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Open the book to all things Virgo! Here you will find your Ascendant Virgo traits, Virgo season meaning, monthly and yearly horoscopes and the meanings for the three Virgo decans. What does it mean to have the Sun in Virgo or Virgo rising? There is a different meaning for each decan.  

Your Virgo horoscopes reveal your emotional, love and career horoscope and what the aspect of the month means for Virgo. I show your peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Seasons and the Zodiac post. Plan your year ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

All About Virgo Traits

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. So the Virgo traits in the general section (of each decan) will speak for the Virgo rising meaning as there is no planetary filter. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so those influences will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. Check out your Virgo decan meanings below for more detail.

Virgo Traits by Rising Sign Decan*

Virgo Decan 1 from 0º to 10º Virgo.  Being ruled by the Sun make these folk so luminous that they tend to attract quite dark Plutonic partners. Maybe this is simply to get them to loosen their apron strings or corset. Nature always seeks a balance. To outsiders, they look like they are getting involved with one “wrong un” after another, but actually if anyone can deal with the dark side, it’s a very evolved Virgo decan 1.

But this is the nub, they do have to be very self-aware. Like Persephone, innocence does them no favours at all. They have to go into the underworld, and even be “raped” by the world in order for them to awaken to the fact that there ARE nasty, evil people out there. 

Virgo Decan 2 from 10º to 20º Virgo. The obsessive tendencies are very marked here because of the polarity of the ‘Me’ and ‘other’ axis. A lot of the obsession can be projected onto the partner as if they are the neurotic stalker. The sacred prostitute and the virgin priestess are both archetypes of Virgo decan 2.

If these folk get very disillusioned and wounded by life they may become reclusive. They simply cannot take any more pain from their fellow human beings. Those in Virgo decan 2 who have been sexually abused will either become extremely promiscuous or totally celibate. They can, of course, become abusers themselves though Virgo decan 2 more likely to self-harm than anything else, and this can be through addictions. 

Virgo Decan 3 from 20º to 30º Virgo.  The ‘sacred harlot’ behaviour associated with this decan will be most notable in love relationships. Sex is extremely important to these folk with some being very promiscuous or, in modern parlance, polyamorous! On the other side of the scale, their sexual relationships are held as sacred.

These folk will be the most successful wheeler and dealers since the decan’s ruler Mercury is associated with merchants and Venus is money. Both these planets can be charming and fickle, flitting from one lover to the other. Other factors in the chart will be needed to ensure fidelity and a stable marriage.

*Ascendant sections are taken from the Virgo decan ebooks.

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