Moon conjunct PlutoNatal Moon conjunct Pluto is penetrating, provocative and plunges headlong into the dark sea of lunar emotions without fear. They want nothing less than dramatic and intense sexual relationships that profoundly transform their souls. The closer they brush with death and trauma, the more alive they feel. Moon conjunct Pluto may get obsessively involved with a project or person, but then suddenly swoop off alone to process the commotion they have created. It’s not that they intentional go out to create turmoil in other peoples lives, it’s just they seem to attract and absorb the suppressed demons from everyone around them. They may end up being the family scapegoat for unacknowledged abuse, seething rivalry or skeletons in the domestic closet. Moon conjunct Pluto is like a magnet that pulls out, kicking and screaming, all the long buried toxins in a person or organisation up to the surface for healing.

Moon conjunct Pluto maybe obsessed with their mother, have an obsessive mother, be obsessed with being a mother or mothering issues in general. They have a powerful urge to protect the innocent from abuse and abduction. This includes them selves if they feel they have been victimised., so they may be seen a incredibly defensive. Sometimes this very primal protecting or self-protecting motivation can go too far and they are experienced as devouring and overbearing. In a low vibration individual this very potent conjunction can be the worlds worst evil stepmother or a scheming, manipulative bitch. At its very best this can be a psychic warrior who fearlessly dives into the murkiest waters of the most septic soul and courageously blasts them with the tough-love torch of Plutonic transformation. Moon conjunct Pluto makes a great depth psychologist or exorcist. In a sexually secure person Moon conjunct Pluto is an expert at removing the taboos in sex. They will know intuitively what sexual practices (no matter how kinky!) can work cathartically to heal any inhibitions or sexual dysfunction in their lover. They can make great sex therapists too with beneficial aspects from Chiron or Mars.

Moon Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Bettie Page (06’) was a famous pin-up girl in the 1950’s. Her jet-black hair and ice blue eyes helped establish her reputation as the first iconic fetish/bondage star. You can see the effects of the Moon conjunct Pluto aspect permeate her whole life. Bettie claims her father molested her as a teenager and she lived in an orphanage for a year. A traumatic family life left her scarred and so that in her later life despite finding Christianity she was known to have fierce mood swings and manic depression, her volatile mental state was such that she spent many years in a sanatorium.

As a student Bettie was very bright, won a scholarship and was intending to become a teacher. Instead she went into acting, but her movie star looks seem to attract more notoriety than real offers of film stardom. Page became a glamour model and her daringness in front of the camera quickly made her a hit with erotic photographers. She found her niche with bondage and S & M, appearing in fetishist silent movies either as a dominatrix or a bound victim. The movies were underground and clandestine, they were kinky but not explicit. Page kept a suitably Plutonic air of erotic mystery and became known as “The Dark Angel.” Bettie fell into obscurity after she became a born again Christian and suffered as nervous breakdown. However like a Phoenix from the flames, she enjoyed a revival in the 1980s and attracted a large cult following, due to a fascination with retro erotica of which she was a beautifully gothic example.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (02′), Don Barcardy (08′), Le Corbusier (10′), Amelia Earhart, Karen Carpenter, Brian Eno, Ringo Starr.

Author: Marina Macario


  1. natal moon conjunct pluto, third, virgo, presently trined by transiting pluto. getting to know my moon-pluto has made a lot of sense of things that made no sense – were in fact Very unwieldy – when i was a kid. pluto on it now in “friendly”(?) fashion is turning up all that “stuff.”

    yeah, mom wasn’t much of one: crazy, hysterical, emotionally oppressive, addiction, horrible choices, just a lot, too much for here and to attempt to describe. add a sun/neptune conjunction and it doesn’t get any less tricky.

    but it IS a lot of POWER than CAN be channeled toward transcendence, though the path can lead underwater sometimes.

    regular and rigorous physical activity makes a LOT of difference. and in the third house, i have always found writing to be…well, i was going to speak of it as a choice, but it’s not, more like something i can’t help. the obsessive/compulsive thing. add the virgo and you get tremendous attention to detail.

    but yes, plenty of dark shadows. in fact, this pluto transit has been all about encountering the shadow, beginning right when it crossed my descendant.

