Moon Sextile Trine Uranus ~ Unorthodox


Moon in sextile or trine Uranus brings an abundance of radical and innovative energy through an individual into the public eye. These are the worlds self-assured rebels who don’t give a fig about conforming to the status quo. The soft aspects brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish the subject behaves, the more the public seems to lap it up. The trine is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect.

moon sextile Trine uranus transit

When the Moon is sextile or trine Uranus in the sky the ‘freaks’ come out to play! This is an eccentric, electric vibration that is innovative and non-conformist. Use this moon to help pull you out of a rut. It will help shake you out of any mindless repetition and sheeplike behaviour. This harmonious, vivacious energy is ideal for refreshing stale relationships and clearing stagnant energy. If you want make changes to your everyday life use this aspect to help you overcome the fear of the unknown.

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