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We have a Mercury retrograde commencing March 6 2019 in Pisces. Scroll down for the analysis for the coming retrograde. Generally though, the traditional advice with Mercury retrograde is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electrics!” However, the whole Mercury retrograde cycle actually lasts eight weeks and happens three times, sometimes even four times in a year! That’s a long time to hide under the duvet and a real waste of a truly magical time. Mercury generally zips between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain.

During the Mercury retrograde period, it feels like Mercury has gone down into the underworld. In this realm, closer to spirit, we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. It’s true you might have to redo things because Mercury will hit the same degree three times, but this transit won’t let you go into autopilot. There are danger spots though.

Mercury Retrograde March 2019When Mercury retrograde is stationing (Changing directions) we are at a wobbly stage where we are likely to slip-up, make mistakes, and misread another’s communications. Once we are over the threshold and into the Underworld, we can safely go about our business, knowing that we are in another realm. The same goes for when Mercury is stationing direct, just make sure you give your brain a few days to adjust back to solar thinking.

The house in your natal chart that the Mercury retrograde falls in will be your Underworld zone. There you will question everything. It will make you jittery about signing contracts because you will be constantly thinking, “Is this what I really want?”. Before the retrograde is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down with you into your retrograde cave. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot.

Mercury Retrograde March 2019

The Mercury Retrograde from March 6 is quite a deceptive one since it will be conjunct Neptune twice on its journey plus it is also in Pisces where it is not comfortable. Here it is slippy and accidents could happen. Another problem is the conjunction with Scheat which is associated with accidents especially in the skies, so air travel is not advised on the days when it is conjunct Scheat. Mercury does better on the fixed star Achernar and Ankaa where it is great for the study and communication of metaphysical and spiritual matters. During its voyage Mercury will also square the teacher and preacher Jupiter while he aligns with Ras Alhague at 22º Sagittarius. Mercury also can rise from the underworld at this time too with Ankaa in the phoenix.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Decan 3 ~ March 6 to 19

Mercury Retrograde Key Dates

February 19 Mercury enters the shadow zone at 16º Pisces
March 6 Mercury station retrograde at 29º Pisces 1.20pm EST
March 7 Mercury conjunct fixed star Scheat at 29º Pisces
March 14 Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde at 24º Pisces
March 15 Sun/Mercury Retrograde square Jupiter at 23º Pisces/Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde March 2019On March 7 Mercury on Scheat 29º “Many accidents and narrow escapes especially by water, many enemies, trouble through writings, bad for health and domestic affairs.” [1] “The innovator, gifted with ideas, words or rhythm; far-sighted. To be able to think outside the square. To actively seek the ‘truth’ [2]. Controversial writers and those with visionary ideas come to the fore at this time. They may even be quite ridiculed in the ‘progressive’ period we are living in. Artistic and musical people fair better because their far-out opinions become great fantasy when put on paper or canvas. At this time we can put forward innovative ideas and schemes which later become commonplace in everyday life.

A theory or art form that may well have been vilified in past times is now praised as being ‘ground-breaking’. Ideas here are really on the cutting edge of change since we are so close to the equinoctial point. Since Mars is the sole ruler of this decan, words are apt to be the cause of pain also. Mercury retrograde in this decan can lash out spitefully with its tongue without thinking, there can be a biting, sarcastic wit and much damage can come from libellous writing. Gossip reigns supreme here also. We could see raw tabloid headlines that rip a notable person to shreds. We may see libellous lawsuits and poison pen letters. Mercury at this time can make incredibly effective propaganda too because it can generate such an emotive and persuasive story.


Halfway through the whole Mercury retrograde 2019 journey we have Sun cazimi Mercury. Here opens a window of wonderfulness where we can stand in the eye of the hurricane but miraculously come out in one piece. Make use of the special Sun exact conjunct Mercury moment (Cazimi in traditional astrology). Send a romantic message that really hits the mark or pitch an artistic idea. Try as close to these times as you can. Cazimi at March 14 6.43pm PDT, 9.43pm EDT, March 15 1.43am GMT. (Cazimi lasts about 2.5 hours either side of the hour.)

Mercury Retrograde Cazimi Moment

Cazimi moment


Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Decan 2 ~ March 20 to 29

Mercury Retrograde Key Dates

March 24 Mercury Retrograde conjunct Neptune at 16º Pisces
March 28 Mercury conjunct fixed star Achernar at 15º Pisces
March 29 Mercury station direct at 16º Pisces. 8.59am EST
April 2 Mercury conjunct Neptune at 17º Pisces
April 16 Mercury leaves the shadow zone at 29º Pisces

Mercury is traditionally debilitated in this decan but it can be very spiritual especially since Neptune will be activated also. This Mercury retrograde will speak in symbols and myth, and also the language of music. The connection between mouth and intuition is as fast as quicksilver though, so it might seem at times that we are simply downloading information from the collective consciousness. Vocal style and delivery are most unusual, sometimes pretty surreal, it can be hard to grasp what people really mean, which sometimes makes them appear shifty. Mundane matters are better dealt with online than awkward face-to-face speaking. Mercury in this decan can get quite evangelical about subjects that it feels passionate. Those with a fiery disposition might have to rein themselves back from barking out sermons like a demented preacher. At the tail end of the Mercury retrograde on March 28 Mercury on Achernar gives ~ ” A worrier, with a caustic, dry wit. A person comfortable with and competing in forums and debate.” [3] and also on Ankaa gives ~ ” An inventor, engineer, or one who brings order and structure. Being able to break something down into its smallest parts, even to destroying the original, to suddenly emerge with the solution of insight.” [4]

Artwork kindly supplied by J Swofford at: and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2019

March 6 to 28 ~ 29º Pisces decan 3 to 16º Pisces decan 2
July 7 to August 1 ~ 4º Leo decan 2 to 24º Cancer Decan 1.
November 2 to 21 ~ 27º Scorpio decan 2 to 11º Scorpio decan 2

Susan Miller has a list of all the Mercury Retrogrades up until 2024

The Meaning of Retrograde Planets

Retrograde planets are a popular topic in astrology and there is some controversy about the general meaning. For example, Vedic astrologers see retrograde motion as a beneficial influence, while Western astrologers focus on the negatives, such as lost baggage or missing mail when Mercury is retrograde. I prefer to interpret each retrograde phase based on the aspects and fixed stars from the beginning to the end of the retrograde cycle (the shadow zone).’Retrograde’ literally means opposite or reverse, so a planet in retrograde motion appears to be moving in reverse.

Mercury Retrograde 2019Planets do not, of course, move backward, and the apparent reverse motion is due to the elliptical orbits of the earth and planets. Regardless of the astronomy, the main point is that from where we stand, planets DO appear to move backward from time to time so we should expect this to have some astrological effect on our lives. Generally, we feel the energy of retrograde planets in a more introspective or reserved manner than usual, and there may be a karmic theme or feeling of deja vu depending on the nature of the planet.

The feeling of deja vu may also be because the retrograde planet will go over a certain degree three times over. People who experience this feeling strongest will be those who have a key planet or angle at this spot. For example; Ones IC is hit three times and you are looking to move home. Hit 1 you may see the house you want to buy. Hit 2 (Retrograde) may be when you have to go through surveys and making sure everything is fine to buy it, this will mean re-evaluating finances, whatever you have to do you are always double checking. Hit 3 maybe when you finally get the go-ahead to move and the issue is resolved. Retrogrades give us the chance to really get our teeth onto a matter because we are forced to go over old ground again and again. This may get frustrating and tedious, but ultimately it is very useful, for tackling something karmic we may have been avoiding and that we have to address once and for all.

Other Retrogrades

Mars Retrograde
Venus Retrograde

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p. 206
2. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p. 224/225
3. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p. 67/68
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848 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde March 2019 ~ Wings Of Wisdom

  1. Yay for more 8º stuff! I don’t have anything at 8º Leo, but I think I have something around 8º in every other sign. Thankfully thinking with the right side of my brain is no problem at all, but in my 9th house? Hmmm…

  2. Marina!

    Thankyou! I love the way you write. You put all these images that for me are so clear and that I am so able to recall! I love your writing style.

    My Persephone lays on 19° Leo, on my 2nd House, in Leo.

    You always talk about this tight grades, so I should feel free because there are nothing I may notice in my chart.

    Nevertheless, my karmic thing is getting in these little triangles, starting with my father. I have been back and forth seems like forever looking at those and trying to heal them (and NOT acting them, mainly…).

    My Inner Child is so full of energy and lust and love for life. Thus, acts pretty much like a Persephone. She is very vivid to me. This is a set alarm for me (because of the scientist I many times cited, who “ows me one”).

    I really pray Godess/God to help me, in these times. And -yes- I always blamed my father and other men. But it was always ME! So I can use my otherwise clever and mature Saturn (opposing my Venus and Sun in Aries in the 10th, and quadrating my ascendant cancer), to learn more about my impulsiveness!

    Nice to have the info now, so I may reflect and act otherwise than Lillith cutting beautiful flowers with Persephone, eating the cherries and finding my self on a vertiginous trip to the Underworld.

    I wish me luck, really!


  3. i read your blog all the time and absolutely love it. this particular article got my attention as my dob is 8/6/59, 1:02 a.m. chester, ca, sabian symbol of leo 12 degrees..old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cabin. is there something important i need to know or is this just a coincidence? do i need to get a consultation? i am feeling scared. thanks for your advice. kerri

  4. Oh! So wrong! (no wonder you always alert us!).

    My Persephone sits right were my Sun and my Venus are, in 10th house. At 27-29. And is currently, is transiting Leo, on the 2nd. at 20° or so.

    Thanks. Now I know, that I will have to face my Saturn on sept. First, upon my Sun, then Venus and then Persephone. There is were my Chaos and Eris also are and Amor.

    Cupido is in 20° 42´in Leo.

    Though wrong… maybe not so!


  5. Persephone is big in my chart, plus North Node on my Ascendant. Should be an interesting few weeks.

  6. I love this article! I need to read it again though, because at the end I realized an event chart of mine has the DC at 7 leo. So I need to read it keeping that in mind. I’ll have to see what, if anything, happens with that. A little experiment of mine regarding event charts.

    I wonder what ended up happening with your mars rx surgery…? I never had mine. Still planning it and putting it off, gah.

  7. Chewing the article, really!

    I love it but for me it is not easy to digest (because is SOOOO me, so my own karma)!

    If I have the chance, I will print it. Otherwise, I will write down the days and moments, so they will help me in my awareness.



  8. One of the not so pretty sides for me is having being raised with so much brothers. I just don´t get my point auf dem Tisch. I feel this horrible submitting energy that drains me! Then, my body feels crunched, my mind in a horrible void and my soul is not interested any more (in order to keep “peace”).

    But I grow resentment within and turn to be like a rebel. Oh these dynamics!

    I should calm my instincts and really talk. I mean, really. I let my self down easy, only to be accepted. I should learn better to appreciate myself and bring my point.



  9. Hi Marina,

    Upon re-reading your excellent article, I noticed 8 degrees is a main theme of a Composite Midpoint Chart between me and my dear friend K. The angles of a Grand Trine in our chart are all 8 degrees, with Jupiter and Uranus trining the POF conjunct Midheaven. Pretty lucky, eh?

    Can this July 4th alignment be applied to a Composite Chart, or does it only work with a Natal one?


  10. “liberation from intellectual dictatorship and mind control.” That is how I’ve been feeling for the last couple of weeks (wanting liberation almost above all!) so reading this was a real thunderbolt of recognition! I’m curious to see how this retrograde plays out. Love the geometry of the chart pre- and post-retrograde. In the post-retrograde chart, it does appear the parting of the twins has been successful. Perhaps some of this “mind control” comes from within, our own limited patterns, which will be dismantled during this retrograde. I’m all for that!

    My sun is at 8 degrees Pisces in the 8th…

  11. Hi. I’m an 8 degree Leo rising. I recently had a minor head injury (I’m an Aries) & am in a weird fearful relationship. I very much understand the acceptance of my partners opinions & the separation of the twins. How do I find the Yod in my chart & do you have encouraging words? Thank you

  12. hi I’m a Capricorn when u say the finger of fate is pointing at you what do u mean by that more upheaval? things just seem to be going no where in my life should I be worried?

  13. I was born on September 21st while mercury was in retrograde. What does this mean when mercury is in retrograde and when it’s direct?

    1. I heard that it could mean possibly merc retro is luckier for you-but i dont know your chart,though….just a thought.

  14. iam born on 7 august 1954 4:50 AM, IN SUCEAVA town, ROMANIA.
    (i am in an extremely challenging situation right now, i really need help)

  15. Hi,
    My natal chart has Mars at 6.39 degrees Leo in my 6th house, From my limited knowlege, I am thiking since the 6th house has to do with service (and while not so much 10th house stuff like – career related functions) I am likely to have missunderstandings/challenges with coworkers and subbordinatess. Am I interpretting this correctly?

  16. I sure hope Mercury comes and saves me! It’s103° and I can’t sleep! Though I did have a strange dream that was oddly congruent with that of a friend’s premonition. That mercury/Uranus action going on I suppose. We’ll see how the rest of this transit plays out!

  17. Looks like more cosmic housekeeping for me. My sun is at 8 deg. of Aries, moon at 7 deg. of Cancer, and my ASC is at 8 deg. of Leo. I’ve been super hermetic over the past couple months, coming out of a very long cycle of turmoil (ended a bad relationship and moved a long distance). This summer seems to be all about cleaning out my psychic junk pile with the various transits from Pluto, Uranus, and even Saturn. Looking forward to see what this Mercury Rx phase brings me. Hope I at least get some curious dreams out of it. 🙂

  18. Hummm
    9 degree Leo ascendant
    7 degree Leo sun

    What am I in for?!

  19. I have the Sun at 8 deg Virgo, Jupiter at 8 deg Libra, and Saturn at 8 deg Taurus. I was home for the US holiday on July 4, so I can’t say anything “major” happened to me. Does anyone have some insight? Female chart, 8/31/69 at 10:44 am in Pequannock, NJ USA.


  20. My true node is at 7 degrees Leo in the 2nd house. I’m just starting to learn about this- any insight on how to interpret these symbols? thanks and blessings.

  21. Hi Marina nice report. I think there is a chance for danger in the Middle East at this time. Of course things are crazy in Syria but Israel and Palestine may flair up again too.

    1. Mercury Rx still point on Obama’s Sun may not be a good thing. That is in his 6th house of health and enemies. 3rd house from his Moon, may manifest as 3rd house stuff like transportation , communication. One Article said one of his young staffers just passed away. Mercury on his Sun so may effect his kingship and do bad things as head of the government. Maybe some small warfare soon or military action. Not WW III the big one. Mercury is conjunct Iran’s Lillith not sure what that would mean.
      Mercury is on H. Clinton’s Progressed Moon as she is telling Assad that time is running out.

      Mercury Rx is near Romney’s Pluto as he is being raked over the coals in regard to his taxes and Bain Capital.

      Could be a wild few weeks, so expect more than a few blown light bulbs as Mercury goes backwards to our view anyway.

    1. I’m thinking good communication with your partner, love or business.

    2. I have no love or partner. I have serious legal matter with City of Philadelphia which has been like an abusive husband toward me. I am evacuating to safety mid week. Trying to get a divorce from a City and it’s corruption. Oh Lordy. I’ll watch my end of “good communication” thanks for the tip.

    3. I have Athena conj Pluto later about 24 Leo , still in 7th, so If Juno can be a noble lady , then perhaps my lawyers Athena and Pluto can put end to these open enemies and situation once and for all.

  22. well thank goodness there are no dangers in the water. the newspapers have been talking about testicle-eating fish for the past few, but now I feel safe taking the plunge lol. great post as usual.

    1. Testicle eating fish!?!! Whaaaat. Love the cartoon RevJ. A typical day in our office! Looks like Jamie and I’s Mercury square Mercury in synastry. I wonder if the retrograde neutralises it. I think we tend to argue less when Mercury is in retro.

  23. Huh I am 12 Leo Sun 10 Pluto and it seems to be making me FEEL. Feel like Sleeping Beauty is waking from her sleep with a lot of feelings coming up.

    1. yummy Anne Rice just came out with and erotic version of “Sleeping Beauty” Haven’t read it and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but……..passing the word.

  24. Dear Marina,
    Am a 25th March born Aries with Venus in Pisces. Your Mercury retrograde write up was like a revelation. I have never ever read such amazingly beautiful elaboration on Mercury retrograde. Just like your dates say, my twin (My twin as in my beloved, who’s a 13th April born Aries also with Venus in Pisces.)has been separated from me yesterday,it’s not a break up but he is having other pressures in his life and he badly needed a break to attend to those and he has gone back to his hometown(mercury retrograde!) You can imagine it’s like a tearing apart experience for both of us as we stayed together and shared each and everything. His love is almost perennial and unconditional for me, but he is for unknown reason confused about this relation lately. He is supposed to come back after two months but at this point of time suffering from huge indecision. Am totally crestfallen and alone and don’t know what to do. I can only hope that he comes back and that this is just a temporary separation and that his confusion gets cleared. Please, kindly enlighten me with your advice.

    1. Just let go. Trust in the divine Plan. Take comfort that whatever happens will be for the highest good –. Your loving trust and detachment will give your Beloved the space he needs and he is more likely to come back to you.

    2. aquarius02,
      Thank you so much for your reply. My optimism is strong, my faith in him and the universe is extreme. And when he will come back i’ll surely let you know on this page.

  25. How would I know where any of this is right now in my chart? Thats a big question isnt it? I have a natal chart, but thats all. Little help please? 🙂

    1. No? ok,another place Im invisible. I keep wondering if I should use this power for good or evil.

  26. July 15 – Mercury stationary retrograde in my 11th house, conjunct my natal Mars
    August 8 – Mercury stationary direct at 1ºLeo 26?, in my 11th house too, conjunct progressed Mars. In the same day transit jupiter is conjunct my natal MC.

    I’m curious what these aspects will bring. Mars could be a lover…

  27. The past 2 years have been VERY TRYING in relationship with my husband (pisces sun/ virgo rising). I am a last decan virgo born in 1972 with scorpio rising at 2 degrees.
    This hits my Venus in Leo dead on and I am worried this is the end of days for us. Very much an emotional rollercoaster as the “Love Tryst” seems to be an issue. I do feel co dependent,but on my own at the same time. I’ve been watching a relationship train wreck happen all the while trying to to be patient but I am very frustrated and feel completely foolish. When will this be over!!! I hold out hope he comes to his senses before I do something rash. I am struggling with major trust issues and severe hurt, and now this is affecting me physically. Am i doing the right thing by letting him work through this, I feel the more I assert my hurt and express my feelings with him the more I push him away. Please help with some insight. Thanks

  28. WOA. I read this a few weeks ago because a friend posted it on Facebook, and I understood about 10% of it. I am a taurus and my boyfriend is a scorpio…we have been MADLY in love for two years and OUT OF THE BLUE he broke it off. He even said he didn’t know why he was doing it, but in the last two weeks he has been wanting to. Something struck a cord in my memory about the inseparable all of a sudden separating in this article, and here I am trying to re-read this again to make sense of it.
    If i see him just once more, should it be on the 8th or the 22nd to increase our chances of getting back together if we are supposed to? I’m so sorry, I’m really new at this and don’t understand a lot of the lingo.

    1. @bunnybear,
      very strange to read your post… even though am not surprised… cause i went through almost the same fate… even tough he dint break it off… but i hope after the mercury goes out of shadow zone, that is 22nd, the fog will clear… at least there will be better communication… the Uranus retrograde can at least help him to introspect… may be just some space is needed… and may be this was needed for a long time and this current planetary transition of Uranus square Pluto speeded up matters… because Uranus is a planet of shocks and rebellion and Pluto represents power… I am noticing that the power dynamics between many couple’s around me has been shaken up… may be in this distance and space some realization will happen and he will come back. I draw some hope only from what Marina has written in this article, where she says, “Blood will need to be spilt, but the rewards are greater longevity for the relationship in the long term” be optimistic.

  29. All of this hits my SUN… Im a leo at 9 degrees with virgo rising at 8’23, so I wonder what it means?

  30. My sun is in Gemini, my moon is pisces and my rising sign is virgo…What hit me the most about this article is the following :”being aspected by Mercury three times makes this retrograde period about liberation from intellectual dictatorship and mind control”. Man my relationship with this guy has been all about head games (wanna be intellectual), insecurity (dictator) and his darn lies (mind control). I couldn’t take it anymore…My other twin came out logically and sarcastically ripped him a new butt hole, then trotted off into the sun. He’s a freaked up fish (pisces)….I can’t tell you how liberated and free I feel. It’s like I’ve been constipated for YEARS and the universe gave me a super duper laxative. Ahhh…what a feeling. Considering this retrograde is all about Leo…I figured I wouldn’t be affected…HA..I was wrong 🙂

  31. My bf also left around June 30th…we are like twins just like the article is saying. Hes pisces , im virgo 🙁 been together for many yr and now he wants to end it all

  32. I have Black Moon Lilith at 5’53” Leo and on the cusp of my 12th house. My Pallas-Sun-Venus stellium in Aquarius is at 7-8-9. So this seems to be a real opportunity in Mercury retrograde for spiritual development, dissolving the ego, and transforming outmoded ideas about power and relationships. What do you think? I know I want to be more internalized now and meditative – but work right now is very intense.

  33. mercury retrograde just struck for me….it’s transiting my solar third house (natal 6th house). this afternoon, my car just died all of a sudden right in the middle of a busy street on my way home during rush hour. car wouldn’t start again and I had to call the motor club and have them get me a tow truck. it wasn’t terrible but it’s just aggravating!

  34. I am a pisces born mar 14 1981 at 3:13 pm or 3:14 texas time. i am going thru a bad bad time in my life right now it seems. got broken up with, cant find a job, health on the decline…its like never ending. is this year supposed to be all about crap for me??? it seems like my ex gf sagitarrius born 12.19.83 is having the best time. i really dont like this year so far. what you got for my sign?

  35. it seems like pisces, is more effected by the retrograde period =-/ my mans a pisces, and {im a Leo}. he’s been having bad luck =-/ his puppy dog died on the 13th, he texted me saying he died he was sad, VERY VERY sad. i texted him the day after because he said he didnt want anyone around him, just asking if he was ok, he told me he was fine. then on the 18th, he was acting very strange =-/ like he wasnt talking to me… =-(. then today, i went into work or whatever, and hes still being shady? i feel somethings gonna happen, because hes never been this shady with me we’ve been together for 4 monthes…

    1. As a pisces yeah when we get unscrambled mentally we act weird. For us the best thing is to be straight forward but in a supporting way if that makes sense. Invite him to something to something he likes just you too or have a nice night with him an just ask him if he’s ok an reassure him how you feel about him. I an a female tho but I’d do that

  36. As a Pisces, I feel we get the most crap happen to us out of all the signs.

    1. try being a gemini cancer… june 21st. 3 heads instead of 1.

    2. These have been the worst couple of weeks I’ve had this year. I’m a Pisces.

  37. I am trying to choose an auspicious date to send a letter to someone and I am using both astrology and Jewish lunar calendar holidays. I just wanted to let you know that the Torah chapters assigned for the sabbath August 10/11 is this:

    It’s quite auspicious. The forecast you wrote for this Merc retro period is quite germaine to the letter I am writing and sending, too.

  38. I don’t know if others feel this way but when Mercury retrograde hits, it always affects one of my electronics and it tough to bare the expense sometimes. June 27 – July 15 Mercury retrograde burnt my wireless card in my 2 year old laptop.

    I always start feeling the affects of Mercury retrograde 1 week prior to it actually hitting the deadline start date and it ends 1 week prior to the end deadline. I am self-employed and my work slows down too. This is difficult as I am a single mom and need the steady flow of income to run the house.

    Back in the day, when there were no computers, my car headlight would go out during Mercury Retrograde (M.R.) and come back on exactly 1 week prior to the end deadline of M.R.

    Does anyone out there have or know of a way to decrease the hit of Mercury Retrograde?

    Someone told me (Hindu Religion related) that wearing a yellow stone in a gold ring on the index finger would absolutely reduce the affects of this happening. Can anyone attest to this? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT….Searching for solution(s).

    1. I think it’s all in attitude. This year has been tough. I’ve got Leo assendant and Libra as my solar sign, so I’m being hit by both Saturn and Mercury. And north node in Gemini bring in Jupiter. The glitchs are often somewhat unpleasant but seem to lead to good things. I was having trouble purchasing a magazine yesterday, when I finally found a place that sold it I encountered two friends and we had lunch together. This wouldn’t have happened without the difficulty of purchasing the magazine. I also was delayed in attempting to get to an important meeting by difficulty with a ferry docking. Due to wind and waves it took the captain about six tries to bring it into dock and delayed landing by 45 minutes. I was late to the meeting yet it still went well and the ocean was beautiful with all the wind. What a memorable experience. And I believe the Saturn problems are motivating me to make some major changes which in the end will be good.

  39. I’m really starting to notice the shift right now. I’ve noticed myself so much more worried about things and having trouble with faith and overcoming any obstacles in my way. Certainly hope I can find a balance to overcome these blocks and concerns.

    1. Hi Jeninifer, Just be with the worry and know the obstacles will subside when things go direct. Know that what youare experiencing is part of the process. Hopefully, that will help relax you. Anne

  40. Thank you so much that was very insightful and helped me reflect in a more positive way on how things are going in my life at the moment

  41. Very helpful article…thank you.
    This is one of the most powerful Mercury Retrogrades I have experienced in a long time. It is transiting through my ascendant and conj my natal Persephone…along with the yods, Pluto transiting my natal Chiron…It has been big.

  42. Hi marina, thank you for this! My ex bf and i still continued to see each other even after we broke up oct last year. I believe we have a karmic relationship which is why even if we fight all the time we are still pulled together like magnets. We fought on the 13th then on the 14th he told me he no longer wants to see me and that i should go away. The next day he went out on a first date with an old flame. Now hes pursuing her and told me he wants to move on. Will things go back to normal after mercury rx? Will he be able to introspect on our relationship and my value to him and his life? Id apreciate your comments on this. Thanks!

    1. Will this thing with his old flame last? They went out again for the first time on the 15th. Will he be able to introspect even with this current distraction? He’s a virgo.

