Sun Conjunct Mars ~ You Need A Hero?


Sun conjunct Mars is the quintessential hero aspect. This is the leader who embodies courage and represents the warrior. This is the best person around in an emergency as they will take control of the situation swiftly, although not necessarily calmly.

What these folk are great at is rallying people into action. If people are sitting around complacently on a sinking ship then this aspect snap the crowd out of their trance. These folk are activists, entrepreneurs and fighters no question therefore they will usually be found in pioneering and front-line positions. Sun conjunct Mars is highly ambitious, not so much for the money (Though it is often a by-product.) but because they enjoy the challenge and want to be seen as the best.

On the negative side these folk jump in rather too quickly and often with a total disregard for others feelings. But if needed Sun conjunct Mars will make a brave stand and even to take the punches in defence of children, the weak or the old. These folk can be accused of being selfish, but the ironic truth is that Sun conjunct Mars will very often take action which is extremely selfless, just because they act first and think later.

Fighting Spirit

Sun conjunct Mars

In their haste Sun conjunct Mars can often lose financial backing because of their tactless, raw and off-the-bat behaviour. They is hardly the best diplomatics and can often be ‘bad optics’ for their business or associates. At the same time, Sun conjunct Mars’s honesty is refreshing and can embolden others not to be so submissive to their paymasters. Cowardice and avarice are not the sins of this archetype generally.

Mars is generally regarded as a malefic, so with this conjunction you will often get the typical warmonger or totally self-obsessed individual. We also have to consider the question of combustion since any conjunction of a planet with the blazing Sun has the possibility of this phenomena. It is said that hot, fiery male planets cannot be dimmed by the Sun’s burning rays, but it all depends on the dignity of the Mars itself.

If Mars conjunct Mars occurs in Scorpio or Aries for example, then Mars is fortified and able to override or even work with the Sun. A positive Sun combust Mars will show all the brave, honest and heroic traits already mentioned. On the other hand, a negative Sun combust Mars will function more like an angry, frustrated dictator.

The Sun and Mars are obviously extremely masculine energies and so typically appear as the alpha male vibration. A female with this conjunction then will project more of the warrior queen/amazon archetype. She will also likely be very sexual too and more predatory than her sisters. Since Mars rules sex and war, it will often generate a woman who is very physical, a sex symbol or a criminal/spy. (See Bonnie Parker and the two spies Szarbo and Hari below)

Artwork: ‘The Emperor’ Voyager Tarot © James Wanless

Sun Conjunction Mars Natives:

CAZIMI ~ Patrick Duffy, Nick Cave, Britt Ekland, Christopher Eccleston, Napoleon III Of France. COMBUST (3º and under) ~ Ivan The Terrible, Confucius, Eva Peron, Mata Hari, Violette Szarbo, Lyndon B Johnson, Sarah Palin, Nancy Reagan, Ann Coulter, Bonnie Parker, Bill Hicks, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Aliyah,Marianne Faithful, Liberace, Weird Al Yankovic, Natalie Wood, Buster Keaton, Cameron Diaz, Shirley MacLaine, Matt Dillon, Diana Rigg, Raquel Welsh, Roger Moore, Christopher Plummer, Jane Russell, Peter Sellers, Richard Chamberlain, Ian McShane, Ian Richardson, Danny Devito, Lucky Luciano, Antonio Salieri, Tchaikovsky, Margot Fonteyn, Francois Truffant, Bertrand Russell, Eleanor Of Aquitaine, Letizia Of Spain, Ulla (Spokesman for prostitutes), Anthony Burgess, Houston/Brown Davison chart.

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