Mars Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Fireworks

Mars opposition or square Uranus is a risk-taker and racer. It feeds off adrenaline and has very little patience. Mars/Uranus hard aspects seem to have a great rapport with electrical items and have no qualms about ripping them apart if they have broken down, often risking shocking themselves in the process. They can make great mechanics, but not without sparks flying out occasionally. Some astrologers associate this aspect with surgery.

Sharp blades of Mars combine with Uranus’s sudden action so that these folk are great in an emergency. Fireworks are symbolic of this aspect too, in the bedroom department as well as in temperament. And yes, a quick temper they will most certainly have.. These folk are easily aroused and will jump right into a sexual relationship without much forethought.

Mars Square Uranus ~  July 11 2019
Mars Opposite Uranus ~  November 24 2019

When the novelty has worn off however, they may tire quite quickly. Stamina isn’t their forte! You get the picture then; Mars in hard aspect to Uranus folk are impulsive and quick off the mark, 0 – 60 in 30 seconds, no flies on them! Very decisive and incisive, they know what they want and how to get it as quickly as possible.

These people are fantastic revolutionaries; they can rouse a crowd in their favour and get them to act with speed and efficiency. Mars in hard aspect to Uranus is so electrically charged that it works like a power battery, therefore they can really inspire and enthuse others into action. You literally can just plug into them and light up like a Christmas tree.

With Mars opposition Uranus there is less of the charging knight and more of an energy healer since the opposition could project Mars onto their client while they take the position of Uranus. Their thunderbolt hands then, can reboot your blocked chakras in a flash. These folk could indeed be ‘flashers’ however… Those streakers in the 70’s were probably Mars/Uranus types. Of course, this is a rare fetish, so Mars opposite Uranus’s ‘flashing’ could occur in the sense of flouting convention and flaunting their sexuality as a political statement. Ie: Gay men will openly kiss in a very Catholic or intolerant country.

Mars opposite Uranus women will be quick to point out hypocrisy in sexist cultures. Whatever the case, sexual rebellion and reformation is very strong here. Mars opposite Uranus is usually brave and forthright, but the opposition can have a tendency to polarise the energies, depending if one planet is markedly stronger than the other.

The cool Uranian side could then become very geeky and even prudish, viewing others as being sexually vulgar or explicit in their passions. If these subject’s sexual side is suppressed, then this combination can become quite violent. Mars opposite Uranus at its worst can be very clinical with its anger. If other factors slow down their usual knee-jerk reaction, they can dish out a very callous revenge if you should ever cross them.

Speed Ball

Mars square opposite uranus

The square is a Mars aspect so we get the doubling up of sex and speed here, sometimes both at the same time.. Passionate, fast and furious is their style because inside they have a raging war to conquer and modernise. Uranus can cool Mars a little though, and the fast movement stirs up a refreshing breeze as these folk dash past you. Even though this is a square I don’t think it actually creates violence or malefic intent. What gets these folk in trouble most of all is impulsiveness. It also really needs freedom of movement, and will become most frustrated if people dawdle in from of them.

The worst that can happen is that Mars square Uranus will annoyingly tailgate you. These folk make hovering parents since they have no patience with little fingers and shoelaces, which is why then end up doing everything for everyone. They can end up burning themselves out if they are not careful. However they are usually quick to realise when they have been put upon, so they will suddenly shock their family or workmates by clearing off in a flash. A very Mars square Uranus way to do this would be to mount a Harley Davison and zoom off into the desert. All that Uranian chrome and Martian exhausts belching out gas, the wind in their hair, leathers and utter freedom, how could they resist?

Mars/Uranus ~ Hard Aspects

Mars Opposite Uranus

Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright (02’) is a great example of this aspect and he has certainly packed a lot of experiences into his 40 years. Rufus’s musical talent was apparent very young. He was playing piano from age 6 and touring at the age of 13 with his musical family.

He says his parents, despite being bohemian folk singers, could never really handle him being gay. At 14 Rufus was sexually assaulted by a man he picked up in a London bar. In Hyde Park the young Rufus was raped, robbed and almost strangled.

He was lucky to survive and only did so after feigning an epileptic seizure. He says he remained celibate for several years after the attack, but then after that became very promiscuous. At age 16 Rufus was nominated for most promising male vocalist and became world famous age 25. Between 2000-2002 to non-stop rise to fame brought an addiction to Crystal Meth and Rufus lost his vision for a time.