  43. I have my sun at 10 degrees Leo and merc at 5 degrees Leo. This retrograde is making me nuts with delays, do-overs, and disappointments. I have several projects going trying to start a business and get things done and it’s just taking forever. Buying things that I have to return. Missed communications. Second thoughts. Lots of shut doors, too. I have no expectations of getting anywhere until later in August. I just try to roll with it and do fun things until then.

    1. Thilde, I’m just beginning to understand all of this terminology everybodies using like 10 degrees Leo and merc at 5 degrees Leo…but do not fret, I am experiencing EXACTLY the delays, do-overs, disappointments you’re going through. I too have several projects and things to get done that seem to be taking a life time including starting a business, confusion, bad contracts, second thoughts, miscommunications, shut doors blah, blah, goes on and on and on!! It was only until a friend explained all this retrograde stuff after I thought I was going completely car would break down, my laptop would die, televisions and lights would frizzle themselves off when I walked in..i’m learning about it and like you, I’m learning to make the most fun out of it..I would never have believed it if I had never overheard a conversation about it between two total strangers…I had never heard of anything like it but now I believe it..

  44. Can anyone provide info, direction?

    An old time astrologer who uses the Rosacrucian Ephemeris has my ascendant as Leo which I checked and that’s what shows for my birthdate/time in that Ephermeris. He says I was born under a Mercury Retrograde, so they mostly are better for me. I usually noticeably feel better as MR approaches and during early part of MR and good things happen, though I also have had many negatives happenn during MRs.

    Most other charts via computer show my ascendant at 0 degree Aquarius.
    Another astrologer has me at 0 degree Capricorn which borders Aquarius.

    I’ve had more Capricorn than Aquarius friends, can identify more with Capricorn, have had no Leo friends until one recently.

    How can I determine what my true ascendant is???

    1. Hey Dave… thats really good… that good things happen to you during mercury retro… am was born during a saturn retrograde… may be because of that good things happen to me during saturn retrograde as well. Is it like that? And even though i don’t have an answer to your question… my life has gone for a toss in this mercury retrograde… so i want to ask you if you could tell me how to use ephemeris to make a birth chart? Please let me know whatever you know… thanks. RD.

    2. I have good and bad happen during retro. I called up a new MD for appt, was told next opening was 10/12, put on hold, then told someone just cancelled, so was able to go in last Friday.
      My lease increase on rent was signed but I never got increase billed since last November, just got new rent bill and they found on 7/25 the error and added $200 to this month’s rent.
      My HP printer broke.
      Temporary filling fell out on pre-root canal tooth past Sunday.
      Two women I know of had strokes last Wednesday, one died, other still in ICU. Man I know had stroke Monday.
      Stock market had another tech glitch being compared to last flash crash, which happened during a MR.
      During shadow pre-MR, heard of various plumbing problems, now some sinkholes opened up locally and globally.

      Next MR during Prez election, last night on Coast to Coast AM on radio, forecaster says w/b election problems like when Gore and Bush had ballot count problem, which was also during a MR.

      As for ephemeris, you look up the birth day/year and plot the planets listed there in the sign and degrees it is on at the minute you are looking for, which makes the birth chart.

    3. Hey Dave,
      Thanks for the information on ephemeris. And as for the MR… communications are going awry for me… misunderstandings are looming large… lets hope things get back to normal after 8th… and still better after 22nd August.

    4. Cath, am already a regular visitor of for the last 2 yrs. Nonetheless thanks for the suggestion. Their daily personal horoscope is amazing as well.

    5. You can go to and put in your birthdate and time and place and they will give you your chart for free.

  45. My husband and I are both Gemini’s. Finally I see why we are butting heads during the last month. I am particularly interested in the aspect of “Relationships cannot flourish if the people involved are not allowed to have differences in opinions” We are both retired and are together 24/7 which is making me nuts. We argue now more than ever and have great trouble communicating and yet my husband thinks I should agree with everything he says all the time. And I can’t seem to find something that interests me to pursue on my own. Will this get better after Aug 8?

  46. My mc is at 6 leo. No wonder my life has been turned upside down! Between my boomerang yod being hit repeatedly since the eclipses of last winter and again this summer, and my mc being trampled on by the mercury retrograde, I get the feeling I’m not where I belong. Oh and did I mention that I now have bm lilith on my natal sun (algol). I’ve been pushed to my breaking point at work, motivated more now than ever before to start my own business, and fuming over the way I’m being treated by a control freak that is my boss. She has shown herself to be cheap and only cares about her money. Hoping that in a few days the lessons I’ve been learning will leave me with a new fresh path.

    Anyone have any insight for working with bm lilith while she is conjunct the natul sun?

  47. My relationship ended suddenly during this phase without warning, could this phase have had an effect?? I’ve had no communication for 3 weeks now. Am I likely to receive clarity and communication when Merc goes direct??

  48. Finally, Mercury went direct! I’ve been sick the past 2 weeks with no energy and started feeling better last night. My refrigerator started making grinding noises yesterday and thankfully made it through with a defrost! 😉

  49. Thanks for the info. Although many refer to “right” and “left” brain in order to differentiate personality behaviors, neuroscience has well proven in the past 5-6 years that the premise of R & L brain is no longer accurate. Please do some research regarding this topic. This is actually great news! Unfortunately, it is not mainstream yet because research takes decades sometimes to catch up with culture. It makes sense for now to mention it as a generality knowing how most continue to think about it this way.

    1. Thanks for that Ginger. Yes I always felt there was something more to it than just left brain or right brain. I think we are just struggling to find out where intuition, imagination and psychic ability come from.

  50. Since Mercury has been in retrograde, my own relationship ended, 2 friends got “unengaged” and 2 others broke up as well. I was wondering if there was something in the universe going on.

  51. It’s all I keep hearing the last few weeks. My own ended, marriages ended, just a general mess! Really believe mercury has been mischievous! Will wait and see if my ex comes to her senses now it’s gone direct!

  52. Marina, thank you for this info are Merc RX. For me, it is a different interp and much more upbeat than my previous understanding….what a relief! I did get tired of hiding under a duvet for about 1/2 the year 🙂 I will observe this Merc RX with this new knowledge and attitude and see what happens/where it takes me and the where it takes the world.

  53. I’m curious how mercury retrograde periods might be different for someone, like myself, born when mercury was retrograde – in gemini.

    1. I too was born with Mercury Retrograde and was told once that it makes me more clear during the retrogrades because I am not confused by the energy. I use it to plan heavily and dig deep with research. But then again, I like winter and cloudy days, too. Use it to good advantage no matter. I think of astrology like weather. If you know it’s going to rain you take a raincoat but life goes on just fine.

  54. Thinking of purchasing a new swish bang gungho Macbook Pro lappy. Perhaps just prior to Christmas will be *the* present of the decade to myself eh? 😀 I have my specs all sorted. Solid State Drive and nothing less than 2.6 ghz *purr* Will use the retrograde to set aside the funding and ponder my specs in more detail. Dreaming is oh so much fun.

    Throwing in an Apple TV device and a Thunderbolt cord for contingencies.

    1. If you are serious about buying you computer soon, I recommend you buy it before the 6th of November. No need for a communications snafu with yuor new laptop.

    2. Go for it! Apple, apple, apple. I love Eris’s Apple. I’m replacing my 2006 old Mac Mini with the thinner, faster one. It works as my mobile Mac for when I go to Oz for Christmas. Last year I had some nightmare preparing the old one for my journey as the DVD drive was glitchy and spitting out Solar fire. Jeez.

      This time I am doing it WELL in advance, Then there’s the whole caboodle of migrating stuff from my MacPro, setting up parallels and windows xp on it (So I can use Solar Fire). It will be my daughters new Mac afterwards. I got her a PC last year but I just hate it too much, its going to Ebay!Can’t wait to see what Mountain Lion and my new magic mouse are like. Oh god I’m such a geek…

  55. Thank you Marina and Jamie for your wonderful site, I read often. I wanted to find out what I should do during a mercury retrograde if I am Gemini Sun and Mercury is Gemini (R) and the Mercury is retrograde. Would like to be more prepared each time it comes around. Thanks and Blessings to you!!

    1. Marina,

      It completely depends where Mercury is retrograding. Only if it is retrograding in your sign will it affect you severely. Mercury retrograde affects everyone! Just remain vigilant of where Mercury is in your chart.

    2. –“Only if it is retrograding in your sign will it affect you severely.”

      Do you mean Sun sign, or Ascendant, Juliana? Mercury will Rx from my 1st into my 12th and back next month (Sag/Sco).

      I have read that Mercury Rx affects the areas of the natal house it travels in. Do you agree?

  56. Hi, my wedding is on 25th Nov, and I cant change the date…getting a bit worried about what I should be expecting.. Could you see some light please? Am Cancer rising with Libra Sun and Pisces moon and Venus in Scorpio., thanks

  57. Hello, my mom is having major back surgery on Nov.6. At first i was worried about the surgeons getting it right, but she told me she was scared to be put to sleep again, (she has had quiet a few surgeries)fearing that she may not wake up this time. My mom is very smart. I got to thinking about it and thinking about Mercury going retrograde the same day she goes into surgery and looked up her chart and now i can see why she is scared. She is virgo with mercury at 4 degrees Libra at birth (her natal mercury sextiling mercury retrograde to the exact degree coming up). She has no natal retrogrades in her chart (and loaded with trines). Her pluto and Saturn is in Leo, her Jupiter in Jupiter, venus in cancer, mars in scorpio. Born Sept 4 1948. Do we have reason to be scared, i wish she could put the surgery until the 1st of the new year 2013. thanks

    1. With Mercury Rx during surgery, I would make extra sure the doctors know which vertebrae they are going to fix. If there are no major squares in transit for her, the strength she gets from those trines should help her pull through, IMHO.

    2. Hmmm. I wonder if surgeons during this period are more likely to be guided by outside forces…the little messenger god whispering in their ear where and when exactly to make an incision. Mercury does rule medicine and hands so that Mercury sextile should add a bit of a magicians touch. There must be so many operations performed during a mercury retrograde, that go perfectly well and you can’t pospone an emergency operation and wait until Mercury is safety out of shadow can you? And yes trines do give protection. maybe your mother is worried because of the Mercury transit, Mercury can be a worrier! Breathe…

  58. My boyfriend dumped me with out warning. On oct 24. Will he come back during the retrograde

    1. Mercury was already in the retrograde cycle by then but if you want a better idea find out if mercury’s sign/degree matches both your charts. Also look up when you met him, was there a retrograde then? Because the same thing happened to me but he left Sept 22 before the retrograde. I met him in July during the pre-retrograde which was his sign, Cancer, and this one is my sign, Scorpio. And he never said he was leaving me, he just cut me off for no reason and still won’t explain anything. Mercury issues for sure. Good luck.

    2. Correction, the July-August Mercury went retro/direct in Leo. But in 2013 Mercury is both retro and direct all three times in Pisces/Pisces, Cancer/Cancer, Scorpio/Scorpio. I’m not an expert but that sounds pretty interesting…

    3. weird. my boyfriend of 3 years out of the blue broke up with me too. on nov 9th. everything was AWESOME. he is a gemini. hope things work out!!! do i not contact him until after nov 26th??

  59. Last week I got frustrated with my not-fast-enough-to-get-to-australia internet connection. One thing led to another and I decided to change phone companies altogether and get fiberoptic superfast broadband. I kinda forgot we were in the shadow period…
    The day they have given me for the installation of the new main socket?… Between 10-2pm November 7th. RETRO ALERT!! (They actually first offered me Nov 6th retrograde day, but I couldn’t make that.)

    Well being me, I just went for it. I am too impatient to wait until November 26 and it gives me the chance to outsmart the trickster. Besides, the chart for that day has the “Tardis” in it and I like the symbolism of Skype/internet as my time-machine.

    Watch this space. 3 days to go :0

    1. Hope your installation goes well today.

      I missed my doctor appointment yesterday. I don’t know if it was Mercury or my Libran procastination at work. 🙂

    2. Well it has gone well except they have to send someone back to bury the cable outside on the pavement because at the moment its coming straight out of the manhole. That’s set for next wednesday now. I also had to wait AGES in the parents evening queue to see my daughters teacher last night. We were last on the list and she was running really late. I was last on the list for the broadband guys too.

      Here’s the chart for it anyway. I like Uranus rising, and Scheat in Pegasus on the AC has wings. Yay! The Mars was on the reaction point of my Jupiter Yod so my patience was tested yesterday.

  60. mercury will station right on top of my midheaven (two degree orb approximately)….then the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse comes in succession that is giving me this feeling of doom! 9th, 10th, and 4th house themes are in play for me.

    1. gotta add that my saturn opposition is also occurring and was particularly harsh during the Oct 29 new moon (saturn at 3 deg taurus)….the tax man hit me with an audit!

    2. oh, I forgot that mercury stations opposite my natal moon in 7th house as well….plenty of stressful aspects during the Oct to Dec quarter for me! not feeling very enthusiastic about life at all.

    3. not opposite my moon….SQUARE my moon. I can’t even think straight anymore….neptune square midheaven and natal sun is still in effect as well.

  61. What’s interesting about the retrograde period is
    Mercury retrogrades from Sagittarius into the sign of its Geocentric North and South Nodes – Scorpio

    when Mercury goes direct again, the Geocentric North and South Nodes will be in the sign that Mercury originally went retrograde in – Sagittarius

  62. How do i even find out how mercury retrogade will affect me? I can’t really read birth charts lol..

  63. This is a brilliant post. This so appeals to my Mercury ruled sun and my natal merc retro (both Hermetic in Virgo). I want to dust it with quicksilver and let it sparkle in my innerspace. Somehow you really distilled the energy of this Mercury retrograde. Just a quick story: my significant other has been having a hell of a time at work lately (coincided with Mars/Jupiter opposition making a grand cross with his natal Mars/Jupiter opp.), has needed help from the director of the institute, who has been completely unavailable. One hour after Merc. went retrograde, he ran into the director, in the elevator (love that!) after hours (underworld). The encounter became a one on one counseling session, with the director showing his support and giving him some valuable advice about how to navigate his way through the current tangle. I told my partner that he has approx. until Nov. 28th to work it all out. Thank you for this piece of brilliance. Really.

  64. I am living the nightmare with this mercury retrograde…I keep forgetting things, I confuse the hours of my lessons and my phone never works when I need it to.
    My computer was damaged on Nov.5th and Today I Wasted all the morning because of forgetting stuff. I am Also extremely busy…The best part was forgetting to take the bus white waiting for it!
    I’ m born in Italy on March 1 1990 at 6.33 pm, GMT+1 I think…
    Never experienced such a disastrous mercury retro.

  65. Thank youi for this information. I found your posting on the last MRx to be more clear about what to expect, regardless of one’s chart. To those of us less well versed in the astrological sciences the hints given here are more cryptic. Not your fault I’m not up to speed though, and the knowledge youi share is still appreciated even if not fully understood.

  66. My date of birth is 2nd March,1988. I’am waiting for my joining at workplace(Cognizant Technology Solutions). I was campus placed on 18th Sept 2011. I’am waiting from nearly 6 months for my joining, but stil God only knows when this wait gona over. Can you please throw some light on my query and provide me with appropriate solution and answers. An early response in solicited. Thanks in advance!!!!

  67. My date of birth is 2nd March,1988 and presently living in New Delhi(India). I’am waiting for my joining at my workplace(Cognizant Technology Solutions)in Chennai, India. I was campus placed on 18th Sept 2011. I’am waiting from nearly 6 months for my joining, but stil God only knows when this wait gona over. Can you please throw some light on my query and provide me with appropriate solution and answers. An early response in solicited. Thanks in advance!!!!

  68. Dear Marina,
    You may remember in March 2011 I wrote
    My 10th house extends from 27 pisces to about 2 taurus. At the moment transiting retrograde mercury is 24 aries moving backwards over most of my ten house which is intercepted by aries. What is important for me also is that there is a large stellium. Mars, dark moon, uranus, sun, vertex, jupiter, and retrograde mercury. As already mentioned in another post the last year has been quite a challenge me living alone at home for most of the day wheelchair dependant, but I’ve managed quite well visiting my 88 year old mother. By now my mother is still in the nursing home and although she is 90 by now she is doing quite well. During the last year I have had lots to do and have not been able to keep up with what you have all been doing here at Dark Star. As of the 19th of Nov. 2012 trans Mercury retrograde is conjunction my Dragon’s Head and trans Jupiter retrograde is opposition my Saturn.
    Kind Regards,

  69. Thank you Marina and Jamie for your wonderful site, I enjoy reading and learning from it. With warm regards,

  70. Hi, thank you for your blog. I appreciate it very much. I am a Scorpio with Libra rising and Sag moon. This Mercury Retro has been ghastly, especially this past week. It’s as though its impact sped up. All sorts of “gremlins” seem to have popped up. Is this typical? It’s not as though I’m completing a cycle per se. It’s just bringing up every little insecurity. I’d love your feedback.

  71. Brilliant startegy and analysis! I just dont understand all the shit in between! Why cant you just spell out the compionents and leave out all the nodes and nodules?

  72. I am a sag with virgo asc with a profound dislike for Mercury retro. This one was no exception, it was actually one of the most intensive one to get through over the recent years. Yet again I had absolutely no control over my time during this mercury retro… I thought I was well prepared but ended up with my face flat on the wall. A little story to illustrate this…
    One night around 7 PM as I was preparing to go out to the squash club I realised I needed some cash and went to the bank’s ATM around the corner. I’d left some food cooking on the stove on low temperature as I was in a rush and thought I wouldn’t be away for more than 5 minutes. I got there,inserted my card in the ATM, typed my pin code in and waited…1 minute…2 min…. 10 minutes still nothing. Just a ‘Please wait’ message on the screen. After 15 minutes I looked all around the agency for a number to call to block the card nothing. They had just repainted the agency and not put the stickers with the phone numbers back up on the walls.
    I eventually managed to spot a number on an advertisement for bank loans so I called that department from my cell, they were closed but I got to the central. I asked them to transfer me to customer services to explain the problem. In the middle of the conversation my cell battery went dead.
    No problem I have a second cell handy with me in mercury retro. Yes but I also have food on the stove for the past 20 minutes and I am starting to get really concerned a fire might start. I call back and after another 10 minutes waiting, I finally get through customer services who give me the number of card stop. I call card stop and start explaining my problem when my phone dies on me… I am on pay as you go on this second cell and my credit just ended. I tried to swap sim cards betwenn phones that does not work either. I then start asking around if someone can lend me their phone for a phone call to card stop. Nobody wants to help as I have no money to offer for the call. I eventually find a chap who does not have a cell phone but agrees to stay next to the machine in case the atm should magically get back online (as I already typed my pin code), while I run home to turn the stove off and pick up my spare cell battery. I get home pick up the battery, a pen and paper and run back to the atm. The guy is still there…great … but the card is still stuck in the machine. I call card stop again and they give me a reference number to write down. I pull my pen out of my pocket and it is not working.. (of course). It does not matter I should be able to memorize it… so I thought. The guy gives me an impossible reference like 14rt/fg36/hk87/tr48… while telling me it is important I keep this reference at hand should there be a problem with the cancellation of my card… ok sure I will remember that. After asking everyone around for another 10 minutes, I eventually find someone with a pen but of course the guy on the line hung up. I call back again and they tell me that the guy’s shift just ended and I need to open another case. This goes through smoothly. It’s now 8.30 PM and my friend has been waiting for me at the squash club for 45 minutes. I jump in my car and drive off to the club. On the way I realize my fuel gauge is nearing zero and I have no money… and no card. My bank card is in the machine and my visa card is blocked. Someone stole my number for transactions online the week before and they have not replaced it yet. Suddenly the car stops and I park on the side. I walk a mile to get to the club and my friend is not there. I cannot reach him on his cell. It is turned off. I call my brother and other friends nobody is picking up their phone. I look around and finally find him and explain I need some cash for gas. He did not take his wallet along so he has no cash to offer me. We jump in his car and drive to his place to pick up his wallet and a jerrycan but we cannot find it. He eventually towed me away to the gas station and I got some fuel with his money. Oh boy what a night…
    This is my life in Mercury retro and I HATE it…

    1. What a horror story! I hope Mercury turning direct today will signal some GOOD luck for you as it begins to travel back into Sagittarius. 🙂

    2. Wow – I so emphasize – it sounded like a bad one – but it happened to a person with a chart config who can handle the stress and not collapse. Amazing. Hope it never happens again…

  73. My God, what a story Joe! I won’t dare share all of mine but my Father just passed in October, only 68 yrs old then the family pet bird of 32 years old passed last week. Cars breaking down, paid 2k for a few repairs and took delivery of my Old Tbird and 2 issues to be fixed are not, mechanic not answer phone calls or voicemails, property deal delays, skin complexion issues acquired (I’ve never had in my entire life) and now healing as of today. Thank GOD this is ending today. What time I wonder…? Unbelievable cycle this time around. Goodness!

  74. it was a rough one, indeed. Did anyone have a really strange anxious day yesterday, November 27th? Makes no sense… thanks!

  75. I experienced two separate small kitchen appliances puking within hours of each other. No indication of problems prior to. I am a chef. I had not been in tune with the retrogrades, but I looked at the owner and said, “Are we in retrograde?”… then I looked it up. Sure enough! Seems my Mercury Retros end up taking out hair dryers, coffee machines and other small electrical items. Luckily they have not been large items and are not horrifically inconvenient at the time! (Unlike the poor fella at the ATM (see above)… Namaste

    1. As a Scorpio I, I wasn’t surprised when the following happened: Beginning of Mercury Retro, a fax machine at a Quest Labs would not receive/print a fax being sent to it from my MD even though the MD’s office got confirmation that it was received, 3 times! Other faxes came through to it. I had to go to a local computer store to get the fax sent to me then go back to Quest Labs. I had health issues, up and down. Towards end of Mercury Retro, I put a 14 lb turkey in microwave/comvection overhead oven. After 30 minutes I heard a click and it stopped heating into a 3 hour roasting. Next day oven was removed and returned “fixed” day after that. I didn’t really use it much except for microwave but a few days ago, after Mercury went Direct, I tried cooking chicken and noticed after an hour chicken was only partially cooked, oven wouldn’t go above 350 temp no matter how high I set it and food was lukewarm. Now it’s two days and I’m waitig either for a re-fixed oven or a new one… Also during MR, a toilet bowl almost overflowed. One astrologer using a Rosacrucian/American emphemeris has me being born during MR but others do not. I had some good things happen too, people from past contact me, so this MR has been a mixed bag and I know from the past even after MR goes Direct, still a few weeks of uncertainty. I did start to feel very good after Direct.

  76. As the charts say there has been a deep questioning of “What do I really want?” On November 28 I showed up to work and had a sudden urge to quit my job… and did! I told the boss I did not wish to work there anymore and that I wished to pursue my artistic path. Well! Everyone says “good for you” but they look at me like I am crazy. Anyway, I am not afraid of change and I am finally residing where I belong and meeting supportive people. The RM might be a good explanation for a court case being delayed. I look forward to its resolution.

  77. Going right within, to my 8th H. Some forces -if not speaking myself out on my 10th and 11th H- need to come out!

    God and Godess bless us All!


  78. Whoa! Juust read the title, haven’t read any of this yet, yet I have the eeriest feeling. More than déjà vu but less than a premonition. Tingles.

  79. Wow. The last few Mercury retrogrades have been weaving a melodrama in my life. Now at 19 Pisces? My natal mercury is at 19 Pisces, in my 7th house. Oh boy.

  80. This retrograde is activating my 8th house libra moon. I may have to get a restraining order on my Ex….sigh

  81. Mercury Rx is going through my 5th house, over natal Pallas (16 deg pisces) and BM Lilith (17 deg pisces). Should be and interesting time! I will keep an eye on the days Mercury goes over those spots and keep a journal. The last Mercury retrograde went over my MC and I recieved a promotion, had miscommunication problems with my higher ups, and being forced to step down. In the end I realized that even though the pay raise was nice, I value my freedom more.

  82. Mercury stations retrograde all but on my IC (19 Pis 41′), and asteroid Hygeia is transiting my IC right now (2/8/2013). Is this a harbinger of a potential medical scare? (I’m aware 6th house is usually health related, so I’m really wondering about 4th house on this one).

  83. What if the retrograde passes by two houses (for me its 9th and 10th) which one do we consider the influence on?

  84. How do you know what ‘house’ mercury retrograde is in for you? I’m about to undergo surgery before it stations retrograde & am an aquarian so am eager to find out if it could be in my health house as I really want a positive outcome from sugery & a quick recovery? I’m not good with working out charts would anyone be able to help out here? My birth date 23 jan 77 born Gillinham kent at 15:45pm – would love to know which area of life mercury rx will be affecting for me, getting nervous about my op.

  85. Mercury retro in my 2th house! I have Merc at 10 Pisces! It will affect my thinking, values and possesions! Wow

  86. thanks Marina for a very lucid and useful Merc rx reading…..conjuncting my own IC through this time, deeper dreaming, and, a sea-change of root values and core relationships already came up in my dreams last night….time for ‘new sap in the old tree’, very healing, thanks

  87. Oh Marina! It´s on my 8th H. I hope the 11th H ensalada will find its way here. I´ll be well in the Underworld if I don´t fool myself. As I do have a strong Persephone influence in chart, thus life, I´ll try to be-wit-me-no-matter-what!

    Are you still going to do the week examination? (I hope you will, though you have been acute and pormenorized right here!)

    Thankyou very much for you efforts and wisdom!


  88. here in a physical sence everything big was completed on the cancer moon now I have a lot of merc. retro sanding, smoothing out ruff edges, mean while there’s battles at home a plenty. MY cap. son; Aquarius merc trine libra/moon/mars/cong, has the bucket of ice water ready! all my plans, past, future, present get the treatment. At present it’s my mini engineering job, not to bore everyone, but our crumbling asphalt drive inclines from the road so every storm water went directly into the garage, winters had 5’ice, so last summer with 5 yards pea-stone gravel,sieved from the sea, we channeled the water around ending in a catch pool. The catch pool, size of a kid wading pool, now according to him is responsible for every water problem we’ve had since. He won’t except the fact that it works, the garage is dry, the catch pool, is way far away from the house itself. Now with fresh evidence that the water isn’t seeping into the foundation, is a frozen out-flow over topping the pool, he uses it as another excuse for removal as it covers a walk way, looks like more engineering and buckets of cold water on the way.
    Other times he’s too right, but for some reason doesn’t throw the disasters he tried to prevent at me, too many things he’s right about now. His 3 degs, aquarius/venus is in perfect grands with my 2/gem/moon/jup/aries so we have an awful way talking plans.

