Jupiter Square Neptune ~ Martyr Syndrome


Jupiter square Neptune tests whether your dreams are unrealistic or if you practise what you preach. This is the aspect of false messiahs and wasting money on lost causes and fairytales. During this time you are asked to be generous and will believe the best in people. However, you might also be shown that letting someone enjoy a parasitical relationship with you actually harms them as much as you in the long term.

Being someone’s lifelong crutch means that the person who is leaning on your fails to develop spiritual muscles and backbone. In our personal lives, this is the aspect of creating a rod for your own back if you take it too far.

It is good to have dreams and when one has attained a certain material success in the world (Jupiter) it is natural to want to give something back to those who are disadvantaged in the world. This aspect can also have a very Chiron vibration to it as Neptune is related to healing and Jupiter likes to play the saviour.

At its most positive in a natal chart, this can indicate someone who has experienced many relationships with covert narcissists and finally breaks free of being drained of their life force.

The square can be turned into a diamond as the native helps others break free of their need to play the martyr in relationships. This person eventually makes a great healer, but only after some harsh lessons have been learnt.

In religious institutions, Jupiter as the nymph chaser here is in danger of preying on younger members of its flock. I have said before that we need to be careful of Jupiter in hard aspect in terms of p**dophilia and child s*x abuse.

All forms of spiritual practice whether they are established religions such as Christianity or new age cults have the inherent potential to be corrupted.

This happens because these institutions can’t help attract trusting and devoted followers who only see the good in others. Of course, they will also be a magnet for those who have a guaranteed audience of unquestioning worshippers. It takes a very evolved person to not be corrupted and seduced by the power that is given to a priest or priestess in a high ecclesiastical position.

The problem with this position is throwing the baby (Jesus) out with the bath water! To err is to be human. Teaching (Another Jupiter position) also can attract p**dophiles due to it giving access to young children but we don’t say that schools are evil because they can be a magnet for evil people. The same goes for religious institutions.

Jupiter square Neptune

Around the dates of this transit in 2019 we could see yet more scandals in the Catholic church because this religion, in particular, seems to be the one that the matrix controllers want to see crumble more than any other. Of course, that’s not to say there will not be s*x abuse scandals in other cults or religions. It’s just that the Catholics could be the scapegoat for all the others.

UPDATE 8/31/19: In fact it was the Jeffrey Epstein case that came to a climax in 2019 (there were three others Jupiter/Neptune squares earlier this year). Epstein was definitely scapegoated to protect the higher ranking elites within his network.

If this aspect hits any of your personal planets be careful of how much time and money you give to your “charity case.” You may find that it was a total scam and relied upon your trusting, good nature and kind heart. You will want to be generous and this does not mean that you shouldn’t be, just make sure you go in with your eyes open and definitely don’t add drugs or drink into the equation or you are even more likely to make costly and upsetting long-term decisions concerning a loved one or seemingly good cause.

Jupiter Square Neptune Natives

Since Jupiter and Neptune are generational planets I have only chosen natives who have these planets in their first and tenth houses which makes these planets more personal to them and gives them a stronger effect.

Jupiter 1st house Sri Sumagala was a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk who was one of the pioneers of the Buddhist revival movement. He founded many Buddhist schools in Sri Lanka in the late 19th century.“ Reputed and renowned institutions in Ireland, Italy, Hungary and Germany also bestowed felicitation degrees on him.” ~ Wikipedia 

Edward Heath was a Conservative prime minister from 1970/74 who was instrumental in joining the UK to the European Community in 1973 when it was then just a ‘common market’ trade agreement rather than a political entity with its own laws.

From 2015 to 2017 the arch-globalist had many accusations of child ab*se levelled against him according to Wikipedia and is a good example of the negative side of Jupiter in this square. David Icke exposed Edward Heath as a paedophile in his book ‘The Biggest Secret’ as early as 1999 and has been warning against child satanic abuse among the elites for decades.

Joseph Stalin (16′), Edward Heath (16′), Sri Sumangala, (00′), Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Linda Lovelace, Kylie Minogue, Ashley Judd (00′), Vittorio Mussolini, Erwin Rommel, Arthur Conan Doyle, Franco Zeffirelli, Charlton Heston, John Belushi, Charles Munch, Django Reinhardt.

Jupiter in 10th house  Victoria Beckham (31′), Denzil Washington (37′), Kevin Costner, John McCain, Yves Saint Laurent (25′), Annie Lennox, Boy George, George Gurdjieff, Starlady (Astrologer), James A Eshelman (Astrologer), Elizabeth Arden.

Neptune 1st house  Richard the II, Elvis Presley, Aaron Spelling, Jim Carrey (54′), Denzil Washington (37′), Piet Mondrian, Fredrich Hegel, Pierre Curie, Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola.

Neptune in the 10th House Diana Princess of Wales. Glamourous Princess famous for her humanitarian causes and emotional connection to those in suffering. Her death in 1997 generated a huge outpouring of grief and she almost attained saint-like status due to the conspiracy surrounding her untimely death.

Diana is also a great example of the negative Neptune aspect of this square in that we will probably never know the truth of her demise. Diana was also a very troubled soul despite her privileged upbringing so projects the wounded healer archetype out to the world in her 10th house. Also: Solidarity (Polish Trade Union) Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Theodore Roosevelt, Dennis Rodman, Charlton Heston, Kris Kristofferson, Django Reinhardt.

Image ref; Still from Jesus Of Nazereth (1977)
Street Art. Jesus on Brighton West peir by Orticanoodles.