Moon Square/Opposite Lilith ~ Bad Romance

Moon square or opposite Lilith is one of the most challenging Black Moon Lilith aspect you can have, but it is ultimately one of the most powerful. The subject will go through life facing constant intense triangular relationships that will either make or break them. They may be asked to choose between mother and spouse, child and lover or family and spiritual path. Exceptional demands may be made of them to make heartbreaking decisions, which in the end may exile them from their family. They need to learn that they can’t please everyone and own their Lilith sovereignty.

With Moon/Lilith hard aspects, the native will always end up hurting someone. Therefore they might as well pick the solution that makes their own soul the happiest. Sometimes these folk will break under the pressure of this aspect and succumb to the temptation of Lilith’s forbidden fruit in the shape of sex addiction or drugs. If they manage to come through then they become a fantastic example of the Phoenix rising from the flames. The valuable life lessons they have learnt from their traumas become an inspiration to those still caught up in the darkness.

Moon square or opposite Lilith can work really well if the balance between the mother and anti-mother is worked out. There is a degree of virgin mother V whore here. With the opposition the subject swings between wanting to mother, or be mothered and then abruptly breaking away from family ties. The same ambivalence can be found with their views on sexuality.

Triangular Relationships

Sex and libido can be a big issue, sometimes veering from nymphomania to celibacy over night. The control of sex is really the key. The subject needs to be their own authority on how they display their sexuality, very private or very public as long as it’s their call. If Moon opposite Lilith is not in control of their own sexuality they may need to be in utter control of somebody else’s. A career as a pimp or madame would suit.

Because the Moon and the Black Moon are such polar opposites, in the opposition they could actually end up cancelling each other out. A successful balance of these two would mean that the domestic moon can restrain Lilith from going too far off the rails and wild Lilith could break some of the moons stagnating habits. The bad side of this aspect could be projecting the attraction for the forbidden fruit onto partners by falling for addicts.

One could be playing either side of this opposition, the loving supportive moon or the vampiric Lilith who bleeds their partner dry to feed their addiction. On the plus side this is potentially a greatly creative aspect with the dynamism of the opposition creating a magnetic energy. This is more subtle than the magic wand of the Sun opposite Lilith, it is more like an invisible undercurrent of intuition and animal instinct running through the subject.

Moon/Lilith ~ Hard Aspects

Moon Square Lilith

Noel Coward was an English playwright, director, actor, composer and singer. He was known for his “for his wit, flamboyance, and what Time magazine called “a sense of personal style, a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise”. ~ Wiki  Coward’s ambitious and pushy stage mother sent him to a dance academy and from his very poor upbringings he found himself rubbing shoulders with the theatrical elites of the time. It seems Coward rose up through high society swiftly, possibly due to him being the pretty young plaything and protogee of Philip Streatfeild a society painter. But the charming and witty Coward had real talent and soon became famous for his brilliant comedies.

Moon opposite LilithMany of the themes of his writing focused on the decadance of the upper classes. “The Vortex was considered shocking in its day for its depiction of sexual vanity and drug abuse among the upper classes. Its notoriety and fiery performances attracted large audiences.” Coward was a closet homosexual due to the mores of the time, though within the theatre world it was probably known and accepted. “Coward met Jack Wilson, an American stockbroker…, who became his business manager and lover. Wilson used his position to steal from Coward, but the playwright was in love and accepted both the larceny and Wilson’s heavy drinking.” This aspect’s tendency to fall for the ‘bad boys’ is seen quite clearly here! Coward who had a flamboyant and distinctive personal style is also regarded as one of the greatest playwrights of all time.

Also: John ‘Paradise lost’ Milton, Noel Coward, H.G Wells, Padre Pio, Thomas More, Serge Rachmaninoff,Olivia Newton-John, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, David Essex, Giorgio Moroder, Sylvester, Pete Burns, Dustin Hoffman, Ewan McGregor, Michael J Fox, Ivana Trump, Paris Hilton, Emperor Akihito, Gustav Eiffel, Peter Paul Rubens, Planet Neptune.

Moon Opposite Lilith

Annie Sprinkle turned the big Mummy ‘madame’ and the whore into a career. She has been a prostitute, stripper, porn star, TV host, sex magazine editor and porno film producer. Sprinkle has made herself an authority in sex education, gaining a degree in human sexuality. As a performance artist, Sprinkle’s best-known show was called “Pubic Cervix announcement”. No boundaries here as she allowed her audience to supposedly “celebrate the female body” by viewing her very own cervix with a speculum and torch! Sprinkle also performed a masturbation show on stage also.

Also: USA chart, John Dee, Harold ‘Dr Death’ Shipman, Prince William,   Aristotle Onassis, Lady Gaga, Lennon/Ono Davison, Yoko Ono, Nelly Furtardo, Maria Callas,  Eric Burdon, Natalie Cole, George Clooney, Jack Karouac, Keanu Reeves, Joan Rivers, Rowan Atkinson, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Bruce Lee.

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  • Gabrielle G. Lacasse

    Here a Sun Aries/Leo rising’s astrological share.
    Actually I am living the return of my natal Lilith in Scorpio – which is transiting my 4th house in my chart. Some realizations I had recently had are here all explain innthat partixular aspect of my life. Sexuality, choici between lover or spiritual path and family, the way I physically look… :’-“)
    Damn ! I red this article and now I am self-actualizing myself in awes. Yes this is me and this is explaining my whole life.
    – New born Lilith

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    What about lilith square moon in synastry?

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