Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Pluto ~ Provocateur

Natal Moon conjunct or quincunx Pluto is penetrating, provocative and plunges headlong into the dark sea of lunar emotions without fear. They want nothing less than dramatic and intense sexual relationships that profoundly transform their souls. The closer they brush with death and trauma, the more alive they feel. Moon conjunct Pluto may get obsessively involved with a project or person, but then suddenly swoop off alone to process the commotion they have created.

It’s not that Moon conjunct Pluto intentionally go out to create turmoil in other peoples lives, it’s just they seem to attract and absorb the suppressed demons from everyone around them. They may end up being the family scapegoat for unacknowledged abuse, in seething sibling rivalry or are made to wear the skeletons in the domestic closet. Moon conjunct Pluto is like a magnet that pulls out, kicking and screaming, all the long buried toxins in a person or organisation up to the surface for healing.

Primal Protector

Moon conjunct Pluto may be obsessed with their mother, have an obsessive mother or be obsessed with motherhood in general. They have a powerful urge to protect the innocent from abuse and abduction. This includes themselves if they feel they have been victimised, so they may be seen a incredibly defensive.

Sometimes this very primal protecting can go too far and they are experienced as devouring and overbearing. In a low vibration individual this very potent conjunction can be the worlds worst evil stepmother or a scheming, manipulative bitch.

At its very best, Moon conjunct Pluto can be a psychic warrior who fearlessly dives into the murkiest waters of the most septic soul. Once deep inside they courageously blast their chosen victim, *ahem* soul, with the tough-love torch of Plutonic transformation.

Moon conjunct Pluto makes a great depth psychologist or exorcist. In a sexually secure person Moon conjunct Pluto is an expert at removing the taboos in sex. They will know intuitively what sexual practices (no matter how kinky!) can work cathartically to heal any inhibitions or sexual dysfunction in their lover. They can make great sex therapists too with beneficial aspects from Chiron or Mars.

Moon quincunx Pluto is the intense Hades moon with a twist. The quincunxes effects can be variable, and more obvious if part of a yod, so bear this in mind when you read this interpretation. When the quincunx is placed strongly then, the native may have lost a sibling or a parent at an early age, which meant they had to grow up quickly and accept death as a natural part of life. Otherwise something about their childhood left them in the dark and alone, so that they would need to find some pastime or quest to fill the Plutonic black hole. Their romantic lives can be eccentric and taboo in some way. If the Moon is in the 7th or 5th houses, they may have multiple marriages, same sex relationships, be very uninhibited or have some strange sexual fetish. Whatever their sexual preference, they will always be experimental and yes with a Pluto quincunx, kinky!

Moon/Pluto ~ (In*)Conjunct Aspects

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Moon conjunct PlutoBettie Page (06’) was a famous pin-up girl in the 1950’s. Her jet-black hair and ice blue eyes helped establish her reputation as the first iconic fetish/bondage star. You can see the effects of the Moon conjunct Pluto aspect permeate her whole life. Bettie claims her father molested her as a teenager and she lived in an orphanage for a year. A traumatic family life left her scarred so in her later life, despite finding Christianity, she was known to have fierce mood swings and manic depression. Betties volatile mental state was such that she spent many years in a sanatorium.

As a student Bettie was very bright, won a scholarship and was intending to become a teacher. Instead she went into acting, but her movie-star looks seem to attract more notoriety than real offers of film stardom. Page became a glamour model and her daringness in front of the camera quickly made her a hit with erotic photographers. She found her niche with bondage and S & M, appearing in fetishist silent movies either as a dominatrix or a bound victim. The movies were underground and clandestine, they were kinky but not explicit. Page kept a suitably Plutonic air of erotic mystery and became known as “The Dark Angel.” Bettie fell into obscurity after she became a born-again Christian and suffered a nervous breakdown. However like a Phoenix from the flames, she enjoyed a revival in the 1980s. Bettie attracted a large cult following, due to the era’s fascination with retro erotica of which she was a beautifully gothic example.

More Moon Conjunct Pluto natives: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (02′), Don Barcardy (08′), Le Corbusier (10′), J K Rowling, Roman Polanski,  Courtney Cox, Emile Zola, Dora Maar, Boris Yeltsin, David Soul, Kirsty Young, Tony Hadley, Paul Weller, Amelia Earhart, Karen Carpenter, Brian Eno, Ringo Starr.

