Moon Phases 2015

Moon Phases 2015The Moon phases, or lunations, represent a focus on your life for that period, depending on how they aspect your natal chart. The location in terms of the house with show you the area of life where things may come to a head at a Full Moon or where you can make a new start at a New Moon. I use an orb of 2.30º for the regular Moons and 3º for Eclipses. I believe that it is only the hard aspects that bring lasting breakthroughs (or breakdowns!) with an eclipse. Generally the effects of Solar eclipses tend to last six months, lunar eclipses about three months, new moon’s one month, and full moon’s two weeks. An eclipse’s effect may last as long as a year per hour that an eclipse lasts from start to finish. For example, the November 3 Solar Eclipse 2013 at 12º Scorpio lasted 3 hours, 22 minutes. It was a particularly strong and bright eclipse so its effects should last for the next 3 years and 4 months. Those effected by it will feel it all the way to March 2016.


Full Moon Jan 6 4.53am UT ~ 14º 30’ Cancer   
New Moon Jan 20 1.15pm UT ~ 0º 08’ Aquarius

Full Moon Feb 3 11.09pm UT ~ 14º 47’ Leo  
New Moon Feb 18 11.47pm UT ~ 29º 59 Aquarius

Full Moon Mar 5  6.05pm UT ~ 14º 50’ Virgo
Solar Eclipse Mar 20  9.37am UT ~ 29º 27′ Pisces

Lunar Eclipse Apr 4 12.06pm UT ~ 14º 24′ Libra  
New Moon Apr 18 6.57pm UT ~ 28º 25′ Aries 

Full Moon May 4  3.42am UT ~ 13º 23’ Scorpio  
New Moon May 18 4.13am UT ~ 26º 56’ Taurus

Full Moon Jun 2  4.19am UT ~ 11º 49’ Sagittarius  
New Moon Jun 16 2.05pm UT ~ 25º 07’ Gemini

Full Moon Jul 2 2.20am UT ~ 9º 55’ Capricorn  
New Moon Jul 16 1.24am UT ~ 23 º 14’ Cancer
Full Moon Jul 31 10.43am UT ~ 7º 56’ Aquarius

New Moon Aug 14  2.53pm UT ~ 21º 31’ Leo  
Full Moon Aug 29 6.35pm UT ~ 6º 06’ Pisces

Solar Eclipse Sep 13  6.41am UT ~ 20º 10’ Virgo  
Lunar Eclipse Sep 28 2.50am UT ~ 4º 40’ Aries

New Moon Oct 13  0.06am UT ~ 19º 20’ Libra  
Full Moon Oct 27  10.05pm UT ~ 3º 45’ Taurus

New Moon Nov 11  5.47pm UT ~ 19º 01’ Scorpio   
Full Moon Nov 29  10.44pm UT ~ 3º 20’ Gemini

New Moon Dec 11 10.29am UT ~ 19º 20’ Sagittarius  
Full Moon Dec 25  11.11am UT ~ 3º 20’ Cancer

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