Jupiter Trine Neptune ~ Mystical Love

Jupiter trine Neptune is a harmonious and spiritual aspect for the collective that seeks meaning beyond the material. When I say material I do not mean the put down 3D reality, since nature is not inherently ‘evil. As I am always saying, nature does not lie! With material-ism we think of money, and that’s what I mean here. Putting money as a value above all else leaves one bereft of magic. There are things that money can’t buy, but some never get to realise that until they are in the position of having large amounts of cash.

Jupiter trine Neptune ~ May 25 2018
Jupiter trine Neptune trine Venus  ~ Jun 1 2018
Jupiter trine Neptune ~ 19 Aug 2018

Those who are in the position of struggling from day to day to make ends meet and feed children will still be in survival mode and stuck in the lower chakras. In that position, there is often very little time to get ‘spiritual’. That said, there are folk who are natural born Jupiter trine Neptunes who never had the yearning for luxury or material success, came from a poor background and were always content to live frugally.

Many of the early Christians were famous for renouncing their regalia and wealth, and for that very reason they were persecuted. It is hard to blackmail someone if they really don’t care much for their material life, are celibate and have no family to support. Maybe this is why it was important for priests and priestesses to be single, they were less likely to be corrupted. Neptune in its highest form tends to be celibate or virginal.

The trine of Jupiter and Neptune is interesting as it marries the two Piscean rulers, the traditional and modern. Jupiter tends to be the nymph chaser and very sexual, and in some charts can show as a lecherous pedophile. This is even though Jupiter is considered a benefic. Neptune is generally seen as chaste in astrological interpretation yet he is also quite rapey.. (Neptune as Poseidon raped Medusa in Athena’s temple).

So Jupiter trine Neptune could symbolize courtly love, the kind that was celebrated in medieval times. Troubadours would sing slushy loves songs to married ladies, knights would joust in honour of the Queen. However, these pining wannabe suitors would never, ever take it to the physical.

Traditionally Jupiter trine Neptune is extremely idealistic and esoteric. It is the archetypical guru, mystic, healer or spiritual teacher. It can herald someone coming into your life who serves as a great teacher or mentor, but there can be a tendency to idolise that person too. This is a supremely glamourous connection, almost fairytale. The temptation to go full-on fantasy mode with this as a transit is easy and it will prove hard to keep your feet on the ground.

However, there is also great compassion and empathy here too. This aspect can cause an outpouring of charity to the unfortunate, but as always we must be careful that honest and perhaps naive people’s good natures are not taken advantages of. There will always be opportunists who seek the gullible and profit from this sympathetic and idealistic atmosphere.

Romantic, Poetic & Mystical

Generally, Jupiter trine Neptune is a lovely aspect, but if touched by this you may have a hard time getting anything constructive done. You will feel far more inclined towards day-dreaming and activity that is poetic, romantic and joyous. Nothing wrong with that if you have been working hard. As always it is about keeping a balance. Usually, trines are about balance, healing and harmony so the average sane person should be fine

Jupiter is not a personal planet but is the second last of the visible planets so it is not totally generational and otherworldly as Neptune is. Jupiter is known as a social planet. But if you have Jupiter rising, on the Midheaven or conjunct the Sun or Moon AND trine Neptune then this aspect will be personal to you. You could very well be a guru of sorts or on the other hand be very susceptible to idolising celebrities or religious figures. Either way, spirituality will feature strongly in your life. If it does not then there is always the danger of trine corruption!!

jupiter trine neptuneEven the trine can become lazy and indulgent. At worst the person with this aspect could become totally comfortable with the fact they are an addict or just a spoilt, indolent being. A good example would be a poet or musician with a benefactor who supports their alcohol or drug habit.  Jupiter trine Neptune can easily become a functioning addict and resist change because circumstances never become so dire that they are forced to face the reality of their addiction.

However, let’s not put too much of a dampener on this one! Jupiter trine Neptune certainly is the most romantic and dreamy aspect of the year and on June 1, 2018, makes a gorgeous grand trine with Venus in the water signs. What could be more poetic and beautiful than that? Expect to see some love affairs blossom.

Jupiter trine Neptune Natives

Conjunct a luminary or angular : Anais Nin (Sun conjunct Jupiter) Dustin Hoffman (Jupiter rising) Renzo Piano (Neptune rising & conjunct Sun) Margo St James (Sun conjunct Neptune)

Anais Nin has this aspect and healed (Trine) her abusive childhood through an interest in psychology and a career writing about sex “Beginning at age eleven, Nin wrote journals prolifically for six decades and even up until her death. Her journals, many of which were published during her lifetime, detail her private thoughts and personal relationships, as well as her sexually abusive and incestuous relationship with her father. “ ~ Wiki .

The boundary-breaking aspect of Neptune is there to see too. Nin ” actually began to act as a psychoanalyst herself, …and having sex with her patients on the psychoanalytic couch. She quit after several months, however, stating: “I found that I wasn’t good because I wasn’t objective. I was haunted by my patients. I wanted to intercede.” Of course, we can’t take this aspect in isolation, but you can see how it can have its dark side with Jupiter being so rapacious and greedy for sex. Anias is hailed however as the finest writer of female erotica. Jupiter rules publishing also.

Renzo Piano is the Italian architect most famous for the Pompidou Center in Paris (1977) and the Shard in London (2012). I think the Shard is probably his most Jupiter trine Neptune buildings. Most Piano’s work is very modernist and idealist, it makes a statement and no attempt to blend in with the surroundings. Personally, I find most of them quite ugly, but I like the way the Shard looks like a modern version of a church spire (Jupiter) and is transparent (Neptune). As one who has experienced it for real the Shard does have some magic about it.

The Pompidou centre was very groundbreaking in its day and quite fantastical. “The escalator, in a transparent tube, crossed the facade of the building at a diagonal. The building was an astonishing success, entirely transforming the character a run-down commercial section near the Marais in Paris, and made Piano one of the best-known architects in the world.” ~ Wiki.

As for the Shard “ It has a wide base and a split pinnacle point which seems to disappear into the clouds, like, as Piano described it, “a bell tower of the 16th century, or the mast of a great ship…Often buildings of great height are aggressive and arrogant symbols of power and egoism,” but the Shard is designed “to express its sharp and light presence in the urban panorama of London.”

More Jupiter trine Neptune

Jesus Christ (Yes really, according to astrotheme!) Edgar Cayce, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Charles De Gaulle, Rene Descartes, Prince George Of Cambridge, Kurt Cobain, Tom Cruise, Marlon Brando, Halle Berry, Mila Jovovich, Christina Hendricks, Tony Hancock, Benicio Del Toro, Chris Morris, Michael Moore, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Hilk Hogan, Louis Vuitton, Johann Von Goethe, Noam Chomsky, H.P Lovecraft, Russia, Philip K Dick, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Enrico Caruso, Taylor/Burton Davison.

Image ref: Hylas and the Nymphs by John William Waterhouse. 1896

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  1. thanks Marina for this post. just noticed all this crazy aspect on the scorpio moon and feeling way to dreamy.
    Just peaking here in august. hoping do pull some constructive artistic fun out of it now that i realize what the heck is goin on. Have a groovy weekend .

  2. What is the title of the painting featured in this post? It is quite lovely.

    1. It’s Hylas and the Nymphs by John William Waterhouse. 1896. I forgot to add the credit.

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