  89. Ugh, I have been interviewing over the past weeks and am close to finding — and signing — a new contract. Unfortunate timing, but as you said, life can’t be put on hold.

    1. Ditto that! I’m in the exact same position. It has been delayed twice so far but am hopeful that this is a spectacular opportunity.

  90. Definitely feeling the psychic energies pick up! I am a Pisces rising and have been having a 12th house party for quite sometime. Right now Mercury is retrograde conjunct my ascendant, one degree into my first house. Mars (which is nataly 29 degrees Pisces conjunct Venus in Aries at 0 degrees) is conjunct my natal Pallas Athena which forms a T-square to my natal Moon and Neptune. Meanwhile, the Sun, Chiron, Venus, and Neptune are still hanging out in my 12th house, with Neptune trining my natal Moon and Pluto (Moon 4th house Cancer; Pluto 8th house Scorpio). Fun times! I will definitely continue to embrace the energies of this retrograde and dive further into my practice!

  91. Hi Marina, I’m pretty new to all this so can you please tell me if it is wise to ‘book’ travel during a Mercury retrograde? Thanks

    1. Try to avoid the days when it is turning retro or direct, give it time to settle, but otherwise it’s fine. Though probably wise to double check everything like spelling mistakes when booking etc etc.

  92. Hi Marina, Last December, I found a space for my new business location. The contract signing is about to happen next week. Should I go ahead and sign or should I wait till after the retrograde?

    1. With business signings I’m inclined to wait until it goes forward. I think signing during the second shadow period is ok though because it wont go over those degrees again.

  93. My sister just got back from getting married in DisneyWorld (wedding was 3/3/13) and she lamented to me all the small annoying things that went wrong with her wedding.

    I reminded her that I DID WARN HER not to set her wedding date when Mercury was retrograde. 😉

    Sheesh, that will teach her to disregard the planets!

  94. Mercury is back with Chiron, churning up Uranus squaring my natal Chiron in transit. I am so spoiling for a fight over old wounds and slights today. This is really out of character for me. I’m definitely going to avoid my family this weekend!

    1. Oh dear! I have my elderly parents with me – Mum is Aries with a few planets in Pisces and Dad has Mars Jupiter conj in Virgo – so the Pisces retro means on top of being deaf but refusing to wear hearing aids, communication is just crackers! We were having a conversation about Pistorius – or at least I thought we were. Turns out my mother is talking about Alan Sugar! Aaaggghhh!!!!
      My Dad argues and nit picks incessantly – I have realised what Jupiter/Mars conj in Virgo means in his case – its competitive impotent arguing. My spouse has Mars in Virgo – and does the same.
      I have Mercury in Virgo in the 12th… you can imagine I am going quietly nuts under so much PIsces opposition! I just need to be silent a lot of the time. Sigh!

  95. I can’t wait for this retrograde period to end. In the middle of Febuary, I had a fight with my friend & now she don’t want to talk to me no more. Then last week, early March, my car was having trouble. I need to get it repaired but I don’t know if this is the best time. I also lost one of my favorite earrings this month too. Oh boy.

    1. Justin Bieber is Pisces, look what a week he had last week! I’ve found the 2nd week of MR most intense, should be waning now…

    2. Me too, the second week was just awful, was ill as was my daughter and had lots of stressy domestic rubbish to deal with plus some emotional stuff too. A few tears shed there. Very watery! Today though, BRILLIANT. Still a little achey, but everything is sorted out and about to go to bank with all my paperwork to get my mortgage. Fingers crossed.

    3. Did you get the mortgage? Everything go smoothly with that? I am about to file an insurance claim, as I recently had several things of mine stolen, and at the moment, I’ve decided I’m just tired of thieves stealing all of my shit, and me not getting much, if any, of it back…nor getting compensated. I’m a very trusting individual, and seem to get burned a lot. Hopefully this coming Mercury Rx period won’t be such a difficult one for me. I know that during the last one – several wonderful things happened to me, and I have you to thank for that. After reading your blog, I decided to do something completely different for the Rx period. I decided I would be completely conscious of it, and proclaim it from the highest mountains for all of my friends, family, and anyone who would listen to hear. I had sit downs with several of those I hold dearest to me and told them what usually can happen during a retrograde period and what I was going to do to balance out the effects it had on me and MY PERSONAL communication with the world. I spent more time communicating effectively during the July 2013 retrograde period than I have in the course of the past 1.5 years! So thank you! and also – drop me a line. I have a question for you. b-[^_^]-d

    4. Oh yes I got it, and it did go very smoothly from that day on. I was so relieved. It was after weeks of so much stress. I thought I was going to loose my house at one point.

    5. Where’s the “like” button?
      This MRx has been incredible so far…. praying that the final phases are less intense because I’m definitely feeling the healing! 🙂
      Brightest blessings.

  96. Hi
    We have had endless car trouble over the past 3 weeks – both cars. Also a considerable amount of bad luck, also many of our friends have had a similar problems.
    It crossed my mind Mecury may be retrograde at present as it always creates a whirlwind in my life. Checked up online yesterday and sure enough. Looking forward to March17.

  97. Got into an argument around Valentine’s and haven’t heard from him since. Am hoping that reaching out to him will help stimulate reconciliation. My heart hurts. All such a stupid misunderstanding that turned into something heated. Marina, any thoughts? Thank you!

    1. I know how that feels…..not a pain in this world that hurts as bad….

  98. Hello,

    All very interesting stuff. I had a birthday during all this crazy retrograde occurrences! -March 13, 1989 , 5:10 pm, Berkeley

    I have been charting my Solar Return for a couple years now and had to say I wasn’t too thrilled to see mercury retrograde fell on and around my birthday stretching it out for my hole next year.Do you have any advise and to how to deal with t his emotional haze of a brain I’ve seem to oquire? I’m also a mercury in Gemini and my ascendant is virgo, making my mercury a predominant caricature in my chart and my life!

    Your input on how to turn this into a positive experience for me would be much appreciated.

    Thank you! ~Giana

  99. It will hit me too for the 2nd year in a row. native cancer. i am too.. not thrilled about it, but last year wasnt so bad, maybe you’ll get a little help form lucky jupiter this year, after all it is still in your sign Gemini. Think posit, go slower and be gratful!

  100. I am a Saggy moving back to my home in Anchorage, Alaska, during this time of Mercury retrograde. I thought about postponing until after Mercury goes direct, but all omens I have consulted say go now. I leave on the 19th for my road trip. I am stressed to the max, but your description above confirms all I have learned to date in seeking the Powers That Be. This has been a goal of mine for a long time and I have never been able to accomplish this before. I am afraid of it, but at the same time very excited. Everything has said “Go” but everything has also said to expect trial but ultimate victory. That is the hope I embrace right now–ultimate victory over circumstances. I am make this a favorite so I can refer to it during my road trip via IPhone.

    1. PS: Cancer, decan 3, is my moon sign, alongside retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Uranus, all within a couple of degrees of one another. I’m gonna die, right? ;-)))

    2. just draw your arms and legs in like a turtle and hope that crocodile mistakes you for a stone

  101. Both Dell and Horoscope Guide magazines list 7/19/13 as a favorable day to sign legal documents, not often they agree on dates. A relative needs to close on selling their house that week. Will signing on a favorable date be OK during a Mercury Retrograde which goes direct 7/20/13? What could go wrong? 😉 Thanks!

    1. I liked and needed to hear this. Thanks, Dave. I am getting married that day with my long time partner. Was a bit worried about mercury being in retrograde…. But I have it myself in my brithchart. And the date was chosen due to our honeymoon bought from 21st. Didnt want to have wedding day before.

  102. Quadrate still slicing heads! I tried to meditate in the old fashion (with my head and a mantram) and I felt deeply umconfortable.

    I tend to leave my feeling on a shell.

    So writing brought me brought me to the trine and the understanding of my situation right now, without avoiding it or denying it. Tough.


  103. “If we have been so obsessed with career goals in the past, but health or quality time spend with the family has suffered, these few weeks are for you. ”
    I can relate to this. will be taking this retro period for a nice break.

  104. My natal Venus is in Cancer 17 degrees in my 5th house. It trines my Mars and Saturn as part of a grand water trine. I am looking forward to Jupiters time in Cancer!

  105. I´ve many times played the evil twin, so if I don´t want to end up with the same (unestability), then I should know by now…


    1. Oh! hits Asc. Cancer d.1. and 1st h. Important (unstable: uranus is there, natally).


  106. Obviously, life can’t stop during Mercury Retrograde! But it doesn’t always flow easily while the trickster part of Mercury shows up, either.

    What I recommend to my clients and students (and follow myself) during Mercury Retrograde is relatively simple:

    1. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get wherever you’re going because you’ll probably hit traffic.

    2. If you do have to travel, don’t check luggage.

    3. Wait at least 24 hours before replying to any eMail that pushes your buttons.

    Those are my big three. Other common sense recommendations include opting for the extended warranty if you have to make an electronics purchase, and Back Up Your Data! (That’s one I had to learn the hard way.)

  107. ‘will being tested’ and ‘sacrificing some pleasures to reach goals’ . . . already getting that. Rx on natal venus. T-square pressure is on 11th house. Lazy ol dog days are a comin to an end. Oh rats!!! But I know it’s time and I couldn’t stop it if I tried.

  108. I came across this post because all this week things were breaking! My sprinklers, kitchen faucet, shower faucet and pool heater. The fact that they were all water related was odd so I decided to look and see if Mercury was in retrograde.. Not only was it in the shadow of retrograde but it was in Cancer, a water sign! One question though, I have a huge business deal scheduled for July 16th. Should I postpone it since Mercury will be in retrograde or is July 16th a good day as it says in the post that its highly fortunate and great for business success?

    1. Don’t postpone it. Just go ahead and go through it. I bought a car right within a retrograde (or perhaps the week before) and the worse thing that happened was that I had to wait like two months in order to get my headrest (as it was missing one). My car is perfectly fine, so just go ahead and go through with the business deal. Best wishes and good luck!

      – Ness

    2. I would wait a week. That way retrograde will be finished, and doing business deals will be easier to think about, and make less possible mistakes.

  109. Oops – i am getting married on July 19th this year and I do myself have Mercury retrogade in Piscesat birth. I am not too worried. Is there anything special to think about?

    1. I got married during the shadow period. Just a day before Mercury turned retrograde. We survived! Maybe it just means we have to renew our vows every so often.

  110. Hi there
    I came across this website and I found it to be extremely informative!! I was thinking of changing jobs and at one I have a very good chance to get it how should I prepare!!

  111. I knew this was coming up because my computer had a blue screen last Saturday (June 22) and is awaiting repair. And I will be traveling out of the country on vacation July 16-26. I am a Sagittarius, too . . . “In Sagittarius: It is not a time to travel, so reschedule or just expect delays, lines, and lost directions. Instead, take care of local affairs. Patience and a sense of humor are needed.” (Farmer’s Almanac) Luckily, I have lots of patience — and a sense of adventure!! I’m looking forward to seeing what awaits me, and playing with what shows up 🙂

  112. Hmmm… Transiting Mercury in my 9th is the apex of a golden yod to my Saturn/Mars and Venus square. Then it’ll retrograde to aspect most of my personal planets. Keywords for this period seem to coincide with what you had to say for my solar return Marina. Guess we’ll see what happens. Brian’s north node is Pollux. Lol. Wild.

  113. transiting mercury rx in my sun sign of cancer (7 degrees) in my natal 7th house… hoping to revive a relationship and to establish a commitment after saturn and mercury have gone direct, with jupiter being in my sun and my 7th as well… hoping this is the year my dreams come true… is it ok to form a commitment during mercury retro if its with someone from your past who you’ve previously been involved with? hes a gemini sun so hes being affected by the mercury retro as well… we’re both going back over what it is we want and what we’re going to decide to do.

  114. Saturn is Rx under my natal mercury. I had my first sulphur reaction and my body went like measles and then like a boiled lobster and my thighs turned purple all accompanied with a prickly itch very much like Niacin.
    Did someone make a mistake? It last 6 days of hell. My natal mercury is square pluto in Leo from tauras. 12th
    Appaently mercury rules sulphur, yellow and so to cyanide..
    Saturn was 6th and this is my first serious temp. health problem since 1999. I’m glad we’re starting a new jupiter in cancer (2001)cycle but so far no changes for people I know. Havna’t post for awhile so a hi to all of you.

  115. you used to do a nice winding , tiled path of days showing visually mercury going back on itself and then forward again in 3 “rows” with the stars and degrees noted on the days of the path – I liked this it was very useful . ………….
    TIME to REsurrect this visual aid , perchance ???

  116. I got moved to Alaska despite Hg retrograde. I got 10 minutes from Calgary, Alberta, and they closed the highway in front of me, making everyone go back. Then they closed the road behind us because both Calgary and Lethbridge had both flooded with epic floods. I think it is interesting that 100,000 people were rendered homeless because Hg felt it necessary to impede my progress in my move from Iowa to Alaska. I ended up having to take the back roads to Edmonton. When I got to Alaska, I found my PC hard drive did not survive the trip and had to have a new hard drive installed. This is not to mention all the road construction and following pilot cars a lot of the time. But I got here and in one piece, so I am thankful for that. Just one more thing to fall into place, and then I’m all set to go back to work (I work online, so I brought my job with me) and all will be well.

  117. I was watching Wimbledon on 26th June. Loads of top players got injured and out of the game. Mercury rules tennis, arms, movements of the sport. Top players were out of ordinary while the less famous players were shocking well performed. Myself has mercury and sun both in natal 3rd house with reception with Mars in Virgo, ascendant virgo and MC Gemini retrograte of mercury gives me mental blocked can’t even talk properly 😀

  118. A very life changing event was 21 November 2012 after the 13th solar eclipse on my natal mercury, plus 21st Nov transit Mercury was in retrograde and it was at the midpoint of my natal sun and mercury…with the solar return of T-square 3rd pluto, 6th Uranus, 12th Venus I had a minor motor accident on 21st November now still have pins and plate inside my right Ulna bone and scars. Before the accident, I couldn’t think and talk properly I really think it was the mercury retrograde during my solar return while solar eclipse also conjuncted my natal mercury!

  119. Currently the price of gold and silver began to move down during the Mercury retrograde foreshadow period. Now they’ve reached recent multi-year lows as Mercury went retrograde. In a past Mercury retrograde, these prices hit and all time high.

  120. an electrical pole fell on the interstate, (heavy rain softened the base) closing north and south lanes during the wee hours of last night, the distant sound of trucks was replaced by uncertain cars driving by our place. I’m sticking to routine and actually happy that a delay in a repair here will put off MOM for another 2 weeks. I’ve M/retro/aries square this so rather fogged in.

  121. I have been working with Mercury Retrograde successfully for years with no problem at all. But then I do not fear difficult energies. Mercury Retrograde is actually one of the lesser difficult energies in astrology, just a frequent one, and is therefore easier to handle than most. Try an outer planet square sometime – then you will know what difficult is.

    Most of the time Mercury Retrograde is more of a pinprick than anything else. But someone who just always wants to be positive and optimistic all the time will not even appreciate a pinprick.

  122. CA/US asiana air crash & Lac-mangantic QUE, scores of local transport problems, elsewhere plane, (Dreamliner 787) fires, delays, new regs., all mercury retro stuff.
    The Lac-mangantic oil train went by here, same 70 # pressurized tanker cars. The asiana crash, & Lac-mangantic. were human error, thoughts, (merc/retro). A reverberating train coming to stop, reversing is reminiscent of mercury-retro, a runaway, train is a fairly strong translation , 7miles from error to town, the tanker-cars silently rolled unnoticed in the wee hours of NM Saturday towards 20 y/olds nightclubbing track-side in Lac-magantic. Kids partied w/o benefit of communication no forewarning is mercury retro….50 plus deaths is sat/retro w/ a Capricorn/pluto flavor (incineration by oil explosion) petrol for you UKers

    1. Yes, a very destructive Mercury Rx this time. Such tragedy.

  123. So far during this Mercury Retrograde: One Cancer friend’s Cancer cat was diagnosed with eye cancer, given a few months to live since too old for aggressive surgery. Same friend was fired from job. Another Cancer friend born with Mercury dominant and retrograde got Legionaire’s Disease, had 105 temp and was in hospital for a week. Hopefully next week’s Grand Water Trine will bring better times for us water signs.

  124. I am a Pisces. I lost a lot of money in the stock market on Jun 28th. Since then, I have not been able to make any profit. Usually I close the month with a profit. I am hoping next week ends the lull or do I have to wait for mercury to go direct on July 21st?

  125. I am a Leo, Cancer rising. Car blew up, both computers broke, fried net card, no phone service, broken headphones, near catastrophic relationship failure and my air bed popped. If this shit happens 3 times a year then that explains why my life is like this,

    1. yes Merc retro that often. but I think what you experienced is more than just Merc. Saturn and Pluto are also retro, and theirs are much longer than Mercury.

    2. typo: Saturn is already direct as for today.
      so the only retro as for today are Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron.

    3. It retrogrades more t han that! My guy and I have had major relationship issues the first and second time Mercury is retrograde Already this year, and November yet to go. Argh.

  126. Well written…excellent article. Adding to my favorites and bookmark this website. Thank you!

  127. There have been some instances of withheld communication but also extremely honest communication that may not have been received. I am finding this a confusing time and unable to say what I really need but I am happy the retrograde ends soon.

    1. Jennifer you know that during the period when Mercury is retrograde, all communications would go astray, meaning there by if you are honest it may sound not true or might lead to misunderstanding. This period is essentially not to initiate any new project or action; but dwell upon what you should do in terms of preparation, planning, thinking on what you can do better. Never enter into any contract during the retrograde period as you would always find some issues or legal complications.

      Vedic astrologer
      [email protected]
      (Formerly Professor of Physics)

  128. I am looking to sign some contracts of a financial matter which started before it went retrograde and was waiting for it to go direct again.
    After doing research into this, I have learnt about the shadow period and was wondering if that period is also not a good time to sign up with new contracts.
    The processes started in the shadow period before retrograde and I have held off whilst it was retrograde, but now, is signing them in the shadow period after it has turned direct again ok?

  129. I’m trying to get an accurate time for Mercury to go direct. My information says today, July 20, 2013 at 2:22 PM (EDT) in Cancer at 13:22. How can the times be so far off?

    1. I found it on the net saying: July 20, 2013
      18:22 GMT, 2:22 PM EDT, 11:22 AM PDT. But it’s BST here which is one hour ahead. I’m not sure if that is the same for the States.I should’ve put BST instead of GMT though.

  130. Yay for Mercury Is Now Direct day!
    I’m new to astrology. Could you please tell me when mercury “prograde” is and what that term means?

  131. Marina! You have got o be joking about the “truly magical time!” I’ve got a history of vile mercury retros but the worst was last weekend – when my daughter was driving down the M4. Her car suddenly petred out and broke down in the fast lane. She called the police, 999 and was told by the operator to stay in the car and wait – meanwhile traffic is whizzing past her at 70+ mph with massive risk of actually hitting her. She called me in hysterics, sobbing down the phone. I was powerless but kept her talking on the phone while we waited for emergency response. 17 minutes later, no police. She called again and to the operator’s horror, the call had not passed on to the local police from the switchboard. HAve you any idea what waiting for possible death for 17 minutes is like? And talking to your child knowing this might be the last time you talk to her?
    The switchboard passed the call on again and this time the police shut down the motorway, and towed her off to safety.
    That is how Mercury retrograde can work. No one had a magical time.

    1. Oh god that IS scary! Sorry you had to go through that. Well I guess it does depend on how the retrograde falls in your chart. I have had a magical time in some ways, but then yesterday twisted my ankle AGAIN. I have fallen down twice in the last 8 days. But I’m putting that to my general TR Saturn squaring everything !

    2. Oh also I must say that the days around the stations direct or retrograde (Like today) is definitely a dodgy time. I always maintained that. And now we are waiting for Kate’s baby in record breaking heatwave temperatures. Bet there are going to be some people fainting in the crowds around the palace today.

    3. Same thing happened to my daughter on a very busy expressway in Phoenix. She called Arizona Dept of Transportation and they were there within minutes to protect an rescue her . I would have never thought to do that. Her husband told her its the best resource b/c they are on the expressways at all hours doing their jobs.

  132. Have spent entire period from entering shadow to now in a dark bed cave with iron deficiency and a grand snot trine in my ears, totally lost balance so had to lie flat on back and watch spooky films and tv on catch-up. It’s been great, kind of miss it now I’m back on my feet.

    1. Grand Snot trine. I like that. That happened to my best mate (she even called it that!) and husband. Should seen that coming and recommended echinaca and vit C.

    2. You don’t need the stars for this Rachel, just the will!

    3. It was a fourth house thang, darkened rooms, family graves, zombie films…can’t go on forever but it was good while it lasted

  133. I would like to say it is nice to find a website again that shows the shadow dates. They are important too. Thank you for your full understanding of the retrograde, the shadow, direct and indirect then the final shadow. 😉

  134. Mercury Retrograde MAGICAL??? Who are you kidding?! This time around, a PEWTER Bookshelf fell directly on my right foot – even through a Hiking Boot, SHATTERED 3 Toes!!

  135. Last time? Petting a stray cat in the local park – BIT me so freaking hard, my left hand blew up & I had to be HOSPITALIZED. He actually broke a bone. There’s ALWAYS SOMETHING BREAKiNG of mine – sure wish I could simply just have an APPLIANCE break down an, rather than always something

  136. happening with actual BONES. What about the ENORMOUS MISTAKE of the IRS posting 1000’s of Social Security #’s all over the Web?! Another Cycle DONE.

  137. Souds like merc. retro. is an animus and dakini time.
    Wet and slippery. Put on your felt-soled stream fishing
    boots and lay low quietly casting into the trout pools. Fish can hear you coming if your step is too heavy.

  138. Like many I have merc rx in natal chart and I am very right brained, and my gifts are predominantly intuitive arts and occult and have actually found that during the rx i often get an opportunity often one missed in life before sometime to commit to something that honours my spirit, so although I do see there is often a disruption of the manual or practical process especially where routine is involved, the spontaneous opportunities of a life time often present for me then.
    Any other natal merc rx find this to be so too?

    1. ps its almost like he irons out the creases that have otherwise stopped the flow of something that was meant to be?
      So this will be interesting as in my first house and I have Neptune at 8′ which just got a nudge from the saturn/nth node conjunction and natal asteroid Morgan less than half a degree from the station direct degree, could actually invoke some good majik for me this time 🙂

  139. yes Debbie, I have natal mercury at 18 Pisces R and natal Uranus R at 19 Cancer. I just recognized the grand water trine last night and Scorpio being my midheaven. It seems much is lining up Before the retro period to set a foundation for more creative work and deep healing and lots of sleep. I always found Merc R to feel more natural to me as being out of step with “normal” outer life is not my ‘home’.

  140. I do not put any stock in the shadow period of the #MercuryRetrograde. It is not listed in any ephemeris. Why do astrologers mention the shadow of Mercury, but never comment on the shadow of Mars, Venus, or the outer planets, for they go retrograde too. Any science works best with PRECISION. And the shadow period seems to be just another superstition pushed on people. Will you say ANYTHING about the other (outer planets, and Mars, Venus) planetary retrograde shadow periods?

    1. Of course I will, if I get time to write them! Both Venus and Mars are retrograde next year. Shadow is probably an unfortunate word, but thats what astrologers use. What I think is important is the fact that Mercury goes over the same spot three times. That HAS to mean something if say it happens on hot spot like your AC or MC.

  141. Marina I love your views on both pornography and the misuse & degradation of sex and females. Too bad most females on planet Earth have either turned a blind eye feeling powerless to change this & other sexist manifestations, or they have bought into it all and are acting out sexist & porn standards in public (ie- fashions, older men- as if men have the right to females the age of their daughters!, etc, etc) and in their “hook-ups”, especially young women & teenagers. These female behaviours reinforce & perpetuate the situation. Our present & future society is being shaped by our blind acceptance of this. So much for equality in our so-called modern world! Women are in chains as much as they ever were, and the efforts, pain and struggle of previous generations of women are being undermined to a great extent, putting our future generations at risk. We need to all put our heads together, esp. via the power of the internet, and figure out ways to create positive lasting change. From a decan 3 aquarian.

  142. “Bleeding Feminism: An Incomplete List of What Sexual Consent Is NOT” is a great place to start!
    I have read several articles regarding consent. I would NEVER have guessed our daughters would be living in a time when the pendulum is skewed so far from where it was when I was her age (late 70’s-early 80s).

    Girls are afraid to go out of their homes. Story after story of men killing women with cars, knives and guns because of refusal to consent.

    We are on the verge of mass marketing male birth control (several types). Consent must be dealt with in society BEFORE the advent of male birth control, or Lilith will truly be overtaken by Pluto. As Stephen Colbert says, “ladies, be warned: if there is male birth control , we are going to want LOTS of SEX !!!”

    In a just world, would the male birth control make the men cramp too? Or can we truly hope for an enlightened, spiritual/sexual connection which can transcend these entrenched sex battles? Maybe Mercury (communication) is the key.

    (Decan 2 AQU sun)

  143. I already felt the effects of this one beginning Oct. 1: communications scrambled, meeting delays, websites not working. On the plus side: amazing breakthroughs in creativity with my writing. I’ve got more done on my screenplay this week than all last month. (It’s about time!)

    This is my Mercury return also (11 Sco), so even more focus.

  144. Thank you for your illuminating words on Mercury retrograde. I need to buy a car relatively quickly, when in this time of retrograde would be the best time to do it?

  145. Marina, quite happy that I discovered your site this week. Your thoughtful analysis is just what I needed. Question: must close on new home during Retrograde. Unfortunately, can’t wait until mid November. Would Oct. 20th – 24th be better days during this period?

    1. According to October 2013 Horoscope Guide magazine, 10/13, 14, 19, 20 are best days for buying a car, do major repairs. In October 2013 Dell Horoscope magazine.Looking Ahead 10/11, 19, 29, 30 are days to buy automobile, machinery, tools, implements. 10/19 seems best as both agree on that date.

    2. I checked both Dell Horoscope and Horoscope Guide for possible home closing dates for a relative that also must do in October. 10/28 seemed best, 10/25 2nd best.which combine buying real estate and signing papers, 10/26-27 is a weekend but also good as is 10/30. 10/31 is also good for legal matters if the others don’t fit.

