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Welcome to the Inner Sanctum! Thank you so much for your support. I will be able to write more in-depth, dark- goddess type material, complete the planetary aspects posts and indulge in better artwork for them as I get more subscribers.

I have 2 main subscription Tiers. The Solar tier is much the same as my Patreon account. Logged in members will have an Ad free experience of all the public posts. (It will take some time to add the remove code to the old posts but all new posts will be Ad free* from now on.

THE SOLAR TEIR $15 paid every 3 months.  Gives access to Moon and matrix audio part 2s. My more taboo topics posts will be only available to Solar Tier members and above from now on. (Solar Plus $20 with Decans)

THE STELLAR TEIR ~ $30 paid every 6 months. The same as the Solar Tier but will also give full access to the 36 Decan posts. (Basically all the Decan books for free!)  Coming in 2022: You will also be able to read my Dark Goddess book chapters as I write them.

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Are usually released at least 10 days before the full or new moon

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