Readings open for previous clients only ~ Waiting time is currently 5 weeks 

Astrology is a wonderful intuitive language and diagnostic tool to help us understand the seasons of our life and how we can best navigate the current cosmic weather. But there is also the great danger that it can become limiting to our growth and freewill if we believe these planetary gods have total control over our development. My job as an astrologer is to help you override any negative default settings and ultimately to transcend the limits of the birth chart altogether! The self-realization process should be one of co-creation with the stars. Free-will, fate and karma work as a transformational process and are ongoing. Life is not static and probabilities are constantly changing and adapting to circumstances.

Transcending The Natal Chart

For new clients, the initial reading will be getting to know the natal chart and considering progressions and current transits. After the initial consultation, I can go deeper. We can also use the full spectrum of forecasting techniques, adding progressions, solar arcs or zodiacal releasing for the year ahead. For previous clients you can still use the consultation reading order form for any query and the reading will last between 50 to 70 minutes. Click on the links at the top of the page for the order forms.

Due to the time difference between the US and the UK, it’s not convenient for me to do live Skype readings with a child at home after school hours. I also find I work better just interacting with the chart solo with no other distractions. Energetically readings are quite demanding, so the limit is 2/3 per week now. On receiving your payment I will send you a ‘New Client’ form and an estimated date for delivery. The response might not be instant due to time differences (Or the weekend). The email will ask you for some background information and a photo so I can make the intuitive link. The reading is recorded onto mp3 and sent via email with charts included.



Some independent reviews of my readings on Astrology Weekly’s Forum.

” I had a reading by Marina at Dark Star Astrology, and she works a lot with mythology..  She knows her myths and so I recommend checking out her site.” ~ Tori Amos. Singer/songwriter USA

“Thanks very much for the Dark Goddess reading.. adds another dimension to astrology… I’ve had many charts cast for me before and to be honest I felt that they only ever scratched the surface! You explain and write everything so well I loved the way you pieced everything together, and without judgment!. I think you have a great talent for this type of astrology and it’s certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world..Keep up the brilliant work. I’m sure I’ll be back for more!!” Rosa Derriviere Psychic ~ London UK

“Love this, thank you! Loved the new perspective u gave me and had never thought to check out Eclipses on my POF…Those dates ARE resonant…Will be interesting to see what transpires…And I don’t usually do Solar Arcs so fascinating!” Mystic Medusa ~ Sydney Australia.

“The reading you sent me is mind-blowingly accurate. Thank you so much for taking the trouble and giving me so much to work with. I will be re-reading what you have sent me in the days to come. Reading it the first time was an intense experience. I really admire your work. I have no doubt you will be helping a lot of people in this lifetime.” Neeti Ray ~ Astrology Expressed, Bangalore India.

View pdf for testimonials ~ 2010 to 2017

19 thoughts on “Readings

  1. I have had a few chart readings but mostly computer generated even though they were originally written by renowned astrologers. However, yours is the first one that has felt truly person to person and I think that you understood me in a down to earth, modern way and spoke on an equal to equal basis. This is so refreshing and direct that I was so happy that I trusted to get the reading done after years of reading your work.

    I think you have such belief and conviction in the astrological system that it so totally works to the best advantage without any fudging or fantasy. It was so great to have someone speak to me in a language that I understand yet have so rarely heard or been able to use for myself. I feel that I got some great insights from your reading of the chart. I think the art of understanding oneself and others on many levels is a really worthwhile and worthy pursuit – you’re mending people’s psyches here!

    You have definitely shown me how my past, present and future can be synthesised to help me achieve something satisfying without compromising my ideals. I feel that I know myself better, I feel validated. I am a poor little libran craving validation! But I really needed that understanding so thank you so much for putting in the work that underpins these validations and makes them believeable and my path in life seem credible rather than just a mishmash of events.

  2. Dear Marina,
    Thank you for the reading. I think you are psychic – the reading was so weirdly relevant that I felt shivery!
    Somehow you honed right in on the topics and questions which are occupying me most at present, even those on a deep level.
    Your insights and suggestions were helpful, confidence-building and thought-provoking. I feel energised and inspired, with some crucial questions answered.

  3. Thank you very much for the Awesome way you explain the subject in concern in your video above.
    Very informative and I found it very helpful. The right time to hear what I just did.

  4. Marina Dark Star has an almost uncanny ability to tune into a chart and interpret its inherent meanings and complexities. Traditional astrology, knowledge of mythology, and grasp of archetypes combines with her richly intuitive understanding of the human psyche. The result is nothing short of an interpretative tour de force. I’ve had several readings over the years, but Marina’s work is on a different level.

  5. I’ve had many Astrology readings in my life. The reading Marina did for me by far surpassed anything I’ve had in the past. Her insights brought awareness to me on issues in my life that I hadn’t realized before. It seems to me, Marina gets life, human nature and the Stars. I look forward to future follow up readings with her.