Moon Quincunx Pluto

Dorothy Parker (04’) was an American poet, satirist and writer. She lost her mother at just five years old and hated both her father and stepmother, claiming her father was physically abusive and calling her stepmother “The housekeeper”. Parker was best known for her acerbic wit and wisecracks and was very much the dark, tortured Hades soul. She married three times, twice to the same man, had numerous affairs, but found love elusive. Heartbroken she attempted suicide numerous times, was depressive and became alcohol dependent. Parker’s acid tongue was loved and loathed, she was sacked from her post at Vanity Fair when her criticisms upset one too many of the elite. She became involved with left-wing politics in her later years, which led to her being placed on the Hollywood blacklist.

Also with Moon quincunx Pluto: Terence Rattigan (01’), Larry King (07’), John Rechy (09’), Mirka Mora (15’), Alexander Graham Bell (13’), Gianni Versace (20’), Etienne Carjat (25’), Adolf Hitler, Alios Alzheimer, Burt Bacharach, Debbie Reynolds, George Grosz, John Merrick, Mae West, Rutger Hauer, Sarah Ferguson.

* The Inconjunct is another word for the quincunx. In traditional astrology, nether the conjunction or the quincunx are technically ‘aspects’ because the planets are too close in distance to ‘see’ the other. The conjunction functions as a blind spot, while the quincunx an adjustment. They share the ‘blindness’,so that is why I have grouped them together. Aspectare is Latin for ‘To observe’, or look at attentively.

46 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Pluto ~ Provocateur

  1. Hello, the Dorothy Parker excerpt was interesting. I am also a poet and have been married 3 times, twice to the same man. Also my father was no where to be found until i was at least 8 and my mother was abusive to me and abused by my step father. I see a lot of parallels. I have spent many years trying to dig up why my relationships never work out. Moon quincunx pluto. Very interesting article.

  2. Esmerelda my heart goes out to you. I find my efforts to choose almost invite others obsessions. Nothings broken , I know quality sex. But I know when its not too. The only thing occurs at long last is impotence from drinkers. But I have full 12th which doesn t help.
    Things go on in the dark. I keep purifying and getting results that way and pluto well square mercury and close square to venus. I often attract venus taurus like pope paul.s – values of virgin mary.
    Significance women. My mom, hi school girl friend and older yoga teacher called Thyra s school of fine arts. Pluto is cusp 4th almost oppose moon Aquarius.

  3. hahahaha I have Pluto conjunct moon in the 12th house, along with a bunch of other planets in that house. Making for a pretty interesting life, gotta say.

    I’m almost 50, and one of my goals for the next 50 years is to change the ratio so that the number of times I’ve had consensual sex is greater than the number of times I’ve been raped.

    Thanks for the insight!

  4. I rate you a 10 Marina, but your off on this one. I have it, so does my husband, and the best analysis is that one passionately embraces the area transformation will occur.. for me it is in virgo 9th house… so I am gung ho for the trauma of constantly moving far away.. my husband has accepted our disabled child and taught her piano, he has it in his 5th house libra, and although he was a young man (22) when she was born he wouldn’t have even thought of leaving our marriage over it.

  5. Question: what is different if pluto is in retrograde?

    Thank you

  6. If somebody can give me a help here, i’d appreciate it 🙂
    i’m a Cancerian with the Sun in the 12th house and a Cancer Ascendant. The Moon was in 29 degrees of Scorpio, conjunct Saturn in 0 degree of Sagittarius, both in my 5th house.
    Lately I’ve been trying to connect the dots around this in my chart, but had some trouble doing it on my own with skill… How would the projections work in this case? I also have the moon and Pluto sextiling Uranus and Neptune, both in the 7th and trining the Ascendant and Saturn (this last one is conjunct my Mid-heaven, in the cusp of the 10th house).

  7. I have this aspect, Moon conjunct Pluto… both in Scorpio, also, and conjunct my Ascendant.

  8. I have this aspect just out of Astro.coms boundaries for a conjunction from Libra to Scorpio. I heard the Moon and Sun are given to wider degrees. And I feel like this is so true. Anywhere I go people try projecting on me what they feel. I was my mothers sexual scapegoat on her own sexual abuse from her father. She basically made me feel guilty about her own inability to watch me around a male friend of her female best friend. I was so dis associated from what was going on, that my half sister is the one that caught him touching me sexually. From whence my mother, although suspicious, she said of him that he used to want to take me in his truck because NO girls allowed. Just guys whatever and my mom thought it was strange he so good with children. Alas my Mom was a Leo South Node and she was too selfish to notice him hurting me for so long.

