Venus conjunct Uranus ~ Scandalous!


Venus conjunct Uranus values freedom and honesty in relationships above all else. These folk can seem quite cool in their demeanour at first. However, when they want to, they switch on an extreme magnetism which draws people to them. These folk have an exciting aura and their rebellious traits make them the appealing renegade. It will be very difficult to get Venus conjunct Uranus to settle down in a conventional relationship because they crave pushing boundaries and constant change. This also makes them a delicious challenge for those who love the chase.

The paradox about Venus conjunct Uranus is that they will rarely change themselves or compromise for their partner. In relationships, it really is their way or the highway. Their supposed ‘honesty’ could be very brutal and they often lie by admission. Unconventional relationships are their thing whether it is an ‘open’ marriage or just with someone from a very different background. These folk love a controversial partner and will often pick someone really unsuitable just to annoy the hell out of their parents.

Unconventional Relationships

Venus conjunct Uranus loves to cause a stir with their love affairs and actually thrive on scandal. It makes the relationship so much more thrilling if there is shock value in it, and they really get off on the publicity. This conjunction has a narcissistic element to it in the sense that it gets narcissistic supply from both negative and positive reactions to their unions. Similar to Venus/Neptune there is a tendency for long-distance relationships because boy do these people need space!

Venus conjunct Uranus relish in the fact that each time they meet is like the first time after being apart. Sex is so much more passionate after a break (Uranus) and they are constantly thrilled by make-ups and break-ups.

Yes, these people can be extremely commitment-phobic also, the binding contract of marriage absolutely terrifies them. Another helpful factor for long-distance relationships in the modern age is the internet. Sex-ting and cybersex via Skype were made for Venus conjunct Uranus.

This aspect is innovative and visionary in the ways that it makes money or art. Venus conjunct Uranus are the whizz kid entrepreneurs who inspire others. These folk can generate a great following especially online. This is their perfect job as they have that all important distance from their audience yet still appear to be ‘there’.

The computer can be switched off just like that when Venus conjunct Uranus wants a quick exit. Sudden departures are something these folk are experts at, they can disappear in a flash if they get bored or you betray them.

If you have been ‘ghosted’ ever, that person was probably a Venus conjunct Uranus. Sometimes with men, this aspect is projected and they attract women who blow hot and cold or leave them in a flash without an explanation.

Venus Conjunct Uranus

Tim Burton is an American filmaker. “He is known for his dark, gothic, and eccentric horror and fantasy films such as Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)”  He was married once and then had two major long term relationships. His Uranian eccentricity comes out very strongly in his films.

All Burtons films definitely have his distinctive mark on them yet they are also very different and unique in their own right. “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”, “Batman”, “Planet of The Apes”and “Alice In Wonderland” are all very different films. Burton has managed to keep changing, to wow audiences and bring innovation to each new project.

Burton had an unusual living arrangement with partner actress Helena Bonham Carter with whom he has two children. They lived in two houses adjacent to one another and had a walkway constructed between the two.

“The couple’s decision to live in separate houses next door to each other has long raised eyebrows but the two insist their “relationship is enhanced by knowing we have our personal space to retreat to”. ~ The Telegraph. Burton obviously needed his space, but that still wasn’t enough, the couple are now separated.

VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS: Nicolas II Of Russia, Francisco Franco, Nicolae Ceausescu, Storming Of The Bastille (French Revolution), Fall Of The Berlin Wall, Maajid Nawaz, Nancy Pelosi, Rupert Sheldrake, Carlo Ponti, Tim Burton, Stephen Sondheim, Elizabeth Taylor, Rose McGowan, Warren Beatty, Claudia Cardinale, Candice Bergen, Elizabeth Montgomery, James Caan, Glenda Jackson, Johnny Cash, Sharleen Spiteri, Kim Carnes, Michelle Phillips, Eric Burdon, Donovan, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Osbourne, JoJo, Mina, Nicola Sirkis, Giuseppe Verdi, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anthony Burgess, Louis Pasteur, David Copperfield, Eddie Kidd, Christian Lacroix, Theo Van Gogh, William Joseph Turner, Oslo, Calgary, Hong Kong, David & Victoria Beckham Davison

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