Cancer Horoscope 2016


Cancer 2016 Horoscope ~ Excerpt

2016 Keywords: Regimental Timetables. Office boundaries. Lavish Parties. Golden Hand Grenades. Home Luxury

“Cancer is due for a very Happy New Year! Well it will be when Jupiter slides down your chimney with a bag of joy. In the bag there is happiness and abundance in the home you love so much. Yes, it will be domestic bliss from September 2016 onwards. I’m telling you that first off to give you something to look forward to. Until September however, headmaster Saturn is cracking the whip in your house of industry. All that hard work means you are earning money of course. This means you can at least go deluxe when you do finally get some time off.

In 2016, Cancerians learn to get very organised. You will keep to timetables in a military fashion. Cancer will also have to be very strict with setting boundaries with work colleagues. If you work at home then family might attempt invade your desk space, the only way for them to get the message is to surround your office with barbed wire and an electric fence. This new extra-spiky layer of Cancer shell may really niggle partners during the first Mercury Retrograde of the year, so you will need to be very tactful from Jan 5 -25″

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Cancer 2016



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