Saturn Sextile Neptune ~ Super Natural


Saturn sextile Neptune is serious about religion and spirituality. This as an aspect that also takes organic, practical steps towards health and medicine. Ideally, this soft aspect can bring out the best in two planets that can be melancholic and deceptive otherwise.

The sextile is more unpredictable than the trine and one can be apt to take itself far too seriously when it comes to devoting itself to spiritual practice. The trine is more likely to look at the bright side and have a very positive healing influence than the sextile, however.

These planets work well when Saturn provides the structure and realism to the dreams of Neptune. It also makes one sensible about future plans and gives you the ability to defer gratification. During this transit you find the patience to see a project through to the very end, no matter what obstacles fall in your path. Patience is probably one of its biggest gifts.

Saturn can turn Neptune into a bit of a martyr at times, but this sweet sextile can do much to avert the misuse of this energy. Creative projects have the much needed self-sacrifice and prudence to have them crystalise into a form that is not self-indulgent or ego-driven.

Under this transit is a fantastic time to dedicate your art to a good cause and to raise awareness of injustices going on in the world. Music with a political message is likely to be popular and fundraising by musicians and poets will be the hip thing to do in the media.

Of course this potential of music can be used for positive or negative always, so mixing music with politics can certainly be nefarious too! Neptune rules film and photography so the artwork that comes out at this time could have a dark, Saturnian style to it.

The new OS for the mac, Mojave is a good example of this aspect. It has a dark grey colour theme which allows one to focus on the contents on the window that is open. There is a good opportunity for intense focus when the sextile is turned into a base for a Yod by transit.

Once a month while this aspect is in orb, the moon will provide that opportunity and act like the lens with which to examine what lies in the houses (areas of life) that the sextile spans across. This sextile is a useful platform from which to give birth to any art or craft because it gives such a good balance of skill with imagination, science with artistry and nature with the supernatural.

Healing Water-Features

The sextile is a Venusian aspect so it is a blossoming, hopeful energy and as stated earlier it does give patience. On its own however, this aspect cannot promise that the task in hand will be super-successful. Neptune isn’t particularly materialistic, so the trine would be more likely to bring more luck to the project. The sextile just gives the ideas great potential.

This is the kind of aspect that makes a good blueprint, it is also one that is good for rehearsals and trial runs. It is more about making plans than actually arriving at the destination, but it is great for organising anything to do with film, art, poetry and music.

The healing potential is there in the sense one could be testing out diets, aromatherapy oils or healing elixirs. If your business involves detox retreats, beauty and spa treatments then this sextile will be useful to you. Another expression of this energy that comes to mind is the tranquility and geometry of Japanese gardens which mold nature specifically to heal one’s body and soul.

Saturn Sextile NEPTUNE Natives

Since Saturn and Neptune are generational planets I have only chosen natives who have these planets in their first and tenth houses which makes these planets more personal to them and gives them a stronger effect.

Saturn in 1st House: Camila Parker Bowles, is quite a good example of someone who was discreet and patient when it came to the man she loved. Camila had her Neptunian happy-ever-after when she finally married her Prince aged 58. At the same time, they did have an affair in secret too which is also a Neptunian trait and Saturn gave them plenty of barriers to overcome before they did eventually marry. Also: Henry VII of England, Marina Abramovic, David Essex, Ben Elton, Rosanna Arquette, Paula Yates, Tom Arnold, Lorraine Kelly, Julian Clary, Larry Grayson, Edwina Currie.

Saturn in 10th house: The CIA, Oliver Stone, Anne Hathaway, Uri Geller, Barry Gibb, Georges Pompidou, Irma Grese, Nicole Brown Simpson, Alan Wilder, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jose Carreras, Eddie Kidd.

Neptune in 1st house: Mary I of England, Freddy Mercury, Pete Burns, Barry Gibb, Cheryl Cole, Tracey Ulman, Aaron Spelling, Anne Hathaway, Rupert Everett, Ava Gardiner, John McEnroe, Zahwa Arafat, Vespasian.

Neptune in 10th house: Liz Green, Terence McKenna, Henry VII Of England, Patti Smith, Micheal Hutchence, Charlton Heston, Roseanna Arquette, Paula Yates, Ben Elton, George Lascelles.

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