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    • Moon conjunct pluto in 3rd house in virgo eh? I have moon conjunct pluto in virgo in the 10th, though now it is currently transiting my natal 3rd house. Talk about problems with the crazy neighbors and communications with siblings! Detailed virgo with these 2 is unstoppable! They are their own self undoing. Going places other people don’t expect and bringing up primal urges. Watch out on the days Transiting moon squares and opposes transiting Pluto! You may want to stay home, read a book, don’t answer the door or the phone! Especially if other crap in heavens. go to May/june 2015 when Transiting Mercury was retrograde,forming an opposition to transiting Saturn with Transiting sun conjuncting transiting Mars! Talk about a month of crazy interactions with others. Oh yeah, and Transiting Mercury was also in forming square retro to transiting Neptune! Crap again! What made it worse for many with Natal moon conjunct natal pluto in virgo in the early degrees (2-5)was it was squared by transiting Saturn! Where does it end? See the Obsession us lunar plutonian individuals have? Very few people truly understand our capabilities emotionally. They don’t understand the depths of our psyche that goes places that would scare most people. We go there to test the waters so to speak because once we make up our mind NO ONE can stop us from trying to overcome ourselves!

  2. Talking about natal moon conjunct Pluto, just look at deceased founder of Herbalife Mark Hughes chart born 1/1/1956. His childhood with an emotionally drug/alcohol addicted mom, and then his own death due to this. In his peak of success his lawyer said he could project his energy and feelings tremendously (moon/Pluto). But in the end genetics and suppressed feelings from (mom) caused a tragic ending to this gifted man who helped make so many people rich and healthy.

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    • Yes, Pluto Moon is a legacy of an unexplored and unresolved maternal underworld. I think its double edged because there is the raw energy of PLuto to be used – and to the good if it is transformed. Having said that, I think dealing with the depressive aspect of it is always present.
      Herbaife is a great example too because it is a sort of food – but also a food/meal replacement. On the one hand it is there to nourish you at a high level (mother) but also takes away the nuance of food – the time/care involved in preparation and the joy of sharing food (mother).
      Thinking about mother, DR Truby King had PLuto in Taurus opp Moon in Scorpio! His main work was on educating women about infant nutrition and the need for hygiene around babies. However –
      Truby King’s methods specifically emphasised regularity of feeding, sleeping and bowel movements, within a generally strict regimen supposed to build character by avoiding cuddling and other attention.
      Its my own theory that his methods resulted in dislocated children with deep seated fear and power issues. Some of them must have grown up to produce heavy metal music with screaming vocals!! His methods were de rigeur in the 50s and 60s and are being revisted by the hateful Gina Ford!
      I know this thread is about the conjunction but the opposition has echoes of the same dynamic.
      Truby King also had a Venus Mercury conjunction in Aries (love of ideas around children) square Saturn in Cancer – coming down hard on the mother. He has Uranus conj Algol opposite Mars. – and this man\s ideas became a gospel for women to follow!!!! Aagaaggghhhhh!!!! Then there is Sedna conj Neptune. HOw on earth did he manage to influence so many people? Well no one can bully like an Aries – he had Sun mercury Venus conj in Pisces.

    • Sorry – I meant Sun Mercury Venus conj in ARIES. Sedna and Neptune are conj in Pisces!

  3. “In a sexually secure person Moon conjunct Pluto is an expert at removing the taboos in sex. They will know intuitively what sexual practices (no matter how kinky!) can work cathartically to heal any inhibitions or sexual dysfunction in their lover.” – this is also true for Scorpio Moon. I wonder if conjunctions actually work like planets in signs? But there also has to be energy of the sign, e.g. Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn has to be different from Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Maybe Moon in the sign (e.g. Moon in Scorpio) is the purest energy of the sign?

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    • I have both Moon conjuct pluto and scorpio moon :) I don’t know where it comes from but it’s there for sure..

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