Saturn Trine Uranus ~ Revolver

Saturn sextile or trine Uranus brings about invention, flight and innovation, particularly of things mechanical. Saturn and Uranus politically are opposing forces, where Saturn is authority and tradition while Uranus is seen as rebellious and progressive. Usually these two in contact would be seen as quite difficult in that people will be fearful of change or of rebels taking control. But this is a harmonious, soft aspect!

Saturn Trine Uranus ~ May 19 & Nov 11 2017

Generally Saturn sextile or trine Uranus  could be seen as a revival. Taking old ideas and looking at them in a new way, like a reformation. It could also be that ideologies considered radical or un-PC in the past suddenly become palatable.

The soft aspect could be the sugar coated-pill that enables the Uranus changes to be made without too much rebellion. There is challenge to the reigning authority, but the changes made will seem familiar, so that people aren’t really thrown too much out of their comfort zone.

It is like having a divorce in order to get back with an Ex from your teenage years! It is like a rejuvenation, feeling young again, even if you are past 50.. Uranus tends to make change drastically, but a trine from Saturn suggests that it will be done considerately and incrementally.


Saturn trine sextile Uranus

Those who are born at this juncture of time make become iconic of the societal changes happening in the collective. Sue Tompkins says of those born with Saturn/Uranus contacts “In various aspects of their lives, they will often experience internal conflicts as to wether to take a firm anti-establishment, progressive and radical line or whether to respect authority, tradition and that which has stood the test of time.” [1] Charles Carter sees Saturn/Uranus as inflexible, controlling and even tyrannical! I would say that could be the case with the hard aspects, but not with these harmonious soft aspects.

Having said that, there where a few natives in my research on this aspect who could be considered tyrannical. On the whole though, Saturn sextile or trine Uranus seems to bring disciplined innovation. The inventor of the Television John Logie Baird, is a good example of a piece of technology that was probably both feared and welcomed. The TV set has certainly radically changed our lives, some would say for the worse, and now we have those screen everywhere.

Let is now turn to the manifestation of this energy on a personal level. You can see in the natives in the following page that these cyclical, revolving themes repeat. Revolution, as a word is just the turning of the wheel. Whenever a doctrine/ideology/fashion reaches its most extreme and is no longer working it signals the end of a cycle. The new cycle often starts with something classic and timeless, the frivolous frills are trimmed off, Saturn style. The old becomes the new.

Saturn/Uranus ~ Soft Aspects

Saturn Trine Uranus

Camile Saint-Saens *was a French composer, organist and conductor. Saint-Saens made his first concert debut at aged 10 and started composing at the age of 3. Like Mozart, Saint-Saens was a child prodigy but not nearly so famous. At school Saint-Saens was outstanding in many other subjects and was regarded as a genius. “he distinguished himself in the study of French literature, Latin and Greek, divinity, and mathematics. His interests included philosophy, archaeology and astronomy, of which, particularly the last, he remained a talented amateur in later life.” 

You can see how the Uranus part of the trine played out early in Saint-Saens’ career where he enthused over the modern music of his era, such as Wagner and Liszt. Saint-Saens acquired a teaching post at École de Musique Classique in Paris, where he caused a scandal by introducing these heady modern works to his pupils in place of the approved classics. As Saint-Saens matured, however, he was most outspokenly conservative in his musical preferences and became much more Saturnian.

saint-saensEventually, Saint-Saens was regarded as out-of-step with the Parisian music scene and its craving for novelty. “By this time, various strands of new music were emerging with which Saint-Saëns had little in common. His classical instincts for form put him at odds with what seemed to him the shapelessness and structure of the musical impressionists, led by Debussy.” Saint-Saens was also far more reserved than his romantic peers such as Tchaikovsky. It seems Saint-Saens grew into more his Saturn conjunct Ascendant as he aged.

Other Saturn trine Uranus natives: Michelangelo, Hugh Hefner, Fidel Castro, Elizabeth II, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Saville, Eminem, Nick Cave, Johnny Rotten, Nina Hagen, Robbie Williams, Geri Halliwell, Mel C, James Blunt, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, Gwyneth Palthrow, Melanie Griffith, Geena Davis, Peter Falk, Stephen Fry, Dawn French, Kenneth Williams, Noel Fielding, Jerry Lewis, Carlos Castaneda, Beatrix Potter, Louis Vuitton, Bo Derek, Dita Von Teese, Dolly Neimans, Gioacchino Rossini, Francisco De Goya, H.G Wells, Henri De Toulouse Lautrec, Alexander Fleming, Anders Celsius, Zinedine Zidane, Alan Prost, Bjorn Borg, Nick Faldo.

