Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Pluto ~ Provocateur

Natal Moon conjunct or quincunx Pluto is penetrating, provocative and plunges headlong into the dark sea of lunar emotions without fear. They want nothing less than dramatic and intense sexual relationships that profoundly transform their souls. The closer they brush with death and trauma, the more alive they feel. Moon conjunct Pluto may get obsessively involved with a project or person, but then suddenly swoop off alone to process the commotion they have created.

It’s not that Moon conjunct Pluto intentionally go out to create turmoil in other peoples lives, it’s just they seem to attract and absorb the suppressed demons from everyone around them. They may end up being the family scapegoat for unacknowledged abuse, in seething sibling rivalry or are made to wear the skeletons in the domestic closet. Moon conjunct Pluto is like a magnet that pulls out, kicking and screaming, all the long buried toxins in a person or organisation up to the surface for healing.

Primal Protector

Moon conjunct Pluto may be obsessed with their mother, have an obsessive mother or be obsessed with motherhood in general. They have a powerful urge to protect the innocent from abuse and abduction. This includes themselves if they feel they have been victimised, so they may be seen a incredibly defensive.

Sometimes this very primal protecting can go too far and they are experienced as devouring and overbearing. In a low vibration individual this very potent conjunction can be the worlds worst evil stepmother or a scheming, manipulative bitch.

At its very best, Moon conjunct Pluto can be a psychic warrior who fearlessly dives into the murkiest waters of the most septic soul. Once deep inside they courageously blast their chosen victim, *ahem* soul, with the tough-love torch of Plutonic transformation.

Moon conjunct Pluto makes a great depth psychologist or exorcist. In a sexually secure person Moon conjunct Pluto is an expert at removing the taboos in sex. They will know intuitively what sexual practices (no matter how kinky!) can work cathartically to heal any inhibitions or sexual dysfunction in their lover. They can make great sex therapists too with beneficial aspects from Chiron or Mars.

Moon quincunx Pluto is the intense Hades moon with a twist. The quincunxes effects can be variable, and more obvious if part of a yod, so bear this in mind when you read this interpretation. When the quincunx is placed strongly then, the native may have lost a sibling or a parent at an early age, which meant they had to grow up quickly and accept death as a natural part of life. Otherwise something about their childhood left them in the dark and alone, so that they would need to find some pastime or quest to fill the Plutonic black hole. Their romantic lives can be eccentric and taboo in some way. If the Moon is in the 7th or 5th houses, they may have multiple marriages, same sex relationships, be very uninhibited or have some strange sexual fetish. Whatever their sexual preference, they will always be experimental and yes with a Pluto quincunx, kinky!

Moon/Pluto ~ (In*)Conjunct Aspects

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Moon conjunct PlutoBettie Page (06’) was a famous pin-up girl in the 1950’s. Her jet-black hair and ice blue eyes helped establish her reputation as the first iconic fetish/bondage star. You can see the effects of the Moon conjunct Pluto aspect permeate her whole life. Bettie claims her father molested her as a teenager and she lived in an orphanage for a year. A traumatic family life left her scarred so in her later life, despite finding Christianity, she was known to have fierce mood swings and manic depression. Betties volatile mental state was such that she spent many years in a sanatorium.

As a student Bettie was very bright, won a scholarship and was intending to become a teacher. Instead she went into acting, but her movie-star looks seem to attract more notoriety than real offers of film stardom. Page became a glamour model and her daringness in front of the camera quickly made her a hit with erotic photographers. She found her niche with bondage and S & M, appearing in fetishist silent movies either as a dominatrix or a bound victim. The movies were underground and clandestine, they were kinky but not explicit. Page kept a suitably Plutonic air of erotic mystery and became known as “The Dark Angel.” Bettie fell into obscurity after she became a born-again Christian and suffered a nervous breakdown. However like a Phoenix from the flames, she enjoyed a revival in the 1980s. Bettie attracted a large cult following, due to the era’s fascination with retro erotica of which she was a beautifully gothic example.

More Moon Conjunct Pluto natives: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (02′), Don Barcardy (08′), Le Corbusier (10′), J K Rowling, Roman Polanski,  Courtney Cox, Emile Zola, Dora Maar, Boris Yeltsin, David Soul, Kirsty Young, Tony Hadley, Paul Weller, Amelia Earhart, Karen Carpenter, Brian Eno, Ringo Starr.

Moon Quincunx Pluto

Dorothy Parker (04’) was an American poet, satirist and writer. She lost her mother at just five years old and hated both her father and stepmother, claiming her father was physically abusive and calling her stepmother “The housekeeper”. Parker was best known for her acerbic wit and wisecracks and was very much the dark, tortured Hades soul. She married three times, twice to the same man, had numerous affairs, but found love elusive. Heartbroken she attempted suicide numerous times, was depressive and became alcohol dependent. Parker’s acid tongue was loved and loathed, she was sacked from her post at Vanity Fair when her criticisms upset one too many of the elite. She became involved with left-wing politics in her later years, which led to her being placed on the Hollywood blacklist.

Also with Moon quincunx Pluto: Terence Rattigan (01’), Larry King (07’), John Rechy (09’), Mirka Mora (15’), Alexander Graham Bell (13’), Gianni Versace (20’), Etienne Carjat (25’), Adolf Hitler, Alios Alzheimer, Burt Bacharach, Debbie Reynolds, George Grosz, John Merrick, Mae West, Rutger Hauer, Sarah Ferguson.

* The Inconjunct is another word for the quincunx. In traditional astrology, nether the conjunction or the quincunx are technically ‘aspects’ because the planets are too close in distance to ‘see’ the other. The conjunction functions as a blind spot, while the quincunx an adjustment. They share the ‘blindness’,so that is why I have grouped them together. Aspectare is Latin for ‘To observe’, or look at attentively.

45 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Pluto ~ Provocateur

  1. I rate you a 10 Marina, but your off on this one. I have it, so does my husband, and the best analysis is that one passionately embraces the area transformation will occur.. for me it is in virgo 9th house… so I am gung ho for the trauma of constantly moving far away.. my husband has accepted our disabled child and taught her piano, he has it in his 5th house libra, and although he was a young man (22) when she was born he wouldn’t have even thought of leaving our marriage over it.

  2. hahahaha I have Pluto conjunct moon in the 12th house, along with a bunch of other planets in that house. Making for a pretty interesting life, gotta say.

    I’m almost 50, and one of my goals for the next 50 years is to change the ratio so that the number of times I’ve had consensual sex is greater than the number of times I’ve been raped.

    Thanks for the insight!

  3. Esmerelda my heart goes out to you. I find my efforts to choose almost invite others obsessions. Nothings broken , I know quality sex. But I know when its not too. The only thing occurs at long last is impotence from drinkers. But I have full 12th which doesn t help.
    Things go on in the dark. I keep purifying and getting results that way and pluto well square mercury and close square to venus. I often attract venus taurus like pope paul.s – values of virgin mary.
    Significance women. My mom, hi school girl friend and older yoga teacher called Thyra s school of fine arts. Pluto is cusp 4th almost oppose moon Aquarius.

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