Aquarius Horoscope 2016


Aquarius Horoscope 2016 ~ Excerpt

2016 Keywords: Business Taking Off. Mysterious Truths. Friendship Revamps. Off-Piste Voyaging. Jet-Set Connections.

Aquarius is starting to get used to the fact that Saturn is no longer erecting medieval sized walls for it to climb in its career. The last two years have been a real uphill struggle in terms of your life calling. You have been wanting to spend time pursuing the great ideas and visions you have for the future. Instead, bills have to be paid, families have to be fed and clients need to be taken care of. This all leaves precious little time for innovation and experimentation. It seems like you have been building the foundations of your business forever, but from now on the pace may pick up and it feels like the wind is blowing behind you now.

The next couple of years turns your focus to networking and promotion so you can build on what you have achieved so far. The year might kick off slowly for you, since a Mercury retrograde skims your sign but retreats back into your hermit zone. Use this time to work out the year’s master plan. The first quarter of the year is about learning new skills and organising your work timetable. There are also plans for travel too but it’s mainly about planting the seeds of your itinerary rather than making any departure.

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Aquarius 2016


Aquarius Horoscope 2016


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