Saturn Sextile Uranus

Mary Shelley* came from an extremely progressive Uranian family. Her father William Godwin was a radical, political philosopher and her mother a philosopher and first wave feminist Mary Wollstonecraft. Mary married romantic poet Percy Shelley with whom she shared an erratic, bohemian lifestyle and was often travelling. Frankenstein (Or ‘The Modern Prometheus’) Mary’s most famous work is a great expression of her Saturn sextile Uranus. Saturn, the grim reaper of death is brought back to life by the lightening bolt of Uranus. It is quite poignant that this story comes from someone who lost her mother as a baby. Mary and her illegitimate half-sister Fanny were brought up by their father solo for a while. Mary Wollstonecraft had many affairs which were regarded as very shocking for the time. (Fanny was a result of one of them). The sisters were both home schooled. “and they had access to his library and to the many intellectuals who visited him… (Mary) received an unusual and advanced education for a girl of the time.”

The Modern Prometheus

Saturn sextile UranusIn terms of Saturn sextile Uranus Mary Shelley believed in the Enlightenment (Uranus) idea that people could improve society through the responsible (Saturn) exercise of political power, but she feared that the irresponsible exercise of power would lead to chaos.” It seems that her radical upbringing and difficult relationship with her idealistic, bohemian husband Percy Shelley, had Mary craving for more Saturnian stability as she grew older.

As in Frankenstein, Shelley “offers a profoundly disenchanted commentary on the age of revolution, which ends in a total rejection of the progressive ideals of her own generation”. Ironically, Mary’s radical father actually disapproved (Saturn) of Percy Shelley, so they eloped and she was disowned. Mary found herself pregnant, penniless and constantly on the move with her errant, poet husband. During her marriage she had many miscarriages and died at 53 with a suspected brain tumour.

Saturn in 1st: Clara Bow (conjunct AC.) Christina Ricci, Dominique Strauss-Khan, Henri Rousseau, Mary Cassatt, Jeremy Irons, Olivia Newton-John. Other Saturn sextile Uranus natives: Elvis Presley, Luciano Pavarotti, Julie Andrews, Pink, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, Ian Richardson, Shirley MacLaine, Meryl Streep, Greta Garbo, Henry Fonda, Woody Allen, Richard Chamberlain, Jessica Simpson, Sarah Bernhardt, Gloria Steinem, Chelsea Clinton, Louis XVI Of France, Friedrich Neitzsche, Samuel Becket, Jean-Paul Sartre, Adolf Eichmann, T.E Lawrence, T.S Eliot, Augustus, John Logie Baird, Caravaggio, Johannes Vermeer, Antonio Vivaldi, Charles-Marie Widor, Jean Cocteau, Yuri Dagarin, Venus Williams, Vaslav Nijinsky.

*Since Saturn is not a personal planet, my prime examples have this aspect personalized. IE. Saturn conjunct the ascendant with Uranus sextile or trine that Saturn/Ascendant.
1. Aspects In Astrology. Sue Tompkins. P 229.
Picture Ref:Prometheus, 1839 Grigory Karpovich Mikhailov


3 thoughts on “Saturn Trine Uranus ~ Revolver

  1. Have this aspect now in transits with natal Venus in Leo, Uranus trine my Venus, Saturn trine my Venus, but dont feel nothing

    1. You should be now marrying the ambassador of an Alien delegation that has landed, and is uplifting the Earth.

  2. Saturn approaches my natal Uranus (will be conjunct Jan 2018). A sensitive point in my chart as my natal Uranus is making a sextile to True Lilith together forming a Yod to Ceres in my birth chart.

    When Pluto was approaching natal Uranus, transiting Sagittarius decan 3/Capricorn decan 1 in 2009/2010, this had a huge impact on my life (power struggles, belittling, jealousy and manipulation in existing relationships/issues with female friends and mother’s side of the family/came across some bad people).
    I am curious to see what Saturn will bring here, I feel more confident when confronted with power play since the Pluto transit, though it is a process.

    Then transiting Uranus at 25/26 degrees Aries is almost conjunct my MC in August, before going Rx… then I am currently looking for a job!

    At a point in the future maybe you can shed more light onto this with a reading… when I feel confident enough and feel I better understand myself the direction and undercurrents of my life.

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