Moon Opposition/Square Pluto

Moon opposition or square Pluto subjects have the ability to penetrate to the core of an issue without leaving a trace of themselves. A good example of this is the talk show host who knows exactly what the public wants to ask of his guests and can fish the information out of them before they realise they have been broken into.

Moon in hard aspect to Pluto is the aspect of exposes, hacking, covert operations and skilled invaders. This is because at some point in their lives they themselves have been “invaded”. The mother may have left the child no room for privacy and was perhaps obsessively protective for fear of something dreadful happening to the child.

With Moon opposition Pluto the subject can become the popular scapegoat who receives all manner of “evils” projected onto them from the other side of the opposition. Generally these subjects find it difficult to trust others with their feelings or secrets, yet somehow they become the catalyst for bringing to light others peoples deepest darkest demons.

Moon/Pluto can push the collectives festering boils to the surface so to speak, which is why they make great psychologists, in-depth researchers and spies. On the negative side they can use their insider psychological knowledge for manipulation and to emotionally blackmail.

Moon opposite PlutoMoon square Pluto is probably one of the most intense and hungry moon aspects you can have. This is the raging Kali archetype par excellence. Moon square Pluto can be the product of an obsessive, possessive mother or be obsessed with being a mother. In some cases (The West’s, Kenisha Berry) the mother as destroyer can be literal. The moment HMS Titanic struck the Plutonic iceberg the Moon was square Pluto (63′). How symbolic is this tragedy of moon/Pluto generally? A great ship weighed down by her treasures, plunged deep into the underworld with the loss of so many lives.

Moon in hard aspect to Pluto throws itself into the deep-end when it comes to its emotions also. They experience relationships, truly, madly and deeply, but they can also easily freeze over in an instant if someone else tries to dominate, manipulate or control them! Moon/Pluto generally is extremely sensitive to seething undercurrents in a domestic situation, and in childhood may have been the receptacle for all the poisonous and unexpressed family grievances. They learn to bury these feelings, only for them to explode volcano-like at a later date. The tension generated by the square in this Hades Moon is tough, but creates black-gold which then fuels immense talent. The subjects feel compelled to purge their long suppressed rage and emotions creatively, which can bring them power and success.

Moon quincunx Pluto is the intense Hades moon with a twist. The quincunxes effects can be variable, and more obvious if part of a yod, so bear this in mind when you read this interpretation. When the quincunx is placed strongly then, the native may have lost a sibling or a parent at an early age, which meant they had to grow up quickly and accept death as a natural part of life. Otherwise something about their childhood left them in the dark and alone, so that they would need to find some pastime or quest to fill the Plutonic black hole. Their romantic lives can be eccentric and taboo in some way. If the Moon is in the 7th or 5th houses, they may have multiple marriages, same sex relationships, be very uninhibited or have some strange sexual fetish. Whatever their sexual preference, they will always be experimental and yes with a Pluto quincunx, kinky!

Moon/Pluto Hard Aspects

Moon Opposite Pluto

Timothy McVeigh was an American “Lone wolf” terrorist who exploded a truck bomb in Oklahoma City killing 168 and injuring 800. This was the biggest single act of terrorism in the USA prior to 9/11. Timothy was raised by his father, and suffered bullying as a child, but as an adult he would say that the US government was the ultimate bully. As a child he was a loner and had only ever had one girlfriend. His mother seems to be a mystery, which maybe why he found it hard to relate to women. In high school he hacked into government computers. Timothy joined the US army and was awarded a Bronze star during the gulf war. He said the army taught him how to switch off emotions and that they had implanted a microchip to keep tabs on him, classic Pluto conspiracy here. He grew increasingly frustrated when his efforts to find a girlfriend failed, finding solace in gambling. When he racked up a debt he couldn’t repay, he blamed it on the government. Tension in Timothy built up to the point that he started experimented with small bombs, which escalated into a full time terrorist career. He was executed in 2001 aged 31.

Also with Moon opposite Pluto: Arsenio Hall (09’): American late night TV Host. Janet Street-Porter (26’); Journalist and TV producer. John Lennon; His absent mother was run over and killed just after John reunited with her in his teen years. Later in life John was convinced the US government were spying on him. His fears may have been founded as there is speculation that he was murdered by the CIA. Johnny Carson; American Tonight TV Host, extremely shy and secretive off-camera. June Carter, Lisa-Marie Presley, Nina Simone, Martin Luther; German monk and protestant reformer. Prince, Ricky Martin, Neil Young, Cecil Beaton.

Moon Square Pluto

Elton John (04’) has amassed great wealth over a four-decade career and is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. He is famed for his lavish parties and diva behaviour, but he has also raised a huge amount of money with his AIDs foundation. His mother and grandmother mainly raised Elton, since his father was distant from his son, rarely at home and when he was there caused many distressing arguments. Fame obviously had its price for Elton, he kept his homosexuality a secret for years, battled a cocaine and alcohol addiction and later became bulimic. These days however Elton has found serenity with his long time partner David Furnish, is godfather to many celebrity babies and has been knighted.