    Being my Moon is in scorpio in the 4th house on the IC, with Pluto barring down on it. I am still unprogramming myself from my mother. And at 35 am just finally breaking free of all the family scapegoating her AND THE public did to me. First off I would have never acted out sexually on the same sister at a later time. If she trusted my sisters word and did not live like a queen, too absorbed in her agendas with my sisters father. But they made ME aplogize and say I was a child molester. That I am the cause of so much of my sisters future torment. Its like I did not realize my mother could over power the therapists when I was 7 and say, HOW DARE YOU tell me I am the cause of these mis-haps. NO BLAME IT ON A 7 year old.

    Now today after this week, I am completely free of any guilt. As telling my story to a Cancerian Moon. My mother trying to help, when I was 17 and a run-away from a grouphome I almost was killed in for being gay at. JUST REALIZED THIS WEEK. She ran me into a black sheep of the family member of my sisters father. Who she said she was sure was gay and yadda yadda, that I could go be myself there. He remolested me after only being in philidelphia for 4 hours. Among drink bottles and trolley cars and a home that looked like it was meant for 1 family but now is split in 4? My mom apologized for the embarrasement but I still could not hold her accountable. How could you Virgo Moon Square Mars Anterian, send me into violation agian. And then not own up to it. Quietly hope i am enamored with my own freedom and you die before I could bring it upon you what you really caused.
    It is no wonder I do not remember most of my childhood. Its not that I have a bad memory, its that I know what Disassociation means now. I had to to survive. My mom was not taking any responsiblity for what happend to her, and then me.

    Sorry for the PTSD writing, but if I try and concentrate to much on spelling while writing about this. Id never get it out, judge it delete it and change my mind. Sorry.

    1. uranian mane,if you believe we preincarnationally choose these difficult life exeriences, for soul learning,then those who have been pushed down so low ,like a cork under water, can spring back higher,as the whole intention ,is to see what was experienced ,from the uneducated and alienated,who were bad role models,like a rotweiler, can be sweet, or rip the throat out according to its conditioning.did you molest your sister,if so have you accept, you were getting out of your system and take responsibility,what happened to you,then you can feel sorry about the whole situation,there is no blame,only understanding.Those who have had good parenting,have no idea what its like to be with the deniers ,and that includes ourselves,if we have unconsciously,just been following orders ,then we have to retrain ourselves, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the dieing embers, of a mad life situation ,to arise in a new good form, to teach others, a better way to live. strong souls always see a better caring way of being.

    2. Uranian Mane… I have this aspect as well, as you have described with Moon in 16″01′ Scorpio Conjunct Pluto in 25″28′ Scorpio… Sitting oh so proudly in the depths of the 4th House (4th House cusp/IC is in 7″11′ Scorpio).

      I can’t write or remember most of the most traumatic events of my childhood, for I fear I have developed such severe secondary PTSD from witnessing many of the worst emotionally manipulating atrocities being spent on my largely defenseless Autistic sister by my mother. In a strange twist of fate, my mom has preyed on her inability to properly reciprocate emotions and coddled her every turn, giving her more praise and attention than I ever dreamed would happen to me. The dynamic mostly played out between my sister and my mother in such severe cases that I wouldn’t even be able to sleep at night because my sister (born in 1988) would shriek for hours as she became the human guinea pig of the American Psychiatric Association of the 1990’s, as they diagnosed her with mental illnesses left and right.

      Little did they realize the torture causing her illnesses was all at home. As a result, I was forced to anticipate crisis at every turn, and had to best defend myself psychologically against intrusions at all cost — like you! Sexual repression from growing up Roman Catholic in Kansas was the worst when I began to discover that I was gay. As soon as puberty hit, the facade of perfection fell away, I spent much of my junior year living abroad in France studying the language and attempting to separate myself from the chaos and inhabitability of my lifestyle. Everyone was fooled… Even I was, by my mother’s cruelty… She twisted my father into a financial scrooge when she would spend lavishly and my sister continued to struggle to develop proper defense mechanisms against the outbreaks of disaster.