He recovered and found his way back to success with critically acclaimed albums “Want I & II” (2003/4) and “Release the Stars” (2007) which went Gold. 2011 Rufus became a father and in 2012, finally married his partner of 5 years Jorn. Rufus stated

“I wasn’t a huge gay marriage supporter before I met Jörn because I love the whole old-school promiscuous Oscar Wilde freak show of what ‘being gay’ once was. But since meeting Jörn that all changed.”~ Starpulse.

 Rufus has released 10 albums and has had more success in Britain and Canada than in his native America. His musical style “has been called ‘popera’ and ‘baroque pop’ containing several recurring themes: opera, literature, pop culture, politics, and love (often unrequited love).” ~ Wiki

More Mars opposite Uranus: Eddie Arcano (14’): The greatest jockey in the history of America. Antonio Salieri: Mozart’s rival in the film Amadeus. Ferruccio Lamborghini, Gianni Versace, Jose Maria Carreras, Roseanne Barr and Tegan Lane: Baby murdered by her mother Keli a famous Australian polo player.

Mars Square Uranus

Mars square UranusEwan McGregor (00’) is a Scottish actor famous for his roles in Moulin Rouge (he is a tenor), playing a heroin addict in Transpotting and the role of young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel to Star Wars. He has four daughters (Two adopted from Mongolia) and a heart and dagger tattoo on his arm with their names and that of his wife. In 2007 McGregor said he had not had a drink in 7 years after a period where was a functioning alcoholic.

McGregor has loved motorbikes since a child; In 2004 he made a mammoth motorcycle trip of 22, 345 miles from London to New York via Europe, Ukraine, Mongolia, Canada and the United States. He is also a UNICEF ambassador and does a great amount of work for charity. During his 2004 motorcycle trip he visited many UNICEF programs enroute.

McGregor is heavily involved with charity work and combines this work with motorcycle, boat, plane and foot trips to remote parts of India. Nepal and the Congo. He has made many TV series documenting his motorbike journeys while at the same time publicising the plight of third world children.

I’m tired just reading all that.. There is something quite dashing and heroic about Mars square Uranus, and they certainly get things done. Like I said previously, they haven’t got the patience for projects that take years, so they cover a lot of ground and get things done and dusted before boredom sets in.

More Mars square Uranus: Patsy Cline (07’), Patrick Duffy (07’), Edie Sedgewick (10’), Sean Young (15’), Jack Karouac (18’), Johannes Kepler (24’) Pope Benedict XVI, Marguerite of Navarre, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Cruise, Kim Basinger, Tatum O’Neal, John Malkovich, Tom Hulce, Victoria Principal, Davina McCall, Lillie Langtry, Alanis Morissette, Billy Idol, Cee Lo Green, Ray Charles, Dean Martin, Michael Bolton, Giacomo Puccini, Eric Burdon, Dante Alighieri, Pierre Cardin, Marcel Duchamp, Denise Van Outen, Robbie Coltrane, Elizabeth Arden, Vidal Sassoon, Frank Bruno, José Manuel Perez, Nadia Comaneci, Anders Celsius, Demetra George.

25 thoughts on “Mars Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Fireworks

  1. Thanks for another great article, Marina.

    After reading this, I found some resonance with my natal chart. I have Mars quindecile Uranus which is an aspect I wasn’t familiar with until I read up on it today. That’s 165 degrees apart (mine is 166). It makes one “caught up in the passion of the times,” and I am a bit of a political junkie, signing petitions and writing and calling Congress when some issue gets my adrenaline going.

    I also designed electronic circuits and am a rather good troubleshooter in that field, although nowadays very few things aren’t just made with an embedded computer microprocessor in them.

    Never went for streaking, but I’d defend someone’s right to do so. Might even invite her out afterwards. 🙂

    1. Once knew a Gemini with Mars In Aquarius, good times, good times.
      So un-reasonable but good times none the less. Did feel lit like christmas tree in the dead of summer and who hangs Axe’s on the wall for decorations? Scary, but good times. Scorpio Moons do like a little bit of foreboding laying around somewhere. I’ve noticed.

    2. Just figured I have the Quintile. My one and only…No wonder we got along.

  2. Oh boy, my darling daughter has this opposition, but not only that, Uranus is conjunct Neptune in Capricorn and Eris/ Mercury in Aries makes a wide T-square. All around 15 degrees so this year’s Cardinal cross could be a blinder. Needless to say her school friends were all pretty much affected by this alignment and I spent their teenage years scraping vomit off the floor and breaking up fights.
    She was diagnosed bipolar a couple of years ago, and she has a full-on AC Saturn Jupiter opposition too, but sometimes I think it’s just the electricity gets the better of her. She’s sparky, impatient and certainly lights up the room even when she’s really down, but she really does have a healing quality too. I can see from your article what a difficult energy it must be to handle, but with maturity I have hopes of her crusading spirit coming to the fore and Eris and Mercury giving her wings – otherwise she’ll just end up drunk, accident-prone and really gobby!