    3. In addition Horoscope Guide lists 10/13, 14, 19, 20 for buying real estate.

    4. Dave,

      Thank you so much for the information!

      My October has been filled with so many strange happenings that I would like the closing/home ownership to go as smooth as possible.

  146. Every time Mercury enters shadow zone I dream a wicked dream about its cycle. The following several nights I dream about things which are connected, they deal with the same issue, but they are not necessarily connected to the first dream. On Oct 1 I dreamed there was a thief in my house – an old lady – and when I wanted to call for help, I couldn’t see the phone in my hand. I could see everything else, but not the phone, no matter how hard I tried. The following nights I had sexual dreams, reeeealy good ones 🙂

  147. Geesh. It seems that all these significant transits –both eclipses and the Merc rx are hitting me directly. Not only do I have Mars on Algol but the initiation of the shadow period and its return are both within a 5′ orb of my IC. No wonder I’ve been feeling like sh** Natal Merc is already watery and in the 12th! So this, in combination with Saturn/NN both in my 4th…old traumas are being brought up for resolution and healing. Scorpio is a good grave-digger for sure! No skeleton unturned. Oy… O.O

  148. I’m Scorpio with natal Mercury in Scorpio at 19º 13′. I’ve been feeling better since the shadow period began but have had a couple of what I consider retrograde inspired events, like receiving a letter dated 10/8 from my insurance co saying a doctor visit of mine wasn’t covered for $500 when it should be, the ins co. doesn’t know why it happened 😉 but it w/take 30-60 days to resolve. On 10/21, evening of the day Mercury stations retrograde at 18º closest to my natal Mercury, I have a wedding reception to attend, open bar, etc. Wondering what could happen based on the timing? Now I’m leery of leaving to go.

  149. Scheduled for removal of a cyst between brow and eyelid on Nov. 6. Mercury retrograde. I am a Capricorn/ Sag. Rising. Do you think I should reschedule? The oculoplast’s schedule is very limited. Crazy question I know, but please humor me. I have been setting this up since August, and would like to get it over and done with before winter sets in. Honest opinion?

  150. PS
    Feeling slightly better about schedule as I just found out Venus will be entering my sign of Cappy on the fifth of November. Do you agree this is good, because while not the primary concern, to a certain extent this surgery is cosmetic as well.

    1. I recently had a medical procedure done that I could not avoid during the Mercury retrograde, and the results came out fine. I think you should go ahead with yours without over-thinking it too much. I’m not a medical professional, so it’s up to you, but sometimes you just have to get things over with. Good luck!

    2. Thanks Marina and Greg. Greg, I decided to do just that. Currently in the healing post-op stage and am optimistic regarding outcome.

    3. I was thinking about you last week on the 6th. Glad to hear of the successful outcome so far.

  151. I need to buy a phone. Should i wait for the retrograde to complete? When are good days for purchases coming up?

    1. I bought a phone on the first day of the last Mercury retrograde because I could not wait any longer. One of the accessories I purchased was not compatible with the phone and I had to go back to the store. Also, the keyboard’s Function key has never worked and so I am not able to use apostrophes on my phone to this day. It’s maddening. The phone worked fine overall but there were just some nagging issues and the Function key has never worked. If you can wait, I would wait until after the Retrograde, or it will be a huge hassle.

  152. Oh joy! I have scorpio moon @18 degrees in my 2nd house, which is the focus point of the yod (saturn in 7th, sun in 9th)…. this should be interesting…

  153. I am getting married between oct 22 and -oct 31. We are doing a justice of the pace crt hse marriage …..(its a second marriage and we are in our 50s) I am an aries he is a scorpio. what is the best or worst day per the planet’s and this retrograde to tie the knot? We also just signed a lease


  154. I am curious now or confused lol I am Virgo sun, Scorpio moon signs I have pre-aranged a house move before this date ie all the nitty gritty details but I actually move in 24th Oct…is this still bad news?

  155. . I aplied for a postion but they sent me the rejection letter on Sept30. They called me again on October 18 and now I am waiting for the interview results….

  156. I appreciate your insights, and your site comes across as generally literate. A minor oversight in your current blog, maybe just missed by whomever types and posts your written pieces: “In the realm closer to spirit we become more right-brain orientated.” I do understand the point of the sentence, but there is no such word as “orientated.” The word is “oriented.”

    1. I do all the typing, run this website single handed and I don’t have a proof reader. I’m pretty rushed most of the time so sometimes I overlook typos. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s corrected now.

    2. HA! Great I’m a Brit and proud 🙂 Back to “orientated” it is then. I know I’m not the greatest speller so assume that anyone who corrects me must know better…

    3. I know that feeling Marina, and you do a great job! Awesome read I feel rather fond of mercury retrograde now LOL.
      Thank you for a great post 🙂
      Love & Light

    4. As I understand it North Americans say ‘oriented’ we Brits say ‘orientated’ – let’s call the whole thing off!

    5. I agree, and yes we do! (Brits that is) I could get on one about my ‘English’ being corrected into US version! But hey, It is a shame to be picky about such small things anyway, this is a fab site with awesome posts – we should relax and enjoy!

    6. Probably has to do with mercury neptune influence. As one mercury in pisces explained it, she makes up words all the time. I just looked up irregardless in my American Heritage Dictionary and it’s in there as a non standard word that is mistakenly used formally. But ha, it’s in the dictionary.

      And the Brits are famous for word play. What a volley. I notice the bardiness even in the British Americans generations into living in america.

    1. If it’s not a ‘word’ how did you just use it and I understood what you mean by it?

    2. Haha, I heard Anderson Cooper use “irregardless” a few months back on AC360… 0_0

  157. Getting a bit irritated here – I take the time and energy to reply and absolutely NOTHING gets posted. This occurred BRF

    1. Notch – learn the basics of 2nd grade CAPITALIZATION. Annoying.

  158. Hmm..please..why is it always ‘males’ who are affected by sexist is that? Females are aslo desensitized by porn..and just as prone to addiction and negative pyschological disturbances as males. In fact maybe even more so. Look at Miley Cyrus. It isn’t men who are making young girls act like don’t make women dress like whores..women like to be that way if they do it. Proof of this is when you ask a woman “why do you feel the need to primp and dress up, and wear tons of make up?” Invariably the reply is” I dress that way to feel confident, and it’s also to keep up with the other women” So please quit blaming societies porn problem on men..women are the big seducers..let’s put things in perspective:)

  159. It seems that when Mercury is retrograde; as most articles state, everything falls in a bucket of cow poop. And nothing positive happens until after the fact. SO as a result I try no to do anything business wise, electronic wise, or anything to do with communication until Mercury goes direct. I have seen and felt the pain of it all.

  160. I am always mindful of when Mercury goes Retrograde, Im not sure why. Maybe I just want to be aware. This period of Retrograde has affected me and my life in the most negative way ever! Im sitting here typing this with emotional heaviness. I can not wait until this is OVER and I can start using the right side of my brain, even if its LEFT 😉

    1. I agree with you Leena. I knew something was up. I have been emotional down too.

  161. LOL…All I can do is laugh. This whole month, since the end of September has been absolutely full of the retrograde’s affect. Someone stole my phone, all my pics, contact lost. My co-workers car was acting up, had some love, lots of past emotion flowing through and new understanding, delay..smh…then it hit me, mercury must be retrograde…with my phone stolen at the beginning of the month, I took as I needed a break from the technology, and just humbled myself, but then it felt like things are falling apart, sat down by the laptop and for sure they were….LOL…and here I am at this post. It was right on point for me…Thank you for listening and relaying the info. Blessed love and Peace!

  162. Mosr of this Mercury retrograde experience has been along the lines of technical things. I’m locked out of a software used for work. My neighbors disconnected my cable from the pole and hooked themselves up. But some of the more Scorpio themes are causing issue too. Also a strange issue/mystery concerning my daughter and school. Something was scaring her at school, and she is so scared she wouldn’t tell me what. I removed her from that school on the day mercury hit my mars, and enrolled her in another school. I also confronted a bully at her school, on the same day, and I scared the crap out of him. October and November are always interesting for me.

  163. L
    Help! I am a Scorpio stuck in this whirlwind of mercury retrograde! I have felt it in the dark places of my ex & my current bf’s ex. my ex has just proposed to the std ridden skank he cheated on me for and my bf’s ex is trying to come closer to him & his kids (could this be new moon madness??)
    It started last week feeling so overwhelmed and then today WHAM! IN YOUR FACE!

  164. This is a very interesting, but eerily accurate article. During the October retrograde of 2012, my significant other slipped into a period of porn addiction and substance abuse. The stresses became too frustrating for him and…under the retrograde…he made the decision to separate. Once the phase had ended, we were together again and everything normalized. This year, like clockwork, the issues of drug abuse came back and he yet again decided to withdraw from our relationship…on the very day the retrograde started. Did I mention his sign, Gemini, is ruled by Mercury?

    Whether you be the person directly influenced or an innocent and equally baffled bystander, I would highly suggest this article to anyone who seems to be effected by this horribly confusing time!

  165. This is eerily prescient! I had been in a relationship with a woman for 6 months, when I noticed something unusual in her behavior on October 23rd, and it accelerated on the 24th. I confronted her with it on the 26th. She was caught in a lie about trying to begin an affair on me. Over the next few days I was able to see how I was involved with a sex addict who was in denial, as apparently, so was I! The great irony is that I am an erotic artist, who truly considers his work to be a form of sacred magic. Thanks for this illuminating interpretation.

  166. Someone sent me a link to this in the news. Interesting. Porn revenge!
    Victims are taking on ‘revenge porn’ websites for posting photos they didn’t consent to. ABA Journal
    Wells and Toups are among thousands of victims of “involuntary pornography” or “revenge porn”—nude or sexual photos posted online without their consent. Revenge porn gets its name because many pictures are posted by former lovers who kept sexual photos after the relationship ended. Others are reportedly acquired through hacking, theft by repair people or false personal ads. The victims skew female and young, though experts say they can be of any gender or age. Sites dedicated solely to hosting these pictures have multiplied over the past few years.

  167. OMG!..I…..NEVER heard of “POST MERCURY RETRO” until….TODAY!!!..DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN, you ….THINK you’re done with Mercury when it goes Direct, NOW there’s even MORE time tacked on…..OYE…… I ALWAYS go by THE FARMERS ALMANAC. They do NOT say anything about this, I checked out another site which also did NOT mention this, so I truly do NOT understand.

  168. The stock market DJ,IA Nasdaq and S&P have all hit new highs during this MR period including today. One more day of MR post shadow and will we see a decline soon afterwards?

  169. Hello Ms. Partridge:

    Your opinion is valuable. When Mercury is in a sign during it’s retrograde does it also re-evaluate with the energy of that sign position? Specifically, as Mercury in Scorpio retrogrades can this be interpreted as a retrograde with Scorpionic insight?

    Dan Pfisterer
    (student of astrology)

  170. oh pooh! being merc rx natal usually gives me a pleasant if not successful time during his rx, this time he’s gonna back over my sth node in 4th house and I really am over family issues, they only want me back in the family if i be like them not myself… may be time for a magic act, anyone got a vanishing cupboard?

    1. Hi Debbie, Humm..
      I have mercury 4 degrees in Pisces in 11th house of friends.
      Recently I have been noticing several friends who sound like your family and want me to change into what they think I “should” be instead of who I am. Even dictating what time I should be going to bed. ( I work nights and am a normal night bird). I have sadly, started to distance myself from those who cannot be in the now with who I am . It must be difficult to have home and family on the other side of your fence. All we can do is love them for who they are , yet keep our distance. sad. Use your magic to become fully who you truly are and on this Cancer full moon to – build a lighted house and there-in-dwell. blessings

  171. Hi, I know this is not exactly the appropriate place for it, but, has anyone experience with planets in 22 degrees? Are there alternative interpretations, or is this always a bad placement? Also how about Pisces in 9 degrees? Same question, always bad?

    1. Oh dear! I that case I am doomed. I have Jupiter, Lilith and Mercury at 22º. And I was born on the 22nd. I love the number 22. It’s my lucky number.
      Who on earth said it was an unlucky number? It’s supposed to be a master number.

    2. Classic critical degrees are as follows:

      0, 13, and 26 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)

      8-9 and 21-22 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius); and

      4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

      These are considered sensitive, and sometimes strengthening, points. If a natal planet is found in a critical degree, that planet is thought to be emphasized and to assume more power in the life of the native due to its placement.

      This is what another site says.. So its open for discussion :-p. All in all, the number 22 in astrology strikes a mystical chord within me.. A bewildered response, something firm, yet elusive.

  172. My Solar Return is on the 6th of feb… I wonder if this might help me as I’m developing some skills I am not yet sure what to call. Something occult. Definitely.

  173. Ugh! I have an Aries mate telling me his rules and getting his feelings hurt when I don’t comply. I am loyal to a fault and dispose being told how I NEED to live.

  174. thank you for the shadow flash light… your weave is just what the doctor ordered!

  175. I have to go to court on the 6th Feb as I am getting divorced from my husband.. I am hoping that with there being a mercury retrograde on this date that this means it will all go through smoothly! Lets hope so.. ekkkkkk!

  176. What do you think about having surgery during this time? I just changed my February 11th date to the 19th. Since I am a Libra (10/20/49) I don’t know if it makes a difference. Any advice???????

    1. I know that Mercury affects medicine because it is the staff of Hermes that symbolizes medicine. I once planned surgery for my dog to have her cataracts removed and intraocular lens placement. This was planned on the day Mercury went retro. The surgery failed miserably, and all her problems continued until the day that Mercury went direct, which was the day that we had to do an ablation that rendered her completely blind because of the pain from her intraocular pressures being so high. I was not at that time aware of Mercury’s connection with medicine, but it was after this experience that I realized that Mercury rules medicine. Just my 2 cents’ worth. Not trying to be a downer or anything, but this is graphically imprinted on my mind now. I know the skies act as a concert rather than just 1 force prevailing overall, but I would never attempt that again, especially for anyone I love.

    2. I was supposed to have a minor cosmetic surgery but then I read it shouldn’t be done during Venus retrograde, so I cancelled it. Then a few days ago I read it shouldn’t be done during Mercury retrograde either because Mercury rules doctors, nor during Mars retrograde because Mars rules surgeons. This year all these retrogrades are happening one right after another, so no one should have any surgery until summer or what? This is so frustrating. It is supposed to be a 10 minute procedure and I have already invested HOURS of research in it and in the end it leaves me mad and with no results, having to wait for months. My Aries Moon hates this. I sometimes wish I never started learning astrology at all.

    3. We should be living lives of courage and not lives of fear. I don’t see astrology as our future, only planetary influences we have there to either take advantage of or step around. I understand your feeling that you wish you had never learned astrology. I once felt like that until I learned to put astrology in its place. Though in this instance, I personally would wait until Mercury retro is over because of a bad experience for my dog, whom I dearly loved, you still have many other influences to consider. Maybe the Universe is conveying a different message. I moved to Alaska during a Mercury retrograde, and my move was fraught with all delays imaginable for my 5-day journey through Canada, but I knew that was going to happen. I took stuff to do on my way, and at every stop waiting for the next pilot car, dodging floods, unimaginable rain downpours, etc. I just laughed to myself that I knew what was going on and everyone else cursing the delays were so much more unfortunate than I was. But please, don’t let astrology intimidate you into a life of fear. Having the courage to live life to its fullest is a part of the balance. Astrology is informational and a part of the whole picture, but it is not the whole picture.

    4. Thank you Frankie 🙂
      This is a challenge for me now – not to let astrology intimidate me. I hear a lot of beginners go through this fear phase when they start so that gives me some relief. On the other hand, I think most people start learning astrology in an attempt to explain things happening in their lives which don’t make sense and these events are usually unpleasant. I am not saying everyone learning astrology feel insecure, but most people do, including me whose past several years have been like living in The Twilight Zone. While I felt capable of successfully fighting all my life’s challenges I thought astrology was for delusional people. But after many emotionally difficult events I became obsessed with finding ways to prepare for whatever is coming next because nothing positive came for years.
      Back to Mercury retrograde, it affects me strongly because I am a Virgo rising, Gemini Sun and this one will be in my 6th house of health plus Mercury rules my first house (face) so I will wait.

  177. Of course it has started for me the moment Mercury hit 18º Aquarius! Four hours ago my phone started making problems, three hours ago my Twitter got its own will and followed some new people I have no idea how and then two hours ago strange things started happening to my laptop, I had to remove the battery two times to resurrect the poor thing, then I lost my internet connection and it has just returned a few minutes ago so I came here to check the dates, but I don’t even have to check, I can tell whenever Mercury hits the stations and turns whichever way. I am a Gemini Sun, Virgo rising.

  178. Only, mercury hasn’t hit any station, nor is it retro yet. But it did enter its “shadow” period.

    1. Every planet which moves retrograde has two stations – direct and retrograde. So there are two stations to this Mercury retrograde : the first one is at 18º 10’ Aquarius – this is where Mercury will station direct on February 28
      the other is at 3º 20’ Pisces – this is where Mercury will station retrograde on February 6. You always get the hint of the issues that will peak on direct station the moment the planet hits that degree for the first time. You calling it “entering the shadow period” doesn’t change the fact it is the future direct station, it is the same thing.

    2. ‘Station’ refers to a very limited time period before the actual retro or forward motion, where the planet seems to stop on its tracks, *not* when it first or last passes over the particular degrees. Shadow is not a term I personally prefer, it’s what astrologers use instead of saying for “it’s going back and forth these degrees three times”.
      Anyway, my actual point was already made by someone above: the stars impel, they don’t compel. Good luck with the retrogrades (to all!).

  179. This Mercury retrograde should be a relatively easy one for me because it is currently making an air trine to my Saturn, Neptune, Moon and Sun in Libra, and will revisit them twice more. Lots of mental energy there for my writing projects. If I stumble down a rabbit hole while looking for magic mushrooms, tell Alice to not wait up for me. 🙂

  180. I always know when Merc’s about to go into the foreshadow, as I start accidentally dropping things that I pick up. Keys will fall out of my hand, a plate, a book…it seems to affect my hands first. Sometimes I’ll trip over things a lot and I’ll think, “Uh oh, must be close to Rx!”

  181. This is in my 12th. Day one of the shadow and I kick off electronically at a cousin who is pressurising us to film my mother’s funeral and post it on the Net so that my aunt, in a care home in U.S., can see it.
    Great time to be handling probate, but at least I have Saturn in 8th sextile MC

  182. My archetype is giving me problems, just when I am about to start something amazing… I just hope I am able to breath it out… many sirens on my head (Persephone and Sedna on 10th H. Sun conj. Venus is a firey relation). Hope Eris conj Chaos will bring me to the other side of the ocean…


  183. Hi, Just found your article today. Wow, it explains a lot. I have sun and moon in Gemini with Mercury and Jupiter conjunct. I am very sensitive to Mercury retrograde. Today I began picking up more than normal Mercury type brain static, I am having a hard time focusing. I find that I can’t spend as much time on my computer. Great article, I have bookmarked it and will be referring to it again.

  184. My boyfriend went from being close to me every day to telling me he didn’t want a relationship and asking me to leave as he wants time alone. I am heartbroken. He is emotional and I am wondering if it is a retrograde effect. 🙁

    1. To the person above, sweetie that sounds more like a Venus retrograde issue..which will be ending here very shortly ( the 31st). With Merc retro right on the heels of that he may surprise you & “rethink” his decision to break up. Just hang in there.

    2. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the reassurance. He is coming to have dinner tonight, so I am hopeful that this is a good sign. I just had a look at Venus retrogrades and came across this:

      A lot of folks feel the need to pull back from relationships and rethink things, especially those in the “hot and heavy” or “I don’t know what we are yet” stage, or those that are “on again off again.” It’s very normal, sometimes you need to come down to earth, pull back from the swirling intensity. Problems happen when the other person takes it personally, becomes fearful of losing the relationship, and refuses to let it happen. Getting upset about it sends the message, “I care about my feelings more than I care about yours.” Wouldn’t you rather send the message, “I respect your feelings and care about you enough to give you your space, and I will be here for you when you are ready to reach out.”

      I don’t know how to thank you enough for your guidance in this matter. Blessings to you. xxx

  185. The stock market began to move down sharply when Mercury Retrograde shadow began in Aquarius last Thursday.
    Now with MR shadow entering Pisces on February 1 and retrograde on February 6, any idea if the stock market will reverse and begin to rally? Or is there any known association with Aquarius and Pisces in finance to make some guesses? Generally, MRs have increased stock market volatility including gold and silver prices.
    My favorite MR story so far, a Pisces with Mercury in birth chart in Pisces Detrimental in degree MR will pass through, brand new garbage disposal leaked. That is water/Pisces and electricity/Aquarius. I’ve had various stuff happen including overflowing friend’s toilet, computer snafu at store where item wouldn’t scan at correct price, store claims never happened before. Another friend flew from east to west coast and left all their credit/debit cards home. Another was stuck in an elevator. Another had cleaning woman accidentally eat homemade marijuana candies and ended up in ER. Of course, not all may be MR influenced.

    1. In no way am I an expert in financial matters, but I must warn you that the Jupiter opposition to Pluto this year makes investments rather volatile, IMHO.

      Plus the social side of it: Occupy Wall Street will probably resurge this year. The billionaires are accusing poor people of hunting them down in a Nazi witch hunt here in the US. ha ha! Poor billionaires. 🙂

  186. Literally sopping wet here in England and a section of coastal mainline railway washed away by storm

  187. Interesting, if frustrating effect of the coming Mercury Rx : My ATM Card stopped reading and ‘died’, and my flash memory stick I use to transfer pictures and text to the print shop also crashed the same day!
    I reformatted the flash drive and it worked yesterday, but I ordered a replacement ATM card. Hope they don’t lose it in the mail…

  188. Should I celebrate my birthday early, given that it falls on 18th? Doesn’t sound like a good day to have one this year!

    1. The Sochi Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies are within this Mercury Retrograde.
      Lots of frozen water, electricity, and communications.

  189. My birthday as well! Happy Birthday! I was thinking the sand thing. Im waiting til the 22nd. Sun is in Pisces though 🙁

  190. Hmmm..that`s too much information for me. I`m not sure how to interpret it. I need to sign my divorce papers and I`m looking for a window of opportunity in february. Or should I just wait until march?

    1. Funnily enough, I am going through the same. But since I married the day before Mercury went retrograde I just think it figures, so we went for it anyway. This Mercury retrograde isn’t too bad in terms of stars, so I think, better to get everything done before Mars Retrograde and the cardinal cross in April.

  191. Yes- I almost feel cheated that the Sun isn’t even in Aquarius on our birthday! Does this have any astrological significance (ie if you are born on the cusp and the Sun changes signs on your actual birthday, before your birth time)? I ask because I am right on the border of the 2 signs at 29 deg 58′ 3″! Happy Birthday to you too, Dark Orchid!

  192. Wow. This ones already a doozy. Feeling it, seeing it manifest with absolute profundity.

    1. Everything in my home has been out ofwack for awhile now with eletronics to constant shocking around the house to my 2yr grandson being so emotional for no reason, having it rough with my husband. .ect..its really creeping me out.

    2. son has had a really rough week at school, uncharacteristic of him. spouse has been deathly ill. i’m on my period, currently detoxing. started getting cuts, nicks and scrapes all over my fingers and hands a few days before the 6th. gemini sun, virgo rising. i ascribe to the idea that chiron rules virgo, but i have mercury-chiron natally anyway.

  193. yep, starting to feel that underworld state. Thursday, threw 20 or so finished framed variety of paintings out with the bath water into the garden. haven’t had a desire to collect them! Out with the old, in with the New~

  194. I have mercury in my 12th house of cancer. It is conjunct my sun. I was born during mercury retrograde. Does mercury retrograde affect people different if they were born during retrograde?

  195. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT article. Thanks for such superb and full delination. Happy retrograding!

    1. Marina’s post is just fine thanks, I prefer her interpretations to anything merely technical cheers

    2. Well someof us like to look at the stars as well as reading about them!
      If people didn’t fall in love with the night sky there would be nothing to read about.
      Marina’s posts are full on both sides. From the “technical” standpoint (I prefer the term astronomical) the only thing I see missing from the Mercury RX article are the Inferior and Superior conjuctions (yes madame, this is an underhanded request 🙂

    3. Thanks Sidra! Neither article prepared me for the water control handle of my shower falling off during a shower this weekend. As the water flowed uncontrollably, I realized it was just another MR event and not to get upset.

    4. Dave, I had a similar water knob experience a few days before the retrograde started. The bathroom sink wouldn’t turn off and the handle kept twisting until it came off and I had to forcibly hold it onto the spout to prevent a geyser of water from shooting across the room. With no way to shut the water off, I had to do some acrobatic movements to get my phone from the other room so I could call my landlord, who thankfully arrived within minutes. It was wild and unexpected at the end of a very sedate day. A few days ago I set a tea cozy on fire by turning on the wrong burner. Only five days in, will be interesting the next few weeks. 🙂

    5. Oh no! I’m so sorry. Yes, unfortunately nothing I’ve read has been specific enough to tell exactly what or when those pesky mishaps will occur, but at least we know why. Hopefully that will be the biggest and last problem you encounter during this MR : )

  196. I am libra born 1st October and the past years especially the mercury retrograde times have been HORRIBLE. enough now!!

  197. me and my ex boyfriend has huge falling 2 days before the MR not sure if that really had to do with it sense it was a couple of days ago but everytime we talk hes saying really mean stuff and our communication is off.. hopefully by the end of MR we can talk again and work on a relationship.

  198. Having Virgo Asc and MC, north Node/vertex in Gemini with mercury in Scorpio 3rd. I have a lot of troubles whenever mercury goes retrograde. From home/phone internet to as bad as gossips argument at work, at worst motor accident confirmed with eclipse and solar return progression etc As Mars in Virgo at 1st ruler of 8th mutual reception with Scorpio mercury in 3rd.

  199. Marina, I always love reading your interpretations. Aside from being so accurate, they are also poetic in the way you explain things. I am puzzled by one thing in this article, though.
    You state that “Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn”. I was taught that Aquarius was ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution and that’s what I’ve always heard and read as well. Is this some astrological system with which I’m not familiar? I’m very curious about this. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Emmett. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, before Uranus was discovered. Even though I agree that Uranus resonates strongly with Aquarius. I do now think its best to use the traditional rulers for the zodiac signs since the modern rulers move far too slowly to be of use with traditional forecasting techniques. I really didn’t “get” or rather feel Saturn as Aquarius’s ruler until quite recently. As I have a stellium in Aquarius, I appreciate Saturn’s hidden charms now. He is the lord of the rings.