      The worst is when my mother would find out she threw something away that was important… Like my homework assignments for example. She would turn into a fucked up version of Joan Crawford from “Mommie Dearest” if that rings any bells. Hyperventilating, she would ravage every trashcan in the house screaming about her own stupidity at the top of her lungs, “HOW COULD I DO SOMETHING AS AWFUL AS THIS?!!? We’re going to find it. I’m not f-ing stopping until we find it. There will be no dinner until we find it. You won’t go to school until we find it.” Most days felt like emotional prison. For weeks she would go through insane mood cycles, and I’d find myself feeling guiltier and guiltier for not being able to relieve her of her pain. I spent most of my childhood in isolation building imaginary worlds in my head or reading, being born 5 years later than my sister.

      As a result, I was plagued with horrific cystic acne (going on six years now) for which I’ve tried virtually every treatment. With my mother so controlling, I could hardly develop a relationship with my father… My dad all but disappeared as my parents failed to solve their own marital problems, I became their impromptu therapist where, starting around 12 years old, I would sit and arbitrate their disagreements and arguments in an effort to quell the conflict.

      The worst part was the unexpectedness of the emotional environment. Any given day, my mother would be happily making me multi-course meals with a smile on hers and my sisters face, and she would help me with my homework and listen to my problems, and talk to her friends on the phone… And other days, even the slightest remark about the quality of the peas would send plates flying through air and food into the garbage because she was just “never appreciated enough.” They’ve scapegoated me emotionally, because I was never physically touched by my mother… The physical abuse played out with my sister. Day after day, week after week, my mom would humiliate her physically and emotionally, and throughout my childhood, I could do nothing but watch in horror. For years, virtually every morning getting my sister ready for school would be an actual nightmare – I’ve forgotten most of it.

      But I assure you I felt every single finger that my mother laid on my sister as if it were happening to me. I still don’t know what to do with all of this suppressed pain – Just now, as a 22 year old (I have Sun in 24″15′ Aquarius Conjunct Saturn in 21″20′ Aquarius in my 7th House each Square my Moon and Pluto, respectively) I’m developing the emotion of anger, and trying to learn to use it properly. I apologize for this having been so long… It’s such a bittersweet delight knowing that there really are others like you who have suffered through shit like this. I hope the moderator doesn’t mind my occasional foul language haha, I’ve reached my limit on repressing my own emotional expression.

      Every day is a constant correction from the last day’s emotional turmoil. As an Aquarian, I’ve developed a profound obsession with human psychology and sexuality (as has been mentioned!! haha) as well as a thirst for knowledge and philosophy — Jupiter in 14″20’Libra in my 3rd House. Seems as if communication has become the principle mode of self-expression when dealing with such trauma, especially with my South Node in 19″09′ Gemini in my 11th House 🙂 How does your nodal axis shape up in your chart?

      P.S. My mother has her Sun in 9″ Virgo Conjunct Jupiter in 11″ Virgo, her Moon in Leo and happens to be a Leo Rising with Moon in 6″ Leo Conjunct Ascendant in 4″ Leo & Conjunct Uranus in 5″ Leo but not aspecting her Pluto in 28″ Leo. She married (my father) a Sun in 15″ Leo Conjunct Uranus in 16″ Leo, Moon in 7″ Libra Conjunct N.N. in 5″ Libra, and is a Scorpio Rising (4″ Scorpio) Conjunct Neptune in 4″ Scorpio.

      With my sister and her Sun in 17″ Aries and Moon in 9″ Sagittarius… It was never a dull moment in my household. Graduating college and getting as far away from Kansas as possible seems to be the only relief. I only encourage you to pursue your dreams at all costs — I mean it! But take your time, don’t feel like you have to rush yourself. You’ve made it this far 😀 <3 <3

      Much love to anyone else who also has to endure this cosmic disaster of an astrological aspect. Stay strong.

    3. Thanks anna and Tim, sorry for the late response / dissociation, I have been on a site called my and someone, brought up being in a cult, and I have always wondered if this was my Mom’s big family secret. I always wondered why I was the first out of all the people I know/ have met, that I found all there language so quickly and what they do to children. Its odd how she just dis-owend all of them, which made my option of going to any other family – nill. As I also have Uranus Square Sun and Chiron in the 10th helping knock any fatherly prospects out of the water. Something I had a confirmation after posting on my about it, and JUST talking about duality. Noticing I always wear black and white things and buy black and white colored stuff. I feel my Mom was part of a cult, and they wanted black and white duality kids. (That would be me.)

