Moon Sextile/Trine Uranus ~ Unorthodox


Moon in sextile or trine Uranus brings an abundance of radical and innovative energy through an individual into the public eye. These are the worlds self-assured rebels who don’t give a fig about conforming to the status quo.

The soft aspects brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish the subject behaves, the more the public seems to lap it up. The trine is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect.

Having such strong courage of one’s convictions will often provoke criticism, fear and even envy from the conformists. Often this aspect’s critics are the very people who would love to lead a more honest lifestyle, but are far too constrained by the fear of being rejected by their fashion-conscious peers.

Moon trine or sextile Uranus subjects may attract very safe individuals into their life to whom they act as a catalyst for change. Moon trine Uranus in particular are freedom-fighters first and foremost. They are quite ‘out there’ with their views, but are still often embraced by the wider society as heroic renegades or loveable eccentrics. Some natives will be a mellowed, less electric version but will still be somewhat quirky.

Quirky Innovation

Moon in sextile or trine Uranus has an unusual and unorthodox approach to family life, but unlike the harder aspects they do not rebel from domesticity altogether or feel too cut off from their roots. Instead the native will find an inventive way to channel this electric, restless energy.

Moon sextile Uranus is an artistic aspect that flowers an original and eccentric mind. These people are innovators and inventors that think outside the box. They usually have an instinct for what is about to happen and are hip to new trends. Moon sextile Uranus has a hotline to the sway of public opinion and they are swiftly off the scene before an idea falls out of favour.

Uranus in sextile or trine Moon can be an activist when it comes to upgrading domestic conditions. They could do this by simply improving the conditions of those living in squalor. Other ways are by creating incredibly futuristic, space-age housing that uses high-tech methods of heating or lighting. Another manifestation of in Moon sextile or trine Uranus could be progressive ways of nurturing children. They may be brought up in a commune, have an unusually large family or are constantly on the move.

Moon Uranus ~ Soft Aspects

Moon Sextile Uranus

Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barratt-Browning are a great example of the unusual domestic arrangements and the wonderful creativity that flourishes from this aspect. They have this aspect in their Davison chart. Elizabeth was 6 years older than Robert and an invalid but that did not deter him from pursuing her even though they had never met.

Their courtship comprised of 600 letters which gradually blossomed into a romance. Finally Elizabeth broke free of her domineering father and the couple eloped. After her marriage she was disowned. The Barratt/Brownings chose to live in Italy and were often criticised over their choice of having a foreign home.

Moon Sextile Uranus Natives: James II of England (18’), Brutus Di Villeroi (28’), Dan Flavin (30’), Mel Gibson, Charles Prince of Wales, Robbie Coltrane, Peter Sellers, Sacha Baron-Cohen, Jose Carreras, Igor Stravinsky, Paddy Ashdown, Victoria/Albert Davison, Barrett/ Browning Davison, Tatum O’Neal, Ewan McGregor, Erin Brochovich, Margot Fonteyn, Jennifer Lopez, Paul Watson, George Grosz, Derek Jarman.

Moon Trine Uranus

Andrea Dworkin was an American radical feminist famous for lifelong campaigning against pornography, stating that is was linked to rape and violence against women. Uranus can be quite a cold, dislocating energy that idealises yet at times dehumanises. The Moon is women, so the trine here is obviously seeking to reconcile Uranus’s somewhat anti-social, robotic detachment with the Moons need for physical comfort and affection.

Andrea says she had a happy childhood until she was molested in a cinema aged 9. This initiated a succession of abuse by various agents of authority, sometimes as a result of her activism. She moved to Amsterdam and married a dutch anarchist who later abused her severely. She returned to New York and joined various protest groups and then later a feminist consciousness raising organisation.

The most provocative book she published was “Intercourse” which stated “all heterosexual sex in our patriarchal society is coercive and degrading to women, and sexual penetration may, by its very nature doom women to inferiority and submission, and may be immune to reform. True to Moon trine Uranus creating unconventional domestic arrangements, Andrea married a gay man who she said was her true soulmate.

Moon Trine Uranus Natives: Larry King (18′), Alicia Silverstone (24′), Juan Manuel Fango (26′), Darkstar Astrology, Albrecht Durer, Helmut Newton, Mary Cassatt, Kirk Douglas, Spike Milligan, Robin Williams, Aaron Spelling, Victoria Beckham, Aung San Suu Kyi, T. S Elliot, Eminem, Helen Mirren.

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