun/Mercury.

  26. I’m 43 years old, Taurus sun, Aries moon, Gemini rising, Mercury in Aries in the 12th house, (sun, moon, and Saturn in the 12th as well) born during a Mercury Retrograde. I’m not sure I quite understand the cazini/combust thing, but your comment describes me well. Even the part about not feeling I can give people good answers, even regarding things I’m knowledgeable about. And I also used to be a major smart-ass in my younger years, but nowadays I’m more empathetic and compassionate, and thus no longer quite as sarcastic as I don’t wish to make anyone feel belittled, even if it’s in jest. The comment below by marion also feels familiar.

  27. I guess hitting “Reply” on a specific comment doesn’t mean the comment is going to appear as a direct reply to the original comment. How confusing. My comment was in reply to Gabriella.

  28. I was born 1/12/54, same day as Howard Stern, radio host, who, incidentally was not on the list..My natal sun (22′) conjuncts natal mercury (20′).. Mercury is my asc.ruler ( virgo 0′) and natal sun is in home base, house 5. ( speculation ) I was a tomboy, gifted scholar and athlete, outspoken, and prided myself on not taking any crap from men. ( or, I would unleash that tongue on them with the fury of a thousand nukes ) I was the middle of 3 daughters, but the closest thing to a son that my father would ever have. ( poor bloke wished for boys, it was not to be ). On the night in autumn of 1995, the evening of my dad’s huge lottery win of 2.78 million USD, Neptune ( ruler of miracles ) was at 22′ Cap. in exact same degree as my natal sun ( father ).. I have noticed that my dad’s natal Ceres is in a location which would be 41 weeks before my birth..Dad has since passed away, but I still feel his spirit around me ( my natal Uranus 21’Cancer, opposing my Sun/ Mercury conjunction) Also, my natal Neptune 26′ Libra opposes Daddy’s natal sun ( 27′ Aries) Both PISCES and Aries contain my house 8 ( lottery wins, other people’s money ). While not studying astrology, I mean to use my virgo asc. abilities ( eye for details ) and see if I can gather enough stats to perhaps duplicate my dad’s huge lotto win..Here is hoping that the Apple does not fall far from the tree..( send help from Above, daddy ). I’m a faithful tither to my church ( moon in house 9 of faith ) and, so, with Divine luck , perhaps I can report some kind of big win before I’m gone.. ** daddy died 11 months and 4 days after winning..but, Im willing to take my p.s. I was married once, but I am single now and much happier on my own.. Love to everyone out there..

  29. Hi Marina, Always a pleasure reading your astrological insights! I am a classic Casemi. My Sun is 16:27:18 Aries in the 3rd house and my Mercury is Casemi at 16:35:37 degrees Aries, also in the 3rd house! So very tight there. I can relate to the writing and being a guru to the stars! lol But life is never easy and I know Saturn 2 degree in Sag in my 10th opposite my Venus 2 degrees in Gemini (exact opposition) in my 4th has a lot to do with this. My father was a mean and nasty man who clearly hated women, bullied and abused them. In my rebellion of him, I am sure (unconsciously) I made it my mission to help women and children as well as men in my work as a Psychic, Medium, Metaphysics Teacher, but I was also a trained Psychologist, Nurse and also an Astrologer. I love learning (3rd house) with Neptune in my 9th in Libra (always looking for the truth, conspiracy theories, mysteries and want to publish, taught in many fine higher minded centres.) I am a walking example of it and carry this in me like a mission. As I approach next month my second Saturn Return and am currently in another Jupiter Return I really wonder what the next step is…too young to retire. Maybe old man Saturn will finally bring me my due for over 40 years of service? Yeah, I know..keep dreaming! lol 😉

  30. Sun Leo in eight house. S
    Scorpio Saturn in tenth house
    Aquarius moon in second house
    Any insight ?

    1. My Geminian boyfriend has this placement, but its not Cazimi, Retrograde and Mercury is leading the Sun by a orb of 6. I heard that Mercury leading is better, makes sense as traveling being behind the Sun symbolically could get pretty hot. But he does get very personal if you do not know him and just have a friendly debate, his father was also an Aquarius. I really have to emphasize, fun in learning, coolness in communicating, then using the information in a humanitarian way.

