Jupiter Conjunct Saturn ~ Where Eagles Dare


21 December 2020 was the long awaited and much hyped date of Jupiter conjunction Saturn. What makes this extra special is that Jupiter conjunction Saturn takes place on the exact day for the winter solstice. This marks the Suns very lowest, darkest point of the year. (UPDATE I added the quote from Shakespeare’s Richard III now in November since things have got so much bleaker in the world since I wrote this post in August.) 

“The world is grown so bad,
That wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch.” ~ Richard 3rd

The good news is that from the Winter solstice onwards, light begins to grow with the return of the Sun king! It’s not all doom and gloom after all. This solstice symbolism is even more poignant when we consider the meaning of this historical conjunction and the fact it takes place at point ZERO of Aquarius.

Jupiter expands while Saturn contracts. Jupiter is the so-called greater benefic while Saturn is the greater malefic. Here we find we are in a battle of good versus evil. Of course, we have seen that played out on the world stage in recent events with each one being more polarized than the last.

It started with Brexit V EU,  then Trump V Hillary, then black V white, and now the latest incarnation; mask-wearing or non-mask wearing. Of course, Jupiter plays the god of all gods, while Saturn is very clearly playing Satan! But this is a conjunction NOT an opposition, therefore ideally we should be blending the best of the two rather than continually polarizing each side.

Jupiter Conjunction Saturn at 0º Aquarius

My first instinct about this conjunction was that it had some kind of messianic quality. At best this should make for a very levelheaded leader.  However, we mustn’t forget that Saturn overpowers Jupiter while he is in Aquarius so this is not going to play out as the great Messiah that some might have been hoping for.

After my findings, I am seeing this as a far more tricky conjunction than it seemed at first sight. Not only that, but I found that the chart of the Anti-christ has both these planets in Aquarius (Though not in conjunction) according to Jeane Dixon.*  So I looked at how both Jupiter and Saturn faired in Aquarius decan 1 since the effects of this conjunction will be felt while they are travelling through this decan.

*Jeane Dixon came up with this date. February 5, 1962, 7:07 AM. An Aquarian stellium in the 12th house with Aquarius rising.

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Jupiter In Aquarius 1

JUPITER ON ALTAIR 2º ~ “Real or pretended religious zeal, hypocrisy, trouble through legal and church matters, and with relatives, disappointment over inheritance.” [1] “To have the courage of one’s convictions, success through bold action. A focus on the military” [4]

Jupiter in Aquarius decan 1 is not a conventional, materially successful placement. Instead, it goes off-piste in search of the wild, the wacky and the mysterious. This transit for some will have them diving headfirst into a conspiracy or two.Some of the subjects born with this placement are the prime subjects of some conspiracy theories as if to prove a point. 

The zealous edge to Jupiter in this decan can go off the rails if it doesn’t keep grounded and in touch with reality. I can see why some people might even get persecuted or even sectioned for having the unorthodox beliefs that come with this position. Leaders who come to power at this time have a messianic aura about them, but they will have a dangerous, rebellious streak too. Radical religious gurus come from this position with the scientific bent strong too. This is where science or technology can become a religion for some.

Jupiter In Aquarius Decan 1 Dates

Feb 7 to Nov 20 1902
Jan 22 to Mar 10 1914
Jan 6 to Feb 21 1926
Dec 20, 1937, to Feb 4 1938
Apr 13, 1949, to Jan 19 1950
Mar 15, 1961, to Jan 2 1962
Feb 23 to Dec 1973
Feb 7 to Nov 21 1985
Jan 22 to Mar 10 1997
Jan 6 to Feb 21 2009
Dec 20, 2020, to Feb 4 2021

Jupiter In Aquarius

Saturn In Aquarius 1

SATURN ON ALTAIR 2º ~ “Sorrow and disappointment, mental disturbance necessitating asylum or hospital treatment and probably death there, separation from family or parents, danger of accident involving inability to work or lifelong affliction.” [1] “Building and seeking honor in daily life. The spiritual and/or physical warrior striving to express themselves. The honouring of war heroes. [4]

Don’t balk at the fixed star write up for Aquarius decan 1! I know.. it all seems thoroughly miserable! However, my research found that it’s not all doom and gloom and there is certainly the potential to rise above this prognosis. Although this can be a melancholic and maddening transit it is also extremely heroic. The way to avoid ending up institutionalised then is by having a higher purpose. Fly as high as an Eagle, take the bird’s eye view and do not get bogged down by low-brow, earthly temptations and distractions. During this time one might have to seek solitude and peace so one can hear the sound of one’s higher self or god.

Acting honourably brings divine protection. At this time you will be drawn to service-to-others rather than service-to-self. Ignoring the call to spirituality and truth could lead to severe downfall. In my research I found a good few killers in this decan and even the Anti-Christ! However, Austin Coppock reminds us that Saturn is extremely potent since it is so strong by dignity here. Saturn rules supreme for better or for worse. Coppock says it comes “to know what it is to be on the outside, looking in. From their vantage outside, however, they come to understand how systems operate better than those entombed within them.”This Saturn/Aquarius detachment becomes a superpower then! However, with a strong malefic it is important to work carefully, like when handling a very toxic substance. It is a very effective repellant! Use this position to exterminate the rats and parasites in your life.

Saturn In Aquarius Decan 1 Dates

Jan 30, 1903, to Jan 26, 1904
Feb 24, 1932 to Nov 22, 1933
Jan 4, 1962, to Jan 10, 1963
Feb 7, 1991, to Feb 13, 1992
Mar 22 to July 1, 2020
Dec 17, 2020, to Dec 22, 2021

Saturn In Aquarius

Aquarius Decan 1 Meaning


Jupiter Conjunction Saturn ~ Conclusion


Jupiter Conjunction Saturn ~ Research


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