      Because after making that post on my I looked out my window and there was a black and white dog walking by a family getting out of a car, I thought nothing of it at first, but THEN a few seconds later, the father gets out and has a black and white helium zebra ballon for his daughter, something I got called constantly. Why would this be? Why would this be? That is a sign! Since finding this is a Moon of projection, I have really been not letting people project on me anymore. They have no idea there doing it, but I hand the confusion back to them. As I have enough of my own already.

      Yea, having so much Uranian/ Scorpio energies in ones chart set up like this, is really tough. So I am at a point now that I am in the process of seeking therapy. I thought I could heal it with Astrology, but I guess not. I do tend to be hyper-vigialnt and can be “hyper aroused” since my adrenaline has been running though my body for all my childhood and all this has caused. Not even close to the full story being here. I try and share, some people tell me this is not a book. I don’t think Marina mind a few curse words, or if this is not an appropriate “place” to write. lol she’s an Aquarius too. I was just trying to share, to let people know this stuff is really exists. To also let myself know, because I was thinking, no why would I not be done, PTSD is just another medical scam like some others I have seen. It took me a year to fully accept that I may not be able to function like others. Umm yea it is tough, these placements in the most sensitive part of the chart, on top of the most sensitive planetary body.

      Im happy that the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together, but it adds to the ostracization I and we, already experience due to people not knowing how Aquarian’s come upon information. I just do not want to be seen as a financial risk. Something my Capricorn Moon boyfriend, does not like. But he has a Pisces Ascendant and North Node. Im hoping he is really as compassionate as he says he is. He hasnt left me yet, and was the one who pointed out that I have it. But in regular fights, I notice I do tend to break up with people easily. Because the adreniline is making me over-react. And thats not fair to them, niether abandonment fantasies playing out in my head when something is going good, making me over worry that, no one will ever love someone as complicated as me. So why should I get my hopes up?

      He is also having family secrets revield to him. Not as intense, but we share something obviously. He also hates crowds and is anti-social like me so. O my North Node is 29 of Leo, the opposite my Mom’s in Aquarius, but the thing that really scared me was the PTSD stress cup though. And its true because I have dreams and goals like anyone else, but I arrive at my completion list faster than others, to me it feels as if I just got bored, or don’t want the pressure, or am scared or feeling pressured, but it really is a form of burn out and dissociation. It’s my brains way of protecting me from being over stressed. Spelling also gets nixed in this, when writing about something emotional. (sorry)

      I have had to do many things others never had, to make it. But I was reading about this thing called a Tardigrade, and it survives because it’s forced to live in climates prey cannot.

      And that is about the only benefit I can think of when It comes to these placements. Thanks for the inspiration from both of you. I’m so happy this exists in Astrology though, and am hoping that it’s just my Past life of being a 8 lifepath, that I’m the 9 this time around. No bad karma nothing bad I did to deserve this, just my soul got through most things and needed the 9 life path.

    4. Sorry meant Anthony not Tim, no idea where that came from. Mercury Retro, Yea the worst transit was the June 2 1984 triple Retrograde of Saturn Mars and Pluto over my Double fall Scorpio Moon. All in my 4th house I.C. with Uranus overseeing many of the processions. I was 4, and transital malefic retrogrades, I wish on no one, at any age, but they are a thing. I don’t know if it all could have really been avoided. I asked my half sister if she thinks this is possible, but she says no and after, saying If I only knew some of the things Mom told her ( in girl talk ) to her she had to do. I don’t know my Mom just seemed very dissasscociative and alter personality like, And I was the first born, so my sister cannot attest to what she did with me before she arrived. My Mom always sat around the house lingering for the short duration I was there, also, ready to explode at any provication. I Was probably born with PTSD already. My sister with her Pisces Moon is very disassociative herself. So I cannot trust what she said. My Mom had to be thinking about something drinking abusing prescriptions and smoking up to two packs of ciggs a day for some reason. And I think it went much deeper than just her being molested then dis-owning her family because she told her Mom, and her mom did not believe her. Why would the universe, show me those signs. I just keep getting deep family secrets, and lots of mind-control from the bottom of my chart. I have also forced myself into bringing more colors into my wardrobe. They were just the most “comfortable” colors I liked wearing.

  9. I call them, Walking Abortions ,as they havnt come full term yet, the next/simultaneous life ,will show them the error of their ways. re, reincarnation, a child aged 2 said they were going to not be bad, this time ,having been a bad natzi before.(in wayne dyers latest book).

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