    2. Thanks so much, Marina! That is very interesting, I never knew that. I’m certainly no expert on astrology but I’m pretty good at knowing the archetypes of it. I agree, Saturn is wonderful. My astrologer (Hannibal Guidice, now deceased sadly) told me that Saturn is the “good father” – he sets boundaries out of love for his “children”. When you’ve crossed some boundary Saturn sure lets you know! He is the teacher, too. I love Saturn actually, because he always steps in whenever I mess up and I’ve learned alot from him. If you pay attention to him the first time around, you’ll save yourself alot of grief LOL. I just started my second Saturn return in December and it’s a wild ride; I knew about the second Saturn return 30 years ago though so tried to “clean up my act” as much as I could. It seems to have paid off so far, but Saturn has some good disruptions for me this time around and I’m glad of it. Lots of change ahead this year.
      Gotta love Saturn!

    3. ” I just started my second Saturn return in December and it’s a wild ride; I knew about the second Saturn return 30 years ago though so tried to “clean up my act” as much as I could.”

      I’m Scorpio and currently in 2nd year of my 2nd or 3rd Saturn return which began on 10/5/12. It’s been a doozy since the beginning forcing me to deal with a few long term life issues. While not pleasant, definitely needed to face them and I feel it will be beneficial by the end of Saturn return.
      Just wondering how yours could have started in December? I’m no astrology expert here so forgive me if I don’t understand.

  200. Very helpful and insightive to read. I really enjoyed the details you share. Thanks, I hope to catch more of them.

  201. Dear marina,
    Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 2 days before the MERCURY RETROGRADE. Everytime I try to talk to him now he’s just a mean person… I’ve talked to psychics and they say that he’s not him self right now does this have to do with MERCURY RETROGRADE

  202. Dear marina, during the retrograde from feb 6 I fell very ill and was on bed till yesterday February 11th… does it mean anything with te retrograde. .? Cuz im aries and I had neurological problems past one week and actually it almost destroyed me

  203. I turn 60 on the 17th. This retrograde started with finding out my partner has a sex addiction. Everything has turned upside down. Going within now, not sure how to deal with all this.

  204. I have a few people I would like to argue with right now, number one among them is my Leo friend. I am pissed at her because she just disappeared from my life since it tumbled upside down. In the past years while she was having problems I was there for her every single day. Now she sent me a short formal text message after not hearing from her for two months because I stopped contacting because she stopped contacting me first and for a while I was the only one who ever called. So, to her I would be Mercury retrograde in her 7th house but so far I am holding back from it because I know it is Mercury retrograde and I am a Gemini with Virgo Ascendant. To me she is transit Neptune opposite Ascendant (she and all the others I am pissed at). But now I am thinking, if she can be a damn Neptune for me, why would I hold back from being a Mercury retrograde? I last shorter and I am not so horrible as Neptune. I don’t know, I’ll see about that, but my anger has to go somewhere and wouldn’t it be a constructive thing to direct it at whoever is being a jerk to me?

    1. I experienced the same thing with my long time best friends ;/ this is so true.. I’m an aries with Pisces in venus . Sacrifice compassion. /smh

    2. I am very sorry to hear that 🙁 And I hate the level of compassion I have to live with, I always justify other people’s crap with “if they were aware of what they are doing they wouldn’t be doing it” and I am probably right, but too much forgiving leaves you lonely anyhow.

  205. I ran into THE ex of my life on Saturday night (actually Sunday morning, 16th). I haven’t seen him since Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in 2012, Saturn is now on that degree. We were both soooo happy to see each other, I just love our first reaction because that is always the best one. He said he owes me an explanation for having been a jerk with me and he wanted to talk and I should text him today. So I did. And then he started evading as I knew he would, I told him when we met I just expect him to withdraw and I told him I don’t trust him at all. Today (17th) he is being a sleazy slippery jerk again and I got so pissed I told him I now have a new scale for all the jerks in the world and it is called “how big of a jerk are you from zero to His Name”. He is being passive aggressive now.
    He is a Cancer rising and Cancer Sun at 9º, so he is really affected by these transits.
    Our relationship was never normal and it started with Saturn in Libra and Lilith/Jupiter Conjunction. Even in our synastry his Lilith is conjunct my Ascendant ruler. But we have some nice aspects as well, it just seems they work for a several minutes every year and a half.

  206. I love this. Very creative take on the Mercury retrograde.
    It’s so funny, we just get out of the Venus retrograde in Capricorn (I’m sun, venus, mercury and neptune Capricorn) and it’s made me look at my current, great relationship with doubt and I couldn’t stop thinking about my old flame and how we kind of left each other on a bad note. Now we go right into mercury retrograde and my thoughts about this guy are even stronger.
    I love my current boyfriend and he treats me so much better, but me and the other guy are two creatives and think so alike but I knew we could never be together because he didn’t want a serious relationship with me. Guess it’s just a case of wanting what I can’t have. Can’t wait for Mercury to go direct 🙂

  207. I thought today may be a negative down day in the stock market when I read here “February 18 -19 Mercury square Saturn gives us a dose of reality , … sudden loss through speculation, domestic sorrow and trouble.” but the tech heavy NASDAQ hit a 14 year high, Tesla the car maker an all time high along with general exuberance. Gold and silver, oil have moved highest since last MR. Will 2/19 bring the dose of reality?

    Also, an Aquarius born today 2/18 chart has natal Mercury in Aquarius at 21 degrees. I thought it would be a very bad day for them since Mercury today in Retrograde so close to birth Mercury. They had a court date for child custody today and after reading there may be “domestic sorrow and trouble” along with “The Moon is on Algorab on February 18 too (8.43pm GMT) activating Uranus square Pluto and making a grand cross with Jupiter which will always inflame situations. This is probably the most difficult day of the whole Mercury retrograde. Those who have been living in a Pre-Raphaelite painting will experience quite a rude-awakening when an ugly cubist horror rips through the canvas.”
    The person was awarded 50/50 custody which is what they were seeking and also the judge overturned another judge’s ruling of contempt of court which had a 2 week jail sentence that was to begin in March.
    So, instead of negative day, it was a very positive outcome for this Aquarian.
    Now the sun has moved into Pisces will the tide turn 2/19 or wait until Mercury goes direct in Pisces during the post shadow period.
    Generally I had positive fast events since Mercury went retrograde after a lousy pre-shadow period. I dread the post shadow!

    1. The Aquarian I mentioned who had positive stuff happen just before Sun went into Pisces now had assets frozen by soon to be ex-wife. There also has been some NYC streets becoming electrified due to snow and salt used to melt it getting into power stations, one dog was electrocuted walking over a manhole. Others had shocks touching doorknobs Guess that’s water and electrical during this MR.

    2. Oh my goodness I got an electric shock from the bathroom light switch and ended up having to go to the ER because of tingling in my arms and mouth. Crazy. Don’t tell me this was MR playing out!!

  208. In my natal chart I have 0 degrees Mercury in Libra 12th house . How would this be affected by Mercury Retrograde going retrograde. You mention March 21st time being a particularly sympathetic to creativity. Does the 0 degree aspect have any quantitive significance. I am curating an evening of music on the 20th. of March for the first time in more then 30 years.

  209. Could the bloodshed in Kiev on Feb 18th be connected with when the Moon was on Algorab and activated the grand cross?

  210. I got a call from my Leo ex today. He owns a bar with his friend who is Leo as well and they want to close it. I told him to wait until beginning of March and then decide.

    1. Oh, and I just recalled his Mars is on Sirius so it is very probable that there will be some major changes in his job with the Grand Cross in April.

  211. Oh dear, this is hebe stuff. Co-dependency. No wonder I feel so flushed out. Could I have actually released my tendency.

  212. I literally spilled coffee on my laptop, despite the warning. Doh! Then, on that Algorab grand cross moon day guess who went down with food poisoning from eating oysters scavenged off the beach, grubby little crow that I am! More seriously I went to Marina’s FB post about Neptune/Mercury incident and have to agree – the poison has been flying around, but have also been forewarned enough to look past it and not react.

    1. This cycle has caused havoc everywhere, including in my own life the past month. I see it all around me other’s lives too. I’m starting to feel calmer now. Wow

    2. Oysters…. Bllleeeeeaaaaauuuugggghhhhh! You should have waited for nightfall. I bet they glowed in the dark!
      I got a poisonous house guest on meds for depression but more so alcohol… Even my rhino hide Capricorn sun conj Facies husband was relived when she left… Meanwhile I’m taking something akin to snot to boost immunities… I’m now coming down with a cold. I’ve been living with Mercury Neptune for some time. Full of ideas but mostly lying in the bath dreaming….

  213. WhatsApp is down all over the world, including Serbia. I don’t think that’s surprising given that Facebook bought it during this Mercury Retrograde 🙂 but it is the first time this has happened since I installed it which was more than a year ago. I think it is actually the first time that has happened since they built it, but I don’t have official information about that.

  214. After reading this, it all makes sense. It’s been a crazy month in all aspects. In fact, my boyfriend and I called it quits this past Tues., the 18th!! I really hope we can reconcile after this.

  215. Please help!, when will be the best time to have an operation to the facial area, as I tend to bleed a lot and bruise. I was told never when Mars is in retrograde and Mercury is in retrograde. What date would you recommend as I have surgery scheduled in the month of Mars in retrograde……. I would rather postpone than come out with further problems. Can anyone assist me here ?

  216. Is the missing Malaysia Air plane considered a Mercury Retrograde post shadow event? It has water and electrical involvement.
    A 27 y/o Pisces born 3/20 had a seizure w/ convulsions last week, never before. Epilepsy seems to have been ruled out and could be a one time event. Would this be considered a Mercury Retrograde post shadow related event?

  217. Y’know, after reading this, I’d be curious what you might have to say knowing I have my natal Venus spot on Betelgeuse. This retrograde has my head spinning and my feet ready to bolt but my head is wholly unsure what the best move is, or where to focus – and I’ve been feeling a big shift on the rise for a month at least. . . so this is nerve wrecking. So rather than charge foprward/off, etc., what I am choosing to do is ask for my own ideal to be what seemlessly lays itself at my feet. My birthday is also the day before the retrograde sets in. I’m all aflutter and trying to hold tight and stay centered so I don’t fly apart. Task city!

  218. what’s your oppinion on signing a job contract
    between 18th-20th June that being a mercury retro period?
    I’m a capricorn with cap ascendant so this mercury retro will begin in my 7th (conjunct my natal moon at 2°Cancer in 7th) and continue in my 6th house. I really have no choice here…
    Just wondering if it will mean some kind of
    communication/co-workers problems on a new job?
    Really anxious about it…

    1. Hi Burka,
      I had an interview as well.. and was worried about the same thing. This link- although pretty general- provides a nice overview of what the interpretation is in each house.
      This mercury transit will be affecting my 2nd/1s house. Mercury will stationary retrograde in my 2nd house- (3 Cancer) then stationary direct in my 1st house (24 Gemini). I’ve been worried- and have been having some second thoughts about changing jobs (probably the shaddow at work- I’m currently employed and love my current job- but this is a good opportunity)- and part of my concerns was thinking it would be a bad time to sign a contract. But according to the position and aspects in my chart- it actually is a good time to reinvent how I’m seen in the world, look for stronger financial stability and change my everyday routine (which will change pretty dramatically since they’re very different positions). Your positioning of mercury stationary direct in 6th looks promising, too.
      Hope that helps!

  219. I loved the keywords you used to add to these writings you so skillfully do. Thanks for a stellar bit of info.

  220. Should I take a new job or wait until the middle of July?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. That degree is trine to my Sun-Moon in Libra and sextile natal Pluto in Leo.
      Happy coming birthday. Should be a good day for us both!

  221. “Don’t travel?!!” – what about can’t travel! The South African got has decided that everyone who is a resident must now come in and out of the country with their residency papers at all times… result? Total chaos! My husband now stuck in SA because – his papers were stolen by an ex employee and he can’t get them replaced for ages… Maybe when Mercury goes retrograde the situation will reverse? Or he’s stuck there for another two months while we should be having our Euro holidays. Bah humbug.

    1. So sorry that your life is in chaos (too), UQW.
      May was like Mercury retro all month for me. The bank lost my ATM card twice, my doctor fell off his bike and can’t see me tomorrow, and Lady Gaga got sick two hours before her show and postponed until August. I enjoyed the train ride and the hotel in Seattle, but no Bad Romance…
      Good luck, dear.

    2. Oh no! That’s terrible. Here in Ikaria we are on day three of unseasonably cold wintery weather. It’s never like this in June. The beach is frustratingly on our doorstep but unusable. Instead we will have to try a country hike this afternoon. Was planning on a relaxing beach holiday… Oh well. Walking in the country is healthy atleast. Weather looks to change on the day of the retrograde. So we do atleast get a sunny weekend before we come home.

      Hopefully things will sort themselves out for you too when it turns. This was supposed to be a good retrograde!

    3. Oh dear, there’s nothing more depressing than bad weather on your holiday! If its any consolation, its been awful here too. We’ll need another nice lunch to recover when you get back!!!

    4. Luckily we planned our sight-seeing /trekking parts to coincide with the cloudy days. Yesterday was unexpectedly fantastic after lunch. Looks like the worst is behind us now though thank god.

  222. Trickster at work! my daughter’s phone has started sending what she calls ‘Frankentexts’ – part way through a message it will cut and paste part of a much older message, embarrassingly!

    1. Mu husband found his residency papers stuffed back of a shelf in the garage. wtf! We have no idea how they got there – I know someone who worked for us used to hide things before she tok them off the premises… Anyway, hopefully he can now board a plane for London!
      I was tidying my books up today and found a duplicate of a book I am currently reading – have NO idea how that got there either! Trickster schmikster…

    2. Great news! Glad he got the papers back.
      Wish I could send Marina some of this beautiful late Spring weather; mid-70’s to 80’s here all week.
      I still plan on tea (or beverages) with you all one fine day in London. Would be a great time!

      Happy retrograde, all.

    3. A few people have asked about a Darkstar get together. I want to do one this summer. Anyway. Mercury is trickster indeed, just 2 hours after my woeful message of weather-doom it was back to sunny gorgeousness.

      During the less beachy weather we did hiking and saw the beautiful countryside of Ikaria with waterfalls and pirate houses built in rocks. Very steep climbs which wouldn’t have been pleasant in 25c plus. So it worked out all good in the end. Usually it’s windy on this part of the island but we are being treated to absolute calm now. Tourqouise sea heaven!

  223. I ran into my complicated never-ending on and off Cancer guy, my Lilith/Jupiter story. I didn’t see him since Mars turned retrograde and then I bumped into him on Friday. He just saw me at the club after several months, came to me, grabbed my hand and said “let’s go” and I didn’t say anything, we just left the place hand in hand. Friday was good, we talked and he was honest with me for the first time. But then on Saturday he got angry with me, but he won’t fight (as always, he has natal Mars retrograde), he is being passive aggressive now and I am just tired of it because I recognize the pattern, he does that every time. He will play dumb now for a while and the burst at one point when I don’t expect it over something stupid.

    My solar return has Gemini rising and this Mercury Rx combust at 1º Cancer in the 1st house. I wonder what it means and whether it is related to him.

  224. I disagree with Mercury having a dark side or a solar opposite thought side. Right Brain or left brain. I have found mercury retrograde periods to have unpredictable consequences, which might have to do with the sign transit and your personal Birth Chart. But usually it is related to information being not full established in the weeks before the retrograde period and then a reworking of the same information during the retrograde track.

    Like with machines, I own, I have seen my car have hints of a breakdown with, say the breaks, but I didn’t respond to the info I was receiving, then the Car break down during the retrograde period. This seems to be the way a mercury retrograde period acts. It’s interesting how often machinery and cell phone communications become obstructed during the transitions. But also how the indications of malfunction are available ahead of time. Unlike a Uranus planet issue.

    But also often during mercury retrogrades I’m entirely unaffected…….while people around me are going crazy with retrograde complications.

    I don’t remember any darkness involved…though thoughts do tend to miss-direct as actions are taken. Such is the symbol of the Metal itself, being speedy and erratic. But mostly mental.

  225. I was wondering… does it matter that my sun and rising sign is Virgo. Does this increase the influence or hep the influence?

  226. I have a friend thats traveling to Florida to a mutual friends wedding dated for June 14th. I wanted to caution them about the retorgrade, but knew it would only end up with them calling me the Debbie Downer. I hope all work out for the best, I’ll sit back and see where it all leads

    1. While reading this page I was thinking about all of the June Weddings! Should be interesting to see how things pan out for all these newlyweds! 🙂

  227. Retrograde mercury can affect different people in different way. Something just started with me is my PC is in trouble now. Its showing me blue screen and I think I need to repair it. Everything that comes under mercury can get affected.

  228. Marina,
    This mercury retrograde started off without any major problems. What happened to me is a reminder not to take things for granted. Lol. Some of the apps on my cell would shut down soon after clicking on them. One of the apps I use most often was in a permanent state of “updating”. Would neither open up or shut down. My laptop stopped recognizing my cell. The USB cord to my cell was not recognized by my laptop. I spent over two hours on online chart support with AT&T, windows. This sounds like a day out of tech hell. My cell went kaput, had to get a new one, the USB drivers on my cell had to be deleted and reinstalled. Get the picture? I was about to start tearing the hair out at the roots. Every time I thought I had it figured out, another problem came up. This mercury retrograde craziness started at about 7am this morning. I never had a serious problem with mercury retrograde. I think mercury had bottled years of tech hell and unleashed it on me today. Lol, this would be one for the books.

    1. I’m just letting the technology have its moments of glory… all manner of things not doing what they should… also got into a car park lift today to return to my car – on floor 6… but oddly, there is no button for 6 in the lift… but outside the lift on 5 is a list of all floor the lift goes to… and 6 is top of the list… began to think I was in some awful movie.

    2. reminds me of getting turned around while visiting a friend in the hospital, ending up inside the locked psych floor, they didn’t recognize me, (luckily). Interesting since it’s existence is denied….like a sixth floor w/o a button. think I went up the service elevator, bad idea in a hospital.

  229. Please make it stop! I got into a fight with my husband, found out unpleasant info at anew job, ac broke, took horrible two day vaca at the beach trying to escape, husband got fired, electrical outlets stopped working, hotel overcharged me 1 k. I am virgo.. i thought this was suppose to be a small retrograde..

    1. I thought it was going to be small too, but with the amount of craziness that hit only 2 days ago it looks like we’re in for some serious mercury mischief. Something in my iPhone fried, I had to get a new one, but there was a surprising twist. I ordered the new iPhone from the AT&T website, and the accessories as well. I kept the same services, even added unlimited texts and get this: I only paid 95.00, was able to pick up in store same day, and my monthly bill is now $30.00 less. So it was like mercury gave me a kick in the rear which ended up beneficial for me after all.

    1. Probably, but this is a surprisingly strong mercury retrograde.

  230. A young woman before me in the bathroom left her telephone behind. She came running back and I returned it to her. The screen was cracked but she was eternally grateful and said not to worry it had already been cracked. In my birth chart I have mercury retrograde in Gemini at 14 degrees, 4 degree orb to my Gemini sun in the 8th house…Square Chiron and Jupiter Pisces 5th house. This retro has been particularly difficult and fear inducing, yet transformative in the end.

  231. i have to agree with the above comment… the two retrogrades we’ve had this year have been very intense and quite upsetting for me. the first one however – one the most painful few weeks of my life, which is seriously saying something – led to me grieving for something that desperately needed to be grieved for. it was illuminating. hopefully this one, which is also proving difficult will do the same thing 🙂

  232. We left for vacation on 6/18 from E. TN to Panama Beach Florida. Yes, right in the middle of a retrograde. Everything that could go wrong did.

  233. I have to say I suffer during Merc retro as my chart ruler is Merc and this one has been terrible – a relationship (although not really a workable relationship) has gone down the pan, plus nothing workwise has come off particularly well (story of my Aries life for the last 6 months). I am very stuck in my life right now and can’t see beyond anything, very fed up!

  234. Last week an ex colleague called me. We worked together 4 years ago in the city where I used to live and haven’t seen each other since, but he started hitting on me on Facebook 6 months ago, just out of nowhere. I was struggling with consequences of my Kundalini awakening at that time ( I still am but it has become far easier by now) , having the hardest time of my life so I rejected all his invitations to go out and he stopped calling.

    Now he started calling again around the last Full Moon, we spend several days texting and chatting and it was all a lot of fun. Then last Friday he came to my my city, we went out and we kissed and continued chatting for the next couple of days and it was still all so cute and then he just stopped writing after Sunday and I am pissed.

    He is a Taurus (with a Taurus stelium) with Gemini rising. I don’t know which degree his rising is, but it could easily be somewhere in the Orion’s belt because he used to be a professional athlete and now he is a very successful businessman. My Sun is there. He is having some problems with his spine (transit Saturn opposite Sun) and he is also thinking about leaving the company he works for and starting his own business (transit Mercury retrograde).

    So once again, your predictions rock Marina, very precise Mercury Retrograde analysis for me. I just have to wait and see how it ends because it just went from childlike play to me being pissed. It is triggering my trust issues which have been massive throughout my life, especially in the last 3 years with transit Neptune on DC.

    1. Oh, btw, Mercury will station direct right on my Sun so I am pretty sure I will be somehow affected. I will let you know how this ends.

    2. Mercury is out of shadow zone and we are still playing at having a relationship, sending courtly love notes from afar. We communicate a lot, every day. We met last weekend, he came to the festival where I worked with his friends and then just hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. But apart from that, he acts as if we were in a real relationship, it is just that it is from afar and mostly online and not getting physical. Very confusing and frustrating for me. I don’t think I will be able to handle this for too long.

      We are both traveling soon, so I probably won’t see him till the second half of August. If we keep this intensity of contact it will be two months of everyday lovey dovey chatting. But I doubt anyone can just chat for two months from two different cities without having sex, it is insane.

      He also definitely decided to leave his job. He just needs to resolve a few things but he says he is leaving soon because he doesn’t like “the sick atmosphere there”.

  235. Hi,
    I’m looking online for how will a mercury retrograde trine natal sun will play out. Does anyone have any clues. My natal sun is in 26 Aquarius. Mercury retrograde is currently transiting 26 Gemini. My sun rules my 9th house. Mercury rules both of my 7th and 10th houses. Mercury retrograde is currently transiting my 7th house. Mercury retrograde is also about to conjunct my natal Ceres by 1* from 6/28 to 7/1. So far I’ve been thinking of re-evaluating the way I’ve been trying to accomplish my goals (Leo/9th house: belief systems, Virgo/10th house: career/social standing). I’ve also been thinking of an old boyfriend and how I would like to be able to communicate with him if only for closure (mercury retrograde in 7th & mercury rules my 7th house). Any comments, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Rashel,
      Since the last full moon this month I have been reviewing and re-organizing things. Not much new writing, but I’ve been editing an old book for reprinting, organizing the files on my hard drive, consolidating browser bookmarks, etc. I want to be ready in July when Mercury goes direct. My screenplay is coming along well, but I’m rethinking the structure of it and the order of the stories. (Notice all the RE- words here!)

      My Libra Sun is at 25º 17′ and the Moon at 22º 49′ Libra (a Spica sandwich!) and Mercury is retro in my 7th too, so we have a trine in common from different air signs. Mainly clean your desk off (figuratively and literally) for the next new thing to come along, I guess. Hope that helps.

    2. Hi Greg,
      How have you been doing?
      I have some excellent aspects coming up for me very soon. I just want to maximize my potential and work to minimize the negative aspects. My Jupiter return is exact on 6/29. This Jupiter will also conjunct my natal Juno (6*). The North Node is currently transiting 25 libra, how is that working for you? I had a major tech glitch earlier, had to get new cell, & reinstall USB drivers on my laptop. I’m trying to use what’s remaining of the merc retro to my advantage. Review, reanalyze, research, and whatever doesn’t work for me goes to the trash. I have full internet capabilities now so I’m able to post my chart. When you get a chance, go to the darkstar astrology page on Facebook and pose something innocuous. I’ll send you a friend request.

  236. Drove my car through a massive pothole on June 15th. The car was destroyed. I’ve been car shopping since then, but nothing is working out. I guess I probably should put off the shopping until July 2nd, it’s just so hard to live without a car!

  237. Marina,
    Lol, do you think that you should write a book about all the cosmic frat-boy pranks that this particular mercury retrograde has been pulling on all of us.

  238. I’m absolutely not looking forward to mercury direct! on the 2nd! right after pluto opps our cancer sun. This is not good w/ Iraq. BTW Obama/bush have mars/virgo; 9/22 respectively, so it’s all one in the same, continuation. Enjoy this summer as things are going to get worse, notice the lull in Iraq, a lot of positioning, saying things w/o acting. 7/27 mars into scorpio, Jupiter into leo on the 13, less escapism, more conflict.

  239. I found this week June 23-27…one of the most stressful weeks in a long time…everyone I talked to felt the same…what was happening?

    1. I’m completely feeling this too – it’s been a horrific week, I’ve wanted to give up.
      I dunno what’s going on Lidoyle, but same here – everyone I know has struggled this week. And Stef – I’m really sorry to hear of your break up.
      Maybe the last stage of the retrograde is hard if you’d not settled into it or prepped for it. I certainly hadn’t and I’ve been all over the shop. Sending you both love and positivity.
      There’s some interesting thoughts on Elizabeth Peru’s page here ( :
      I was completely lost last night after an awful month, I’ve been feeling really negative energy everywhere and finding myself getting rid of furniture or odd items that I was feeling bad vibes from, after reading this article it’s inspired me to have a good sort out and clean up today, get on, get those pesky horrible jobs done and get ready for a great new start tomorrow.
      Sending you both love, let’s crack on and get ready for the all change X x X

  240. Boyfriend of 3 years who I thought of as my husband and I broke up last night.

    1. Chances are, Stef, the break up will not be permanent because it occurred during a retrograde so don’t despair. Anything can happen. If he does not come back, you never needed him and your business is fortunately finished. It’s like I read once, don’t go running after someone who leaves. Perhaps they’re being removed from your life so something better can come in! Blessed be.

  241. This retrograde has been absolutely wretched. It has been the hardest one I’ve been through to date. My plan is to stay home, hunker down and drink a lot of wine waiting for Tuesday when it goes direct again. I’m ready for anything after Tuesday.