  3. This is a favorite aspect of mine. Mars is my 1st house and Uranus/Neptune my 7th.

  4. // i hope you do read it – responses to add to your research 🙂

    my Uranus in libra in II is exactly (less than 1 deg) opposition to Mars in Aries in VIII.

    what is true of your write-up:
    1. quick passion
    2. 0-60 in 30 sec, so so true (esp in terms of Sexuality)
    3. i know what i want –

    the last full moon on April 15th activated this aspect big time, but nothing happened, other than me getting angry and losing a jerk leech which my sag sun was not giving a hard kick because it seemed unfair

    what is not true:
    1. no attraction to electrical items, none what so ever

    I love both Aquas and Aries, the quirky guys, the daring head strong guys..

    what you can add to this article:
    these gals/ guys with Uranus Opp Mars, are extremely excited by some one depicting these qualities of combined both namely: intellect with humor, passion with drive, un-apologizing arrogance, clarity, quick decisive singular focus.. it is soo BEAUTIFUL

    I have saturn in 10th house trine Uranus and sextile Mars, so maybe it is down-playing the aspect, or stabilizing it – you can tell..

    PS: waiting for Sagittarius DECAN-III .. anxiously

    Cheers !

    1. Sagl-Ox – sounds like you are really using this energy well. I love that “intellect with humor” YES! I think from these comments that it can clearly be said that we are never just one aspect. I am not experiencing this opposition at all like some of the other commenters and I think that can be attributed to the natal condition of these planets; in my case Uranus is part of a grand trine including an Aries Mercury, Mars is exalted etc. I AM quick to anger. In no way am I anything like Mr. Wainwright. Once again the whole is greater than some(sum?) of the parts.

  5. I have a kite with uranus at the top, mars at the point: only this year during my uranus return with mars simultaneously transiting uranus and uranus conjunct natal mars ( !!!!!! Jan this year !!!!!!! ) have I learned to deal with it. When exact I actually popped my neck out and had a weird seizure which I think was an electrical realignment: since then I can express the energy in a positive way rather than stress out…… I have to walk it off, I take my wooden recorder into the bush and raise the energy out there 🙂

  6. I have a Mars Uranus opposition! Throw in the moon conjunct Uranus and opp Mars and we’re good to go! It’s fun. And yes healing hands. I channelled all that energy into Reiki!

  7. Me too – the opposition (8deg). Have always been interested in doing Reiki, so might try. With the 5th H Mars in Cap, I used to garden a HUGE garden obsessively, trine Venus in Taurus, it was beautiful. Very grounding (no pun intended). Very private about sexuality, not prudish – think overt expression can become vulgar very quickly so call me a prude if you want -I call it private passion – like the difference between beautiful dance and raunch. Also – house placement – must give time to both areas of life with the opposition. AND sometimes this Mars really does indicate activity going on with my first born.

  8. I have a Uranus/Mercury conjunction(Orb–less than one degree) square Mars. However, I don’t have all that much energy. I think it’s because my Uranus/Mercury conjunction is in Natal Taurus and my Mars is in Leo (Orb–three degrees. The earth puts out the fire. Any thoughts?

  9. Is the conjunction considered an easy aspect? I have a mars,moon,uranus conjunction in saggitaurus square my virgo sun. Is the conjunction in itself hard to handle or is it the square that makes it difficult?

    1. The conjunction, in my experience, is mainly hard on other people. I am sure you are too busy to notice. As one mars uranus saturn conjunct once told me, people like me but not for very long. And on she goes. It’s a fact to her. Nothing to really take to heart or be concerned about. She has places to go and things to do. When she lights up I just avoid the static and the blaring insanity. I have a mars uranus sesqui so I need to stay grounded and not get caught up in the blur. If I get out of my body and moving to fast I am accident prone. And I stay out of the way of accidents she is creating.

    2. IMO the conjunction is both brilliant and dire in equal amounts – why? Because of what may transit it. e.g if you have moon Pluto conjunct you have a depth of emotion and can be incredibly empathic to others. Nice. But if it is under a Uranus transit – you’re likely to go postal! Over very little!

