New Moon August 2023 ~ Trailblazer


The New Moon 16 August 2023 is at 23º Leo Decan 3. Aspect: conjunct Lilith square Uranus. Fixed Star: Pherkad in the right foot of Ursa Minor the Little Bear. Tarot Card: 7 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Tiger’s Eye.

new Moon In Leo decan 3

Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Eva Peron, Mohandas Gandhi, Benjamin Disraeli, Prince Phillip, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…… These folk all have their moon in Leo decan 3! The leadership qualities of this Leo new moon then are plain to see. These natives (Love them or hate them) make formidable commanders in times of war when life or death decisions need to be made quickly. The Moon adds a nurturing touch, but we still get tough-love.

That means the collective will have to risk making short-term, austerity measures for the sake of long-term prosperity. Moon Leo 3 is not the type of energy to sugar-coat for the sake of popularity. In a sign that seems so ego-driven, it is surprising perhaps that some of those examples were more about helping others than themselves. It depends on how evolved we are with handling these intense medicine (The venom), at a lower vibe this Leo new moon can bring out a ruthless drive and tyrannical tendencies.

This is a tough and belligerent placement, but even if any leaders rub the people up the wrong way, they may still be admired for their great courage. Trailblazers will come to the fore and will do whatever it takes to protect their people. The roaring lioness who protects her cubs is the most obvious symbol of Leo decan 3 (Regulus used to live here, but it has since migrated to Virgo decan 1.)

So yes at the mundane level, this is the great patriot willing to die for their country. It is certainly best to keep this sort of energy as a friend and not an enemy! Loyalty is this New moon’s number one demand, so woe betide you if you betray them. At worst, those touched by this new moon will suffer greatly if they stoop to revenge, and they won’t care who else they bring down with them. So watch out for public figures who are cornered when their treasonous activities come out, they will throw everyone around them under the bus!

New Moon Leo Decan 3 Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the seven of wands. This is a card of giving it your all and of competitiveness. The keywords certainly fit well with Mars ruled Leo decan 3. “Rivalry, Competition, Territory, Maintaining Power/Control, Staying at The Top, Resolve, Leader, Power, Control, Principles, Taking The Higher Ground, Holding Your Own, Strong Personality, Assertive, Being Certain/Convinced, Being Forceful… Defensive/Aggressive, Under Attack, Fighting…” Interestingly even gossip is in there which can be a theme here with the poison that flies out of Alfard’s neck.

Karmically this can be a lifetime when “when you must stand up for yourself and not let others take advantage of you….” those who are more confident will have “bright burning ambition. It suggests that you are going after what you want and are prepared to fight your way to the top. Your personality is strong and forthright and you are very confident in your approach. Your convictions are strong too and you believe passionately in what you are doing. Make sure to pace yourself. You do not want to burn out before you reach the finish line.” ~ Teachmetarot

Tarot card image by Marina

New Moon Fixed Star

Pherkad is found in the Little Bear Ursa Minor. The constellation gives “indifference and improvidence of spirit, and to lead to many troubles.” Though ancient navigators looked upon this star as a guardian and guide since it is situated so close to the poles.

New Moon August 2023 Astrology

New Moon august 2023

New Moon Aspects


New Moon Conjunct Black Moon Lilith

Moon conjunction Lilith might have a similar meaning to Rahu in Vedic astrology because it creates a craving and obsession. I found some interesting non-astrological articles related to the Apogee and Perigee ( Moon opposite True Lilith ). Lunarium say that these two positions have a definite affect on weather and nature. A few titbits from their article “Apogee is curious, and behaves like perigee, bringing either mayhem or complete calm.” [1] and “The only plant to react positively to being planted at apogee is the potato.“[2] Maybe because it is a nightshade?

Moon square Uranus

Moon opposite Uranus can be volatile and moody. However, its electrical sparks inspire innovation and genius. This is an ideal time to let the sky-god channel through you. You might be surprised at your inventions as the moon rules the imagination. Your ideas might seem ‘Far out’, and they will be challenged. However, in time they will be accepted, so don’t give up! You might feel rejected by the common people, but it’s the outliers that usually have the most original and unusual ideas. So dare to be different and reap the rewards in the future.

Mars Trine Uranus

Mars trine Uranus generates great excitement and originality. Expect innovations and inventions that blow-your-mind. Unorthodox sexual behaviour could grab the headlines. In the 60’s, arty ‘happenings’ would resonate with this energy and there would be something political about the event, it’s not about hedonism. Mars is activism and Uranus finds unusual and unforgettable ways to express it.

New Moon August 2023 summary

You will get things done in a hurry if you are touched by this new moon. It’s very inspiring if you need a unique solution to a project. This new moon gives great leadership abilities also. This is a real trailblazer, and the perfect moment for a rousing leader to take action with a genuinely innovative approach. Mars trine Uranus really is a breath of fresh air.

Use this new moon to seize control of your life and speak truth to power. The energy of change is on your side. It’s time to zap those old dinosaurs with your Uranian laser, shake things up and move out of stagnation. As the tarot card says though, make sure you pace yourself and don’t get burnt out before the important work starts.

New Moon healing Crystal

The Tiger’s Eye promotes peace and beauty. I chose it because this stone because it helps Leo shine as well as toning down Leo’s more egoistic qualities. As well as providing nourishment for the soul, Tiger’s eye connects with the spiritual power of the sun. Tiger’s Eye enables you to remember dreams. So it is useful for spiritual advancement, imagination and intuition. Its eye shape is said to open up psychic ability.

Tiger’s Eye is useful for resolving internal conflicts caused by jealousy, pride and wilfulness. It teaches integrity and the right use of power. Raising awareness of one’s needs is a great way to move beyond mere ‘wants’. But the best use of Tigers Eye is for the extra perception brought through the eye! It gives you the ability to sense the needs of others. 

The tiger’s eye is excellent for healing self-criticism and self-worth issues. By unblocking creativity, one can recognize one’s talent and ability, as well as one’s faults that need to be overcome. Addicts will benefit greatly from the stone, increasing their personal will to change their physical body.

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