New Moon 8 August 2021 ~ Wild At heart!


The New Moon August 2021 falls at 16º Leo Decan 2. The New Moon major aspects are Moon Square Uranus. It also features a magical Yod to Mercury and a fairytale but possibly deluded Venus opposite Neptune. All very inspirational though as we shall see! The New Moon Tarot card is the 5 of wands which is dramatic, competitive and boisterous. The healing crystal I chose is the Carnelian.

The New Moon August has ‘regal’ stamped all over it. The Moon in Leo decan 2 especially resonates with us playing a very Queenly, backstage, strategic role. This New Moon will make us warm hosts who take control of any social situation. We will make sure that all guests are looked after. The energy is great for organizing people and events so that the flames of enthusiasm and congeniality forge longstanding alliances.

New Moon Leo Decan 2

A good word to describe the energy of Moon in Leo Decan 2 is ‘Gracious’, though in some cases, it can be more like ‘Goodness Gracious!’ Indulgence can become a problem if we lay on excessive compliments, gifts and flattery to those with whom we want to court favour.

However, the New Moon in Decan 2 is excellent for supporting the arts and protects children. The protective influence of the great mother bear of Ursa Major is felt strongly in this decan, and this ramps up the mothering aspect of the New Moon energy.

What Will The New Moon August 2021 Mean For YOU?

The August 2021 New Moon in Leo will fall in the solar/horoscopic: 1st house for  LEO, 2nd house for CANCER,  3rd House for GEMINI,  4th house for TAURUS,  5th house for ARIES, 6th house for PISCES,  7th house for AQUARIUS,  8th house for CAPRICORN, 9th house for SAGITTARIUS, 10th house for SCORPIO , 11th house for LIBRA and 12th house for VIRGO

The Moon soothes down the roaring energy of Leo Decan 2 somewhat, but we might regard this decan as being ‘Mouthy’. Those touched by this New Moon energy will be particularly outspoken. This New Moon will make us fearless in our reasoning, so expect some heated and interesting debates during its effect.

Leo Moon Birthday Ideas

Jupiter rules this decan of Leo. Combining Zeus with the Lion King will create someone who relishes power and is very happy to give orders.

Those ignited by the Leo new moon then will be accused of being bossy. At the same time, these erm ‘authoritative’ people will be wonderful at organizing when most people can’t be bothered.

You can rely on this New Moon to cut the crap out of any chaos rather than just fussing about politely, not wanting to appear rude.

A Leo decan 2 New Moon does tough-love extraordinarily well but sometimes make enemies because of this. The roaring mouth of the lion combined with the super-nanny energy of Ceres will never sugarcoat.

New Moon Fixed Star ~ Dubhe

The New Moon aligns with Fixed star Dubhe, making it even more of a Mary Poppins/Supernanny type moon. Dubhe is the Alpha star in the constellation of the great bear Ursa Major. It is one of the two front stars of the Big Dipper, easily seen in the sky. Robson sees Dubhe as ‘destructive’ and says Merak can love ‘command and domination’.

1st-century Astrologer Manilus shows how these qualities work in a positive light, and I don’t believe the energy is always destructive. Rather it tames those that could be destructive. Here we find Leo’s guiding, leadership qualities since the bears are close to the celestial pole. Bernadette Brady says this about the Moon on Dubhe “To give one’s strength and support to another. Being drawn to a caregiving profession. Wanting to help others [1]

New moon square Uranus

The New Moon is square Uranus which is the conflict between personal freedom V overly authoritarian parents (Read governments.) There is a danger of over-mothering here and the Nanny state going into overdrive. For us personally, this Moon may activate childhood trauma and bring it to the surface for healing.

At the new Moon, we might make the connection between our upbringing and our political beliefs.  Are we rebelling against an authoritarian father when we seek a libertarian solution? Do we crave a political system that promises security if we grew up in a chaotic household with divorce and confusing stepfather/stepmother changes?

New Moon August 2021 Astrology

New Moon August 2021

My keyword for Moon square Uranus was ‘womb expulsion’, which sums up the disruption of the traditional cosy family unit. The most obvious interpretation of this aspect is abandonment from the mother so that the infant never feels it can count on being supported or comforted in the adult world. These subjects develop fierce independence from an early age. 

Recent events have left everyone in a state of confusion and uncertainty. Any cracks within a family unit have become even more apparent during the enforced bubbles that have deprived many of us the breathing space to let off steam.

New Moon Yod Aspect Pattern

At the New Moon, we have the opportunity to grab some freedom and run with it. We also have a Yod aspect pattern which points at Mercury. (Ignore the fact it’s on fixed star Marina! Someone bought it for me as a birthday gift, and its coordinates are 23º Leo.) 

A Yod comprised of Mercury quincunx both Neptune and Pluto make for a very magical and focused energy at this New Moon. Therefore, it is perfect for sowing some intention seeds relating to independence and taking full responsibility for your life. Venus opposite Neptune alerts us to tendencies of using love as a drug. Love affairs can distract from genuinely working on generating magic from within rather than magic from without.

New Moon August 2021 Summary

Leo generally is a very romantic sign; it resonates with the 5th house. If we are single and looking for love, we might use our creative talents to draw in our soulmate? We could assemble a collage mood board of all the places we love to see ourselves with this future lover.

I know this sounds all very “law of attraction”, but anything that looks positive and uplifting with passionate, romantic colours will infuse that vibration within you every time you look at it. Like attract like! This Uranian flavoured Leo Moon is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your creativity.

The healing crystal I chose is the Carnelian because of the carnivorous Bear energy of the star of this new moon. The Lion looks beautiful but it can be a man-eater. So fight like with like! Carnelian gives us the courage to face scary big-cats in all areas of our lives. Its orange/red colour combines the joy of Orange with the fierce vitality of Red. This crystal protects you against envy from others and abuse. Carnelian also helps pull you out of the rut if you feel stuck.

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