Mercury Retrograde September 2015

Mercury goes retrograde September 17 2015 and the traditional advice is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electrics!” But the whole Mercury retrograde cycle actually lasts eight weeks and happens three times, sometimes even four times in a year! That’s a long time to hide under the duvet and a real waste of a truly magical time. Mercury generally zips between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain.

Mercury Retrograde SeptDuring the retrograde period it feels like Mercury has gone down into the underworld. In this realm, closer to spirit, we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. It’s true you might have to redo things, because Mercury will hit the same degree three times, but what this transit won’t let you do is to go into autopilot.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning

There are danger spots though. When Mercury is stationing retrograde we are at its wobbly stage where we are likely to slip-up, make mistakes, and misread anothers communications. But once we are over the threshold and into the Underworld, we can safely go about our business knowing we are in another realm. The same goes for when Mercury is stationing direct, just make sure you give your brain a few days to adjust back to solar thinking. The house in your natal chart that Mercury retrogrades in, will be your Underworld zone. There you will question everything. It will make you jittery about signing contracts, because you will be constantly thinking, “Is this what I really want?”. Before the retrograde, is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down into your cave at its retrograde point. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot.

Mercury Retrograde September 2015

Mercury stations retrograde from Sept 17 to Oct 9 between 0º and 15º Libra. Mercury will travel through some important prophetic stars in the constellation of Virgo, and then through the constellation of Corvus the crafty crow. During the retrograde Mercury will square Pluto and conjunct Black Moon Lilith. There is certainly a strong occult and fated feel to the Mercury Retrograde. It feels very shifty too as Mercury stations direct while at the same time the North Node enters Virgo. Not only that but there is a blood red Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aries which throws more emphasis on the shadow. The mythology of Corvus will be activated strongly as Mercury flies over the crow’s stars three times thrice. The crow, like Mercury Rx, is a trickster with dark wings. The Corvus myth describes how Sun god Apollo sent the raven with a cup to fetch some water for god’s feast. On his way the raven was distracted by some fine figs on a tree. The greedy crow lost track of time while gorging on them. Suddenly remembering his errand, he panicked and picked up a passing snake. The crow constructed a clever story around this serpent as his excuse for why he had not filled up the cup as asked.

Mercury Retrograde Fixed Stars

Zaniah in Virgo at 4º 31 Libra ~ Sept 1, Oct 2 Rx, Oct 15.
‘Musical or artistic ability, gain through writing short stories, popular, social success, many friends especially among opposite sex.’
Diadem in Coma Berenices at Libra 8º 57’ ~ Sept 4, Sept 28 Rx, Oct 19.
Vindemiatrix in Virgo at Libra 9º 56’~ Sept 5, Sept 27 Rx, Oct 19.
‘Impulsive, too hasty, loss through writings and business.’
Porrima in Virgo at 10º 08? Libra ~ Sept 6, Sept 26 Rx, Oct 20.
‘Legal troubles, criticism, many worries, business difficulties which will be overcome, ill-health, loses respect of associates.’
Gienah in Corvus at 10º 44’ Libra ~  Sept 7, Sept 25 Rx, Oct 21.
Minkar in Corvus at 11º 40’ Libra ~  Sept 8, Sept 24 Rx, Oct 21.
Algorab in Corvus at 13º 27’ Libra ~  Sept 10, Sept 23 Rx, Oct 22.

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. I saw through a lie today (as predicted by mercury Rx Cazimi sun) and saved the best part of a grand – result! Learning to use my intuition again after going against it for too long.

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  2. So I was offered a verbal contract this week, confirmed today … a contract (1 year) job offer. What it means is I will have to leave my full time permanent gig for this very definitely temporary job, that may or may not end up becoming permanent in a year. The reason I’m considering this is I’ve kind of had it with my existing job. The contract won’t be officially signed until Monday … something a little different than I”m used to so risk in it. Still it pays more money. Now isn’t this the worst time for this to happen. I can’t say no. I did have a hard time reaching people it took a whole week to reach my references. Is there any upside at all or is this all just dangerous cause o the retrograde.

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    • I’ve read so many wonderful astrologers’ insightful interpretations of this period who offer a fresh perspective of the retrogrades with a more compassionate bend. The question that comes up for me is how do businesses continue to grow and effectively communicate through these retrograde periods. What I’m beginning to understand is that our consciousness can work creatively and cooperatively with the influences of the various retrogrades to effect positive outcome in our lives and endeavors.

