Mercury Conjunction Mars ~ Offensive Words


Mercury conjunct Mars is an aspect that cuts to the chase. Don’t expect poetic, flowery or diplomatic language. These folk speak plainly and clearly, they will often be brutally honest and their words can be offensive.

In the current year (2019) you could even say this could be the aspect of ‘hate speech’ because Mars is sharp and wounding and with Mercury, it makes for offensive communications. These folk will make excellent orators however, as their speeches are rousing and passionate even if some of the words can sometimes be quite harsh. This subject will certainly call a spade a spade!

While we are here I might add that Mercury/Mars can inadvertently cause offence by using expressions from bygone times (before modern slang or slurs complicated the original meaning.)

“Calling a spade a spade” only ever referred to gardening tools… So this is also another perfect example of Mercury conjunct Mars feeling like they are walking on eggshells every time they open their mouth.

Calling A ‘Spade’…

These folk’s speech is never going to be beige and they find it very hard to use language that is bland enough to not trigger any colour, creed or sexual orientation. Bill Hicks, who has this aspect in his natal chart, is a perfect example of a hard-hitting comedian whose words were hilariously funny but also searingly political. Biting satire is the perfect vehicle for a Mercury conjunct Mars person.

Mercury conjunct Mars

These folk also get bored very easy too and can suffer from ADHD if their teacher and classmates are not as quick-witted as themselves. However, some of these folk are not wordsmiths at all and might fall into the ‘actions-speak-louder-than-words’ camp. These will be agile athletes and dancers.

There are some darker sides to this aspect with Mars being a malefic. Mars is passion and Mercury is youngsters so these children can be quite precocious and interested in sex at a very early age. They may hit puberty early too.

Because of this, Mercury conjunct Mars may attract unwanted advances from people who are much older than them before they are mentally mature enough to deal with the consequences. Another negative manifestation is criminality. Mercury rules thieves and tricksters and Mars will bring out the swindling vibration of this aspect.

The mind of Mercury conjunct Mars is nervous and impatient. This aspect has the reputation of being extremely argumentative. It can also be very competitive in debates and will always want the last word.

Intellectually too this person wants to be top of the class and can devour knowledge pretty quickly if it is a subject that they are passionate about. So generally this subject can do extremely well intellectually, in any field, if they are allowed to pursue the path they find the most interesting and are not censored in any way.

Artwork: ‘7 Of Worlds’ Voyager Tarot © James Wanless

Mercury Conjunct Mars Natives

John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Genghis Khan, Terence McKenna, Bill Hicks, Mata Hari, Ringo Starr, Iggy Pop, Justin Bieber, Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash, Alicia Keys, Roy Orbison, Dean Martin, Meryl Streep, Gene Hackman, James Woods, Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Glenn Close, Lindsay Wagner, Tom Selleck, Joanne Woodward, Juliette Binoche, Traci Lords, Linda Lovelace, Billie Holiday, Charles Baudelaire, Rudyard Kipling, Elizabeth Barratt Browning, Deepak Chopra, Antonio Vivaldi, Antonio Salieri, Salvador Dali, Emile Zola, Steven Forrest, Rick Levine, Eric Cantona, George Foreman, Letizia Of Spain.

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