Sun Conjunct/Quincunx Neptune

Sun conjunct or quincunx Neptune people are prone more than most to dissolving! They have great difficulty holding onto their ego. The boundaries between themselves and others are blurry and they absorb the collective unconsciousness like a sponge. These subjects can be prone to escapism and all forms of addictions. This is because their physical sensitivity to the real world around them is so great. They long to merge with the great spirit and feel that euphoria of oneness once again.

Sun conjunct Neptune in particular can suffer health problems due to their lack of “armour” from external penetration, psychically or physically. (Frida Kahlo)  They can be extremely self-sacrificial, devoting themselves entirely to a person, to a cause or to their art. The merging of solar logic with the great poetic imagination that Neptune brings can create the most uplifting and enlightening art or music. And of course Neptune rules the Cinema, with many Neptunian stars being ripe for projection.

Devoted Idols

The creative essence of the Sun combined with Neptune’s abundant imagination can make the subject strive for idol status. They have huge dreams of being up-there with the stars for all eternity, a way to merge with the source. Sun quincunx Neptune can add a surprising spark of temper and electricity. But like a slippery eel they are able to slither out of their misdemeanours unscathed. This exotic mix makes them glamorous and rather flash, therefore their failings are often overlooked.

Sun Conjunct Neptune

Louis Pasteur (09′) combined free creative imagination with methodical science. He became famous for inventing “Pasteurization”, a very Neptunian process where bacteria is dissolved using heat (the Sun!). George Melly (50′) The drink loving Jazz-personality and journalist surrendered to his ailing health, he said his dementia was like an LSD trip and thought his deafness was a benefit as he didn’t have to put up with boring conversations. Frida Khalo (59′) the Neptunian artist par excellence, was preparing to be a doctor before a metal handrail from a bus crash cruelly pierced her body. She suffered multiple injures, her already polio effected leg smashed to smithereens. She endured a series of operations throughout her life, but she painted her way to recovery. On her devotion to her errant husband she wrote Diego in my urine – Diego in my mouth – in my heart, in my madness, in my sleep.” No boundaries there then! Carrie Fisher  Spend most of her adult life battling drug addiction until 1997 where she had a psychotic episode related to her bi-polar disease. Other famous Sun/Neptunians are self confessed sex addict Michael Douglas, Buddy Holly and K D Lang.

Sun Quincunx Neptune

David Beckham soccer player with pop-idol appeal. David is known as much for his dandy fashion sense and model good looks as his inspirational lightening kicks on the pitch. His game is sometimes overshadowed by his temper tantrums, but always quickly forgiven by fans owing to his brilliance. He made his dream come true by playing for the team he idolised. Russell Crowe sensitively portrays a wide range of characters in a typical Neptunian chameleon-like fashion. He has absorbed such different roles as a mentally ill mathematician, a tormented whistle blower and a boxer. Russell also famous for his gladiatorial temper when his sacred privacy is invaded.

Jimmy Hoffa: Powerful and controversial labor union leader. He was zealous in his defense of the downtrodden manual workers. Through coercion and force he ensuring they earned wages equal to skilled workers. Although convicted of fraud and being somewhat a small time gangster, he was highly moral, didn’t drink and condemned his associates for being wwomanizers. He disappeared without trace in 1975 which added to his mystique. Julian Clary camp comic and TV host, best known for his over-the-top costumes and sexual puns. There were calls for him to be banned from TV when his innuendos went too far about a British politician. Other examples of Sun quincunx Neptune are Zara PhillipsIan Shaw, and Debra Winger.

Other Sun/Neptune Aspects

Sun conjunct Neptune •
Sun  sextile/trine Neptune
Sun quincunx Neptune  • Sun opposite/square Neptune

31 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct/Quincunx Neptune

  1. I have this as an out of sign conjunction; my Libra Sun is widely conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. Since my conjunction is in the 2nd, devotion to values has gradually become a big deal in my life. Much of my art has a spiritual feel to it, with certain creations revealing hidden aspects of myself. People tend to view me through a Neptunian fog, either placing me on a pedestal or else not seeing me at all. When I was younger, this was a huge problem for me.