      So he doesn’t take it like im trying to win, then we end up having more fun. He wants me to teach him stuff about Astrology but, he does not make for a good student. I believe this is one of the placements of why, he will say he wants to, but his gratitude for it is dry. He will not ask Astrological questions of me, I do not know if its because he really does not care, has no idea how much information it really is, or does not want to come off stupid.

      But either way, with my Mercury In PSI Pisces, I know when someone is lying through speech, I can even pick up if they have gone to a place on the internet, where they have also gone. I can see that they have been here to read, where I gave almost nary a clue to go. Anyway it’s almost more effective, as somethings strik deeper if you let someone find it themselves. If he really wants to know, then he can learn it himself. But with Mer in Gemini twice, I don’t know how deep he can go. But I have been surprised by how many Mercury Retrogradiadian Astrologers I have seen though.

      Maybe he will leave me a note here in the future Haha. Future self.

  31. Help anyone (Marina?): there is an election chart for a court case where the opponent is represented by a retrograde Mercury in LI, 10 degrees (retrograde motion)applying to the Sun in LI.Is this enough for a combust Mercury? In my view, the Sun is slow and Mer fast, so it seems it will get burned a bit. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  32. Hello. My husband has a stellium: virgo sun 0*8′ – leo merc retro 29*50′ – virgo pluto 1*58′. I do not know if his merc acts like leo or virgo it being so close to virgo & in a stellium. He does have uranus conj venus in leo. That could be where the strong but not excessive ego shows up at times. And he did rebel at an early age from his bullying leo father. Anyway, he doesn’t have the androgynous aspect. He’s masculine & in touch w/his emotions which he controls most of the time. 1st H moon conj sat also. Yet he is still a big kid at heart! He doesn’t talk too much nor too little but he does use way too much detail when I ask him a simple question or he’s explaining something. He’s witty. He also uses this wit defensively & offensively. This stellium is in his 9th H & he is an obsessive studier w/amazing concentration. He cannot sit still & just be but always has to be doing something or watching something. Jup the ruler of his AC, sat & moon is conj nep. He’s had visions but unfortunately his usage of medicinal obscures them. I perceive him as mostly neptunian probably because his IC is in pisces. Though I doubt others see him that way. Nevertheless he is a very tough & solid person.

  33. I am acquainted w/a woman who has a stellium in sag: merc retro 3*15′ – sun 4*35′ – nep 4*58′. She is incapable of telling the truth. Watching her & listening to her I can see she is creating her stories as she speaks. And I have also caught a sign that she knows on some level she is lying. She is very androgynous which I believe is aided by her ven & mars conj. I do not have the time of day she was born but I believe she has this stellium or it’s ruler jup or some other personal planets in her 12th H. I believe this because everyone I know who has a lot of personal planets in pisces – and she has no planets in pisces – or a lot of personal planets in the 12th H age prematurely. This woman is only in her 40’s but she looks like she’s well into her 60’s. I’ve no doubt there are exceptions to this “rule” but I haven’t personally seen it yet. Seems like the 12th H placement(s) is further hiding the truth from her.

  34. Laughed at this: “as children and were probably constantly being told to shut up” My mother used to send me to the neighbours’ because her ears got sore. Mercury and Sun 4 and 5 degrees Capricorn (and Mars in Aquarius in the 3rd). I’m a writer, and this combination has led to me having a rather prolific output.

  35. I have a combust mercury … still having problems being heard!!!!!! ….am 44 now, does this combination continue through out???

  36. Jacques Derrida had Mercury in cazimi (05’). His deconstruction approach is extremely Mercurial activity. I am also seeing his Neptune rising on this (mostly fictional) comics strip.