  242. It does effect telecommunications – my internet and phone line have been dropping out for 2 weeks. Had a technician check it out and couldn’t find the problem. I also found that people all over Australia, on different phone/internet carriers having the same issue.

    I have a business contact in The US – when I followed up on our emails, she too, said her emails and internet have been playing up. And found out it is actually happening all around the world.

  243. Same i felt last week was brutal so stressful more than usual at least …

  244. Me and my girlfriend, went miscommunication and arguements since first week of june. 3rd week of June, we broke up. I was then, so confused.

    1. I have (had?) a friend of 34 years. Him and I blindly drove ourselves into a dead end of miscommunications and misunderstandings on June 13. It took all of about 15 minutes. It is so hard for me to believe that our connection ended so badly and so harshly. I am in a complete quandary. Hoping that as of today, things will heal and reverse themselves. I have not heard a peep from him since the 13th. So incredibly crazy. 🙁

    2. I also had the same issue n broke up w my girl because I totally read her wrong

    3. Crazy, isn’t it? Seriously. I have know this man for 34 years. We were closer than close. Pure soul mates. In a flash, it was gone. My head is still spinning, and my heart will never recover.

  245. Mercury stations Direct ryt on my asc degree and boy am I feeling it…new business innovation,more flow of the ryt words, timing is exact (on recent NM in Cancer) just waiting till Mercury is out of shadow zone to buy new vehicle and sign new patent documents etc…just t b on the safe syde.The best Merc Rx ever for me!

  246. I’m finding, once again, the post shadow Mercury Retrograde much worse. Major friendship loss this week over nothing. A visual example of what Mercury Retrograde post shadow can cause, USA comedienne Joan Rivers, a Gemini, w/natal Mercury Gemini 29° erupted today on CNN as Mercury Retrograde shadow today at Gemini 24° moves to 29° on 7/12/14.

    1. That is interesting. Maybe very specific to your chart somehow because I am Virgo ASC with ruler Merc, nicely aspected with the exception of being exactly inconjunct that same ASC. I just hate the annoyance of Merc Retro. It seems everyone turns into a blithering idiot – lots of mistakes, re-dos, miscommunication and I am invariably misunderstood. That does not make a Virgo ASC happy. Traveled once when Mercury was SD and it was disastrous. BUT I can feel an immediate shift after forward motion and a great relief and the shadow does not seem to bother me. Hmmm. As for Joan – she should have just stayed in bed that day. Can dish it out but then can’t be asked about it?

    2. Relationship stuff ould be Mars direct in Libra now, still involved in April’s grand cross. We are still dealing with the fallout of that this month. I think I ended a relationship too. It is sad to do that.

  247. I wish I knew how this all affected my self other than a complete shitstorm of bodily injury May 26th resulting in foot surgery, friend loss June 7th of someone I needed to not be friends with. Then traveled June 18th through the 29th, most awesome, hard and enormouse (and I mean friggen huge) learning experience I’ve ever had! Maybe since I went to Mexico on my 10 year anniversary with a damn bedazzled boot-broken foot… Leaving my four kids. Phew! Then came back and all 6 if us got influenza B! Can someone tell me WTF! Wait, I know. It’s Mercury. But my specific houses? I’m unsure. I’m sag/sag/pic 12/21/82 6am birth in Oakland Cali. Love a reading 😉 I’m understanding that this is a trade too!

    1. Off the cuff here – I have read that anything challenging the chart ruler (planet that rules ASC) by transit can indicate bodily injury and that the nature of the illness or injury is the condition of the 6th House. I was in a bad accident awhile ago and not until I saw how badly this ruling planet got slammed from every direction on that day did I see the cause. Not remembering the progressed chart but it was probably showing it too. Very important to look at the progressed chart as well. You might take a peak at transiting aspects to natl Jupiter as it rules your Sag ASC As for family, look at the 4th house or the moon or that transiting Jupiter in Cancer or your 4th House ruler, and for kids the 5th possibly. There could be lots of indications. Pisces rules the feet for example., Uranus and Mars injury possibly. It seems like very few people escaped that Cardinal Cross end of April that continued in May June and will resolve by end of July. PS The Uranus Pluto square from Aries to Capricorn could be an indicator of a trans-formative experience. Mars in Libra in that C Cross could have been the relationship problem (eliminated by square to Pluto). This is an involved reading so best to find an astrologer who can spend the time to look at all factor is you really want to know.

  248. The last one was tough! I am glad this one is going to be better. Unexpectedly, I broke up with my significant other. Because it came so out of nowhere, I thought it would heal when we went direct. No such luck!

  249. As I mentioned earlier, I’m finding the pre/post shadow periods worse than the retrograde itself.
    As a Scorpio with natal Mercury in Scorpio 19°, at least this one doesn’t come too close and will be the last one with Scorpio for awhile as the MRs move to other signs. I know a Virgo with natal Mercury at 20° Libra and a Libra with natal Mercury retrograde at 24° Libra so will be interesting to see what happens with them as they are hit a few times during the pre/post and retrograde periods. I more expect some stock market volatility as we just hit some all time highs and October is known as a crash month.

  250. I’m possibly the most Gemini person that has ever been – in itself a most Geminian comment! – and Mercury retro usually hits me like a ton of bricks. However, it’s posts like yours that let me navigate through this with equanimity and poise.

    As a relative Astro ignoramus – I’m more of a Tarot than an Astro – could you please explain what it means that Mercury retrograde occurs at the time of a Solar eclipse at Scorpio 0 degrees?

    With thanks for your Mercury retro help,


  251. One recent Mercury retrograde I had surgery scheduled. I came to this board seeking advice. None was forthcoming apart from one poster who said forget it and to cancel that something would have to be redone or reworked. I wish I would have done so. Complications caused a complete return of the malady and I had to do the surgery all over again. To hell with Mercury and the total lack of communication that characterises our times. We live in a tower of babel with all our techno toys. Mercury is overseer of this.

  252. KC – Sorry to hear of your medical fiasco. It is one thing to have communication go wrong but when it involves a knife and ones body it counts a lot more. Astro speaking – Mercury does not stand alone. Sure – it is retrograde a lot and can cause a lot of re-do and miscommunication. (I find that most annoying and have no patience for it.) But we have to look at not only the retrograde but aspects and house placement of the Mercury transit as well. Other planets can affect the outcome of medical procedurs – Neptune in bad aspect for example could cause complications with drugs and anesthesia. Not sure what all is an indications of surgery but I bet Mars could be involved. And as for all the techno babble – don’t you think Uranus has a hand in all this as well?

  253. I have a contract that is scheduled to be renewed mid-October, and I had a funny feeling in August that I should let it drop and continue to pursue a relationship with a different company that was cemented in July, which can also provide the services I need. Lo and behold Mercury retro coming back to conjunct my Libra Saturn decan 2. I’ve been doing some careful thinking lately and feel that I’m making the right move, but it seems I will need to do more of that next month when it returns. I very much agree with the idea of laying low and scheming “strategizing” to a degree, if you will. The article is completely on point. And thank you for the fixed star information; helpful!

    [I would spend this retrograde period constructing a very elaborate decoy! In this way you can push forward your more risque schemes.]

    Love this!

  254. Every time mercury goes retrograde I have some remodeling scheduled on the house for that retrograde! It’s like I can’t actually get the builders in unless it’s a retrograde period! Oh well, not fighting the flow this time, after all they are re-pairs and re-modelling. Although, the quote was given during the shadow and we’ll need to take out a loan to pay for it (during the shadow) which makes me a bit skeptical.

  255. I need surgery on my Vocal Cords, but will wait until November… What dates would be the best? Thank you,
    3/11/1957 – Colorado Springs 3:16 pm

  256. Looking into a auto purchase after Nov. 15th. I I’ll travel to 45th parallel Portland, OR. Have had bad luck on this 4th parallel..

    I am 2:14 am. November 9, 1953.

    Any suggestions? Thank-you very much
    Good luck to ypo I

  257. Yeep! I bought a vehicle in the first retrograde of 2014, put in several $ hundred in repairs; it died June 1 and repairs during second retrograde failed… The engine is now in little pieces in the back seat awaiting a rebuild, and I’m not sure it’s wise to try for this during October retro-days… another $700 required. Irony, I bought a Subaru because the stars on it attracted me. I may name it Retro if it ever runs again!

  258. I appreciate the detail in this article, but it definitely goes over my head as a lay person and is therefore difficult to organize into clear astrological advice. It would be great if it were summarized in lay terms by date. For example, “Oct 4th, look out for X. Oct 16-21, focus on Y and avoid Z.” You see what I mean? Thank you for the work that went into this, though!

    1. My aim is not to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, I hope to stimulate your own intuition so that you can learn to read symbols for yourself. Understanding mythology and archetypes is the key to higher wisdom. Over-riding fate and taking control of our lives cant be possible if we fix one meaning to a point of time. We are all co-creators! I tend to target my writing to an audience of astrology students.

  259. subaru means unity in japanese. your car united with your money. Maybe there’s a gift in your problem wen you get it fixed. Good Luck. (Retro will always remind u 2 check stars,ha.)

  260. How does mercury know when and where eclipses are? Seems conscious in a way. Is there a pattern to it?

  261. How does this affect job-seeking? Certain times not to send a resume, or to interview? And what about a surgery that os being scheduled, which has a bit of risk?

  262. How does this retrograde affect a move? For example, I’m moving on October 15th to be specific. Can you advise on the outcome of this action?

  263. How will this look in my chart. Born 11-23-1960. Was preparing to move then 90 yr old (1-5-24) mom had stroke and is now in hospice. Feeling very upside down and if on “pause”. Any insight would be sincerely appreciated!

  264. I’m finding it hard to not be paranoid at this point — moving from Hawaii to California on the 16th. No turning back, no flight insurance, nothing. Just a bunch of boxes of goods to ship to California and a sense of fear that I or my belongings will be unsafe. :/ Yikes…

  265. Glad I read this article! For some reason I had the opposite reaction to this Mercury Retrograde than I have to any others experienced in the past. Normally I look at them with loathing and dread. This one though.. I didn’t quite understand why I felt it was a time that things were moving forward yet also being rerouted to better stuff while doing so. Your insights in your article have helped me to see why. Thank you for sharing them!

  266. Can you where does the full moon lunar eclipse of the blood moon tonite play into any of this? Also – is this a horrible time for filing any legal related matters, or would the October 16th Mercury conjunct Sun in Spica be a GREAT time? help! Thank you so much!

  267. Ugh. This has been a month of extreme highs and lows. I started researching what could be causing this and found your article. We put an offer on a home that was accepted yesterday. What do you think – are all contracts signed during retrograde doomed?

  268. well this month has been really hard. My birthday is October 13 I was very moody and depressed on October 16th I lost my dog was given to me by a friend that passed away. Today is the 17th and you get still we have not found my dog. I hate this month I can’t wait till it’s over.

  269. I think I got hit early with a little “HELL-O” from Mercury flipping into retrograde. On September 15, I had to suddenly make the decision to put my dog to sleep. Little did I know he had cancer that was raviging all through out the inside of his body. Then when October hit, my gas oven died. I put a roast in and one hour later I went back expecting it to be done and couldn’t figure out why the degrees said 295 not 425 until I opened my oven and a bunch of gas came out and filled my house. Everyone to include my cat and other dog had to evacuate. Then the gas man game and told me one spark and my house would have been POOF! Waited for about a week and had to go with my mom to buy a new stove. I was still paying on that $2000.00 vet bill for my dog who passed so I had no money for a new stove/oven. Mom bought me a new oven. Because the place doesn’t install and only delivers I was trying to get the gas hose unhooked and apparently I was turning the nut the wrong way, tightening it instead of loosing it. Called my parents. My parents came over to try to help after I had gone to work.. My mom calls me at work and tells me I’m such a disappointment because I didn’t scrub down the oven. It was 25 years old, going to the dump because it was dead. I’m a single parent of 4 boys and 3 of them cook (teenagers) I have no idea what they did that morning after I left for work. So one thing turned into another and I was basically disowned. No exaggeration. Then the breeder who sold me my German shep. Called and asked if I would be interested in looking at a female German shep. To help find her a good home. So I drove over and When I looked at the circumstances of the living arraignments for this dog, I took this German shep. Home. A week later she went I to heat and I have an intact male German shep. Yeah I think I caused that one on myself. She’s most definitely to chewing PMS.. And last night I got into a major fight with my boyfriend and was ready to break up. One more week, I keep telling myself, one more week. I’m a Picses and this time around Mercury retrograde has just been EVIL! I hope no one else has to go through all that I have so far.

  270. I dun care how it is sliced diced or spun, Mercury retrogrades suck! Always uncertainty from a fickle finger of fate two faced planet. Lol

  271. I dont wish to share my stories but this mercury retrograde has been evil for me as well and the events that have taken place wont stop and they only gets worse and worse

  272. Jenica sept 15 was my moms birthday… she died may 14 from cancer. im sorry to hear your story sounds like youve been going threw it…i just said a pray for you i hope things turn around for you.. myself kc and the rest of the world… last few weeks my whole out look on life reality has changed drastically. Karma has been felt forsure….

  273. I’ve had some issues with electronics, but my travel has been fine. What I’m seeing with me is, I avoid negative talking people like the plague. I’ve had zero tolerance for it. And this is a good thing. I’ve made it perfectly clear if you want to gossip and complain, I’m not your person.

  274. Mercury in retrograde always affects my relationship. Everytime it comes I get anxiety. Then when I think I’ve escaped it he makes a comment about not being happy and then it’s not brought up again. It’s confusing because I haar to not pay any mind to those who say things, during thus tone it’s not what they mean. Can mercurt really mess with soneone like that? It seems so specific .

  275. The Canadian shooter in Ottawa yesterday, born 10/18/82 in Quebec, a Libra with natal Mercury in Libra 6 degrees. Not a direct hit, any speculation if Mercury in Libra during Mercury Retrograde was a factor?

  276. My partner seems to react very badly with each retrograde. He broke up with me last Wednesday 12. Is this still the effect of the mercury retrograde?

  277. Hi Marina

    I should have known this Ceres-Pluto thing before I have bought my ticket to Europe. I only analizyed my personal chart and Mercury already direct. And I didn’t know also Altair is band when together with Mercury…it seems I chose a really bad week for moving abroad. And as astrolger is such shame I didn’t consider those bad aspects =/

    Thanks again

  278. Dear Marina,
    I am going to marry with my boyfriend on 23 may 2015. We are together for a long time such as 6 years. Do you realy think we have to postpone our wedding when Gemini retro travels between retrograde and direct?? Your urgent reply would be highly apreciated.

  279. I want yp get married and settled . born 1/23 when is best time to look for this lucky man. I’m 67 and want to fall in love for the last time.

  280. please help me to make sense of this terrible “swim” that I am in, as a Pisces woman thank you!

  281. I have been in the process of applying for this job for the past month. I accepted the position yesterday, and they do not want me to start until January 20th. My birthday is 09/22/93. Born 2:22 PM.

    This could still work right given the new moon on the 20th, even though it is Mercury reto?

  282. What, if any, correlation can be made between Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow began 1/5/15, Saturn Solar return in Sag began 12/25/14 and this week’s Paris terrorist eruptive activity? This will change France going forward as USA was from 9/11 after the shock wears off.

  283. No, it means you’d be considering more of all the particulars more heavily. Take the leap of faith AFTER you get out of your head about it. What does your heart say to do? A new Moon is a beginning, but you can have a beginning any time…. it’s only a means of tracking cycles. So by the Full Moon, things should start really getting official. Likewise if you started a job at the first quarter, things would be in full swing by the last quarter, following that 180 degree span. Get Robert Hand’s Planets in Transits, and read up on it!!!! 🙂

  284. I’ve always read that you have already obtained the job (interviewed and selected) that you can take the job if it begins before retrograde. Do your research on the internet and youtube. I started a job during a retrograde 2 years ago and was let go 10 months later. I didn’t follow the rules of mercury retrograde, clearly I interviewed and started during retrograde. Lesson learned!

    You can also ask to delay your start date and also the retrograde loophole is ‘if you need a job, then take the job’, but just be prepared if the job isn’t what you thought it was to be.

    I hope this helps, good luck!

  285. Thank you! I would be technically starting during Mercury shadow period. Which depending on the astrologer seems to make a difference. I cannot find much info on starting during a Mercury shadow period though.

    I probably would not be taking on any new projects until the next day, actual Mercury retrograde. But since I’m new, that couldn’t be all that bad, since I would hope there is a small learning curve for mistakes.

    I wish I could push this back until after the retrograde is over, but that is two weeks. Then there is the post shadow. ugh!

  286. Dunno know if I can blame the retrograde but my external hard drive just died on me with lots of precious photos in it. Back up? Nope, I was gonna buy a new external HD but was to late. Now Mercury haven’t started retrograde yet but how ever I will blame it instead of my stupidity :p

  287. Well, there were issues with the job offer and now its no more. 🙁 I’m keeping my current job for another two weeks. I will be sure to never try to change anything up around the beginning shadow/ actual retrograde again. =/

  288. I think if you can temp/interview (but not sign anything) until 02/11 go for it. Once Mercury starts to speed up after 02/11, then seal the deal. Use the time to reapply for places you have worked before or have been turned down from before. I once started a job at a different division of a company I had worked at before during a Mercury retrograde. It was a good job. I stayed there for about 2 1/2 years. It had its ups and downs but overall, a positive experience. I think it was because it was technically under the umbrella of a company I had worked for before.

    I might just be extremely sensitive to Mercury retro. I read somewhere that Gemini’s and Virgos are especially sensitive. =/

  289. Would it be better to refrain from aplying to positions in a field I previously worked in or does that count as something I’ve done before even if it would be with new employers? I plan to have all applications in by Monday and theoretically I can request a two week trial period if I were offered a job, which would put me past the date of Mercury going direct before locking into a 1 to 2 year contract. Is it best to just wait until retrograde is over to even apply?

  290. I have been feeling off since the beginning of Jan. I have felt this jag…like someone making a checkmark on paper but in my body. Somedays are worse than others. I have felt before in 08…not sure if it’s the same…
    I have noticed my thinking is different and I can zone for hours and hours.
    Why, I don’t like the jag feeling…it hurts my head.
    Like a robot going through the motions and feeling motionless…

  291. Perfect way to start this one…nearly totally my car on the way to work…thanks Mercury. I thought we were cool. You are MY planet, after all. 😉

  292. I didn’t choose to be unemployed, etc…as i’m sure you didn’t either! I’m positive God has a plan for you and I! Best of luck! I’m not only jobless but moving back to Texas and so i’ll be traveling.. and alone during this retrograde, quite hasty but i’m sure i’ll be just fine! The Lord is our strength and all he provides!! Again, best wishes Mary!

  293. Not really. This is a perfect time to start digging. You will see things that you normally would not see. “Things” cannot be hidden and tend to surface, when you look.

  294. what are your thoughts on quitting a job during a mercury retrograde? or a station retrograde? or as soon as humanly possible? :/

    I took this job during the summer retrograde last year. rushed into it after the uranus/pluto square, ignoring my instincts. let that be a lesson!

  295. Have been travelling between Cape Town and London for over 10 years now on a regular basis… booked cab for Heathrow to collect at 7… plenty of time for flight at 8.55pm. Although had discussed with husband – pilot who has been flying this route, this flight for 30 years!!! – that it arrived only 8 hours after take off… he said I was not reading it correctly – I said all ties on ticket are local times… he then tried to explain 2 hour tie difference – CT is 2 hours ahead but he said it goes back… I didn’t get it – but I just said OH… Anyway, arrived at airport to check in only to be told the flight left in 30 mins and I had to hurry… ran like the wind through security then got on to shuttle train from terminal to gate… except the doors jammed and it didn’t go anywhere… I watched the time melting in front of me on a big clock. AAAAGGGGHHH! Finally get away – but gate closed at 7.50pm and it was 7.55… so I called the husband (in Barbados) to say I had missed the flight. He said to go to the gate anyway and ask about the next one… My ticket was only standby anyhow… so I got off the shuttle, ran like stink to the gate – only to see about 300 people looking grim faced at me. Thank god – the flight was delayed and they weren’t waiting for me!!!

    So here’s the really good bit! – Earlier on in the day, about 11.00am my husband called to say I would maybe not get on as the flight was rammed but if I did it might be a really crap seat down the back! I said OK, no problem… but as I put the phone down I thought “meh.. f*** that! I want a recalling seat – its 11 hours! I’d like the upstairs cabin… and then the seat number 61A flashed into my head.

    SO guess which seat I was given!!! Amazing! I had a glass of champagne and watched Route to the Stars then slept for the remainder of the journey.

    Mercury is my ruling planet – but I have Jupiter conjunct Jupiter Venus and Moon right now!

    One ;last thing – I had friends staying in my house in Cape Town – they left on the corresponding flight and got the time wrong too – nearly missed the flight – they have been coming here for 30 years!!!

    Oh – and arrived to find my CT phone displaying NO SIM… so went to the phone shop to investigate and lo! No sim!! I completely forgot I had removed it while I was traveling… Duh!!! Mercury… what next!

    1. Love these trickster Mercury retro stories. They do build up through the shadow period. Two days ago my landline telephone broke down (or so I thought). So I decided to see if I could fix my old retro 1960’s phone. Found a geek online who sells all the parts and instructions on how to adapt these old phones for the new exchanges. I was so pleased with myself for opening the thing up and doing some electronics. I got it to work! Turns, out both phones are fine it was just the wall socket thats buggered. Virgin media coming to fix it on the morning of my birthday and Mercury retro.

      I will also be re-doing a reading over the weekend as the birthtime wasn’t accurate. Re-connecting with lots of friends this week. I have Mercury as my chart ruler too. If the phone socket hadn’t buggered up, I wouldn’t have bothered trying to fix my lovely old 1960’s phone. It’s black with a rotary dialling pad. Lovely ring with real bell. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie whenever it rings. Good for the hard of hearing. Boy is it loud!

  296. I feel you. Mercury is also my planet… I went down a steep hill today with a flat tire almost endangering my life. Now my most beloved relationship might be coming to an end if we don’t move pass a strenuous obstacle. Mercury, there she goes again.

  297. I can tell when it’s a Mercury’s Retrograde Period. I have Mercury Sun and Rising Sign Gemini. Is it a curse? lol I’ve learned to deal with it! I’ve learned to slow down which is hard; don’t take words and deeds of others personal; be more patient with Time; Allow time for Delays; Remember to Press Redial Button! Should I go on? I Love How Well You Explain this Period!

  298. Should I be sharpening my poking stick? 😀 Naaaah! Just extra weight to carry over the bridge. I’ll probably be focussing a blind eye averting the poking sticks. I’m feeling kind of numb anyway.

  299. “Virgin media coming to fix it on the morning of my birthday and Mercury retro.”

    I’ve been thinking of you this week, Marina. Happy Birthday. Thanks for everything!

  300. A retro phone – perfect Mercury retro symbol! I liked the phones we had when I was a child – they were made of bakelite I think and they weighed a ton! But the dialling action was FAB! And secretaries in movies dialled with a pencil! Swoon!

  301. That explains why I was unable to find my purse this morning to go to work – why my bf car ran out of gas and my mom could not find her car keys- gnarly

    Guess I’ll have to literally slow it down for a few

  302. I have brain surgery scheduled for February 4th. What does “Mercury out of combustion with Sun” mean? I’m very nervous. Any further information during this time would help me. thank you!

  303. I have been re-evaluating my career choices today. I have the training to do something else, but am doing this because it’s easy. Will definitely write these ideas down to evaluate at a different time when decision making is a wise idea.

  304. This Mercury retro period seems to be hitting me very hard in my wallet and in the car. Wound up having to get my car fixed and had it done on the 20th (one day before station retrograde). Turns out in addition to the oil pump, timing belt and coolant sensor, I also had to have the water pump replaced, the oil gasket replaced, AND now I’m told I have a hole forming in the back of my muffler which will have to be replaced (and during the retrograde most likely!). Plus, when I picked up the car, it stalled on the first start, and then almost stalled again in the repair shop’s parking lot… which is not filling me with the utmost of confidence.

    But they gave me a 30 dollar discount card -.-; And since they didn’t quote me on the oil gasket, they ate the cost of that. But this was still very painful.

    This same repair shop did a good job on the valve covers and stopped oil from continuing to go into my sparkplugs a few months ago though, which is what gets me… but yeah, the timing seems to fit.

    Mercury stationed in my 3rd house Aquarius, sextile my Neptune in 1st Sagittarius, and trine my Mars/Pluto/Venus in 10th Libra stellium. It also stationed retrograde quincunx my Vertex in 8th cancer, but I’m unaware how many people consider quincunxes to the Vertex in any capacity. …Perhaps it shouldn’t be overlooked. Also Jupiter retrograde’s hitting my natal Mercury retrograde in 9th Leo, now that I look at that, the major financial hit I took with this car repair seems to be representing a theme here…

    Plus I got a reminder in the mail that I’m taking a major tax hit this year too due to me cashing out a pension since I left a job one year before I would have vested and took the withdrawl. I knew that at the time, but had forgotten about it with everything going on the last several months (moved across country after years of talking about it). So communications have been at the forefront of this too for me.

  305. Happy Birthday Marina! And UQW – me too – having a Jupiter return as well – in the 12th so kind of a weird place to have Jupiter and Leo as well since neither one of those is shy, retiring, hidden, private etc. I have Mercury ruled ASC exactly Quincunx natal Mercury and my daughter who is living with me is a Mercury ruled Sun. Today we got into a weird conversation about something that happened in the past that was like going down a rabbit hole. I mean – our minds were not connecting at all. Yesterday I received a letter that was postmarked January 2! from another part of the country. Lost in the mail all this time and now just showing up. PS – I absolutely hate to travel when Mercury is SR or SD – there always seems to be a delay or some screw up. I find these car and airplane stories fascinating. At least our computers are working eh?

  306. Yesterday I got on my Internet and I bought tickets for a Led Zeppelin cover band, and I paid for the best seats available and I never do anything like that since I was 22! I am 50, and I saw Aerosmith last summer and I turned back to a 22 year old. I had the time of my life and I was not plowed! This is on 2/6, but I don’t have to worry about the retrograde, do I?