    As far as addictions go, the only one I currently indulge in is a sometimes sugar habit which I’m trying to kick. I used to love my lite beers, and although alcohol temporarily took me to a happy place, I eventually decided it was a false God and gave it up completely. I just stopped one day and never drank again. My faith in something far greater and more loving sustains me – good thing, since as you say, I’m very sensitive to the collective unconscious.

  2. What about Neptune/Mercury conj. Asc? Talk about flunking reallity at birth…nnly to discover Saturn is also conj. your 12th house Sun! Such fun to live with…I have an active imagination/fantasy life.

  3. I have sun 18scor54 conj Neptune 25scor39 in twelve house… it seems that hurts… many suffering coming from my external surroundings as i immediately feel what the others feel .. it is really weird to meet people friends and feel what they feel no matter their behavior is…
    as far as addictions go , sugar, smoking , suffering habits…. but there are long periods of my life that i managed to quit them…. and i started againg and there is a cycle that comes and go and is really exhausting…
    additonally, i have visions for the future, sometimes they happen to come true, sometimes, not…
    needless to say, that this combination is really hard as today you must be practical and logical to survive..

  4. i forgot to mention that i am attracted to the occult, but fear to touch it…

  5. Thanks everyone, the feedback is great for this one. The best way for Sun/Neptune seems to be a devotion to either spiritual practice or creativity. The over active imagination seems to be the problem and paranoia is also a possibility. I have this more I guess I have Neptune sextile Mercury real tight.

    Also as with Michael Douglas there is the love & Sex addiction. But that may be more pronounced with Venus or Mars. Can’t wait to get to those.

    Sun/Neptune is more a general need to feel at ONE with the Universe. Wether thru creativity, religion, sex or drugs.

  6. @Marina
    I have the Sun conjunct Neptune and it was the comment of the first astrologer I ever had a reading from that sparked my interest in astrology. She asked, with a lot aheming and beating about the bush, whether I had any sort of drug problem. I know my jaw dropped as I was deep into alcohol addiction. How the hell did she know THAT??? Anyway, I’m now an artist, writer, crystal worker and Tarot reader, teach dream understanding, but still dance slightly with alcohol. It doesn’t control me any more, thank god, but I’ve learned to work with it to manage living on Mother Earth. I still find it incredibly difficult and painful, so this is my best solution and it works for me, I guess.

    1. Marina I am NOW in transit with sun neptune, but I have psychic disturbances all the time and dreams out of my yin yang. I have read Freda Kahlo story and been to the art gallery to see her sorrowful work. Of course men are all like her love! “Diego in my urine – Diego in my mouth – in my heart, in my madness, in my sleep.” gotta love it. Would love to correspond with you but don’t know how to set that up, do you?

    2. Our email address is on the Readings Page, might have to put it on the home page too.

  7. thanks for this. beginning to look deeper into this aspect, having been introduced to it and finding so much is applicable to my Source. or something.

  8. Sorry hard to tell whose contributing and who is an astrologer/ess. If it’s you two dark haired pictures – you are a handsome couple!
    I just found another site called “astrologer’s community” and registered so will be exploring that. It allows for lots of interaction too. thanks just the same.

  9. In the throes of this sun neptune transit. Neptune 1 degree libra, in 5th unequal house system, I dreamt of traveling in society and wanting to dance freely and seeing outdoor acting auditoriums and hearing I was plain and ugly. A very busy night in society. I dreamt of clear eyed women provoking men that fell into patterns of abuse and hung on to her as she tried to leave. I am tauras so have read that on our less attractive side we can be ugly. I am also a 1 and so was Mother Teresa – lucky me. I do have Jupiter in Leo in 4th so that helps. venus in 12th conj. mercury. I just had a horrible picture taken at the college recently and this Cardinal Cross and Uranus square pluto doesn’t help. Hopefully it’s all going to get a little better. Says sun Neptune can “give up the ghost” at this time. Does that mean what I think it does? Well, I did take an aspirin and a half last night. That’s how bad it was cause it’s my rule to suffer it and allow the “dis-ease” to leave. Well, I’m off to visit my other neighbour the “community”. Yes, thanks I’ve been around a long time. This new one is set up interestingly and beautiful blue colour. I’ll check back in later. Have a good day folks.
    Yup woody wood pecker. xx (is that too far?)