    I also have Mercury in cazimi (less than 01’). I think verbally a lot, and I’ve heard that it shows in the way I talk. I’ve heard that I am precise. I studied mathematics in university, but I had to quit it because I got seriously ill. ;_; I like verbal humour. I write palindromes quite fluently. I am genderqueer.

  37. I know someone with exact combust – not just to the minute, but to the second! Oliver is the second son of a brilliant, famous surgeon, his elder brother followed in the family business so Oliver inevitably felt unfairly hallenged in the family hierarchy. But he was brilliant – he’d learned two foreign languages off his own bat by the time he’d left university, where he’d studed law. Everything was going fine, stellar legal career on the horizon, but then he took his other long-standing interest in things occult/spiritual a step further and went out to spend three months studying under a well-known guru at an ashram in India. Because I didn’t mention that his exact combust lies in Pisces. It proved to be his undoing. He become obsessed with his guru (I imagine he projected his complicated feelings about his father onto him) to the point of mania. In his delusions, he came to believe that he had to kill God, because in fact he was the real God and had to take HIs place! Then came the first of a long series of shattering nervous breakdowns. That was ten years ago, since when the doctors have been medicating him but admit they don’t know what to do with him, he’s even been given electroshock treatment several times.
    A mind burnt by the Sun, indeed.

    1. VERY interesting! Yes I think the sign it is in greatly affects the combustion. Do you know what degree it was on because then there is the fixed star to consider also. Achernar at 14º Pisces is associated with guru’s and success in ecclesiastical matters (If used in the right way!)

  38. I like your method of judging a Cazimi at 30′. I think these people can have moments of brilliance in communication, and moments of failure to communicate. It all depends on several factors. I have actually struggled explaining this to some in the mainstream astro communities. I’ve even seen it claimed that Mercury doesn’t count for a cazimi because it’s too fast…this frustrates me. My Gemini Sun 19*30 conjunct Mercury 19*06, this puts me frustratingly on the edge of/but not quite cazimi. Your examples are great. I have experienced moments where I dazzle with my words, and times when I am totally misunderstood. I think there is another level of conjunct, between 17′ &1*. If you ever have further thoughts on Sun conjunct Mercury I’d love to read them.

  39. My Mercury is at 12 degrees Cancer and my Sun is at 13 degrees. I’ve had one serious depression/breakdown from drugs and alcohol at age 19 (I know have almost 25 yrs in recovery!) I do think that I am hindered in some way through combustion.

    I go through periods of worry. I don’t always speak my mind and sometimes I can be the “invisible” one.
    I have my Moon in Libra which makes me want to have everything balanced and nice and I have Sagitauirus rising and four other planets in Leo.

    I guess like others, I’m a mixed bag of characteristics and temperaments!

    I really enjoyed your article. It gave me some interesting food for thought!


    Ellen Green

  40. I am a aquarius ascendant having uranus in it. Saturn in 1st house venus in taurus sun mercury conjunction in 4th house in gemini. Having moon n mars(5°) in 7th house north node in scorpio mid heaven too in scorpio jupiter in 10th house in sagittarius and neptune in 11th house. I am extraminded person quite different from all of my circle. I am always positive towards life. Becz I think that negative is our own creation n we must avoid it. I search positivity inside negative things(either our thoughts or the things we see). I love singing reading astrology n palmistry. Beside that I love talking to people knowing about them their feelings their views n their ideas. I respect every religion although I am a Hindu I love muslims strict rules n regulations.their beliefs towards allah and I am fan of lord Jesus. My interest is in Politics too. I am heart dying fan of Russian Vladimir Putin n China’s Xi Xing Ping. I hate Nepal’s politics because Nepal has got the world’s most ridiculous political system. Our politician don’t know how to develop Nepal(birth place of Lord Buddha n where the worlds highest peak Mt Everest(8848 m) lies) There is no good beurocracy in Nepal. Okey I am talking more now I should stop my feelings here.

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