  307. I find myself so angry and sad during this retrograde. I am an Aquarius and I am seeing things about people and about a work situation and came to a decision about one part time job because it is very clear that there is no upward mobility there – it is just a ‘job.’ I suffer from depression and its been worse lately. I have tried so hard to find a work situation where I belong for the last 4 years and have not been able to. I’m studying for a test and I’ve put it off twice. Finally I’m taking it on February 12th. Is this retrograde so horrible?

  308. As do I, last retrograde was so intense that I did get into some unusual remedies, Dxm.

  309. This post confuses me! I have always put my guard up during retrogrades, being a Gemini, it is especially noticeable for me during these times. Especially lately, I am retreating back to years past old habits, past lovers, and even questioning my entire life situation and future. Without the boring details, I am just wondering how to take this retrograde? Do I hunker down under the duvet, as you say, and wait for all of these thoughts to pass by; or should I navigate them as they come..?

  310. Go back in time and carefully check the moment that you contracted your actual job. I am sure you will find your solution immediately.

  311. You voiced exactly how I’ve been feeling. I’m always sceptical about blaming anything on anything else but this makes sense to me. I’ve decided to go easy on myself for the next week or two, reconnect with my inner child, then re-evaluate. Sometimes funky weird horrible times are blessings in disguise, right?

  312. I’ve been so caught up in trying to heal my cat, get ready to move out of state and help my husband get back home so he can start a new job, I didn’t even realize that all this craziness was probably happening due to Retrograde. It’s been a very sad, depressing time for me. My cat ended up having to be put to sleep. It’ s been a wild January, and again, now I know why.

  313. I am responding because you sound a lot like me. I have been dealing with a lot of anger and frustration and I know what you mean about the job and going nowhere. I picked up Wayne Dyer’s book “Your Erroneous Zones” and it was very helpful. It is an old book but there is some timeless/great stuff in there. I think we Aquarians have gotten off track in the past few years, focusing on others and getting away from our detached natures. Some of us anyway. He talks about how letting go of expectations of others helps to alleviate anger. You are probably more intelligent than many of the people around you and that can be depressing. You should also check out Eckhart Tolle’s, THE POWER OF NOW. That’s a game changer. Hope this helps. I wish you the best.

  314. This actually makes since. As far as my being a Gemini ruling planet being mercury. Eye feel as if I’m drowning in my own underworld. Honestly eye have recently been intuned with my inner self more so now then eye ever was before. And with everything going on in my life the mistakes and bad have decided to catch up to me during this time. Eye messed up and the retrograde isnt making it any easier to handle the situation. However yet even tho eye messed up got myself in the situations eye still feel as if the universe is teaching me a lesson that forever and ever eye must never loss focus on my inner self.

  315. Dear Marina,

    Thank you so much for your insightful horoscopes.

    My Leo scope says that “love is surprisingly well starred when the Sun travels through your opposite sign of Aquarius and therefore your 7th house of marriage from Jan 21 to Feb 19.”

    However, Feb. 14- 19 is also when Altair will be supposedly causing trouble. between Feb. 14-19 I was planning to visit a man with whom I want to pursue a relationship, but should I listen to my Leo horoscope or the Altair horoscope? It says that Feb 14-19 will be bad luck because of Altair but good luck for Leos.

    What should I do? Thank you so very much for any advice.


    1. If the relationship is a good one and you are well matched then Altair can’t do that much damage. All fixed stars are quite dramatic in their action, but I think of them as being like wild horses. They just need harnessing and some clever horse-whispering. Learn about Altair energy, knowledge is power.

  316. Dear Marina, thank you very much for your insightful and profound work that inspires and guides me. I am writing you with a question

    Someone gave me a very important audition call back for something that so far has been going very well, right one hour before Mercury turns direct on the 11th at 12. 45 GMT ,would this be a tricky time? The alternative would be on Friday the 6th of Feb at 12.45 GMT I myself am a Leo with a Gemini rising and a Sun Saturn opposition. I would be most grateful for your insight.Thank you so much
    Kindest regards,

  317. Dear Marina,

    Thank you for the advice in reply to my post. I really appreciate it. I read more about Altair on your website.


  318. Since there is only a couple of days before Mercury goes into shadow, is it a good time to sign a new lease before the shadow?

  319. You don’t want to do anything drastic or “new” before Mercury goes retrograde or right after. Let everything go back to its semi. reg. rhythm

  320. Dear Marina,

    Is it okay to reach out and make contact with someone on Feb. 12th and 13th? Or is Altair already taking effect by that time?

    I thought that Altair was in effect from Feb. 14-19 but I’m not sure. Thank you! 🙂

  321. I used to enjoy astrology until I found out that I got married during mercury retrograde (October 11th, 2014). Are we doomed? Please be honest. We also got engaged during mercury retrograde. Jeeze.

  322. “No” to “Is it OK to hand in my resignation wile mercury is retrograde?”

    The decision to resign will be reversed and you will go back to the original employer.

    Bide your time if you REALLY don’t like working there.

    However, I have a feeling that your decision to resign is probably made w/contradictory feelings.

    OR, your original employer makes you an offer you can’t refuse.

    Hence, you reverse your decision later.

    Whatever it is, you’ll go back.

    1. I just bought a myself an iphone 6! No problems so far. Oh god I just realised. 2 moro my old number gets transferred to the new phone.
      So really it’s probably not officially mine until it has my number on it. Mercury never stopped me buying anything though. I have a perverse pleasure in beating the system! Last Mercury Rx but three I changed broadband supplier.

  323. I was born during a Mercury retrograde and I’m doing just fine–I wouldn’t worry about your marriage.

  324. My boyfriend and I got into a huge fight on January 21st and he pretty much broke up with me on January 22nd and took off on a month long roadtrip to “think” about it amongst other things. So far we have done nothing but fight through text, neither can see the others side. He will be returning in the next week under the assumption that I have asked him to move out of my house. I still love him but we are both Capricorns, hard headed, and I feel he deserted the relationship. All communications have been rough. Thoughts?

  325. Hi,
    I have to activate a credit card and I was planning on starting a blogging adventure…. I was waiting til the retrograde was over….. Is tomorrow Feb. 11 the day I can start moving forward again and do these things? Would that be the best decision? Thanks!

  326. Since January my life turned upside down
    I read people wrong who I thought was friends turned out to not be!! My job just abruptly stopped! My husband and I are living in separate homes right now!!!! I so want my life back

  327. Mercury retrograde gives us the chance to reassess our current situation so that we may make any needed adjustments before entering a new cycle in our lives. Your best bet would be to meditate and reflect upon your thoughts while also giving yourself some time away from communicating with this other person so that you may come to terms with the present moment or see things in a new light (really, it could be anything) It seems to me Mercury is trying to show you this area of your life needs to be readjusted. There is no constant but change and who better to show us this than the ever-changing trickster, Mercury 😉

    Good luck in your endeavors and peace be with you! Namaste~

  328. When I realized it was the Mercury Retrograde everything seemed to come together. I’ve been slow to move on things I’ve been working on; I’ve questioned things that I “thought” I had answers for previously. Ironically I even had a conversation with a friend who was contemplating a decision that after we discussed it (last night, we’re both Capricorns) it really didn’t make sense in the end. This slow paced thinking, moving was leaving me totally baffled. It’s amazing how these things really and truly affect us.

  329. Almost exactly the same situation with me Jennifer! And January 21st is my birthday. Let’s hope we can get some clarity. Blessings ????

  330. Is there another positive way to view these Mercury events? Maybe there is something in my birth chart that makes me and Mercury pals?
    February 11 (Mercury direct) was a really VERY wonderful day for me. Maybe the said volcanic eruption was a spewing forth of my soul’s greatness, as I did not “lay low”. I was literally behind the podium, shining. In fact, when Mercury is retrograde, I do notice – but it never feels as terrible and chaotic and many astrologers make it out to be.
    I am grateful I didn’t read this BEFORE the public lecture I gave on Feb 11 (from 10am-12pm EST!).

    1. Yes there will be other factors off course! You always need to look at your own transits. Some people are just immune others very sensitive. I have to cater for all here. Personally I don’t see Mercury retrograde as a negative at all. Did you read page one of this? I just warned against this particular day because the chart to me looked quite explosive. It’s also the day Mercury is DIRECT which most Astrologers regard as a “good thing”. Volcanic spewing out isn’t necessarily bad,(if you have some toxic food in your belly you need to get out for example.) Problem for us Astrologers is people want advice, and we have to play it safe sometimes. I have heard a lot of horror stories over this retrograde so just because you are fine doesn’t mean everyone else is!

      I have have always done all though things you shouldn’t during Merc Rx. I actually bought a new phone 3 days ago too. No problems at all.

  331. Marina –

    Thanks for your reply to my comment. I had not read page one, but just did. Aaaah. Much better. If I had read it beforehand…
    To clarify, I used my personal experience as an example of how the Mercury influence can be positive. Thankfully, I realise that the world does not revolve around me. (Although, I was born on the sunny Summer Solstice. winkwink, chucklechuckle)

    – Jenna

  332. this has been a good Mercury Retrograde in my 6th house. Reinventing ourselves at work … health not so much so will have to pay better attention to that. I did feel really odd yesterday at the direct station. Kept feeling I was forgetting something. Knowing how Mercury Retrograde affects communication and travel, I just prepare for it by leaving earlier to reach my destination and by reviewing and editing my documents with several more passes than usual. I have found during this cycle more traffic and more misunderstandings in agreements, but so far so good, crises averted with careful review.

  333. I got married on October 11th, 2014 during mercury retrograde. I really need to know what this means.

    1. Do nothing. It will sort itself out in time.

      There will be a change, but perhaps a very favorable change. It depends upon Mercury’s aspects to the Ascendant and other aspects, as well.

      E.g., in one case, a woman sold a house AND IT CLOSED on Mercury retrograde. But the buyers had to go East to pick up their belongings and bring them back. The seller stayed there rent-free, at their request, to keep an eye on things till they got back. When they got back, the seller’s move-out/buyers’move-in occurred. Four weeks of rent-free living sounds good to me!

    2. It means nothing. Your life will carry on as normal. My friend believes in this “crap” but I work at a job where contracts get signed all the time. Nothing bad has happened. It’s all in your mind. Don’t let planets or stars rule your life. Do it for fun, AND strictly fun.

    3. I am an astrologer that actually agrees with you to a point. We must use the energies, not let the energies use us. But many great minds, if you study the history of astrology, have taken Astrology very seriously. It’s not just for fun, even if I do try to make it amusing.

    1. I read that getting married during mercury retrograde is bad, and it was retrograde on my wedding day. What can I do?

  334. Hi marina???? love your work! Absolutely brilliant???? I’m off on holiday on the 20th with my family! Long awaited one.
    Will all be well?
    I’m a Aries 17/04/1972
    Love & happy wishes Polly????xx

  335. Marina, this is a very well written article. As is Mercury’s standard. Thank you very much, very enlightening. CJ

  336. Dear Meghan

    I agree when u got marrige. time was not good. but do not worry. it effects like this you will be dispoint two or three time during your marriage life. but at that time keep patience and be calm. you will win time. but dont think too much about this.

  337. Hi Marina! Two questions: 1) are you doing a royal baby princess chart? she seems to be very connected to this family. But what about that Pluto? 2)When looking at transits – say Mercury in this case, do we bother with dispositors, if so – would it be disposited by the T planet or the natal? I understand that we should always look for the natal placement of the corresponding transiting planet but not sure about the disposition part. Thanks! Happy Beltane : – )

    1. I am a princess too! If you do that kid’s chart for free and post it, it’s only fair that you do my chart and post it too.

    1. i am struggling with a brain tumor at this time. the onlu thing i am going to try is radiation i was pleased to see the lazer and not the knife. thank you for this ray of hope. your an angel.

  338. Just wondering how significant it is that Mercury retrogrades back to Mars’ position when Mercury started to go retrograde?

  339. Would you sign a contract like buying a house during Retrograde periods. I was looking at this and some people told me I should go for it.

  340. Dear Marina,

    I am getting baptized on June 6th, within Mercury retrograde. Will there be any consequences as a result of this? Everyone says we shouldn’t initiate new things during retrograde. Thanks!

  341. I am Aquarius he is Capricorn . We had a 5 year love and commited relationship when we were both in our twenties …. He was unfaithful … I left him and married someone else… It was a huge mistake…. The marriage failed after less than 2 years…. He also married …. Failed after 3-4 years. We have kept in touch over the years.
    Three years ago we found each other again…. We talk… Email…. I have been with him at least 4 times… I still love him…. He said he has loved me his whole life…. He has been engaged to someone since 2008. They live about 3 hours from each other. .. I live one hour from him. He visits her 2 to 3 times a month…. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.,,, I am supposed to visit him after Memorial Day. I don’t know what to do.

    1. As your friend seems unsure about commitment, maybe just take it as it comes. Enjoy the relationship and see if he is willing to let go of his (evidently) part-time fiancée. If not, well I suggest you move on. I’m no Ann Landers, but you can’t change people in my world.

    2. Don’t be an idiot. Shit or get off the pot. People don’t change. Make up your mind follow through and live with it.

    3. I have had the same experiences, Laverne. The best thing you can do for yourself is unhook from this guy and find out who you are. He does not love you, and it sounds like you are looking for someone to love you. What is happening with him is NOT love, it is co-dependence. There will probably be a lot of drama at first, but make a clean, total break and stick to your guns.

    4. Laverne Go for it!
      The most valuable thing we have in this world is time. If you have the opportunity to spend more time with him then go for it. It sounds to me like you were young at the time and boys do have indiscretions. It seems he has grown up now and said he has always loved you. You did the right thing by leaving the first time but you are both getting a second chance. Go for it! Don’t let Fear run your life, it will ruin it. Let Love
      run your life and you will always be going in the right direction. Think good thoughts Laverne, you deserve it…

    5. My best advice is to trust your body over your mind or any one else’s. Go help yourself to the free audios at and make your body your best friend. Ask it what is best for you at every step and turn in the process.

      I wish you love.

    6. Re-read your comment. You had a committed 5 year relationship, and he cheated. He’s in a committed relationship now and you two are still communicating and planning on seeing each other. In other words he is planning on cheating. You really want to be with a cheater? If he did it before, and he is doing it now, he WILL do it to you again. Really want to know if you are compatible? Consult with a numerologist like Glynnis McCants, Allison Baughman, or someone like that. Glynnis has a book called “love by the numbers” that is a good read. My guess is he is a 5 lifepath or personality and can’t commit.

    7. Horses run true to form. People that cheat on their spouses will cheat on their mistresses. And so, cheaters run true to form, as well. Maybe the passion here lies in the drama?

  342. I m Pisces and she is Capricorn. We were in relationship for past three years. Then she broke up with me in Feb 2015. I tried to contact her she will listen whatever I have to say and then will hung up the phone. 10th mAy 2015 Sunday she called, again she didn’t speak anything and allowed me to speak again and then hanged the phone. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me.

  343. What a heck of a time this period has been! Starting with the new moon on Algol when, exactly when the new moon was, well, exact, I had a home invasion leading to my car being stolen 2 days before we were supposed to be starting a very long road trip. Buffer foreward a few days, past the start of the retrograde period and my car gets found, but not without constant pressure on the police and news media as well as social media sharing the message and photos of my car and the id of the intruder (it’s a crazy story, but I managed to swipe his identification before he bolted out of my house with my car keys, let’s just say I was medusa this time) Now we’re set to start our trip tomorrow morning with enough caution to choke a horse (is that a phrase or am I making it up now?). Do any of you more experienced astrologers have any input on all of this? I guarantee an interesting chart reading considering the effects it’s had . I was born 1/25/1986 at 7:57 GMT

    1. Looks like home invasions are very much on the rise. Always have to have a plan and don’t be too trusting of anyone..only time will tell.

  344. I agree with the last comment. Janey has had it rough, but I have to say… I’m worse off. In so many ways and for so long. not just in this recent. But for a very long time but my question I have is a forward one I have found that I have a problem in my spinemy ability to walk has diminished and I am so afraid of surgery I’m hearing about second opinions and alternative therapy can anyone please shine a lightI am ready for the pain to stop and to move on with my life. DOB 8/6/70 Pueblo,CO/USA

  345. Nothing “weird” has happened in my life. I assure you, things are carrying on as usual. No changes, not in my life or those around me. My life is going quite well.

    1. Dare I say “Famous last words” …… ?

  346. My computer died two days ago for no apparent reason. I was dismayed at first, but when I realized Mercury was in retrograde, I had to laugh!

    1. I lost my job, my back is in a terrible state, my headphones have broken… Roll on June 13th!

  347. So far this Mercury Rx for me has been wonderful (As I knew it would for this gemini rising!). Great weather, full of energy and a suddenly busy social life. Lots of local trips, day trips to Brighton and Henley with daughter as its half term in the UK. An example of a nice ‘mistake.’ My Greece ferry schedule was changed to arrive at another port miles away from where I’m staying, but it turns out my ‘mistake’ fits in with a tour guide friend’s Itinerary, so I get to tag along with them on a sailing trip for the same price it would have cost me to get a taxi AND I get a lift to my hotel after. Result!

  348. This has been the worst retrograde period for me. If I was ever skeptical about it before I certainly am not now! First, I am getting harrassed at my new job by a repeat customer, I got an ingrown hair for the first time and I’ve been shaving regularly for 8 years already, then I step on a plank of wood with nails in it (leftover from a project my dad didn’t finish) and punctured my foot in 6 places because I wasn’t wearing shoes, I’m an artist and like to write but have the worst and most unbreakable creative block, my cat was diagnosed with lung cancer and isn’t expected to live much more than 1-2 months, and then today I dropped my new phone in the toilet, something I thought only happened in sitcoms. Wtf mercury, it’s messing with me pretty bad. Can’t wait til mid June. I was born Apr 10, ’93, at 5:55 am EST. Any advice as to how I should proceed from here, besides already being cautious?

  349. Well I am a Pisces with sag rising and saturn in seventh house of Gemini and let me tell you I have been looking for a bridge to jump off of since the beginning of April….. hell since last October 2014 when is this going to stop??? Mercury going direct on June 27th (if I make it till then) conjunct my natal saturn in Gemini I am hoping I might be able to breathe then ?? Any input?

    1. You’re a Pisces, Mercury retrograde hasn’t really got a terrible influence on you… Saturn changed in Oct or November, it could be that? Depends on your birth chart.. I’m very sorry for your injuries and terrible bad run of things

  350. Had the granddaddy PTSD moment from HELL that hit me on the 20th. What?! Hadn’t felt like this in 7 years. Had to breathe thru it and thanks to some good friends, reflect on what it all was really about. Operative word: Reflect…and release. MIR forced some issues to the forefront and made me purge some deeply hidden mess. Yup. What needed to be fixed was forced out of me. Bowing to the process. Wooo!!

    1. Val.
      Interesting. So did I. I never thought about past emotional trauma revisited and purged having anything to do with mercury retrograde. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. Re-trograde, re-visit.


  351. My husband and i have been thinking about taking a trip to another contra for a long time now. Now we are finally ready to book it. Since this is something we have already been thinking about (“unfinished business”) is this something we could safely book during MIR? I’ve also been thinking about writing a book. This is the second time durinh MIR this year, I was suddenly sunburned to get started. Are these two things considered “unfinished business” that the MIR in retrograde is inspiring me to pick back up or do I just have bad timing? Should I wait until it turns direct or could I get started? thank you!!!

    1. The two words that don’t make sense are *country and *inspired. Not contra and sunburned. Autocorrect struck again!!

    2. Hi Lia,

      Actually, I feel some of my best writing has been during Mercury retrograde periods. I’m developing a new screenplay during this one. Go for it!

  352. I’m not a big believer in astrology but something definitely is going on. My birthday was May 20th and sadly the day before my husband literally abandoned me and his infant son. 3 days later he wrote a suicide not on Facebook. He then sold his phone on Craigslist and completely disappeared. Coincidentally a female friend of ours went “missing” the same day he sold his phone. Through a little snooping I found out he’s still alive and both are living it up in Colorado. If this retrograde stuff is legit then it’s no coincidence. I’m hoping at the end of this he’ll come home and try to work this out..

  353. Mercury Retrograde… i love you for what you represent (i.e. slowing down, real meaningful communication, heightened intuition), but could you PLEASE ease up on all the sudden dramatic bullshit (i.e. drowned tablet, frozen cell phone, car overheating)? mmmkay? thx!

  354. Spoke with a friend that thought I should research the retrograde. Know nothing about this, but after years of being unsatisfied in my job, I quit it last Friday. Which is completely not like me, because I’ve usually “done the right things” in my life. Best college, advanced degree, good job, etc. I knew I needed to make change, but literally over the last week, the pressure felt like I was going to go crazy if I didn’t change it. My birthday is 6/18, so I’ve read enough to know Mercury is important to Gemini’s but that is it. Still managing through the “detachment” process from my job, I’m a wreck. Any suggestions on sites that could give a good suggestion on how to manage through the rest of this period?

  355. Ah so this is why so many people are breaking up, generally going crazy, mental issues flaring, past coming back to hunt people. My own system is pretty upset and I don’t know what is what, just that things need to change and be dealt with. Still, I feel so dam out of it.

    A few mores days and if it eases, then I’m a believer.

  356. Hi Dana, I would look up the Abraham Hicks website, and perhaps even More so some YouTube videos under the search field “jobs / work / Abraham hicks” and have a listen and see what comes of it. By the way good for you for listening to your instincts. It’s not always easy or obvious, but often such great things come from listening on the inside

    Wishing you the best

    Jay Razor

  357. Ah Mercury Retro – I must say it is giving me quite a beating this go around. From car troubles to delays. My Jeep has been in the shop going since this thing started. Now, there’s an opportunity for additional training that might help me in the future, but I’m holding off because of mighty Mercury. I can only hold off until tomorrow since tomorrow’s the deadline. Hopefully this doesn’t bite me in the a$$ later :/

  358. this is by far the worst MR ive ever experienced. challenging things happening to everyone i know.

  359. This is the most thoughtful portrayal of MR that I have read in many many moons. Thank you. This MR snuck up and slammed me hard. However this reading allows me to relax and acknowledge my duality. I will give the contract signer their due time to reflect on their nostalgia so they can sign when ready. Blessings.

  360. So much intensity!!! i have been really going through the ringer- sometimes feeling strong and sometimes like insanely depressed.
    7 months ago i met a man who i thought was my soul mate. soon after he found out he was going blind, then also that he had cancer and my gut told me- even though i had been with people who weren’t available and had done the work around it- meaning i had decided not to be with someone who wasn’t available anymore- however i didn’t see that this situation was partially the same as before- if not fully although more complicated with issues involving death-

    …and i met him after a year of being celibate so it felt even more “destined” sighh…..whew….

    this has blown me out of the water- it is the most intense and deep sexual experience i could ever imagine is also part of what has happened for me- everytime it is deep- and extremely hot, erotic, spiritual, very experimental, role playing etc…

    i kept thinking i cant go into this again- and would become super empowered and then see him and say i am so empowered and i wont fall again for this- into this-

    but i did over and over and over- and every time my heart broke a little- then finally i am just so numb- is he dying? maybe, sometimes i think so. i know i have felt like i was and am – we were open – had no boundaries to our connection – no walls- so sometimes i dated other people- but never sex with them and never could fully be into them- and the reason was is because i couldnt find what i was looking for with them – when this other man was the one i wanted. i wouldnt find what i wanted with anyone else if i wanted him. (what it gave me i am examining) but since i couldnt have him- he didnt want more- as he said it was his illness- so i couldnt have him – which is what i want so now I need to look inside. because nothing that i want is outside of me that i can have. this is what brought me to learn why and how to connect – once again with myself deeper- and so in a big way he has been a soul mate because this is the biggest lesson i could be learning right now. its just so fucking depressing and painful….ugh… i know it has to so with fulfillment with my career as well- and not feeling fulfilled or making what i need financially- so what an opportunity right? please your love is appreciated or feedback with compassion….


    1. Hugs to you venusbutterfly. Some people just post to vent/whine. You’re looking more deeply and your strong desire to learn from the rough time and change for the better comes through your words.

      I suggest energy work, whatever healing modality resonates best with you, to change the ingrained subconscious patterns. Astrology gives us our blueprint of what we’re working with and what’s working against us, but we don’t have to keep suffering!

      Love to all!

    2. message to Venus from Pomona ! WoW ! you have had such a high & now seems like you’v hit a low but it may not have to be this way (it is possible for your friend to mend & if you want to try & initiate this feel free email me & say hi so i can share my personal experiences/success with you 🙂 Cheers Pomona the eternal optimist !

  361. This is, by far, the worst retrograde of my life. I can’t believe I made it out alive.

  362. Not sure about Mercury Retrogrades in general, but I’m finding at least with this one has been a supremely shitty time to do a job search.

    I have had numerous messages from potential recruiters and employers get lost, never get replies from me, or in once case I actually had to turn down a near 6-digit job due to a draconian non-compete and “sharing inventions” clause that would have required me to either violate their contract or violate my roommate/current employer’s NDA’s which, as he’s also subleasing a room to me, would have required him to either lock down the home network and boot me off of it AND him not working at home on anything while I’m around, or just kick me out when I have no money to go anywhere else. (And then, that particular employer tried to even bribe me with an extra 10k. Problem is they could have axed me within weeks and I would have been effectively blocked from working anywhere IT related nearby for a full year the way the agreement was written, then amended midway through as they rejected my revisions almost outright).

    Glad I didn’t sign their version at all.

    Add in the thing about my car smoking a little under the hood for a couple times after long drives into the city and back (again, job searching and connection-building, which I apparently didn’t get too many lasting connections or leads), and now I have an order that bounced so I’m not going to get something I felt was crucial until I get paid again (who knows when that is!). I know smoking under the hood is nothing to screw with, yet I have no resources to deal with it as they all went in the previous Mercury Retrograde’s pre-retro shadow period when I had no choice but to fix it then and that cleaned me out. Been barely afloat ever since.

    Doesn’t help that transit Saturn retrograde also is resquaring my Sun/Saturn and will conjuunct my Ascendant again when it goes direct again, and transit Chiron just passed into my fourth house after passing my I.C., this after I had my Libra stellium (Mars/Pluto/Venus) get hammered by a direct conjunction by the last Lunar Eclipse AND the last few Uranus/Pluto squares.

    Something good better come in the next week or less because this constant hammering in my chart is getting really frickin old really frickin fast and I’m out of resources and have cashed in all my favors.