  10. Now I’ve brought the cot in from the sunporch and I’ve found on my “community” site something from a channeler kryon and the one I’ve unwittingly chosen is a channeling on the no. 9 (oh that’s the one I’ve become sensitive to). The speaker is playing and I’m freezing cold on the cot. I must have fallen asleep. Now there’s Paul’s voice, use your card, the answer is Susan Hayward! I think I must be in the vault of the frozen dead. Paul died on someone’s front lawn eyes open, a number of years ago after being reduced to a skeleton as my street person tauras friend. One of those afflicted one’s just left to die. Well, I’m awake now and I probably missed the end of 9 which is about the new healing vibe. Too late for Paul. Now where did all this drama come from? Oh ya planets in Scorpio.
    That’s all folks. woody wood pecker, I miss you too. Mars in cancer. I’m sure the transit is past now. Sun conj. Neptune in libra.

  11. and Finally, I listened to the end of this channeling. My 1st. I noted it was done in Moscow (politics of my family of origin)on my last birthday May 14th 2010 (May 14th 1944 6:20 am Van. BC) so my solar return, for the reason that, the no. 9 energy was happening that week-end of the taping. This new apt. is 108. They spoke of this healing of 9 for us all – beginning in 1987 which was a significant year for me as i moved into the rooming houses of an attraction I had not seen for 20 years who owned the place. The tape said your health has improved since then and yes, addictions subdued, quit smoking, quit toking as I and friend worked on it all. I put it down to yoga growth. It’s like faith restored. It’s kind of like a clearing as well as a New Beginning!!!!!! Sorry I don’t know how to do links but it is Astrology community and under advanced spirituality section the channeling is spoken of.

  12. Susan Hayward: a cancer sun on my part of sickness but Chiron the key is almost 30 degrees pisces where Uranus and Jupiter are now. Don’t have her birth time yet. Can the dead speak, apparently so and not a bad connection. I had body reactions through all of this. You don’t want to know… peace…

  13. @carmilla5
    Sun/Neptune conj in Scorpio with Pisces asc just to add more of that fishy nature! Lucky I’m a Scorp with all that Neptunian energy I need some Scorpio backing!!
    Healing & spirituality from a very young age so much so that at 18 when my mother, a Sun/Moon in Pisces died, I went out to become a spiritualist wanting to channel dead people! Astrology followed. Love if beauty, nature & creativity very strong. Don’t do drugs, occasional drinker but know I have very addictive nature mostly sweet things & my iPhone!!!
    My father also has this placement in Virgo & certainly he’s lights on no one home sort if father. Sister has Sun in 12th so I belong to a very strong Neptunian family!

  14. I see that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet with this aspect truly absorbed the collective unconsciousness like a sponge, and that money was an addiction but how in the world will they merge with the great spirit?

  15. I have Neptune forming an aspect with my Sun with a 0.08 deg orb.
    I guess that’s pretty CLOSE and trust me, I feel Neptune’s effects on my personality; losing of boundaries, confusion, hypersensitivity, living in one’s own dream land etc.

    I also have Sun sextile Pluto with a 2.22 degree orb, and I guess that kind of “grounds ” me? But I do get what is said about Sun-Pluto sextile being “sly”. I get that quite a bit.

    My Ascendant also makes aspects to Neptune and my sun(less than 3 degrees).Most people say that I appear confident(even arrogant). Most often times, I find myself being pushed to the leadership position. I thought that maybe that was Saturn’s doing, but I guess the Sun-Asc aspect could have a hand in it?

