Moon Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Womb Expulsion

Moon square or opposite Uranus finds it extremely hard to put down roots. This may come from an experience of early childhood trauma, or premature expulsion from the warm, cosy womb; literally or metaphorically. The most obvious interpretation of this aspect is abandonment from the mother, so that the infant never feels it can count on being supported or comforted in the adult world. These subjects develop a fierce independence from an early age.

In adult hood this independent spirit can turn into an inordinate need for freedom in relationships. What the average people calls affection, these subjects experience as cloying or smothering. Alternatively they may very well have close loving relationships, but have a job which involves long hours away from home and/or travel, giving them the space they need.

Moon square Uranus loves to shock, they may spend all their life rebelling against their mother or their mother country, rejecting their own culture by marrying someone of another race or moving to a country where they become the ‘alien’. Moon square Uranus needs constant change and is often nervy and electric, these bright sparks are exciting and generate a sizzling aura that is constantly on the verge of discovering something novel and unique.

Innovation is their middle name, but their volatility can drive their nearest and dearest crazy. Their far-out ideas are often misunderstood and sometimes this goes as far as the subject is branded with having a mental illness. Mostly however both Moon square and opposite Uranus are just simply way ahead of their time

Womb Expulsion

Moon opposite UranusMoon opposite Uranu
s is going to cause a stir wherever you find it. The electric and volatile energy of Uranus seems to become even more unstable than usual in opposition. The polarity creates wild mood swings and the feel of a loose canon. It is sad to see that three accidents/assassinations are in the list of the natives below and all of three deaths caused a huge public outpouring of emotion whether it be anger, shock or deep mourning.

The revolutionary energy of Uranus though, means that after the lightening bolt has struck, things are never the same again. The subject may have grown up in a very progressive atmosphere or one where roots were very hard to put down because of constant change. Or they may have felt on the fringes of society so that they never really fit in where every they are. So however they live in their adult lives, subconsciously they always feel like something is about to flip out, so they are ready to jump ship very quickly.

Moon square or opposite Uranus may find it hard to believe that they can really relax and are quite ‘jumpy’ in their demeanour. However these subjects actually thrive very well on adrenaline and stress which makes them feel alive. If they don’t get the stimulus of frequent excitement then they may even get quite depressed.

It is essential then, that these subjects have a job or hobby that provides them with something new and novel everyday, otherwise fireworks could erupt in their family life, a place far too sensitive for this thunderbolt energy. The moon is also the imagination, so flashes of innovation are best channelled is through scientific invention. The artist amoung them may create material that is hard-hitting and shocking. This provocative visual art can be used effectively in humanitarian campaigns and in the world of advertising.

Moon/Uranus ~ Hard Aspects

Moon Square Uranus

Osho (17’) is a great example of the visionary side of this aspect. The Lunar-Uranian intuitive flashes provided great insights for him. This gave Osho the ability to blend theories of sexual liberation and mysticism which greatly appealed to a western audience. Osho was known for merging eastern Sufi teaching with western ideas influenced by Reich, Gurdijeff, Freud and D.H Lawrence. Osho’s childhood was unusually liberated, he was separated from his mother as an infant and lived with his grandparents who gave him great freedom. Until the age of seven Osho received no formal education, and he became a rebellious, but gifted student when he did attend.

Moon Square UranusDuring his university years Osho was said to be too disruptive as a pupil and as a teacher considered a danger to his pupils morality. Osho’s Uranian Moon provided the alternative living arrangements for in the shape of his Indian based ashram. However he was eventually relocated to the United States due to his provocative lectures about sexuality and the permissive ambience of his ashram. Osho seemed to forever spark controversy eg; His collection of Rolls Royces being a strange companion to his ‘enlightenment’.

Moon square Uranus struck again when Osho was deported from the United States. This was due to his followers conducting a very unenlightened bio terror attack on the citizens of the Dalles (In Oregon). Twenty countries denied Osho entry thereafter; he lived all over world until his death in 1990. In the 21st century his work has finally found its time, and his books are gaining more popularity than when he was alive.

