Sun Sextile/Trine Mars ~ To Boldly Go


Sun sextile Mars or Sun trine Mars makes for daring, courageous and impulsive creatures. All Sun/Mars aspects will have this bravado, but at least with these softer aspects, there is less of the tendency to really get burnt when playing with fire. The soft aspects and especially the trine offer some protection when they take part in high-risk activities.

Sun/Mars soft aspects will have great passion and go-getting approach to life. They don’t need or enjoy taking someone else’s instructions, nor do they have to rely on the approval of others. Therefore self-motivation is very high and they are first off the mark.

Although the sextile is an harmonious aspect, it is quite a sizzler when connecting two fiery planets such as these. It seems to sprinkle some cheeky charm over the connection, bringing out the more child like, naive aspect of Mars. Sun likes to be “the one”, Mars needs independence, and the sextile likes excitement.

So with Sun sextile Mars there is a tendency to hold their own identity in relationships, only committing if they really have to. Impatient and excitable they enjoy the adrenalin rush of speed. They loath boredom and combined with a high libido often have spicy love lives as a consequence.

To Boldly Go..

The main problem with Sun sextile or trine Mars is sticking to their many projects. Stamina and tenaciousness is not a strength of this combination. A partnership is needed to keep these folks still enough to see a plan right through to its completion.

Sun/Mars energy is super-high however so they will put 120% effort into their goals until the point they become bored. It is important that there always be some challenges left. Winning is really important, and Sun/Mars soft aspects adore the thrill of the chase. Their high energy levels ensure they are successful in their field, but their health can suffer as a result of pushing themselves too far.

If you want to get as much juice as possible from these folk be sure to dangle the reward carrot tantalizingly out of reach. You could do this for years and Sun/Mars will continue the chase. They are very competitive too, so introduce a few rivals and watch them puff up in preparation for the mother of all battles.

Sun sextile Mars has a very high sex appeal due to the Venusian quality of the sextile, while Sun trine Mars pumps up their physical prowess and warrior traits. Both soft aspects will be very physical and self-motivated. Physical exercise and/or sex is needed to channel the aggressive Martian force, otherwise, even the soft aspects can become irritable and aggressive.

With the soft aspects, the anger can turn inward and cause depression. It is vital therefore that these natives are kept busy so that the constructive force doesn’t become self-destructive. This energy makes great political leaders or activists.

These folk the not the best team players as their impatience means they are constantly stepping out of line. However, they do excel in leading the charge. Sun/Mars soft aspects’ ambition is high and they are not ones to stand on the sidelines for long. These natives are at their best when fighting for a cause or competing for the top spot in whatever field they specialize in.

Sun Mars Soft Aspects

Sun Sextile Mars

George Lucas was the creator of Star (Sun) Wars (Mars) which neatly encapsulated the theme of this aspect. The Sun shows our hero’s journey in the horoscope while Mars will indicate some of the testing battles that we face on our path to enlightenment, so can certainly see these themes show up in Lucas’s work.

Lucas also co-created the Indiana Jones films which were also very physical, all-action, Mars type films with many stunts and an ultimate solar goal in mind. Lucas as a boy had a passion for fast cars and originally wanted to be a racing driver. A near-fatal car accident he had as a teen put an end to that ambition and instead he channeled the dare-devil Mars energy into his films.

Jane Fonda (34′) sex symbol, feminist, activist and exercise video Queen. Jane has caused a stir most of her life and is still buzzing well into her mature years. Michael J. Fox (25′) Pint sized with pure charisma, his witty demeanor continues to charm the public. And he soldiers on in his career despite his battle with Parkinson disease.

Benny Hill (58′) famed for his cheeky slapstick humor. Known for being a loner, he also never married despite his clear admiration for scantily clad women. These were most famously featured in a “running gag” showing various Hill characters running around manically and filmed using stop motion techniques for comic effect.

Giacomo Puccini (45′) composer of bold and dramatic operas, such as “Madame Butterfly” A tragic love story ending in suicide. Puccini’s passion for  fast cars nearly lost him his life in a serious accident. His love life often as scandalous as his operas, his wife accused their maid of adultery. The maid then killed herself. 

Ambitious orphan turned fashion designer Coco Chanel (50′) had affairs with powerful and famous men but remained single.  When asked why she did not marry the Duke of Westminster:” There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel.”  Other fire crackers are sparkly voiced Luciano Pavarotti (01′) and conversely raspy voiced Kim Carnes (34′).

More Sun sextile Mars natives: Benjamin Netanyahu, Roman Polanski, Joseph Mankiewicz, Arsene Wenger, Princess Margaret, Gerald Ford, Charlie Sheen, Julia Roberts, Erin Brockovich, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, Brigitte Nielson, Ingrid Bergman, Colin Farrell,  Gordon Ramsey, Johnny Rotten, Boy George, Shania Twain, Sylvester, Louis Armstrong, Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Gary Barlow, Michael Palin, Bob Monkhouse, Bernard Manning, Franz Schubert, Giacomo Puccini, Johannes Brahms, Amedeo Modigliani, Helmut Newton, Auguste Rodin, Rudolf Steiner, Barry Sheene. Vicious/Spungen Davison.

Sun Trine Mars

sun trine mars

Forgive me for using yet another Hollywood sci-fi example, but William Shatner was just too good to ignore. Star (Sun) Trek (Mars), yes there it is again! The trine just screams adventure. Space.. the final frontier… Who could be more Sun trine Mars than the captain of the starship enterprise?

To be in control of a ship that could travel faster than the speed of light. “To boldly go where no man has gone before…” William was so suited to the role of Captain T Kirk that he found it very hard to find roles as anyone else after the series was canceled. During the 70’s Shatner even lost his home and lived in a camper truck for a while.

Star Trek eventually developed a cult following and Kirk became a cultural icon. Shatner then found work appearing at the many Star Trek conventions and eventually was given the T.V role of policeman T.J Hooker. In the 80’s Shatner resurrected himself as James T Kirk for the StarTrek film series and has thrived ever since. He is now 84 and has been married 4 times.

More Sun trine Mars natives: Abraham Lincoln, Tom Hanks, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Moore, Kurt Cobain, Bill Cosby, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, David Gilmore, Andrea Boccelli, Jennifer Lopez, Jayne Mansfield, Anita Pallenberg, Elle McPherson, Joan Jett, Benicio Del Torro, Giovanni Falcone, Denis Nilsen, Thomas More, Madame De Pompadour, Sasha Baron-Cohen, Angela Davis, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Johann Sebastien Bach, Franz Anton Mesmer, Charles Darwin, Ceres Discovery, Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne, Roberto Baggio.

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