  6. Marina’s reading was great! She covers all the bases and makes sure to answer any specific questions you have. I enjoyed listening to what she had to say and it was apparent she knew her astrology. If you’re looking for a capable astrologer to decode your natal chart look no further!

  7. Very deep astrological , there were some deep NLP triggered words , making the best decision or prepping for it , in real stormy waters, very tough questions , a new paradigm needed but so shadowy for me , fear of the irrational the Unknown . These revisions of revisions exhausted? Got to go on gut instinct , the stripped down sex angle ? More on it would have been useful , but excellent reading , LOL Marina .

  8. Marina is a rare find…intelligent, witty, insightful and warm. It’s clear she cares deeply for the subjects of her readings. Definitely NOT someone who’s just out looking to make a buck with some generic flaky claptrap!! Her knowledge and authenticity shine through, and her unique perspective, including bits of history and mythology, allows for much inner contemplation after listening. Can also learn a great deal from her if you have any interest in pursuing the areas of astrology or the occult arts. Thank you, Marina!!

  9. Marina, I suspect you have secretly used the time between booking and reading, and hired former secret service agents to investigate my history and to peer into the recesses of my mind. How in the world can you understand sooo much from a birth day and time?

    Marina has an incredible gift and developed skill at her craft. She also understands how humans function and interact. She’ll speak to you like a caring, no-nonsense friend who offers practical guidance. Real answers. I’m going to re-listen again and again to my reading. There’s so much dense food for thought in there that every pass is going to yield more meat. Or avocado, if you’re vegetarian.

    I can’t wait to make some changes in my life, let new energies flow, and come back for a follow-up.

    Thank you Marina for sharing your gift. I appreciate you!!

  10. Marinas Solar return chart reading was amazing .I like her honest and gentle and wise approach in sharing feedback with how to be the best version of myself during a very intense time in my life . Thanks Marina I found your reading very helpful in understanding myself better to see the light amongst the dark .

  11. Marina’s Solar return chart hit the nail on the head for me. Her reading was so apt, informative and accurate with regards to the major changes I’m making in my life right now. Thank you, Marina, for sharing your wisdom of Astro knowledge and wonderful words of encouragement as I embark on a new adventure!

  12. Marina helped me with fortunate dates for my wedding! I had already wasted weeks with an astrologer who didn’t and wasn’t going to do anything for me (but had the energy to post on Facebook). I had contacted probably ten other astrologers, most didn’t respond at all, some Vedic ones too. I can’t thank her enough.

  13. Marina gave a very thorough and practical assessment of my chart in relation to my chosen topics. Within the first 10 minutes she detected a Myth theme via a minor planet’s conjunction to my ascendant, that resonated strongly with some major personal events throughout my life. She used progressions, Arcs, transits in tandem with the natal chart. Her process allowed for a very data driven projection of the possibilities and insights on harnessing the energy. I felt inspired, relieved (her insights explained some of my current woes) and armed with a better understanding of the astro-scape I am navigating. I would highly recommend her to those that are looking for a well researched astrologer that has carefully chosen and refined her techniques. Wonderful experience!

  14. Thank you Marina – The astrology reading you have put together for me has been very interesting and its so great that I can go back to it and listen when needed .
    I find that the more I listen… the better and clearer it all becomes .
    The way you do Birth Charts and how you explain in the MP3 – is very well thought out and spontaneous
    while your speaking it !
    Yes you have refined your work and your a great Astrologer and very different – love it all and
    a big thank you Marina from Jennifer Fay .

  15. I would definitely recommend a reading from Marina . I have had computer generated ones before , but this was something else . I found it very enlightening and it also gave me a giggle ! I’m glad I took the plunge and will be referring back to my reading often.

  16. I waited six months into the solar return reading to do this review — so that I could sense into the unfolding year and the material Marina covered. At the half way mark through this year I am stunned and delighted by how accurate the material has been — not just in the predictive elements, but in the collateral benefit of so much depth of insight revealed in her spin on my natal chart. If you want to decode the hidden aspects of who you really are and experience someone holding up the wise woman lantern to light the twisty turns of life, Marian makes an excellent code-breaker and guide. PS and I am LOVING her new You Tube channel reports as well.

  17. I had my first reading with Marina and I must say she was amazing! Her knowledge of astrology and astronomy along with her honest, straightforward manner was phenomenal. I will recommend her to family and friends. I look forward to having more sessions with Marina! Thank you so much!

  18. Somewhere I read the definition of genius is making something hard look easy. In that way Marina is most definitely genius. Studying my chart she tip-toed through my psyche, casting clarity over the most complex of situations, dreams, aspirations, and relationships. While I have studied Astrology since 1983 when I had my first chart cast, I have never heard the impressions Marina had about my inner and outer life. Listening to her was healing, deeply insightful, and down-to-earth practical.

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