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Cancer Season features the summer solstice, which must be the most welcomed astronomical high-point of the year. The Sun is at its zenith in the sky on this longest day of the year. Every year at around June 21, the Sun hits the astrological point of 0º Cancer, signalling the first official day of Summer. Cancer season lasts from June 21 to July 22 in 2021.

So Cancerians should carry this ‘shiny happy people’ energy around with them. Or do they…? After all, the moody Moon rules Cancer, not the Sun! Cancer has a full moon type of energy where the Sun illuminates the Moon to its brightest and whitest.

Cancer is also a cardinal sign, so it is a natural leader and surprising bossy. Cardinal Cancer is the Queen Bee and matriarch. A full moon on steroids if you like. The bright Sun is cheerful, but it can also burn.

Cancer Season Meaning Craving Comfort?

But what does Cancer season mean in general, and how can we work best with the Cancerian energy? I scooted around the internet to look at what the consensus was about Cancer season. Most of it was all ‘get cosy’, ‘snuggle up’ and ‘put family first. Yes, I would agree this is an excellent time to go to the seaside with the family and give each other a ton of cuddles.

It is also a very nostalgic time where we think of summers gone past. In these times, we might look back with a tinge of sadness as times have certainly changed. Those carefree days of our childhood when a ‘hug’ was not seen as a bunch of deadly germs seem very far away…

Cancer season has its melancholic side because of the Moon’s rulership. Lunar energy is so ultra-sensitive and sentimental, while Cancer season is about re-membering. Most of all, especially in these unprecedented times, this period is about remembering we are human.

Cancer season activates the constellation of Canis Major and the brightest star in the sky Sirius. The mythology around this fixed star connects with the myth of the Egyptian goddess Isis, who resurrected her beloved Osiris back from the dead.

Fixed Star Sirius

Devoted Isis travelled the world to find all her husbands lost parts (Evil brother Seth had chopped them all off, including the vital phallus.)

The Sun aligns with the fixed star Sirius from the 4th to July 8 (Peaking on the 6th). In recent times Sirius at 14º Cancer has come to be associated with fame, eminence and riches. But depending on its connections within the chart, it can also be a success that burns.

When Sirius heats up, it’s a searing white heat that causes a very premenstrual type temper. In the ancient past, feverish temperatures which brought pestilence were associated with Sirius. So the star was not regarded as a good omen at all. So Cancer season is not all about cosy cocoon cuddles and craving comfort. These dogs days are seriously (Excuse the pun!) edgy. 

Summer Solstice & Witch Burning

You only have to look at some of the pagan practises that went with it. Like burning witch effigies! The Danish make a bonfire at the Summer solstice and chuck an old straw dolly onto the fire. Keep grandma out the way, children..

Eastern Europeans believe fire scares away evil spirits who may destroy harvests. A common theme in many festivals around this time is that they have a Jumping-over-a-fire ceremony. (I did this myself in Greece, great fun) “In Spain, they shout ‘meigas!’, meaning ‘witches off!’, to bring prosperity.” ~ Wanderlust

The Romans feared the Sun conjunct Sirius time as “the Sea boiled, the Wine turned sour, Dogs grew mad, and all other creatures became languid; causing to man, among other diseases, burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies.” [1]

Robson says Sirius gives “honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion, passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators and guardians.” Sirius is such a bright star and so close to us on earth relative to other stars that its orb will stretch over a few more degrees than usual. So the barking mad days would probably extend from July 3 to 9.

How Cancer season affects each zodiac sign?

One size does not fit all, and Cancer season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and Recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months.

Aries In Cancer Season

Summer starts with an achievement month for you. It is more low key, however, since it is down in your 4th house of home. Cancer season for Aries means putting energy into repairs and decorating your homestead. It’s not one for being too ambitious and leaving your family in the lurch. Be active with the family, do sports or burn up the energy in group home projects.

Taurus In Cancer Season

Cancer season is a recharging time for you. The Sun will be in your 3rd house of learning, so grab a pile of books, slump on a hammock and read them all. It is also the time to stay local and get cosy with the neighbours. Cancer as your 3rd house means you see the street you live on as an extension of your home. So posting a letter in your slippers and dressing gown is not a problem for you. (Especially in recharge time!)

Gemini In Cancer Season

Cancer season in your 2nd house means receiving potential suitors as your self-esteem is high. You may also generate more sales than usual, the canny merchant that you are! 

Cancer In Cancer Season

I hope you had a good rest in Gemini season because… happy birthday! It’s the start of a new solar cycle, and you are raring to go. Cancer season activates your 1st house. So it’s time to get your pincers out and start prodding people again.

Your birthday month is a lucky, productive time both at work and in love. Promote your unique self to all and sundry. Social invitations will come flooding in. Acting as a shameless diva makes you money.

Leo In Cancer Season

Cancer season for you is when you are most likely to suffer from burnout. The Sun in your 12th house is an excellent time for a chilled beach holiday. Lions sleep more than any other mammal. Being fabulous uses up a ton of battery.

Virgo in Cancer Season

In Cancer season from June 21, you reach out for advice… finally. Networking with peers will give you clues on how to manage your time better. So while the Sun is in your 11th house, make those dreams come true.

Libra In Cancer Season

Cancer season is the busiest time of the year for you when the Sun activates your 10th house. Your energy is more potent when you are in leadership positions. Accept the caretaker role and be sensitive to the needs of others. That’s how you will impress others in your achieve month. So go Mumsy for a bit. In Leo season, you can let your hair down! 

Scorpio In Cancer Season

Cancer season sees you back on form. It’s the least floppy of the recharging months, and you dig emotional Cancer energy. The Sun in your 9th house is an excellent time for a family holiday. You can be active in your voyaging, but rest once you get there.

Sagittarius In Cancer Season

Cancer season lights up your life, except you will need sunglasses! You are squinting at the blazing Sun from the darkness of the 8th house. Ouch! It’s the time of the year when you receive weird messages from the universe, and some of them freak you out.

Capricorn In Cancer Season

You LOVE Cancer season. Yes, it’s the most romantic time of the year for you with the Sun in your 7th house. It is an Achieve month, too, so you actively look for a mate for this month. The actual Sun is out, too, even if it makes the goat a bit sweaty.

Aquarius In Cancer Season

Take a summer vacation now with Cancer season and the holidays in full swing. You really will need a break, even if you have been indulging. You will most probably need a health spa break and detox from the evil twins of Gemini season. The sign Cancer in the 6th house means listening to your body for any health alerts. Best to ease off too much wining and dining for a bit. Give your poor gut a rest!

Pisces In Cancer Season

Cancer season is one of receiving. So this time of abundance is highly pleasurable. The 5th house is playful and vibrates well with this height of summer position. It is just perfect for holidays with the kids. So enjoy carefree beach fun with lashings of ice cream.

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1. Brady’s Clavis Calendaria, 1813.