Sagittarius Horoscope 2016


Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 ~ Excerpt

2016 Keywords: Strength Of Character. Glittering Prizes. Crystallising Dreams. Trimming Waistlines. Expanding Social Networks.

” Sagittarius, if you have being paying attention, you might have realised that headmaster Saturn has entered your sign. It will pitch its black but sturdy tent there for a couple of years. You might also have noticed I have been quite rude about the old fellow. But hey this is just the beginning for you guys and I happen to think that Saturn in your sign can actually be very productive. Saturn in your personal zone is also great for getting serious, being very careful and taking things slow and steady.

It will also give your much more stamina than you thought you ever had. Saturn tends to be far less grim in cheerful Sagittarius than intense Scorpio. In fact it could actually help people take you more seriously if you are sometimes seen as a bit of a joke. I jest, because I know you can take it! On a 3D level, Saturn in your sign can actually help you lose weight which, I know some of you Sags with girth expansion problems will appreciate. Saturn is also really great for weeding out a lot of junk from your life.

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Sagittarius 2016

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