More Moon square Uranus: Carl Jung, Oscar Wilde, Christopher Lee, Daniel Ratcliffe, Katie Holmes, Ray Winstone, Ricky Gervais, Gregory Peck, Ryan O’Neal, O.J Simpson, David Beckham, Barbara Windsor, Kathy Bates, Justin Bieber, Keith Richards, Mark Knofler, Mel B, Nina Hagen, Harry Secombe, Michael Crawford, Wassily Kandinsky, Yves Tanguy, Louise Braille, Padre Pio.

Moon Opposite Uranus

Jewelle Gomez (05’) is an American writer, poet and critic and also a feminist/lesbian rights activist. Her heritage is a mix of African American and Native American Siouan. Gomez was brought up by her great-grandmother and later her grandmother who shaped her political/sociological views during the human rights movements in the 1950’s and 60’s. At high school she became active in black political groups. She continues to be a forceful campaigner, fundraiser and philanthropist. Gomez has also been the director of various groups championing art, poetry and culture.  Margaret Bourke-White (03’), was the first woman war correspondent and documentary photographer. Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli (24’), was never a popular artist, his lurid, expressionistic paint strokes have been described as ‘screamingly awful art.’ 

More Moon opposite Uranus: Diana Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed, Lord Louis Mountbatten, J F Kennedy Jr, Liz Green, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Errol Flynn, Michael Caine, Rufus Wainwright, Bruce H Lipton.

Moon/Uranus Aspects

Moon conjunct/quincunx Uranus • Moon sextile/trine Uranus • Moon square/opposite Uranus

42 thoughts on “Moon Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Womb Expulsion

  1. my roommate has been driving me nuts. our charts are too similar! however, she does have this moon-opp-uranus, which ups the amps. thanks for post. p.s. lightning strikes, you lighten your hair.

    1. forgot to mention our oppositional urani. it’s a contest who drives who nuttier.

  2. Moon Uranus is often indicative of a Caesarian birth- as I write this a friend of mine is having her first baby surgically removed! She has a bicornate uterus and is only 5ft tall but this little boy – with Sun Mars conjunct in Leo and Moon opposite Uranus won’t be contained! He tried to fight his way out this morning…two weeks early. He’ll be dodging the knives as he is welcomed into the world, a life of drama begins now!

    1. My daughter was a Caesarian, she had Moon/Mars/Uranus conjunction. All within a degree! She did a lot of air traveling in her first year and while I was pregnant too.

  3. I have the Moon opposite Uranus aspect. I grew up with my grandmother as my mother wasn’t really interested. She always said she didn’t want children and i was an accident. She eventually took me back at the age of 8 years old as my grandmother was too old to look after me. My mum was never the sweet, feminine, mothering type. Very angry , hard to live with woman. We are in good relationship now as i don’t hold any grudges, its just the way things are sometimes but i live in another country so i see her once every 2 years. We speak often on the phone. I also have a job that requires a lot of my time, my husband often complaints that im not that much at home. Not that i don’t want to be, it’s just i need to earn money, im really independent person and i mostly rely on myself, i find hard to ask or accept help.

    1. I have an Uranus moon square and also had a grandmother who stabilized my life as my parents were in high school when I was born. To say they weren’t ready is an understatement but my grandparents really nurtured me and took care of my needs so I really didn’t know the difference. I’m a very rebellious person by nature and don’t feel particularly close to family…no roots. My job keeps me away from participating in family events as well. Downside to me up bringing and personality is I wasn’t a very nuturing parent either and created another generation of kids with childhood wounds which breaks my heart.

  4. My most significant aspect (almost exact) moon square Uranus.
    I was born c-section as difficulties with my birth.
    Very hard relationship with mother who was suffering from childhood sexual abuse from her father, which caused her to develop severe mental illness. Got taken from her care aged 10yrs old and never saw her again.
    She ended up becoming homeless and was murdered in 2010.
    From age 10 I never was able to find my roots.
    Moved from home to home with different people and lived in care until I got my house 5 years ago.

