Sun Square/Opposite Neptune ~ Over Exposure

DECEMBER 9 ~ Sun square Neptune at 18º Pisces

Sun square or opposition Neptune will give the drive for solar recognition, but at the same time an extreme sensitivity to the exposure that goes with it. They can become successful because of their incredible imagination, charisma and ability to tap into the collective unconsciousness. At the same they are very prone to projection. The public or their lovers are inclined to turn them into their ultimate fantasy figures, which native feels they cannot possibly live up.

Afraid of not measuring up to the god or goddess role projected onto them, Sun square or opposition may turn to drug and alcohol abuse. This dissolves their already fragile ego even further. There are problems (with Sun square Neptune individuals in particular) believing their own publicity. The Neptune square can signify some form of physical handicap or give a tendency to hypochondria

Sun opposite Neptune creates a dynamic and creative push-pull which drives them to achieve imaginative excellence. They have an ethereal, other-worldly aura which effortlessly attracts people to them. The audience tends to project their own dreams onto the Sun opposite Neptune native, which they wear to perfection.

These folk make good clothes-horses for partners to wrap their fantasies around. On the more negative side Sun opposition Neptune become prime candidates for projection, often attracting wounded and troubled partners who seek in them salvation. Both Sun square and opposition Neptune have supremely idealistic expectations in their love life, constantly searching for that perfect Soulmate to make them feel whole.

Sun/Neptune ~ Hard Aspects

Sun Square Neptune

Sun square NeptuneKevin Costner. Despite his mega-success and heroic roles, in his youth Kevin was a shy loner. This was mainly because of his short stature, he went from 5ft 2 to 6ft 2 in college. He is still not comfortable with stardom, saying “I don’t know why so much attention is paid to me or why so much money comes our way.” 

Brian Wilson was the tortured genius of The Beach Boys, remembered for his ethereal music. He suffered with deafness in one ear, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction. Rock Hudson’s Neptunian deception was played out by concealing his homosexuality behind a macho matinee idol image. He cracked jokes about sissies and fairies. Rock was sometimes very generous, sometimes heartless and was known to have a

drink problem also. Marie Antoinette was famous for living a her bourgeois fantasy life and accused of being completely out of touch with her starving subjects.  Poetic writer James Joyce had a talent for all things Neptunian, he once studied medicine and had a beautiful tenor voice. Suffering poor eyesight all his life, he underwent about 25 eye operations. James was a hypochondriac and feared going to the doctor about his stomach problems in case he was told it was cancer.

Other Sun square Neptune natives: Carl Jung, Galileo Galilei, Angela Merkel, Frederic Chopin, Franz Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Paul McCartney, John Milton, George Gurdjieff, Steven Forrest, Manly P Hall, W. C Fields, Rudyard Kipling, Jane Austen, Matthew Perry, Joan Crawford, Anjelica Huston, Frank Zappa, Harvey Milk.

Sun Opposite Neptune

Elizabeth Taylor (41′) was the perfect Neptunian beauty with her spellbinding look and unique violet eyes. She has fallen hopelessly in love with 8 husbands, all of them dramatic and romantic relationships. They include two abusive alcoholics and one husband who sadly died in a plane crash.

Her most famous marriage was her star-crossed match with fellow screen idol Richard Burton. Elizabeth has had more than her fair share of medical problems but continued to radiate star quality right until her death.

Alison Goldfrapp; Multi-media popstar and walking work of art. Alison draws inspiration from surrealism and nature. She said that  “music is a visual experience” and she visualises her lyrics before writing them. Animals are used to convey human emotions in her lyrics and feature heavily in her promo videos. Famed for her unique fashion sense and inspired by paganism, Alison has been known to wear a horses tail on stage.

TinySheena Easton made her big dreams come true winning a BBC “Making of a Pop star” contest which Sun opposition Neptunecatapulted her to instant Hollywood stardom. Sheena has since sung a Bond theme and duetted with Prince, a far cry from her working-class Scots roots. Married 4 times, Sheena says she is “always in love” in her relationships.

Carol Channing Strange elastic-faced actress with a kooky image, had 3 marriages including one celibate one due to her husband’s impotence. Neptune can be love not consummated. Poppy King built a multi-million-pound cosmetics company by the age of 21. The “Lipstick Queen” owned one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Australia, but it has since gone into Neptune liquidation…

Other Sun opposition Neptune natives: Naomi Campell, Chris Evans, Johnny Cash, Agnetha Faltskog, Al Gore, Duffy, Otto Dix, Jack Lemmon, Leslie Nielsen, Mario Lanza, Noel Coward.

Sun/Neptune Aspects

Sun conjunct/quincunx Neptune • Sun sextile/trine Neptune •  Sun square/opposite Neptune


4 thoughts on “Sun Square/Opposite Neptune ~ Over Exposure”

  1. Sun in the 8th in Pisces square Neptune in Sag in the 4th. I have a cat-mouse thing with the public – I secretly feel I have something that makes me recognizable, someone who sticks out but then when attention is on me I feel modest and reserved. When given public recognition, I always respond with some kind of aw shucks humility. I have a hard time owning reflections of interest/intrigue/appreciation from the public. I’d just rather the moment pass as soon as possible. I am accustomed to drinking in social situations and sometimes let the alcoholic haze take over and run the show. I am a performer and have a public role in several areas of my life.

  2. i have this aspect too, the good part is that is in compatible signs, sun virgo, neptun capricorn…the problem comes when neptun in 5-th want to express, create..but the sun 3th is saying all the time…you could beter, yo`ll never gone be perfect, so why would you try?
    i like starts, (moon in aries)..but when it comes for finnish i got bored and without mnotivation. i like to dream to a lot of things, even strange for this world, sometimes i feel i can know people just listening the silence around them, but often i don`t like what i feel. when i speak too long eyes-to-eyes to a person i feel too involved. i am looking for more self-aware, but i know this world has so much Good as Evil, and this is the only way for our existence.


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