Sun Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Awakeners


Sun square or opposite Uranus are confrontational rebels. They are radical in their approach to reform and find it hard to compromise in any way. These folk think the only way to really awaken people is to go to the extreme with their message. Throwing the thunderbolt into the middle of the party is mostly their style, but even the most demure of the type are capable of freezing you with their icy stare.

This hard aspect enjoys being a provocateur. It just can’t help challenging the status quo. This could stem from experiencing a traumatic childhood when they didn’t know if they were coming or going. The father may have had an explosive temper. Parental arguments could have caused sudden exits from the household with the slamming of doors being a constant. This would ofcourse make a small child jump.

Sun square/opposition Uranus Transit

When Sun square’s or opposes Uranus in the sky our routines can be disrupted. In the world generally, the energy is chaotic, scattered and hard to organise. People are uncomfortable with adapting to the unexpected changes in plans. The mood is rebellious but does not have much purpose. So it can feel like people are shocking for the sake of being shocking. The inventive side of this aspect is somewhat lost because the energy is focused towards the outrageous. Egos are concerned with their individual needs rather than co-operating with others.

ARTWORK: ‘Sage of Crystals’. VOYAGER TAROT © James Wanless  JAMES-WANLESS.COM

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