Moon/Ceres Conjunct ~ Super Nanny

Moon conjunct or quincunx Ceres is super-mum, the ultimate in matriarchs, the Queen of Pentacles and the Empress archetype. This does not necessarily mean he or she is particularly maternal however. For even if they do happen to spawn many children they Moon conjunct Ceres can actually be quite distant and not that physically affectionate or close to their offspring.

They mother their friends on the one hand, but may not be friends with their children at all. Their parenting style is a practical, material care that demands respect. They rule their house very much like the Queen Bee and expect their children to defer to their authority.

Moon conjunct Ceres comes across more like the nanny than the mother, and as such are immune to any “pester power” from their children. This bleeds into other areas of life where these folk are seen as firm, but fair in their negotiations. Moon conjunct Ceres are not easily swayed and will stick to their principles no matter what.

This aspect can work like the matriarchal version of Sun conjunct Saturn. At best these folk can be the wise elders who pass on their wisdom to their young and who serve as respected mentors in the wider world. Their command may seem overly strict, but it is also a true case of tough love. They get very positive results where others have failed, through patience and pragmatism.

Super Nanny & Queen Bee

Ceres does have a shadow side however, in the form of Demeter who mourned the abduction of her daughter Persephone. So there is some sorrow attached to this aspect since the Moon is so sensitive to pain. One may have experienced absence of the mother through death or through her being focused on earning her “pentacles”.

There is a priestess/herbalist side to Ceres, so if she is not a hard core materialist then she could place a lot of her energies into healing the world; She could be an ecologist, healer, charity worker, busy hostess or caterer. The mother’s values strongly influence the Moon conjunct Ceres child and this gives them a strong work ethic.

If Moon conjunct Ceres had an extremely possessive or smothering mother, they may go to the other extreme of being very spartan with their own children, hoping that it will toughen them up and make them independent and not needy or clingy. Another strong possibility with this aspect is the development of food issues.

This could be anything from being a health food crank, a very picky eater or even suffering from bulimia or anorexia. Moon can be bad habits and Ceres represents the grain (beer), herbs (marijuana) or the poppy (opiates), so there can be the risk of addictions to alcohol or drugs too.

Of course this could be turned around into a healthy obsession if they become a master-chef or a herbalist. If moon conjunct Ceres does not have a drug problem them self, they may be attracted to those that do. Picking up waifs and strays is also a tendency of this aspect. Moon conjunct Ceres can be a “mother” to those from broken homes, adopt the most needy in society and want to mend those that are severely damaged.

Moon quincunx Ceres like all the 150 degree aspects, strives for perfection. Since both Ceres and the Moon are ultra-feminine they could be obsessed with the quest of the perfect female. In a woman this could be about perfecting her own beauty, but in a man this could manifest in the quest for the perfect woman.

This may result in an insatiable, but also restless sexdrive. There could be both comfort eating or comfort kissing! The Moon quincunx Ceres can strive to become the perfect hostess, mother or nursemaid, but be accused of interfering when they go too far.

At their best these folks will bake the most sumptuous cakes, or create the most voluptuous and sensually arousing music or art. If you do happen to fall ill they will make the perfect nurse, puffing up your pillows and making you the most heavenly chicken soup you ever tasted.

Moon quincunx Ceres is extremely hands-on and lush. They love to touch, savour and caress the things they value. However they are surprising generous with their abundance, it’s like they milk what they have for all its worth because they know they will have to give it away fairly soon.

They will express their love with much affection and make it very hard for their lovers to leave their cosy bed. Endings are accepted easily however, and they are onto the next person or project with the same devotion. Moon quincunx Ceres are great at comforting and soothing others. However they are not so good at relaxing themselves so can be the worlds worst worriers.

Moon/Ceres ~ (In)*Conjunct Aspects

Moon Conjunct Ceres

Moon conjunct CeresMadonna is a good example of someone who we would probably not consider a typical earth mother, but has experienced many of the above themes.

Madonna lost her own mother at a very early age to breast cancer and as the oldest of six became a substitute mother to the rest of her siblings. She has very obviously amassed a great deal of “pentacles”, and her priestess side is seen in her exploration of different religions and her conversion to Kabbalah.

She is also very obviously became a Queen Bee to her male dancers (Waifs and strays.) many of whom came from broken homes and needed to look up an substitute parent figure. Madonna tends to go out with younger men to whom she becomes the wise elder and also the priestess who initiates them sexually.

She is known to be fiercely anti-drugs, but she is not without her addictions. Fad diets, exercise regimes, and probably sex addiction to name a few. Ceres as an aspect of Persephone explains her self-confessed attraction to quite Plutonic “macho” type guys. Her sexuality addresses the taboo.

She has explored mixed-race, toy-boy and bi-sexual relationships which she featured in videos such as ” Like A Prayer” and “Justify My Love”. As far as her role as an actual mother goes, her inter-racial family includes her two children from two different fathers and controversial adoptions of a Malawian boy and girl.

Alfred Jarry (20′); French writer who invented the pseudoscience “pataphysics”. A true eccentric who adored absinthe so much he rode around Paris on a bike painted green. Arsenio Hall (25′); Bankrupt Talk-show host. Listed $795 assets compared to a whopping $190,000 in debt. Ceres feast then famine. Martin Luther King (26′);  Used non-violent civil disobedience in his fight for civil rights. Was religious and became a pastor. His rousing speeches were like sermons. Assassinated. Arth Michel (27′); Child abuser and Satanist. Charles Dickens, Herb Ritts, Martina Navratilova, Mary Wollstonecraft, Michael J Fox, Queen Victoria, Steve Martin, Tom Conti.

