Jupiter Square Saturn ~ The Godfather

Jupiter trine Saturn should, in theory, bring out the best in the two opposites since the trine is considered a benefic. Saturn is associated with restriction and fear, Jupiter with inflation and optimism. Jupiter/Saturn, in general, could equally mean the fear of optimism, growth, religion, education, and occasionally this happens with the trine since it is the line of least resistance. This “fear” could also be a kind of awe.

Being in awe of god, or the headmaster or any sort of big daddy. It’s all a question of degree and how this trine sits in the chart generally. If Jupiter is retrograde, challenged by other squares or on a difficult star, for example, the “awe/fear” might be projected externally. Usually, there will be a great balancing act where Saturn will modulate Jupiter’s tendency to rampant excess. It will prune its tree and prevent out-of-control growth. Economists and business tycoons do well with this aspect.

The most obvious manifestation would be within organized religion. It is said that the conjunct of Jupiter and Saturn was the original Star of Bethlehem in the sky. “One of the most popular and longest lasting of natural explanations of the Star was put forth by Kepler. He suggested in a 1606 tract that the Star was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurred in 7 B.C. in the constellation of Pisces the Fish.”

Sue Tompkins says that Jupiter/Saturn “is perhaps the combination associated with solid material success…these planets are judicious, which according to the dictionary means ‘wisely critical, prudent, careful and capable” [1] There is a very strong connection to faith then, especially that of the fire and brimstone variety. Sue goes on to state that whatever the faith it must “have a distinct form. A clearly defined dogma and distinct rites and rituals…faith meaning God, should be definable”

Jupiter trine Saturn then will test faith very literally. It will want to question the meaning of life and challenge dogma. This combination seeks truth and justice and will be found in those who are successful in the legal profession. Jupiter trine Saturn is very paternal, it is our father who art in heaven and the godfather. In the tarot he would be the Hierophant, he is spirit in form, spirit that matters. It is also Ma’at, the Egyptians goddess who weighed the hearts of the dead to determine if they went to heaven or hell. This is Satan and Jehovah… holding hands!

Jupiter Trine Saturn Natives

Because this is not a personal aspect, I gave it a maximum of 1.30º orb for my celebrity search. In the tycoon’s league, we have the legendary Steve Jobs. His Apple legacy is omnipresent in our homes these days thanks to the ipad and iphone. I found some godfathers of sorts. The father of modern psychotherapy is there too.

Carl Jung definitely questioned his beliefs and had a strong connection to spirit even though he is an “ologist”. This trine might also be used to bend the law to one’s own favour and allow one to run under the mask of truth and justice. The Krays and Amy Fisher took the law into their own hands. The parents of Madeleine McCann seem to have been protected by the law since parents can be prosecuted if they leave a child unsupervised ‘in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health’! Instead, they have used it to gain more publicity and funds than any other parents who have lost a young child.

Amy Fisher (03’) Jupiter Rx ~ Pornstar jailed for attempted murder. Edward VIII of the UK (05’) ~ Abdicated for love. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (05’) ~ French sculptor who designed the statue of Liberty. Angus Young (10’) Saturn Rx ~ Guitarist with AC/DC know for his stage persona in school uniform. Ronald & Reginald Kray (14’) ~ East End celebrity gangsters in the 1960’s.

Madeleine’s Abduction (17’) Jupiter Rx ~ Went missing after being left alone in a hotel room age 4. Etienne Carjat (19’) Jupiter Rx ~ French political caricaturist. Carl Jung (24’) Saturn Rx ~ Psychologist who coined the term synchronicity and made famous the idea of archetypes. Al Smith ~ US politician who became the president of Empire State Inc. Also Steve Jobs, Rudolph Valentino, Bruce Willis, Royal Baby George, Charles/Diana Davison, Barrett/Browning Davison

1. Aspects in Astrology. Sue Tompkins. Pg 219 – 220

8 thoughts on “Jupiter Square Saturn ~ The Godfather

  1. interesting how you related this aspect to Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess. It describes exactly how i feel and how I set my intentions to everything I do.

    Sometimes I feel like i’m playing the hand of God, always holding people accountable for their words and actions. I feel close to God, even though sometimes I don’t know how to define him, I just know there’s a greater good and I feel personally responsible if I don’t share my thoughts with others.

    I’m constantly wondering why people do what they do, and what the purpose of life is. My jupiter is in retrograde in scorpio, trine saturn in pisces.
    Thanks for that 🙂

    1. What do you think, how would it influence 2nd House Saturn in Sagittarius trining 5th House Jupiter in Aries?

  2. Carl Jung had more than a strong connection to spirit; it was at the heart of his work but he was also emphatic on his pioneering work to be accepted in the scientific world of a new “ology” at the time. He always stated empirical evidence when presenting for peer review which is perhaps part of the Saturn Jupiter trine.

  3. This aspect is happening now. Jup in H12 trining Sat H4 in my chart. Taking some steps forward in a long held secret dream. Interestingly, the Mars ingress to Libra supports this endeavour as I will be commuting by train several times a week if this works out. Very nervous and excited to make this small effort. I fully expect to have a completely different life come August.

  4. I was just discussing Carl Jung! This must be synchronicity! I have used this aspect on my site under the Jupiter Saturn Aspects! Thanks so much for the update!

  5. Marina, you said workaholics for Acquarius… oh boy! You work hard!

    I have not digest this Venus who-chases-who, and now we have this!

    My son has it natally, and I will go with him, so that he faces treating Sacred Plant badly (with a lawyer, of course…).

    His worship of Spiritual is very different than mine, the opposite, I would think.

    I will try to save in order to get their readings, though his career is so expensive (materials and more materials in Architorture).

    My daughter has a natal opposition between this two gas gigants and I don´t have any natal aspects.



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