Sun Square/Opposite Mars ~ Crime Of Passion


Sun square Mars or Sun opposition Mars have personalities that you never forget, but not always for the most dignified reasons. Nevertheless these lusty, impulsive, individualists are championed all the same, usually from much less daring people who can’t help but admire their bravado.

It seems to be (according to my research) that the square aspect can achieve far more than the opposition for some reason. This may be because the ego of the Sun facing the fighting Mars head-on is too instant in its confrontation. These hot planets need time to cool down a notch before battle. The sideways, 90º energy is a little more strategic.

Sun square opposition Mars transit

Sun square or opposition Mars in the sky triggers lust and bravado. This is a fabulous day for summoning up the courage to realise your ambitions if you are usually a timid soul. However the hard aspect can be brutal in the wrong hands and lack tenderness. This is a combative energy and not a team player. Use this day for working by yourself and if you need to complete a task in a hurry. In love this can be passionate but sexually jealous. Beware the vengeful stalking ex!

Sun square Mars in particular, has courage and ambition in spades. These folks are front line, pioneers with bags of energy to push their dreams to fruition. The only problem is having the patience or stamina to finish a project. They need to get things done quickly, before they get bored…

Courage is a good word for Sun/Mars in general, because ‘Cor’ means heart (Sun rules heart) and well ‘rage’ is rage (Mars). Courage literally means to put ones whole heart into something. These folks certainly jump into things head first, and in some cases have many bumps and scars on their head to prove it.

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Image reference: Samantha Green on Unsplash