Moon Conjunction Mars ~ Emergency


Moon conjunction Mars or Moon quincunx Mars are passionate about protecting their family and those they love, but they don’t like to be too obvious about it. They think that revealing how much they care weakens them somehow. Everything is about strategy, their instincts are extra-sensitive and they react super-fast to any outside threat.

Moon/Mars can be a very physical aspect. It is the most useful in competitive sports like tennis or fencing, when one has to anticipate the moves of one’s opponent. These people are usually excellent in an emergency situation. A good example is a nurse out on the battle field, who needs to remain calm while sensing quickly who to treat first.

Moon conjunction Mars in the sky can indicate a time when people are fierce about protecting their family or homeland. It is an energy of defence, but also one when the collective’s feelings erupt easily into rage. Violence is possible so it is not a great energy for domestic bliss. I would also avoid having an operation unless it was an absolute emergency. However this conjunction is great for firefighters as they will react speedily and instinctively.

Often Moon conjunction Mars feels like it grew up in a war zone because of the amount of emotional domestic explosions. Sometimes the mother is easily inflamed so that everyone else in the house is treading on eggshells. Having been brought up on red alert, the subject finds it quite hard to mellow out when they set up home with a much calmer partner.

Mine Fields

This results in the grown-up adult the feeling like they are always walking through a mine field even in the most benign of pastures. Sometimes Moon conjunct Mars or Moon quincunx Mars can generate conflict just because it makes them feel ‘at home’.

In the actual bedroom, the passion of Mars with the sensitive Moon can these people surprisingly tender lovers who are extremely affectionate in their love-making. Then all their ranting and raving is forgiven.

The quincunx is about adjustment and fine-tuning, the Moon has great intuition and Mars reacts very fast. Moon/Mars natives then often conceal their motives and feelings with a veil of irony.

Moon quincunx Mars has a great sense of timing (comic or otherwise), they know how to generate suspense, deliver a line and the precise moment in which to hit the punch line. Interestingly though, both the conjunction and the quincunx have great difficulty actually seeing their own aggression. However at the very same time Moon/Mars are also very sensitive to discord in the environment.

They also can be very unaware of the incredibly strong sexual aura they give off and wonder why people are constantly coming onto them. The paradox with Moon conjunct or quincunx Mars, is that they often complain about unwanted attention, while at the same time behaving quite provocatively.

*The Inconjunct is another word for the quincunx. In traditional astrology, nether the conjunction or the quincunx are technically ‘aspects’ because the planets are too close in distance to ‘see’ the other. The conjunction functions as a blind spot, while the quincunx an adjustment. They share the ‘blindness’,so that is why I have grouped them together. Aspectare is Latin for ‘To observe’, or look at attentively.

Moon Mars ~ (In)*Conjunct Aspects

Moon Conjunction Mars

Angelina Jolie is an extreme example of Moon conjunct Mars with her double mastectomy. Moon rules breasts and Mars is surgery. She is also a prime media tool for the Hollywood elite since she is one of the most googled female celebrities of all time.

As a teen Angelina was perfectly maleficent as the punk outsider, wearing all black clothing and experimented with BDSM edgeplay with her then boyfriend. In knife-play Mars objects such as the bladed instruments of knives or swords  are used to stimulate arousal in sex games.

During Angelina’s teenage years she also self-harmed because she felt so unable to connect with people. Moon conjunct Mars might normally suggest a very fiery relationship with the mother, or even one that is highly sexualised. There could also be a feeling of sexual rivalry from the mother to the daughter.

Instead Angelina’s dysfunctional relationship with her famous actor father (John Voight) was played out in public. Angelina’s birth chart suggests it’s not that simple however. Indeed her Moon, Mars and Eris conjunction (In Mars-ruled Aries no less!) are all in house 10, traditionally the house of the mother.

It is also how Angelina experiences and feels nurtured by the world. The Moon rules her first house of physical body bringing us back to her double mastectomy and eating disorders. In her twenties Angelina says she experimented with many drugs including heroin.

Angelina’s parents divorced when she was only one and she was estranged from her father. In 2002 John Voight said publicly that Angelina had serious mental problems. Angelina’s mother and brother broke all contact with Voight after that. Angelina’s mother died of breast and ovarian cancer in 2007. Since then Angelina is said to have repaired some of the relationship with her father.

Moon/Mars can describe trauma/violence/abuse to the divine feminine within the mothers ancestral line. Angelina’s mother became a humanitarian and human rights activist which is one way of transmuting this energy. Angelina seems to have taken on her mother political baton, campaigning for human rights and women’s rights. One can see this campaigning might easily be on behalf and reflective of the abused child within.

Angelina Jolie is pretty much the mass media’s poster, taboo ‘Lilith’ woman, with her multi-cultural adoptions, flirtation with bi-sexuality, tattoos and promotion of BDSM. Apparently two thirds of the world find Jolie to be the “most admired woman in the world.” ~ YouGov.  More recently Angelina’s role as Maleficent symbolically demonstrated the cutting off of her breasts since Maleficent had her black wings cut off by the ‘evil patriarchy’. 

Angelina says she now wants to go into politics (Her ‘warrior queen’ Moon/Mars/Eris conjunction is in the 10th house of status/reputation). In the news today (May 2016) Angelina is on hunger strike “to raise awareness about starving Syrian refugees. The news comes amid growing concerns over Jolie’s health as the 40-year-old is reportedly down to 79 pounds.” 

This current eating disorder comes at a time of divorce rumours with husband Brad Pitt. Moon conjunct Mars in it’s worst manifestation can show some kind of torture during childhood that leaves a lasting scar on the adult. From the outside there certainly looks like there has been some kind of trauma-based (Mars) interference during Angelina’s early infancy (Moon.)

More Moon conjunction Mars: Saddam Hussein, Mark Zuckerberg, Nicolas Sarkozy, Malala Yousafzai, Kylie Mynogue, Rufus Wainwright, Ringo Starr, Natalie Cole, Alison Moyet, Les Paul, Twiggy, Michael Moore, Lucky Luciano, Henry Miller, George Gurdjieff, Vaslav Nijinsky, Tele Savalas, Billy Graham, Herbert Hoover, Franz Anton Mesmer.

Moon Quincunx Mars

Rutger Hauer; Dutch actor famed for playing sinister villains. Rutger has played all the variants of Moon quincunx Mars, romantic leads (Moon emphasis), action heroes (Mars emphasis) and psychopaths (quincunx emphasis). His parents were touring actors so a nanny brought him up.

Because of the Moon/Mars independence from mother he most probably found it hard to put down roots so aged 15 he ran off to work at sea, he wanted to be a sailor but wasn’t accepted due to his colour blindness. Always the drifter he was even thrown out of drama school, so he was pushed into the Dutch navy.

He rebelled against the discipline and convinced the military that he was mentally unstable, so he was put in a psychiatric home. Seems like the time spent with the mentally ill provided great inspiration for the unhinged villains he went on to play in his acting career.

More Moon quincunx Mars: L. Ron Hubbard, Dirk Bogarde, Farrah Fawcett, Ian McKellen, Jim Carrey, Nancy Spungen, Tatum O’Neil, Billy Connolly, Dack Rambo, Maureen Connolly, Lorenzo Carcaterra, John Derek, Patrick Moore, Douglas Fairbanks, Barbara Cartland, Elizabeth Barratt-Browning.