Mercury Retrograde September 2015

Mercury goes retrograde September 17 2015 and the traditional advice is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electrics!” But the whole Mercury retrograde cycle actually lasts eight weeks and happens three times, sometimes even four times in a year! That’s a long time to hide under the duvet and a real waste of a truly magical time. Mercury generally zips between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain.

During the retrograde period it feels like Mercury has gone down into the underworld. In this realm, closer to spirit, we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. It’s true you might have to redo things, because Mercury will hit the same degree three times, but what this transit won’t let you do is to go into autopilot.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning

Mercury Retrograde SeptThere are danger spots though. When Mercury is stationing retrograde we are at its wobbly stage where we are likely to slip-up, make mistakes, and misread anothers communications. But once we are over the threshold and into the Underworld, we can safely go about our business knowing we are in another realm. The same goes for when Mercury is stationing direct, just make sure you give your brain a few days to adjust back to solar thinking. The house in your natal chart that Mercury retrogrades in, will be your Underworld zone. There you will question everything. It will make you jittery about signing contracts, because you will be constantly thinking, “Is this what I really want?”. Before the retrograde, is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down into your cave at its retrograde point. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot.

Mercury Retrograde September 2015

Mercury stations retrograde from Sept 17 to Oct 9 between 0º and 15º Libra. Mercury will travel through some important prophetic stars in the constellation of Virgo, and then through the constellation of Corvus the crafty crow. During the retrograde Mercury will square Pluto and conjunct Black Moon Lilith. There is certainly a strong occult and fated feel to the Mercury Retrograde. It feels very shifty too as Mercury stations direct while at the same time the North Node enters Virgo. Not only that but there is a blood red Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aries which throws more emphasis on the shadow. The mythology of Corvus will be activated strongly as Mercury flies over the crow’s stars three times thrice. The crow, like Mercury Rx, is a trickster with dark wings. The Corvus myth describes how Sun god Apollo sent the raven with a cup to fetch some water for god’s feast. On his way the raven was distracted by some fine figs on a tree. The greedy crow lost track of time while gorging on them. Suddenly remembering his errand, he panicked and picked up a passing snake. The crow constructed a clever story around this serpent as his excuse for why he had not filled up the cup as asked.

Mercury Retrograde Fixed Stars

Zaniah in Virgo at 4º 31 Libra ~ Sept 1, Oct 2 Rx, Oct 15.
‘Musical or artistic ability, gain through writing short stories, popular, social success, many friends especially among opposite sex.’
Diadem in Coma Berenices at Libra 8º 57’ ~ Sept 4, Sept 28 Rx, Oct 19.
Vindemiatrix in Virgo at Libra 9º 56’~ Sept 5, Sept 27 Rx, Oct 19.
‘Impulsive, too hasty, loss through writings and business.’
Porrima in Virgo at 10º 08? Libra ~ Sept 6, Sept 26 Rx, Oct 20.
‘Legal troubles, criticism, many worries, business difficulties which will be overcome, ill-health, loses respect of associates.’
Gienah in Corvus at 10º 44’ Libra ~  Sept 7, Sept 25 Rx, Oct 21.
Minkar in Corvus at 11º 40’ Libra ~  Sept 8, Sept 24 Rx, Oct 21.
Algorab in Corvus at 13º 27’ Libra ~  Sept 10, Sept 23 Rx, Oct 22.

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. In the june of this year i joined in a job as a head of the firm. I was very optimistic as it was a startup in a new city. Little did i know that the boss was a illiterate maniac and a very cruel one. A straight faced and smooth talking liar. (TYPICAL MERCURY). He had plans of hiring me for a couple of months learning everything about the business and to sack me. I went about the work. I hired three girls to help me out who unfortunately turned out to be office whores. I was exceedingly nice to them, and objective. Though i am a family man, a couple of them used to behave with me in a seductive way, but i kept my distance. Due to frustration and jealousy and they started cooking up lies and recording my conversations to inform the boss. (MERCURY COMMUNICATION). I had decided on quitting and walked out a couple of weeks later. I got to know the entire nature of the intrigue only a few days after quitting the sick place. I know the place has poor prognostics and would never survive without an expert. Typical mercury retrograde. But i am least disheartened.

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  2. This has been a very weird one for me. There is a very unexpected attraction at work that started on the first day mercury turned retro. I sense this isn’t good but the physical attraction is so strong it has me seeing double. we are both in relationships. He approached me tonight about contacting me on the DL. A big part of me wants to but my natural response told him I can’t. I am beyond tempted but feel suspicious about it at the same time. This is a tricky one, thanks mercury.

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    • tempt- maybe you feel uneasy about the situation because you know it’s wrong to cheat on the one you’re with.

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