Sun Sextile/Trine Neptune ~ Glamour

Sun sextile or trine Neptune can be a wonderfully glamorous, charismatic, musical, poetic and highly imaginative combination… that comes with a price! Surprisingly it appears that the trine aspect especially can also be tinged with tragedy. The trine goes so easily with the flow that with Neptune it can make ones ego become too easily porous and suggestible. The willpower is easily swayed by smoke and mirrors with this aspect which makes it hard for the native to resist drugs, alcohol and temptations of escapism. Once hooked they could find it far more difficult to quit than with a harder aspect.

Sun trine or sextile Neptune can have a need to worship the father, even if they are an abusive alcoholic, disappointing and distant. The foggy mist blurs out the ugly truth and a fantasy is created around him. All is well if Sun trine Neptune keeps the right company and would work exceptionally well on a spiritual path and in service to humanity as a whole.

Sun sextile Neptune brings a touch of the childlike trickster to already nebulous Neptune. It gives these people an enchanting duplicity, a kind of Peter-Pan quality. Their imagination is kooky and poetic with a surreal edge. The developing, blossoming feeling of the sextile can bring out the more deceptive qualities of Neptune however because the energies are unformed and unstable. Things can change with Neptunes tide at any moment. It seems to give its subjects a charming wit which lends itself to creative tale-telling! They are excitable romantics with a tendency to worship their lover.

 Sun/Neptune ~ Soft Aspects

Sun Trine Neptune

Sun trine neptunePrincess Diana’s (61′) life was so Neptunian it hurts. The fairytale wedding, the glamor, the charity work, her empathy with the sick and dying, her own health problems with bulimia, her hypersensitivity, her consulting of psychics and astrologers.

Then to cap it all her mysterious death! Another glamorous blonde is Jessica Savitch (91′) This US News reporter was gifted in front of the TV camera, she had a melodramatic life, an abortion & miscarriage, anorexia, two divorces and an addiction to cocaine and speed. Jessica drowned when her date drove their car into a canal mistaking it for a road.

Bret Easton Ellis (21′) is the controversial author of the graphically violent ‘American Psycho’. The book was initially withdrawn for being misogynistic. Bret immortalized his difficult, alcoholic father in a book. Typically Neptune ambiguous about his sexual persuasion Bret also states “I’m a weird person. I’m not normal. Do you think the guy who wrote these books, do you think that’s, like, conducive to normal behavior?”

Doris Day (05′) was loved as everybody’s “favorite virgin” and for her romantic comedies. Actress, model and fashion designer Anita Pallenberg (13′) was famed for her affairs with the various Rolling Stones. The drug taking lifestyle obviously made her paranoid. Anita was obsessed with black magic and wore a string of garlic with her everywhere to ward off vampires. Natalie Cole (29′) also had the Neptune drug-abuse scenario as well as her magical voice. Some technical wizardry made it possible for her to duet with her fantasy father Nat King Cole, on Neptunian film, many years after his death.

Sun Sextile Neptune

Nicolas Cage (64′) has “invisible magic that makes him impossible to ignore, that makes him hauntingly memorable…described as a “punk hunk,” with “endearingly dopey sexuality.” [Astro Databank] He was the wild weirdo of the’ 80s, in that period using drugs and alcohol heavily, peppered with one night stands.

Myra Hindley (96′), British serial killer with lover, Ian Brady whom she idolized. She found the children for him and cleaned up after murdering. The chilling side of child thief Peter-Pan/Neptune was played out here in their taking pictures of the children and recording the sounds of their torture.

Bette Midler (74′) multi-talented comedienne famed for her humor and ballads, Mary Shelley (28′) author of Frankenstein, and beloved of Percy Shelley. She wrote “For eight years I communicated, with unlimited freedom, with one whose genius far transcending mine awakened and guided my thoughts…. Now I am alone – oh, how alone! The stars may behold my tears“. Other Sun sextile Neptunians are Alicia Silverstone (08′) and Billy Connolly (22′).

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20 thoughts on “Sun Sextile/Trine Neptune ~ Glamour

  1. Thanks so much for this post! I have Sun in a wide trine with Neptune (Sun at 4 Cancer, Neptune at 11). This post goes wider than Sun trine Neptune – I wanted to comment because Neptune plays such a prominent part in my health, my working life and my love life.

    Neptune also trines, much more closely, Jupiter and Chiron at 12 and 10 Pisces respectively. There are strong healing signals there. I’ve never had a “public” life, unless you count being a receptionist in a family centre, and can honestly count on the fingers of one hand the times I’ve drunk to excess. I can sense the allure of alcohol as a blotter-out of troubles. There’s just something – probably the tight square from Neptune to Saturn – that says “whoah – don’t go there”. It also gives me ghastly heartburn so I just don’t touch wine any more, for example.

    I do find myself attracted to souls who are battling such demons, or who are confused about their identity or place in the world. Or very often both. One of the great loves of my life has a much tighter (2 degree) Sun trine Neptune. I gravitate too – and attract – Neptunian souls. That would be the tight square from Venus to Neptune. I tend to “hero worship” people and have a great love of the golden age of movies when Neptune was in Leo.

    With Neptune squaring my Nodal axis, within a degree, I have clearly come into this life needing to learn how to manage Neptune’s energies appropriately. I didn’t “do Neptune” properly in past lives. With Neptune in my 6th house, I’m very much a sponge particularly in the workplace for any energies floating around. And I have had the archetypal “mystery illness” which took several years to diagnose and treat. On the positive side, it gives me the compassion and empathy I need for the job I do, and has attracted several very Neptunian “mentors” and life guides – a sound healer, a reiki practitioner, and a wise and gentle Piscean friend. I’m also attuned to reiki myself.