  10. Hi atrologers – this is an interesting Mars Uranus conjunction. Dr Susan Blackmore Who admits she had an out of body experience but now says:

    “…over thirty years ago that I had the dramatic out-of-body experience that convinced me of the reality of psychic phenomena and launched me on a crusade to show those closed-minded scientists that consciousness could reach beyond the body and that death was not the end. Just a few years of careful experiments changed all that. I found no psychic phenomena – only wishful thinking, self-deception, experimental error and, occasionally, fraud. I became a sceptic.”
    I have to say I agree with her on a lot of points – because the world is just getting too crackpot now! However –

    Careful experiments… How is it possible to replicate a random experience in the parameters those experiments might require?

    Anyway, she has her Mars Uranus conjunct Sirius and I think that makes her one angry person! And one who really needs control! Perhaps she felt let down because her OOB experience could not come under her control and make her famous? She has Mercury conj regulus and Venus on Zosma. Whatever it is, she must be having an interesting experience with Pluto and Uranus now! Plus there will be an eclipse opposite her native Saturn soon. She might have another break through yet!

    1. More on Dr Susan who went to meditate for a week and did nothing but complain! However – “These days I no longer get the terrifying or revolting hallucinations that used to plague me many years ago – the scenes of rape, or cruelty, or torture, or decay that used to beset my sleepy mind.”
      Mars Uranus? Te dreams may have been experiences under a Saturn/Pluto transit over her south node in Virgo?
      Her daughter Emily suffered anorexia for 10 years and has her own conjunction of Saturn Mars and Pluto in Libra makes a wide but still square with Susan’s Mars Uranus. It also conjuncts Susan’s Neptune.
      Susan Blackmore is a pretty outspoken skeptic on the paranormals, revels in her moniker Queen of Consciousness, given by magazine Psychology Today,
      She says people believe in paranormal etc because “The first – that some belief in psi arises from misjudgements of probability” and “The second hypothesis is that some belief in psi arises from an illusion of control.”
      And Mars Uranus probably fears loss of control because of what it might unleash!!!

  11. @uberqueenofwands . . . ‘went to meditate for a week and did nothing but complain’. 😀

  12. “You literally can just plug into them and light up like a Christmas tree.”
    Literally! Unfortunately no-ones plugged into my Mars Uranus and lit up like that yet – but its full of NRG so I live in hope lol

  13. I have Mars Square Uranus. When I was 15 I smashed up a computer printer down to the steel shell then still plugged it in. Thankfully, nothing happened.

  14. My ex has an opposition of MA in Ta – UR in Sc, 1 degree to exact. Its hard to describe this aspect and what it means to live with it as its almost beyond words. He’s created many traumas in his life due to this impulsive, aggressive need to shock and have it his own way. He can turn off TV without using remote control. He can trick the payment machine in Tesco into thinking it was paid. I have never seen anything like that before. He could manifest things out of thin air, I swear. The most cutting side of this opposition was a need to hurt by shock. He would eventually end up hurting himself as no people felt safe around him any more. It was like a loose wire thrashing around. I almost got electrocuted lol.

    1. Wow, what interesting feedback! I’ve never heard of anyone who could do that. Mars wasn’t at 26º Taurus was it? That would be Algol!

  15. HA! I have Mars square Uranus, and it is also trined by Saturn, Sun and Moon.. My current , self-invented business is turning electronic waste into beautiful jewellery and clocks. PLenty of smashing up electricals..and trying them out first to see how I can reuse them. 🙂

  16. I have this exact with uranus conjunct bml, with aspects to moon in scorpio, it’s part of a stellium. Its demanding but invigorating, it feels like you have to handle it and channel it right to make it not backfire. I also always try to integrate it and balance it out via my sensitive side of the chart. I feel I always have this buzzing energy drive/nerve deep inside that needs expression and channeling, not to mention all the more superficial symptoms; adhd, asymmetric and weird shaped bodyparts, scoliosis, ultrasensitive nervous system, either flowing intuition or frustration when feeling stuck, awareness of rhythm, irrationalities and music in everything, a preference for the unconventional and underdog elements of life, always feeling charged up and ready to go, going from 0-60 seconds, an urge to rebel, fight the power and humanistically help the world through grassroot revolution, weird reactions around electronics and feeling invigorated during storms, thunderstorms and often feeling likehaving fireworks sparkle inside..being a girl you have to fight a few battles extra to reclaim these life-appreciating themes but I also have a sensitive side that complements this struggling.

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