Also with Moon square Pluto: John Edgar-Hoover, Bette Midler, Jim Morrison, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston, George Washington, Dolly Neimans, Maximilian I Holy Emperor, Titanic Hits Iceberg, Port Arthur Massacre, Keith Haring, Fred/Rose West Davison, Burton/Taylor Davison, Kenisha Berry, Morrissey, Liv Tyler.

Moon Quincunx Pluto

Dorothy Parker (04’) was an American poet, satirist and writer. She lost her mother at just five years old and hated both her father and stepmother, claiming her father was physically abusive and calling her stepmother “The housekeeper”. Parker was best known for her acerbic wit and wisecracks and was very much the dark, tortured Hades soul. She married three times, twice to the same man, had numerous affairs, but found love elusive. Heartbroken she attempted suicide numerous times, was depressive and became alcohol dependent. Parker’s acid tongue was loved and loathed, she was sacked from her post at Vanity Fair when her criticisms upset one too many of the elite. She became involved with left-wing politics in her later years, which led to her being placed on the Hollywood blacklist.

Also with Moon square Pluto: Terence Rattigan (01’), Larry King (07’), John Rechy (09’), Mirka Mora (15’), Alexander Graham Bell (13’), Gianni Versace (20’), Etienne Carjat (25’), Adolf Hitler, Alios Alzheimer, Burt Bacharach, Debbie Reynolds, George Grosz, John Merrick, Mae West, Rutger Hauer, Sarah Ferguson.

Moon/Pluto Aspects

Moon conjunct Pluto • Moon sextile Pluto
Moon square Pluto • Moon trine Pluto
Moon quincunx Pluto • Moon opposite Pluto


24 thoughts on “Moon Opposition/Square Pluto

  • November 9, 2015 at 8:34 am

    Thank you Mariana,

    I have the Hades Moon: Pluto in Virgo at 20 and Moon in Gemini at 22.

    My relationship with my mother was completely Plutonic. I never spoke to her again as of 1995. She passed away in 2005 and was seeking me out several years before her passing (according to my sister). I loved my mother, however could not connect with her… she could not accept me for who I am.

    There is much more going on for me as the Hades Moon aspect is only a portion of the Grand Square I live with… I suppose I am lucky that it is mutable :-).

    Gratitude for your great content and awesome insights.



  • November 9, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Well… gosh! I think you missed the beat for me with this one. I have Moon quincunx Pluto exact (0 15 Leo, 0 17 Cap) and that’s as far from a description of me as I think I’ve ever seen. I had an absolutely delightful childhood, never left alone – no unpleasantness of any kind. Both my parents lived well into old age. As for the sex bit – no, no, no, no! Lol(very vanilla tastes I’m afraid)!

    • November 9, 2015 at 11:15 am

      How strong is your moon? You can’t take this out of context. Are there other aspects the Moon that might mitigate Pluto? What houses are they in? Either of them angular? I’m wondering myself how relevant a quincunx is, the reason I include them is that I do see them function as part of a yod and maybe this is how this one would work. I think I might tome it down a bit as I think the effects are subtle.

    • November 9, 2015 at 12:11 pm

      Well, For Me Marina’s Interpretation Is Totally Accurate! My Chart Displays A Cardinal Grand Cross With Moon Yod With Quincunxes To Pluto And Uranus! Moon In Cap In The 12th House! Sounds Difficult Doesn’t It? It Is. Anyway, Marina, Your Take On This Is Accurate For Me. Love What You Write!

    • November 12, 2015 at 11:51 am

      Oops.O:! I made a mistake, I don’t know what I was thinking – my Moon quincunxes Mars, not Pluto; my Moon makes no aspects to Pluto at all. I did think it was odd as your interpretations are usually right on the money. Sorry about that; I am going though a bit of a major crisis at the moment and may not be functioning at a very high level.

      So sorry!

  • November 9, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    I have pluto square moon Pluto 12th (conj asc) and Moon 3rd. Pluto in my case trined Saturn in the 8th. I lost both my fathers in accidents. The second, my step father, was put into a coma through a medical misadventure and spent 10 years in a coma. My mother treated him as one of the family and my upbringing was very unusual. My mother never engaged with me positively. When we lost our first father I was sent to my grandmother who she intensely disliked, when we lost the second I became invisible Despite this she maintained: “I always knew you’d be the one who’d do something with your life.” Meaning that despite her put downs she still believed in me. I was, as you describe, the scape goat for her unresolved anger and fear. I am a highly creative person who has structured a life around writing, art and music.

  • November 10, 2015 at 9:44 am

    This stuck a chord with me. I have the quincunx Moon/Pluto within 3 degrees, Moon also square Neptune. Much of my life I was in denial about my childhood, thinking the relationship with my mum was normal. Its only recently that had insight to the reality of the effects that my mum’s overprotectiveness of me was, also other issues. I found out the roots of that only recently, in a way, I sensed and soaked up on mum’s shadows. Love has been difficult for me, also kinky (!) but my recently insight is helping me understand my own habitual (Moon) patterns of behaviour and their roots much more. I think my insight is helped by the current transit Uranus conjucting natal 4th house Chiron. It feels like much of my life has been trying to heal from a broken/lonely heart where I didn’t understand my roots, but as I now gain insight, I feel its giving me wisdom which I channel into my healing work.


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