Mercury Mars Aspects ~ Offensive Words


Mercury Mars aspects cuts to the chase. Don’t expect poetic, flowery or diplomatic language. These folk speak plainly and clearly, they will often be brutally honest and with the hard aspects their words can be offensive. In the current times you could even say Mercury conjunction, square or opposition Mars could signify ‘hate speech’.

Mercury Trine sextile mars Transit

Mercury trine or sextile Mars in the sky stimulates passionate debates. It’s a perfect time to get your teeth into serious study as you will devour any information put in front of your. So go feast upon a library on this mentally stimulating day. Sports that use arms like tennis, pool playing or fencing are also a good use of this energy. Mercury Mars soft aspects supports diplomacy when used at a high vibration or it could just be plain gossipy otherwise!

Mars is sharp and wounding so in hard aspect to Mercury, it makes for offensive communications. These folk will make excellent orators however, as their speeches are rousing and passionate even if some of the words can sometimes be quite harsh. This subject will certainly call a spade a spade!

While we are here I might add that Mercury/Mars can inadvertently cause offence by using expressions from bygone times (before modern slang or slurs complicated the original meaning.) “Calling a spade a spade” only ever referred to gardening tools… So this is also another perfect example of Mercury Mars feeling like they are walking on eggshells every time they open their mouth.

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