Sun Sextile/Trine Saturn ~ Cool Timing


Sun sextile Saturn or Sun trine Saturn are great time keepers, organisers and natural leaders. They inspire obedience because they exude such capable authority. The soft aspects mean that these folk were probably not brought up with too many harsh rules and regulations, but nevertheless still have experienced unspoken limits and restraints in their domestic environment.

Sometimes the father is quite cool and distant, or just has no interest in disciplining the child. In which case the mother becomes the prime authority figure. This means the child receives both affection and punishment from the same pot so to speak. No good cop/bad cop here!

Sun Sextile/Trine Saturn Transit

When the Sun is sextile or trine Saturn in the sky it forms a supportive wall for you to lean on when you are working hard. One feels protected and shielded from the elements. The best qualities of this aspect is its great timekeeping and scheduling abilities. Everything runs smoothly and on time. One feels supported by the universe, secure and safe. The moment is fantastic for demonstrating one’s trustworthiness and authority. This aspect provides stamina and self-discipline to get through tedious tasks.

Bad Cop

In later life there can then be a preference for older, parental partners who can be a little stern in their affections. Sun trine Saturn, in particular, seems to need a great deal of material comfort and security from their spouse. Even with the softer aspects, there can be insecurity and craving for fame and fortune with Sun sextile Saturn or Sun trine Saturn.

First these natives have to overcome their shyness and fear of stepping out into the glaring, solar spotlight. Once these natives make that leap however, there can be no stopping them. They soon clock on to just how much people recognize their natural authoritative presence.

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