    I need a job which requires me to have a lot of freedom, so work as a healthcare assistant driving around my local community.
    I’m about to apply for the ambulance service which appeals to me as my dream career as everyday is change and different people.

    In relationships I push people away yet am also needy, my boyfriend constantly gets upset I don’t spend enough time with him.
    Putting down roots very difficult for me. Only have a few friends that have been in my life over the years who understand my need for freedom above all. My relationships don’t seem to last.

    Thank you

    1. That is really profound. I also can relate. I’m very unstable in relationships. I traveled also as a home care assistant for 10 years. Then traveled all over for computer work over 10 years. Lived out of hotels alot, can not stay in one place. Most relationships end in a bad way and for a short time.

  5. LOL. I agree, Moon opp Uranus, the mother is unstable. Kate Middleton’s daughter has Moon Opp Uranus. Middleton’s a flasher/exhibitionist.

  6. With this natal aspect, there seems to a need for both intimacy and space. Not a stable aspect.

  7. Ahhhh, thank you for posting this. Uranus is conjunct natal Lilith 9th and tMoon is squaring that…
    Concerning home, been unsettled for 5 years. I may need to rethink a possible new move. Something will reveal as NM is New..sometimes all that is needed is a fresh perspective.
    Oh things “exploded” where I am prior to the NM. A scorpio male with issues tried to trample a cop.. he is dangerously psychotic and had been abusing substances, been on a three week violent streak yet his Mother (Moon) kept putting things off in denial. Well it came to a head with him losing a horse in town and him hiding in the barn in undies trying to saddle up another..
    May the square find resolution among the more favorable possible modifiers.

  8. Even more fascinating perspectives on this aspect. With a 17 degree cancer moon I have had a lifelong quest to put down roots but it has always evaded me. The family move was always a heartwrenching experience. Born with saturn in gemini, my work requires constant relocation. When I see pictures of homes that have been in the same family for generations, I basically just want to cry.

    1. Make a table with a nice tablecloth on it and cover it with family photos, everywhere you live.

  9. Thank you for explaining my so-called problem to me.
    All my life being the weird one in the family,yet I was ahead of them.
    During pregnancy,my mom got kicked on her swollen belly:six months me inside.
    She had a fight with my real father then,who denied the foetus was not his.
    They never married,of course and he never saw me until I was 12,when I searched for him.
    My mom,did not raise me as well,but gave me away to my grandmom,who nursed me with a bottle.As you can unsderstand,I never had breast feeding or being hugged closely.
    Well,coming to the point now:all my life I wandered around,not feeling at home anywhere.
    At early age of sixteen,I joined the merchant marine and never returned home to my home country!Now Iam older and plan to write my autobiography,which will be quite interesting for some of you,because I did not go astray,but followed a straight course in life and picked up studying at mature age,eager as I always have been to know more.Last but not least,I invented quite a number of innovations on the job for the company,during my service years.Now Iam retired and picked up a brief study on Astrology.

    1. Thankyou for sharing this insightful post. Uranian aspects usually gift the bearer with great originality, I have a number of them, despite having conservative Virgoan tendencies. Best wishes on the current explorations.

    2. This explanation has some accuracy. However, the Moon represents the chart holders mother.
      Moon in hard Aspect to Uranus means the mother was emotionally unstable.

    3. This is the most accurate prediction I have seen on any aspects so far.
      My mom took me with her when I was very young to go to another country. My 2 siblings were left behind, and I felt like the special one, but a year later, she brought me back to my home country and left me there. It was the most emotionally traumatizing thing that has ever happened to me. It was me in particular that felt the most abandoned because I was the one who came with her and was rejected back.

      I now live overseas, and plan to Mary here. You were spot on about rejecting your home countries culture, I despise it a lot, but as I grew older I learned to embrace it. I learned some lessons through this, and I wouldn’t trade what happened to me for the world.

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