    My Asc also makes a trine aspect to Neptune though. And that can make people ,paradoxically,want to “protect” me or whatever. I’ve actually seen this happen, even with those younger than I. I don’t know what vibes Neptune aspecting my Asc gives off, but its not a particularly “I can take care of myself” one.

    I also have Jupiter-Sun conjunction.But it’s a wider aspect of 5.32
    and so I don’t really pay attention to it as much.

    Most of the asteroids,unlike my personal planets, make very close orbs with my Sun i.e Lilith(sextile), Juno(trine), Ceres(sextile),Chiron(quincunx), Eros(sextile).

    So , could that mean that these asteroids could have more “weight” than my supposed “personal” planets(venus, Mercury, moon, Mars) do?

    I need some clarification on this.

    1. Most of the asteroids,unlike my personal planets, make very close orbs with my Sun i.e Lilith(sextile), Juno(trine), Ceres(sextile),Chiron(quincunx), Eros(sextile).

      So , could that mean that these asteroids could have more “weight” than my supposed “personal” planets(venus, Mercury, moon, Mars) do?


      I think they would in relation to your Sun only, so these asteroids, Neptune and Pluto will influence your ego and sense of self more than the inner planets. The Sun in your chart is extremely important but then when you get to other facets of your makeup, you’ll be looking at whole new set of influences for each.

  16. My 12th house sun is identical to the sun conjunction neptune, I can relate to everything this article said

  17. yep sun conjunction neptune is identical to my sun in the 12th house, the 12th house is also ruled by neptune 😀

    1. Dear Nick
      You might be interested to know that I am an astrologer – psychological in orientation – specializing in all matters related to the twelfth house and all the various subjects which converge there. I also host a forum site especially dedicated to this house, where people with planets in this house can share and exchange thoughts and experiences. And also, astrologers working on client’s charts can participate in discussions.

      You would be very welcome to join.

      Take a look at my website:

      Best wishes, Cate

  18. here is a very neptunian picture, since with sun in the 12th house and sun-neptune the father is absent or mysterious i thought i would upload this picture,

  19. I have Sun conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury, which is not only the birthchart ruler, but also the ruler of the first decan of Sag where my Sun is…

    Frida Kahlo for years now has always been such an inspiration…

    About the addiction thing: I’ve made the experience, of being able to pretty much get addicted to almost anything… (from sex to sports to Facebook to TV to alcohol, cannabis and sweets)… but my main drug still is love…

    Neptunic greetings from the Andes,


  20. I always used to wonder why no-one has been impressed by my “Scorpionicness” since I was an angry teen. After all, I have Sun, Venus, South Node, and Neptune, all in Scorpio and all conj. w/in orb (widest is 5 deg. the others are all w/in 1 deg.). I recently discovered that it’s because all my Scorpio planets are in the 12th House…kind of takes the sting from the Scorp to the outside world (not to me though). And Neptune…I am realizing how I’ve underrated it’s influence all my life. Good and bad.
    Ironically this is due to the Sag Asc, but I don’t know what I’d do w/o it!!! lol

  21. I’ve Sun Neptune and Uranus in 12th house of D9 chart.
    Same would apply here? Or it’s different?

  22. Sun conjunct neptune in scorpio in 12th house, and both conjunct the scorpio ascendant. No addictive person when it comes to drugs and alcohol, although I’ve tried most things. Art, men, the internet, astrology etc on the other hand….oh boy! I have also battled dapression since I was twelve, and always had a hard time figuring out my boundaries, where I ought to say no, to people, sex, work etc. I’ve felt “eaten alive” so many times because of this. I spend a lot of time in solitude working on my arts and crafts, that gives me the most joy, but then there is the longing for true love…which I never found.

  23. wow Marina you and your Jimmy Hoffa example!!, I have Sun inconjunct Neptune and for some reason couple of times I was thinking that I might be Jimmy Hoffa’s reincarnation….I hope it’s not true….
    Speaking of this type of spooky things, any connection between your Darkstar and Bowie’s Blackstar? lol

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