    Do please forgive me for going off track from Sun trine Neptune and hope these thoughts are valuable!

  2. @Jan
    They are VERY valuable. Thank you! That’s what these comments sections are for. You are a great example of one using Neptune at it’s higher vibration. Neptunian’s, of all people, absolutely cannot handle alcohol/drugs which is the biggest irony.

  3. A great description of my Neptune’s trine with the sun (he trines mercury too!) in Cancer in the 5th. Neptune Rx in the 9th in Scorpion, the ruler of my Asc. Neptune is my planet!!! The quest for the dreamming father! Or the invisible father!

    I was a jesuit for many years, so I woke up of my ilusion by the transit of Uranus. Now I’m dealing with the square of Neptune to my Natal Neptune and the opposition of Uranus to my Natal Uranus.

    I wanna know more about the situation of Neptune Rx ruling the Asc.

  4. As long as I’ve studied astrology, this is the first time I realized I have this aspect (along with Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra) in the 4th. All your descriptions fit me. Addictive personality, hypersensitivity, attracting Neptunian types (who were drug addicts and a terrible influence on me)but also an attraction to Hypnotism, and other mystical arts. Yes, a father complex, and tendency to idealize men I am attracted to. But what is Jupiter trine Neptune? that aspect is much tighter than the Sun/Neptune.

  5. This is very true for me and it doesnt help with both Venus and Mars in Pisces. Im very impressionable, I always love escaping into fantasies, take a break, escape this cruel world, either through music or through time alone. Thats how i fully recharge my energies. I am very sensitive to beauty in many ways, either through nature, a painting, a piece of music, a moment in time, a memory, whatever it be. But i do feel this aspect has a lot of tradgedy because the native is not so sure of their own identity maybe or theyre not strong enough and they are timid, it can get them into problems.

    1. Neptune 21 Rising here, trine Sun 26 in Scorpio in the 9th. Jupiter 8 Pisces square Neptune 8 Sag conj N. Node in 9th. For the first 32 years of my life, I had no self-awareness or a collective understanding from the events in my life. Tremendous experiences shaped my reality, still I had been void of a personally defined value system. I was living unconsciously not seeing or knowing a core sense of direction. For the last six years however, my identity has transformed and the expansive consciousness I see in humanity and my-self is immense. My existence is constantly evolving among the relativity of other peoples perceptions and desires. Self knowledge through death and struggle has activated my desire for growth.

  6. I’m trying to imagine what a fairy tail looks like (: I didn’t know they had them

  7. Very accurate in my case. My father was distant as I was growing up and also an alcoholic; slightly but not overly abusive. I was heavily involved with drugs for a number of years where a number of my psychic abilities were enhanced, while teetering on the edges of insanity and psychic dangers. I love art and music because they awaken the imagination. Service to humanity is very important to me because I have lost almost everything in my personal life but somehow still believe in the human race.

  8. it’s funny because even though i have this aspect in my chart, I don’t worship my father. I love him, no doubt, but I am well aware of who he is and what his flaws are and I’ve never thought of him as perfect in any way. Really, who is?!

  9. I have sun trine neptune in wide orb and I feel it strongly in my chart. Interesting how this aspect may be “tinged with tragedy” and i see how with neptune I’ll start to drift back into my dream world to escape it all sometimes. Music, art and spirituality are have helped me greatly during these times.

  10. I have my sun in the 12th house and can relate a lot to this

    For a universal transit. The Sun trines Neptune from October 16 thru November 3.

  11. I have Sun trine Neptune as well. Definitely the remote, abusive father. I think that the part about Neptune that’s about illusions can make for gullibility when someone else we love dearly plays us with smoke and mirrors. It can happen when it’s not the father, too. I’m not sure if that’s part of suggestibility, but it may make us easier to manipulate.

    Thank you, Marina.

  12. It’s great to find another anime/manga lover while reading on astrology site.
    Fairy Tail.

    Thank you Marina!

  13. Cancer and Scorpio Suns will have this trine by transit while Neptune is in Pisces..since the Sun resembles a husband/S.Other in a girls chart also would bring up the same childhood issues regarding the father too.

  14. Jessica Savitch was a passenger in the car; she was not driving. And no drugs and only a small amount of alcohol were in her system at the time of her passing.

  15. Disturbing for us sun-neptunes to be given such nasty characters as examples. Why not do more research,plenty of famous artists, writers and musicians were/are sun-neptune; leave out the sensationlist aspect of “weird”.

    1. Are you suggesting I cherry pick what comes out of the research? I have an extensive database myself which I use in conjunction astrotheme’s data base which is HUGE. I simply list everyone with aspects under 2.30 degrees and let the list speaks for itself. You are also more than your Sun sign. It should never be ‘disturbing’, but I can’t help what comes up. If you know you are not like that then it shouldn’t be a problem, though you are exhibiting some Sun/Neptunian traits just in your response.

  16. lol @antonia chill! i love doris day, princess di and natalie cole (how are they “nasty”?) also to tell you the truth, as someone with sun trine neptune, i have dealt with eating disorders and substance abuse in the past (i’m still fighting them even until now) so not saying that it’s a bad aspect but this post has some truths so i was really surprised

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