      So, for instance, if a contract or opportunity arises during this time, we may encounter some resistance to slow down our efforts. This showing effect I liken to a parent encouraging us to pause and reflect on our motivation in what we plan to do. Simply put, if our intentions are outward based–if we’re moving to create change in others or to project ourselves outward to others, then we aren’t in alignment with the influential energy of the retrogrades. In this instance, we can redirect our efforts to instead better understand our own thinking and actions.

      When we aim even outward based actions at ourselves instead, we act in the highest state of the retrogrades’ energy and can bring about positive outcomes through the consciousness we bring to our efforts. Everything in life is inherently neutral, so by default the meaning we give something becomes the meaning we get.

      If we also practice the retrograde energy of release, of letting go of what may no longer serve us, we also stimulate the astrological influences offered at their highest benevolence. So taking on a new position or contract during a retrograde may mean accept the inner growth this circumstance had to offer without being attached to a long term outcome. It may motivate you to accept your present reality more fully and to learn to hold awareness of what gifts you have in the now for the time those gifts are available.

      This perspective simply shifts the way we live with the results of our retrograde actions. We may spend our income differently than we would have with a secure long-term perspective. Nothing has to be feared when we move and respond to life with the cadence of the zodiac. The alternative quarterly shift from aiming out in the world to the mercury retrograde aiming within for better self understanding functions like breath. If we always breathed out, then we would eventually suffocate.

      My grandmother just passed over one hour before mercury went stationery. I hadn’t effectively processed how I felt about her silence and alibi construction in the abuse by my grandfather as a child. Sleeping in the bed she died in throughout my visit for the funeral, forced me to look at my perspective more closely. The fact that she effectively facilitated the abuse is evident to me in a more modern era. As an orphaned child and a black woman, she may have faced complete destruction to have defied her husband’s actions in her time. That and the fact that she spent the rest of her life after his death attempting to compensate those whom he hurt, helped me to see her in a new light. So I say this to show that even death can be used to bring about a benevolent outcome during a retrograde.

      If mourning, death, and emotional wrangling can transform into benevolence through the influence of a retrograde, then new creative opportunities to engage the world with your undiscovered maverick archetype can certainly deliver positive possibilities. Just be open to learning from the universe as an eccentric, creative (literally), spontaneous teacher. Remember to keep your heart and hands open too to facilitate the release of this new development when our if that becomes necessary. You may be emerging on a new path to uncover what excites you or to better see the role you play in creating your satisfaction in your career. Once mercury has effectively offered you that insight, it may move on to offering you other opportunities to learn and become enriched.

      These retrogrades are not intended to serve as entrapment or cycles of doom. They are simply meant to allow us to alternate our patterns of social interaction from without to within. So bring your highest joy and gratitude to any opportunities and your open hands to release any unnecessary baggage to these times; and these times can serve you well in life.

      You may have to revise some aspect of your contract in the aftermath of this retrograde I order to transfer its energy over to the new outward based energy of a direct mercury later. That will also reinforce the review & rewind aspect of the mercury retrograde periods within which your contract was manifested.

  3. Hi Danielle,
    Thank you for this wonderful explanation. It makes me feel better to know that life goes on and there’s always more than one way to see things. I’m in a similar situation as Lydia. I was told by my Reiki practionner not to sign any contract before the 8th. So, I listened and inform the person that I will send her the signed agreement on the 9th. However, I felt pretty good about this service because I took the time to pause about it and is definitely aligned with my highest purpose. Thank you for your detailed explanation.

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    • Dear Danielle, I am most appreciative for this wonderful and rich interpretation which I will read again and again for all its nuances and learnings. The negotiations continue but I am being careful to conduct them understanding my needs vs my wants which requires an inward look … and this is valuable in itself. So I am comfortable if it does not work out it is for the best. That comment alone is a help. Many thanks.

    • You’re so very welcome.

    • I feel blessed to know that my thoughts somehow reached someone else in a helpful way.

  4. Something seems false/does not ring true about OR. shooting.?????????????????????????????????????

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    • How so re the comment on OR? I live in Central Oregon, and trust me this tragedy happened, or did I misunderstand what are you asking?

  5. I lost the largest client my business has. I have had it since 2001. I am seriously concerned about my business. The cancelation came Monday 9/28. I looked up my chart and noticed my part of fortune is 8 Aries which also sits in my 12th house, Libra is my 6th. I don’t know. I am so scared I am trying to make sense of my misfortune.

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