    1. Jon just wondering if u are a sag rising ? I am asking because sounds as though you have had a year like me, mercury transiting my seventh house and saturn Is retograde from my first to twelfth house I too am praying for some break in the stars soon before I lose it ….ugh

    2. Donna, that I am. Natally square Sun/Saturn too, which has been prevalent my entire life up to this point. My solar return (precessed, self-done) had Sun in 8th opposite asteroid Nessus (represents abuse, usually of the sexual or relationship nature if I’m not mistaken) in 2nd house. Financial matters have not been kind to me, again partly due to the car and partly due to not getting enough project work to keep levels up.

      4 Sag 17’51” to be precise. (Adjusted over the last year when I found my original birth certificate and realized I had my birhttime wrong by three minutes when I had many of my older readings done. (Oops!))

      Even better has been transit Uranus crossing the square threshold to my Vertex axis, and Pluto is getting ready to do its triple-hit (when factoring for its next retrograde period) on my Antivertex (Vertex being at 18 Can 30’43”, so Anti at 18 Cap 30’43”).

      Suppose it doesn’t help that my relocated Vertex for my current city is directly on Algol (26 Tau 18’2″) either.

  363. So many crappy things happened this retrograde I lost count!! electronics, car trouble, fights and backstabbing, backstabbing, backstabbing weird dreams and a achey body yet amidst all this we got the first triple crown winner in 37 years!!!!! Amazing!!!!

    1. 3 instances of back-stabbing here, too. I thought the last Merc retro was rough, and this one tops it by a long stretch! Glad it is stationing today and we’ll only have the shadow to deal with for the next few weeks. I can almost breathe again! Going for some deep reflexology tomorrow. Ready to walk in the world in a different way!

  364. I’m not really that much into astrology, but have had a dim awareness of the Mercury retro thing for some years now. And, once in a great while, I will check into the dates for it.

    This time, I noticed that, all of a sudden, a lot of business stuff as well as personal stuff was taking such peculiar wrong turns that I thought “this is classic Mercury retro stuff”. Sure enough, when I looked it up, bingo, it was happening. It sure has turned out to have been an intense one in a whole bunch of different ways, too (not all of them unhappy, thank goodness).

    I think I may have shifted from friendly agnostic to believer, at least about this one thing.

    1. I LOVE that, Hope. “deep reflexology…ready to walk in the world in a different way”. Beautiful.

      May the MAJORITY of your walks through this life be filled with great peace and a joyful heart. XOX!


  365. I was not caught off guard this time with MR. Yet I had went to get an oil change for my car at NTB and for them to tell me that I needed other stuff done to my car cost me $500 ouch yes it hurt and I was furious with the car repair. Eventhough I fussed out the wedding coordinator two weeks before for my daughter’s wedding, my daughter’s wedding turned out beautiful. Plus my ex husband claimed he wanted us to get back together but caught redhanded with another woman all I could do was laugh. Thanks to MR.

  366. Definitely weird stuff. Some good, like my dept fully staffed for the first time in 3 years. Then the bad: I started experiencing vitreal detachment in my right eye. Been there done that. . . But on Thursday before Memorial Day I started seeing spurts of blood. Lots of hassles getting into ophthalmology at the HMO. By the time I finally saw the retinal specialist I had a fair sized tear in my retina. I had two emergency laser surgeries, and have to go back in July for more extensive surgery. If I had been able to get in on Friday, the laser surgery could have stopped the tear from spreading.

    On top of that I’ve had a full week of celiac issues from accidental gluten poisoning. Not a fun couple of weeks.

    1. ohhhh geeee I wish i had have read this earlier ! it explains allot of some of what iv been experiencing (as always i was not fully aware & went with the flow with assistance from some amazing guidance & intuition & throughout this M.R iv had an absolute ball ! so the nice stuff truly softened the blow from the nasty stuff . . . seemingly fine mains power pole that fell on on the avocado orchard cost $2500 to replace & odd mechanical repairs to my previously perfect Audi cost $3600 . . . means I cant have that exotic holiday this year but honestly i dont really care !!!! iv had the trip of a life time been turned upside down & shaken by my gumboots 🙂 WoW its been Awesome times & still is 🙂

    2. Sorry about your detached retina, Curtis. Hope Mercury forward will lead to a good resolution.

      Pomona Avocado: (love your name), sorry too about the loss, but you have a wonderful attitude. Live in the now, as you know.

      Cheers to all,
      Greg F.

  367. Terrible retrograde. I have not felt this discontent in years. I’ve been extremely unsure of my life choices, and I have no real reason to be as I am a happily married woman with a career, a puppy, a great family and friends, and an education. My husband and I are on vacation for a week, and I’ve been questioning everything. So glad this retrograde is over today.

  368. My boyfriend and I actually understand each other more naturally and better under mercury retrograde, which is very new for me. He is a Virgo and I’m a Sagittarius. We have had our different ways of thinking come between us but the fact that we both have Libra ascendants and compatible moon signs gives us a lot of potential. I have learned a lot from our relationship and look forward to the way we can grow together.

  369. Oh yess tough time and good time though since May 18 i m njoing my vacations which i earned after 4 years so i badly needed a break and i got the worst happend to me was i had quarrel with my girlfriend parents and i went into isolation and as far my electronics stuff is concern my cell phone hanged for a week and had to allot a lot of time to get it recoverd ofcourse i didnt had back up of contancts so i missed a chance to meet my old friend who went abroad and probably i will never see him again atleast for 7 yrs down the line i didnt knew anything about mercury retrogade came to knw from Facebook and offcourse as far as health was concern i had to suffer ulcer throat infection and costed a lot to get me recovered ! but its said all is well if end is well
    I feel fit now my cell phone is in my hand and i got a news my friend z gonnaa come again 1 yr down the line so feeling satisfied !

  370. Worst month in a very long time and that’s saying a lot as I have stage IV cancer. I go through a lot in a regular basis. I returned from Nepal in late April right before the massive earthquake killing tens of thousands of people. I got very ill after a week of being back, then started more holistic cancer treatment. It was all downhill but I was still on this high from Nepal and Vipassana. Mixed bag. Since May 20th, it’s all been heavy. Bad physical state, mental degrading and the blissful Vipassana all fading away. Negative mind, negative body state, but then some little epiphanies would bust through. Making music. All the while thought of writing but felt too bitter. Angry at people, angry at myself for being angry at people. Then suddenly, I find out my blood has improved, that the treatment did something good for me… after having gone to the ER from searing pain. Which is gone now. Wtf. Too up and down for me with a big fat down period these last couple of weeks. What a downer that was. I’ve been feeling lighter for two whole days now. What can I do next time to avoid all of this?

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. FWIW this retrograde has dealt me some as well. Have you looked into mycomedicinals to supplement your treatment? If not, I encourage you to research the benefits of trametes versicolor (turkey tail) and ganoderma lucidum (reishi) for cancer treatment. Even/esp. for stage IV. Good stuff. May you become wellness.

    2. It is the actual experience of going through the trials and tribulations as you did That makes it soul work. The what to avoid” is a thin existence and will teach you little

    3. I hope things get better for you.
      I hope Nepal was exciting. I do not
      mean to be critical, should one be traveling
      such a distance if ill? Anyway I’m glad
      that part worked out for your courage.

      On a less spectacular note, I went to
      see the Canadian Rockies for the first time
      at age 57 in May. Exciting YouTube video at Canmore/Banff
      Alberta 2015. I was sick too for a whole month
      with doctors and couldn’t go to bathroom properly.
      Not the same thing really, but I was bouncing off
      the wall. A little bit better now.

      Most beautiful piece of classical music ever written
      still remains Mozart 299 Concerto For Flute and Harp
      Karl Bohm and Vienna Philharmonic. It is
      very healing and hope you have physical healing as well.
      Should also be on YouTube somewhere.

    4. don’t want to sound condecending,as going through cancer, must be turning you inside out,but remember the astrological sequence, of the stem cells we are born with,that astrocartografically,go to the body parts allocated, epigenetics ,can turn on and off the dna of certain fixed individual patterns, we are all connected to every aspect ,colours changing comelian like,so know that you may have been preprogrammed to go through cancer,but also may be programmed ,
      to not go through it anymore.

  371. Hi. I was very disappointed that I had to discontinue reading your article because the font was so faint, had no contrast and gave me eyestrain. Maybe I could have
    compromised my eyesight for one or two paragraphs, but not for THREE PAGES. Please know that the faint printing is not for reading. You can easily give your readers a crisp, high contrast printing of your articles
    if you remember that WORDS ARE FOR READING!
    Please resolve this difficulty for those of us who deserve something that is more easily read! Your “hip designers” might think printing some things very faintly and making lesser things almost invisible, but you must not settlel for that!

  372. Sorry, I’m a Virgo.
    It means that flight attendants and doctors
    fall all over themselves to meet me.
    I should have said that.
    There are millions of Virgos even though
    no one has ever stopped and told me.
    YouTube: US Marines Hakuna Matata:
    two US Marines have fun with Walt Disney,
    impossible not to feel good after watching.

  373. i have done extensive research on the Mercury Retrograde. To gain the best analysis, I looked back in HISTORY at events which occurred during the retrograde periods in the past. My conclusions are backed up by historical fact, with some analysis. In applying the scientific method to the Mercury Retrograde, I have discovered some patterns that deserve to be recognized. First, the Mercury Retrograde occurs every 20 years in the same place in the zodiac (with a 3 – 5 day difference.) So, if we look at the Mercury Retrograde of 1995, we shall observe similar dates of the retrograde for this year of 2015:
    Mercury Retrograde 1995
    January 26, 1995- February 16, 1995
    May 24, 1995- June 17, 1995
    September 22, 1995- October 14, 1995
    MercuryRetrograde 2015
    January 22, 2015- February 12, 2015
    May 19, 2015- June 12, 2015
    September 18, 2015- October 10, 2015
    I acquired these dated from the American Ephemeris from the years 1900-2000 ISBN 90-935127-19-4) and from the website astrodeinst
    ( Secondly, the Mercury Retrograde in my research affects anything having to do with signing something, like a wedding license, or a contract. An example of this is the fact that our current President was inaugurated (when he actually took over the government) during Mercury Retrograde in January 2009. One of his predecessors was inaugurated 20 years earlier during Mercury Retrograde in 1989, and yet another one of his predecessors was inaugurated as president during Mercury Retrograde in 1969. This pattern has manifested in some unfortunate events for our presidents. I hope we pay attention to this in the future. Finally, Mercury Retrograde in my research seems to reward ABSTRACT thinking. People born during Mercury Retrograde seem to be better as artists and entertainers, than as businesspeople. Could it be a barometer of artistic talent? Possibly. More research would be needed. Thank you

    1. Bitter almonds actually KILL cancer cells. They are full of vitamin B16 but the big pharmaceutical multinationals will not tell you this and even claim they are poisonous. If you can get your hands on some eat a small handfull a day for a week, and see what happens. They taste bitter and yucky but they do wonders – literally I wish you strength and speedy recovery.

    2. Thank you so very dearly for sharing your findings in this. So helpful!

  374. Even though the energy is sometimes harsh for myself and others, usually what happens for me is the secrets of others find the light of day during Mercury Retrogrades. I love it, I watch for it!

  375. I don’t know how to take this. The last retro fried my mind in terms of working the job that I’m at and I just got out of relationship so while I’m trying to get on with life, I really don’t need anything retrograde related to happen now. Besides, wasn’t the last one we had was to be the last one for the year?

    1. All I can say is “thank You” !! I am a Gemini with Mercury all a glitter retrograde….. I make no decisions, sign no contracts , change my hair ! Nothing but if it is already in motion moving forward seems to go fine. I pay attention and it is obvious things in my life slow almost to a stop !!!!

  376. I can feel this one coming. Heightened sensory alert. It’s like traffic, grocery store, track is all of a sudden lighting up w/activity.

    1. I can feel them coming too… strikes and demonstrations, road work, traffic jams, PC issues, communication breakdown

  377. I will have surgery on 9/23/15 to remove dermal basal cells of a malignant mold just below my right eye. I hope the retrograde will be cooperating with me. I also have my landlord, a Gemini, in opposition to our past love flirtations. Any suggestions, comments?

  378. Ruling planet Mercury conj my the 12th? I prefer to remain in a state of paralysis in a sealed box rather than take on the world during Merc Rx. I have a catalogue of absolute disasters under Merc Rx… Just say NO to missed flights, computer crashes, lost mail, NO NO NO.

    1. UQW! Ha! – me too – Virgo ASC – very affected by it – most annoying miscommunications with shopkeepers and the like – the SD the worst from my experience. Had to buy a computer during last one (mine died). It was a nightmare – returns – re-loading info, lost info…..

  379. Well, my lodger has sun on Algorab and I’m sick of him eating MY figs and not helping out with housework so this might be a good time to use Mx to say it’s time to move on…Mwahahaha… Unfortunately the lunar eclipse will be right on my sun so might backfire!

    1. With two eclipses it seems reasonable that something would be eclipsed from your life – with the solar eclipse I have read that male figures may disappear – even though this is a super new moon – a super new beginning. Wonder what’s going on in your 4th or even your 8th H? The Lunar eclipse is 1 degree from my chart ruler so I am watching that one too. Why do you worry if it is on yr Sun? Just curious. And on the Aries Sun maybe your independence would be fulfilled – alone again – yay? I am also watching the 20 degree Virgo eclipse as it trines my Sun’s ruler, which is also square to T Uranus, same house as the second eclipse. Hmmmmm…..

  380. The gemini retrograde was the worst time in my entire life, and I am not exaggerating and am still just now recovering from the after-effects, literally, things just started getting fixed today.
    Needless, to say I am terrified of the upcoming retrograde, what can I do – if anything to prevent us from being negatively affected?

    Thank you X

    1. Don’t be terrified; instead, be proactive. It’s much more useful.

      Check all arrangements, plans, dates and agreements twice–three times if there’s money, medicine, or the law involved. Have your car checked over now, before it starts. If possible, delay medical and legal appointments and home or car repairs till at least a week after Mercury goes direct; if you can’t, make sure (by asking lots of questions and doing “What I hear you saying is…” a lot) you and the doc or lawyer are communicating accurately with each other. If it feels right, get second opinions.

      Above all, strive to do this from a place of calm confidence, not fear. The last ret was a stone-assed bitch, but it was also pretty atypical in its awfulness. Generally, they can be handled okay with some care, and an ability to relax and adapt when things don’t go as planned.

  381. Hi There,

    Capricorn – born 30th December 1970 at 10:15am – I am now 44 and have had a very tumultuous life – retrogrades scare me as I think my life is already horrid and will possibly get worse.I feel like I just want to run away but I have nowhere to go and no money! I don’t respond to sites like this normally but your insight caught my attention. I wonder if I shall ever achieve happiness and be content…I know life is what you make it but sometimes others have a huge impact…my brother took his own life a couple of years ago for instance..obviously not my fault but has an impact on my life…would be grateful for any comments/advice….thank you.

    1. It’s hard to answer this without writing an essay and without looking at your chart. But I would urge you to click on the Astrology tab in the menu and have a look at the resources there. The more knowledge you have, the better you are armed at dealing with 2000 years + of negative disempowering programming through religion and now education and the media. Sorry to hear about your brother and that will have a huge impact on your life. I have started a recommended book list of books that have helped me over the years.
      Its a constant battle every day to replace what we have been taught with the real gnosis which is has been hidden from us and now coming to light.

    2. Hi Cole,

      Sorry you’re feeling anxious. You can get rid of those feelings easily and for free. Go here and download the free basic package. Follow the instructions and you’ll be feeling much better in no time. PSTECtm is a relatively new mind tech out of England that is simple follow along with the audio. In 10 minutes you will be able to eliminate any negative emotion from memories or imagined events.

      I overcame 20 years of severe MCS in 20 minutes using one of their advanced techniques. Self help doesn’t get any better. Here’s the link

      My very best,

    3. Dear Cole, I am very sad to read your post. Have you read anything by Osho? He is a great help , one of his central messages is that we make life worse for ourselves when we try to escape from our misery, and we are always trying to escape. His message is don’t try to escape, don’t distract yourself, just be as you are, be miserable, be depressed,. When we don’t try to escape then we at least do not create a division in us, we just are what we are. When we try to escape then we create a division. In fact being with how we are, however we are, is the most transformative experience anyone could ever have. We are never how we are because we are always trying to escape from our misery, its this that makes us really miserable. If we are how we are then there is less judgement from ourselves. Its because we dislike ourselves and judge ourselves when we are down that gives us such a hard time. I hate me. If we don’t do anything, don’t try to escape, wait it out, suffer our suffering, then things eventually quieten down.

    4. Hi Cole, because your birthdate is the same as my brother, I had a look at your chart – although you didn’t say where you were born so I didn’t get your ascendant.
      But I can see why the Mercury retro is an issue – you have the Sun conjunct Mercury in a very tight degree which means you over think everything and being a Capricorn (I’m married to one) this can spell depression at the drop of a hat. You have mercury retro natally so within this context, you’re probably giving yourself a doubly hard time. The Sun and Mercury are square Pluto which keeps you in the “underworld” of thought processes BUT – Pluto is also the planet of transformation and the transiting north node is conjunct it now – this means that with proper guided introspection (something like psycho analysis or really good therapy) you can go down there with a light and change things. You can make Mercury square Pluto work to transform yourself. Your stellium (group of planets) in Scorpio is intense – but Saturn transit to it is over.
      IMO – with what you have your chart, you can turn things around.
      I’m very sorry to heat about your brother – suicide a real tragedy BUT what we believe about it needn’t be.
      I really recommend you look at the work of a lady called Dr Elisa Medhus whose 15 year old son killed himself. What happened and how it all unfolded for the benefit of ALL OF US is a remarkable story – ongoing. It will give you a perspective on more than just life and I hope, help you to get your brother’s life and passing in a new frame.
      Cole, you have a good trine with Saturn and the Sun – so you can work hard at supporting yourself. This is all any of us can ever do really. Its your life, your story, understand it the best you can.
      By the way all the money in the world can’t stop us having to face ourselves eventually! Capricorns hate not having money! Try growing something – from seed on your windowsill. Cultivate life in any way you can. There is wealth in small things too.

    5. Hello Cole, I’m late responding because I’ve just now read your comment but if you receive this I want to send you my sympathy & empathy. I too have had what i’ll call a messy life. During my 1st saturn return my brother killed himself. I thought I would heal in a year but the worst of it took 4 1/2 years. I had no support at all. I hope you do. Sounds like these other comments have some direction to point you in. I don’t. Just maybe you’ll feel a little less lonely because MANY of us have had to endure these things. Every day of my life I have been aware that very little in this existence is right. Find a cause to believe in to help make the world a better place. I feel most passionate about animal rights. I love my plant friends too. I hope the best for you!

    6. Would like to add: I chased Happiness in my 20’s & saw that it was fleeting. Through experience I also saw that too much contentment makes me lazy. But having meaning is very motivating to me.

  382. Oh Gawd. I’m not attacking anyone here but after reading the last couple of day’s worth of replies to the retrograde, I’m starting to want to find my turn off the comments button. You know, merc retro’s suck, we can all agree on this but think about how many times we’ve survived? What good is knowledge, if you don’t use it to help you navigate through something that you know is going to be challenging at the least?

    1. Hi JE would’ve hoped my description of the meaning of Mercury retrograde would help people see HOW to use it positively. I find Merc Rx’s great personally and I’m Gemini rising too! I always seems to travel during them and indeed I will be during this coming one. Never had problems.

      I’m currently writing a post about free will and fate. What astrology can and cannot do. I do feel that people give the planets/gods too much power over themselves. I guess its not really our fault since those who have been brought up to worship an external god can end up transferring that approach onto Astrology. One of my aims as an astrologer is how to get the planets working for you and not falling into a default situation. It’s just cosmic weather!!

  383. I was dumped unexpectedly after 7 years during the Venus retrograde a month ago. I’ve been working on my issues during the past month and I want to get him back. I have gone no contact for 2 days now, am planning on 21 days. Should I wait until after the retrograde or during it to contact him or is there a good chance he will come to me? We have been in contact. I’m a Gemini, Libra rising.

    1. Sarah, while Maria is best to answer this, I’d like to say if you can say hi to him without anything other than that, be friendly and remain in contact but anything heavy or serious should wait until this is over.

  384. About three months ago I spent a amazingly passionate weekend with a man unexpectedly. We live on opposite sides of the country and have been keeping in touch ever since and he has been determined to come and visit me. We have been keeping in touch regularly and he will be arriving here right in the middle of the retrograde period. Is this going to effect the way we interact? We’re kind of using this time to explore things more and see what can happen between us and now I’m worried that we won’t be in the best state of mind for this kind of thing. Any advice?

  385. Yesterday, just as I was about to leave to go out (already in a hurry) two phones rang at the same time – I could hear them, I couldn’t find them… an email came in asking me to scan, print and sign some urgent documents asap. But when I printed them up to sign them, the printer was out of ink… So getting ink was at the fore of my mind on al the other things I had to do – like find out why the oil light wouldn’t go out on my car (despite being full of oil..) The trip into London for another meeting and getting ink took 40 minutes. The return took 2 and a half hours – one pedestrian knocked over, one accident, two broken down vehicles… Arrived home very stressed… but loaded the ink and set about my chore. However, the printer decided not to work… it took an hour to sort it out and sign the docs etc… so wired I couldn’t sleep for ages… then this morning, got a cll from the recipient of the documents. When he tried to print them up, his printer was dead.
    Why?? It was infested with ANTS.
    And Mercury isn’t actually retro until tomorrow.

    1. Mercury retro definitely getting to an early start for you! Ants… Definitely would not have seen that coming. How does that even happen?

      I hear you on transportation delays, just started a new job in the Redmond WA and let me tell you the Seattle 405 isn’t much better than the LA version. And they are converting the current HOV lanes to a couple of “Express Toll” lanes with variable rates, and requiring people to get a variable pass if they wish to continue using the lanes as HOV for no cost (plus raising the requirement from 2+ people to 3+ during rush hour). And this goes live September 27th, at the height of the Mercury Retrograde period AND Saturn either about to or already crossed into Sagittarius. Can’t wait to see how “smooth” this goes.

    2. UBQW,

      I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!! What a day you had yesterday!!! I cannot believe that Ants were behind all this drama! What a trip! It must be, ahem, all those biscuits crumbs left behind!:)
      It seems like you have been tearing those biscuits up like a leo! Time to start dining like a Virgo!;)
      Venus Rx’s are a breeze for me compared to the Mercury Rx’s. During Venus Rx, I feel like I am in a surreal dream… MERCURY HOWEVER!! STINKS!

      So I was terrorized this morning by a rat that somehow found its way inside my ceiling over my bed and decided to do acrobats at 4 am – 6 am!
      Then the pest control arrives and they see nothing! Then my bathroom floods and my entire bedroom is under water!.. Thankfully, no damage but still, what a morning! And It has only begun!. Hopefully this is just as Marina says, the wobbly phase when Mercury is stationing Rx, because mercury will be Rx in a few hours… Anyways, so I had a look at my chart, and Mercury is stationing direct exact on natal Pluto, which is in the fourth and square my ascendant! My mum sees what is going on, and offers sympathy and decides she will take matters into her own hands her way, and sprinkles Holy water while she says some prayers, because she is convinced that “something” has entered the house.. Mum is clueless about the planets and retrogrades, and not about to try to explain that in catholic terms! Then, Mr. Pluto himself, my father, walks into the room and decided that my mother is all wrapped up in concern about me, and he shouts out “Be a man and take charge of the situation!” I am just speechless… I have to say, that Pluto’s (father’s) comment actually lightened up the vibe because it made me see how silly and comical it all is!! At this rate, sprinkling holy water will not suffice, I need to start chugging it down!! One thing is for sure, mercury has a wicked sense of humour, if you are willing to see it!

    3. I am so sorry you had such an awful time. That is one for the record books. I hope it doesn’t persist through the whole retrograde phase. Usually I write or do something creative during Mercury Rx. I’ve had some tech issues, but not anything like you described. Sending out good vibes to you.

  386. Thks & sorry for everyone with retrograde problems wow! Last retrograde early last year I had a hospital appt. There was a strike that day, no buses, had to get a taxi with a stranger but forgot my purse. So had to rush back. Got to hospital & was knocked in head by a hand bag 3 rd knock to head. v.upset & angry. Nightmare getting back & my child was locked out in the porch. Bought computers second hand & did not work. Nightmare sorting out esp as have Tbi.
    This time started with bumping into pple from past & solicitors contacting me re tbi also sim bought does not work. Staying close to home, no travel, no contracts, watch out!

  387. IDK about the retrograde energy, but Sept 16th was one of the strangest energy days I’ve experienced in recent week. Saturn also is entering Sagittarius out of the death grip of Scorpio (since Oct. 2012) so I figure that was THE energy causing all the really weird physical issues. I would call it High Anxiety like that Mel Brooks’ film. I had to take Xanax just to get through the day. Today (the 17th) feels a bit better. I’m in the USA.

    1. Strangely I had the worst out of the blue migraine on the last day of my holiday on the 16th. Couldn’t go out and say my goodbyes I was so bad. Couldn’t look at screen or read my kindle as it made me feel sicker. Just lay in the dark for hours. Better today, just landed at Heathrow. But my stomach is still all jangled up.

  388. When Mercury goes retrograde for me, I guess it affects me with stresses and nasty situations. I wasn’t aware of the exact date that this one was to begin but I knew that today had to be the starting point because this morning, cars cut me off and there have been a few passive aggressive encounters with people where although I was trying to remain positive for myself to keep the beast at bay, they were enticing me with the little things that they were doing. And tonight, I went into an electronics store three times to buy the right brand of merchandise that I was looking for. It seems that I just keep making the mistake of purchasing the wrong thing while what I was looking for was right there in front of me. (face palm)

    The last time it hit me, I was in the underworld so to speak. It got worse at the end of it where I shut down for three days and my ex (God bless her) was coaxing me back into my senses. However, besides faulty choices, aggressive drivers and pissy people, I will face this period openly and choose to look for the enlightenment that it brings instead of all the crap that’s going to be flung out. 🙂

    1. OMG – deepest sympathy to all those having a Mercurial pain the fbuttright now.
      The recipient of my documents with ants in the computer was my husband! (he’s in South Africa this eek, I’m in the UK) He eats a lot of biscuits but I think the position of the printer under the eaves of a thatched roof may have been significant. Either way, the printer died and had to be replaced!
      As Roberto says – you have to find some humour in this, albeit dark!