Moon Quincunx Ceres

Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner (04’) was certainly generous with the seed of his loins. He divorced twice and had 5 perfectly beautiful long-term partners. At the height of his success he bedded most of his “playmates’ and experimented with bi-sexuality.

Hugh was the perfect Ceres host with his coterie of lunar lovelies to entertain his hungry guests during his notoriously indulgent parties. A stroke at 59 toned down his behaviour for a while, but at 85 he is still womanising like a trooper.

Lucy lawless (08’), Jeff Buckley (10’), Gustav Courbet (10’), August Rodin (18’), Debbie Harry, Kelly Osbourne, Kate Bush, Johnny Carson, Barbara Castle, Carol Channing, Percy Shelley, Dirk Bogarde, Gertrude Stein, Franklin D Roosevelt.

Moon/Ceres Aspects

Moon conjunct/quincunx Ceres • Moon sextile Ceres
Moon square/opposite Ceres•  Moon trine Ceres


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  1. Thanks Marina. I can relate to being made to grow up quickly and assume more responsibilities as a child, once old enough I moved abroad and shunned authority and responsibility. I did numb my pain with drugs and alcohol for a long time, free of that now.
    Ceres squares my ascendant.
    I can see third house and aquarius themes of this conjunction play out in my life.
    Luckily I have a child though not without difficulties. Maybe in time I will be able to use this aspect for a higher purpose.

    It is sad that we still do not know what exactly happened to Madeline McCann, she has never been found.

  2. Great insight on Ceres. I would love to hear what you think of Ceres conjunct Lilith ?. I can’t find much info and I have this aspect in Aquarius 3rd house.

    • Hi Sophie. I’ll give you a sneak preview of what I have in my Lilith book draft. Any of this ring true? It can be quite a difficult aspect really.

      Lilith conjunct Ceres 

      This is the Persephone aspect par excellence, but much depends how strongly placed this aspect is. Involvement with the luminaries or the angles makes for a stronger case as does having it featured in an aspect pattern. The most powerful theme here is either having one’s childhood stolen or being the stealer of the child. Whatever the case this person has to grow up quickly and assume responsibilities above their years. Literally of course this can play out as having children literally stolen from you in the form of being unable to have children or a child dying very young. The first two on the list are especially poignant as little Madeleine was abducted and child star Lena Zavaroni died in poverty from anorexia. Both these examples carry very prominent Persephone themes, Madeleine’s mother Kate thought little “Maddie” had been abducted by a paedophile (Pluto) and Lena’s anorexia obviously shows the famine/winter aspect of when Demeter, out of great sorrow for losing her daughter to the underworld, brought an eternal winter to the earth hence the starvation.

      Of course the aspect can work in a positive way too, where one rises from poverty to great wealth and fame. Oprah is a good example, a great Ceres mother figure for abused women, a role model for women who have come from a disadvantaged background. An inspiration for them to know that colour or poverty should not hold them back. Oprah was abused as a child and mostly brought up by her grandmother, of course she is now one of the richest women on the planet. Some of the celebrities below shine very bright like Ceres’ eternal spring, while others are very dark indeed (Aldrete, Philips, Manson).

       I think Ceres/Lilith is the witch/herbalist aspect because to me it shows a great connection with plants and an ability to concoct powerful healing potions. Sometimes this can take the form of artistic talent, other times it could show an inclination to overdose on Lilith’s forbidden fruit. Ceres is associated with the poppy and therefore opiates, so to combine this with Lilith can be dangerous. If the subject has experienced great pain in their life, the temptation to numb it with narcotics could be great.

      It is interesting there are two female photographers in this list, one previously a model, the other her own model. I like the shift from being objectified with taking control of the weapon of objectification. Sherman’s deals with our perception of women as sexual objects and challenges conventional representations of the female form while Miller went from bright Ceres fashion photography to dark and gritty Lilithy war reportage.

      True: Madeleine McCann (10’) Lena Zavaroni (10’), Mandy Moore (12’), Juan Garcia Abrego (16’), Lee Miller (17’),Yehudi Menuhin (30’),Oprah Winfrey (& Mean),John Phillips (& Mean),  Peter Sellers (& Mean), Julie Andrews, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Dennis Quaid, Charles Manson, Jessica Adams, Daphne Du Maurier, Laurence Olivier.

      Mean: Christopher Ingrassia(14’), Katherine Hepburn (19‘& True), Atropos Discovery (29’), Kenneth Williams, Ewan McGregor, Keanu Reeves, Sarah Aldrete, Cindy Sherman, Le Corbusier, Debbie Harry, Aimee Osbourne.

  3. on the day transiting Moon dabbed on my natal Cere in 12 H, I walked out to enjoy a pile of snow. When I was on my way back, I stuffed my pocket with full of treasure dropped on the snow and exposed as it melted-brand new cosmetics in unopened packages, leather winter stuff, cash…etc etc.

    Of course, my belly was also fully fed with additional menu came with my order.

    ‘Wow, THIS is Ceres.”


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