Sun Sextile/Trine Lilith ~ Fairy’s Tails

Sun sextile or trine Lilith natives have a rich fantasy life and view the world as magical. The creative fire of the Sun smolders under a hyper-sensitive, psychic antenna which is tuned into the collectives angels and demons. They are gifted at flipping from dark to light and back again, taking us on a journey which helps us purge our fears and sprinkle fairy dust on our dreams. Sometimes this is done by altered states of consciousness for the soft, harmonious aspects bring out the shamanic/magician aspect of Lilith.

Sun sextile Lilith natives are romantics, but at the same time, circumstances tend to draw them into the pit of the underworld. In this dark place, they become disillusioned when their fairy tales become nightmares. Success slaying their personal dragons drives them to great artistic achievement. This is cathartic and healing for themselves and their audience.

Sun trine Lilith is the perfect aspect for an actor or politician.  Success comes easily to these people as they shine out powerful, magnetic energy which sucks in and mesmerizes en mass. Sun trine or sextile Lilith will usually stand out from traditional society in some way by being outsiders or for having to make unpopular decisions in their life. But although they may exhibit quite eccentric behavior they are still able to make quite gruesome things palatable and acceptable to the masses.

Sun sextile or trine Lilith are quite skilled at bending the truth, because of this they make convincing orators, salesmen and gripping storytellers. The trine can be quite zealous with Lilith since it’s a Jupiterian type of aspect. The natives can work like irresistible whirlpools of energy who pull unsuspecting people into their crusade.

Sun/Lilith ~ Soft Aspects

Sun Trine Lilith

Sun sextile LilithTony Blair’s (35′) youth and winning smile hypnotized the usually cynical British public into giving shiny “New Labour” a landslide election victory in 1997, ending 18 years of  Tory rule.  Tony rebelled against his spartan private school as a youth, growing his hair long and then running away. His evangelical delivery from the prime ministerial pulpit won him fans across the world. But he broke the spell of his Cheshire cat grin, when he flaunted UN rules by supporting the Iraq war. Other spellbinding celebrities are suave British Actor Nigel Havers (70′) who shot to prominence in England as the killer in the TV series “The Charmer.”

Ever youthful Lulu (42′) the flame-haired singer famous for her feisty, raspy and rowdy vocal delivery which shockingly issued out of her tiny, teenage frame. 60’s hit “Shout” is a good example. The darker side of this aspect begins with Stephen King (86′) who described himself as a ‘Nerd’, but who nevertheless turned his gift from writing ‘The Village Vomit’ (A high school newspaper.) into something far more popular, profitable and palatable. He eventually became outstanding in his field of horror writing.

Darker still were two bewitching gangsters in the shape of the Kray twins, who lorded over Londons East-End Ronnie Kray (39′) became exceedingly rich from his scary awe-inspiring presence, but he suffered from paranoia and was certified insane. Behind him was his more charming twin Reginald Kray (38′) who despite his crimes, managed to infiltrate high society by marrying way above his class. However, his deluded bride had a nervous breakdown and killed herself a couple of years later. Freddie Prinz (05′) was a standup TV comedian who’s charismatic stage presence and commanding performance insured his overnight success in his 20’s. A pale outsider in his childhood Spanish ghetto, he charmed his way through it with his jokes and impressions. Prinze suffered from depression, exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse.

Mean Liliths: Tony Blair, Caligula, The Kray Twins, Nigel Havers, Clint Eastwood, Deborah Houlding, John Cleese, Dionne Warwick, Holly Johnson, Jack Osbourne, Patsy Cline, Lulu, Tracey Emin, Stephen King (& True), Jeff Buckley (& True), Keith Richards (& True), Freddie Prinz,  Carter/Cash Davison, Wallis/Edward 8th Davison.

