Moon Sextile/Trine Ceres ~ SMothering


Moon sextile Ceres or Moon trine Ceres brings together two mother archetypes in a way that is incredibly fertile and nurturing, but there is a budding urgency and slight desperation about it. The mothering can be too cloying, sentimental and smothering. The reason for this overkill might just be because the subject has suffered great loses or poverty as a child and as a result, they are eager to right those childhood wrongs in a big way.

These people tend to be philanthropists and can attract great wealth. It’s like the universe seems to know these natives will do right by their fortune. However, if there are afflictions to Ceres, the drive may come from a less worthy place. The native’s drive may come from a pathological need to be seen as saviour.

Moon sextile or trine Ceres craves to be needed, so they will make themselves indispensable by throwing money and lavishing affection to those they love. They make wonderful benefactors and want to feed the common people in any way they know how, which could be through actual food or the arts.

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Moon Sextile Ceres

Oprah Winfrey has this aspect in a minor grand trine with Venus. The sextile is a Venus aspect anyway so she is the utter epitome of Moon sextile Ceres. Oprah was born in poverty to a single mother, raped at age 9, pregnant at 14, then lost that child just after birth.

The Ceres suffering and loss is very apparent here. She made famous the TV confessional, and public displays of emotions. (Moon). Oprah’s very strict grandmother seemed to have had the most profound influence on her early life, teaching her to read at the age of 3, taking her to church regularly and hitting her if she did not do household tasks.

Oprah ran away from home at 13 after spending time with her birth mother who worked hard as a maid. Unfortunately, the long hours put a strain on Oprah’s mother’s ability to cope with her 3 kids and the instability of them having different fathers didn’t help.

Oprah later stated she would never become a mother because of her inadequate mothering, but she acknowledged her grandmother had given her the necessary skills for the career that she later excelled at saying she “gave me a positive sense of myself” [1] You can’t get a better example of rags to riches than this. Oprah was once so poor she had to wear potato sacks and now she is a billionaire and one of the world’s most influential women.

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1. Mel Novit. “Oprah: Talk Show Dynamo Treats the Audience Like a Friend.” Syracuse Post-Standard, September 14, 1986, p. A9