Here you will find your Ascendant Aries traits, Aries crystals, Aries Love matches and the meanings for the three Aries decans. What does it mean to have the Sun in Aries or Aries rising?

Aries Traits

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so it influence will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others.

Aries Rising Decans

0º to 10º Aries Decan 1 Rising* (Aries Triplicity)

These folk boldly go forth in love relationships. The ascendant is a Martian type energy anyhow so these people will be in your face and upfront and personal pretty quickly if they take a shine to you. The ascendant is the physical body so (if other attractive aspects in the chart support it) these natives could also be described as ‘hot’ in the colloquial sense. Relationships can be tempestuous with many ups and downs and passionate arguments. These folk will bravely defend their partner against all odds, but will equally slap them back into shape if they misbehave.

10º to 20º Aries Decan 2 Rising (Leo Triplicity)

It will be very hard to get these folk to commit. The very phrase ‘tie the knot’ is enough to break them into a bad case of hives. ‘Simmering’ is another great talent. They can simmer with sexuality or equally simmer with rage if they are rebuffed by the object of their desire. These folk do best in relationships where they are the boss and their partner gives them plenty of freedom. However if you do manage to hook one of these gems they be will as devoted to you as any Leo. Just make sure you worship them accordingly!

20º to 30º Aries Decan 3 Rising (Sagittarius Triplicity)

These folk find it hard to have a ‘normal’, traditional relationship. They start snoring once they get past the rollercoaster feelings they experienced at the start. The Jupiter nymph-chasing is very marked since this is the Sagittarian decan of Aries. Enjoying the thrill of seduction and the chase so much, that when the flames die down, it can feel immensely dull. Aries 3 will always seek to spice things up so their relating style is never boring! It can be hard to get these folk to commit as Aries 3’s biggest fear is to be held under the lock and key of Andromeda’s chains.

*Ascendant sections are taken from the Aries decan ebooks.

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