True Liliths: Tony Abbott, Nigel Farage, Bill Clinton, William Lily, Tennessee Williams, Sissy Spacek, Bruce Willis, Debbie Harry, Sarah Aldrete, Ringo Starr, Oprah Winfrey, Keith Moon, Blake Fielder-Civil, George Lucas, Dustin Hoffman, Florence Nightingale McCartney/Eastman Davison

Sun Sextile Lilith

Lilith sextile SunThe demonic side of Lilith is demonstrated by Hermann Goering (83′), Hitler’s charismatic and brilliant sidekick. He was known for his fantastical, extravagant lifestyle and flamboyant attire. He loved the drama of Opera. This fantasy world was a sharp contrast to the grisly war crimes for which he was in part responsible. While exiled in Austria he suffered such intense pain with pneumonia that he eventually became a violent morphine addict. He was said to be hysterical and unreliable.

Grace Kelly (08′) as a fragile, asthmatic child, she felt totally unable to relate to her robust, athletic father. She, therefore, escaped to the solitude of her room and her fantasy world of dolls. There she spend many hours alone, acting out stories with her dolly friends. Fantasy turned reality when she became a film star in the ultimate fantasy world, Hollywood and then to top it all, married a real-life prince. The dream world became a nightmare when Prince Rainier put his beautiful princess in exile by quashing every chance she got to act.

Horse Whispering Actor and director Robert Redford (99′) started his dream by sketching to relieve the boredom of his mundane life. Although a Hollywood success, he is disgusted by all it stands for saying ” The dollar drives it, not art.” As an environmental activist, he has transmuted the very Lilithian pain suffered at the loss of his first child to SIDS. He now prefers to live in the mountains, away from the glitz. Lee Miller (46′) artist muse and model turned photographer.  Raped at 7 she purged her demons but exploring the surreal within her art. Her photography was dreamlike and extreme. Her hyper-beautiful portraits of the female form contrast sharply with her later gritty reportage of the horrors of the concentration camps. These images would continue to haunt her sensitive artistic nature, as a result, she is thought to have suffered what today we would call post-traumatic stress syndrome.” She is credited with the discovery of what is known in photography as Solarisation, a technique which involved the overexposure of the negative in the camera, the photo taking on a ghostly appearance. A very literal description of the Sun’s effect on Black Moon Lilith! Other famous Sun sextile Black Moon Liliths are Christian Dior (21′) who made women feel beautiful in his lush gowns, though he felt ugly himself, and Ferruccio Lamborghini (37′).

Mean Liliths: Herman Goering, Vivian Robson (& True), Fidel Castro, Aileen Wuornos, Grace Kelly, Lee Miller,  Christina Aguilera, Coco Chanel, Christain Dior, David Beckham (& True), Ferrucio Lamborghini, Robert Redford, Roman Polanski, Rose West, Douglas Fairbanks, Edwina Currie, Glenys Kinnock, H.G Wells, Jim Jones, Julie Waters, Linda Lovelace, Lynndie England, Marie Curie, Thomas More, Ted Turner, John Merrick, Newman/Woodward Davison

True Liliths: Marilyn Monroe, David Lynch, the Dalai Lama, Wallis Simpson, Rudolph Valentino, Colin Firth, Roseanne, Richard Branson, Neil Kinnock, Marvin Lemons, Alfred Tennyson, John Inman, J.M. Barrie, Dirk Bogarde.

More Sun/Lilith Aspects

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  1. In your opinion, would magic, particularly magical evocation, be a good outlet for a person possessing such an aspect. Or is this more of, has a natural talent but then….?

    How large is the orb for Sun Lilith aspect in your practice?

    1. Oh yes certainly magic! I mean this is what Lilith is all about and the sextile is a Venusian aspect so magical art, fantasy and fairytales are very suited to this aspect also. The orb I generally give for Lilith is 2º30′. For these aspects I looked at those people on solar fire with up to 1º30′ because I wanted to get the most extreme examples.

  2. Hi Marina!

    Seven months late…

    Have both sextiles: with Sun and with Venus. I cannot see this dream come true, but I do seem to carry the characteristics you here point out.

    Thankyou, as always, for your insighting help!


  3. Hi Mariana,
    I hope all is well, I was wondering about people who carry a minor aspect to lilith. Are those usually over looked? Since I have a lilith semi sextile-sun 1 degree in the 8th house.

  4. Oops, sorry about mis spelling your name, I got a cousin named Mariana. I guess my device defaulted to that her name. Anyways, best of luck on the your research!!!????

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