Sun Square/Opposition Mars ~ Core Rage

Sun square or opposition Mars have personalities that you never forget, but not always for the most dignified reasons. Nevertheless these lusty, impulsive, individualists are championed all the same, usually from much less daring people who can’t help but admire their bravado. It seems to be (according to my research) that the square aspect can achieve far more than the opposition for some reason. This may be because the ego of the Sun facing the fighting Mars head-on is too instant in its confrontation. These hot planets need time to cool down a notch before battle. The sideways, 90º energy is a little more strategic.

Sun square Mars in particular, has courage and ambition in spades. These folks are front line, pioneers with bags of energy to push their dreams to fruition. The only problem is having the patience or stamina to finish a project. They need to get things done quickly, before they get bored… Courage is a good word for Sun/Mars in general, because ‘Cor’ means heart (Sun rules heart) and well ‘rage’ is rage (Mars). Courage literally means to put ones whole heart into something. These folks certainly jump into things head first, and in some cases have many bumps and scars on their head to prove it.

Sun opposition Mars is often so at war with itself, that they can get caught in a never-ending spiral of self-sabotage and accidents. Not surprising then, that the list of notable people with this aspect is very low! However, some do manage to slay their own demons and eventually they learn to co-operate with others. Sun opposition Mars can become successful in the end, but often after a period of struggle. Some Sun opposite Mars people become famous, precisely because of conflict/violence/accidents, or their depiction of it.

It is best the natives learn to work for themselves, as they are not good team players at all. In fact they might even be quite dangerous to work with due to their combative style. Sun opposite Mars can be so competitive that it takes really stupid risks just to get past their rivals. This aspect can be rather egoistical and inconsiderate. At it’s worst, Sun opposite Mars’s hazardous behaviour, which puts others in peril is never forgotten. Friends are lost easily and bridges are most often burnt beyond repair.

In health astrology, Sun/Mars hard aspects are so symbolic of heart attacks, but this does not mean anyone who has this aspect will suffer from one! I say this because the impassioned Sun/Mars traits could aggravate an already diagnosed heart condition if not kept in check. Therefore these folk need to learn how to contain the reckless, daredevil side of this aspect. Martial arts training would be perfect. Another manifestation of of Sun/Mars is the crime of passion. With the hard aspects there is a very fine line between sex and war. But if ones heart (Sun) is broken, then sexual jealousy knows no bounds. Strangely both my chosen examples Al Capone and Oscar Pistorius committed murder on St Valentine’s day.

Sun/Mars ~ Hard Aspects

Mars Opposition Mars

Sun square opposition marsAl Capone was a notorious Italian/American gangster and bootlegger during the prohibition era in Chicago. Crime and having blood on ones hands is the most negative manifestation of Sun opposite Mars. Capone was said to have a large personality and revelled in attention. He saw himself as a modern day Robin Hood and did indeed give to many local charities which made him popular in his neighbourhood. His image was forever tarnished however after the very public and bloody St Valentines massacre of his rivals. Influential fellow citizens brought this bad behaviour to the attention of the authorities, after which Al Capone was branded ‘Public Enemy No 1’. Sun opposition Mars was evident even in childhood. Al, despite being a clever student, hated the discipline of Catholic school and was expelled for hitting a teacher in the face. The pattern of violence continued as he matured and Capone joined some small time gangs as a teen. Later he became a bouncer for organised crime venues and brothels. At 19 Capone was slashed in the face by the brother of a woman he insulted. This wound earned him the nickname ‘Scarface’. Capone was a crime boss for 7 years and expanded his bootlegging business by increasingly violent means until he was put in jail aged 33. Al Capone died of a heart attack aged 48.

More Sun Opposition Mars. Richard III of England, Al Capone, Harold Shipman, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frida Kahlo, Eckhart Tolle, David Icke, Vivian Robson, Judy Garland, Eva Cassidy, Prince William/Kate Davison.

Sun Square Mars

Sun Square opposition MarsOscar Pistorius is a South African sprint runner and para-olympic champion. He was convicted of murdering his girlfriend on St Valentine’s day. At age 11 he had both his legs amputated (Mars rules surgery) below the knee. Pistorius became the first ever amputee to win an able-bodied track record. He is sometimes referred to as ‘Blade Runner’ due to the blade like, J-shaped prosthetics he wears to run. Pistorius claims he mistakenly shot his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder. “Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide and one firearm-related charge, of reckless endangerment related to discharging a firearm in a restaurant.” [1]

More Sun Square Mars. Nikola Tesla, Edward 8th Of UK, Francesco Franco, Jacques Chirac, Harry S Truman, Oscar Pistorius, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, Grace Jones, Bob Dylan, David Soul, Adam Ant, Sidney Poitier, Maria Von Trapp, Robin & Maurice Gibb, Tim Curry, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Donald Sutherland, Ewan McGregor, Hayley Mills, Reese Witherspoon, Eddie Murphy, Joan Rivers, Rory Bremner, Don Johnson, Teri Hatcher, Vanessa Redgrave, Natasha Richardson, Patrick Swayze, Kelly Brook, Lucile Ball, Henry Mancini, Pattie Boyd, Niki de Saint Phalle, Derek Jarman, Agatha Christie, Vladimir Nabokov, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Milton, Louis Braille, Peter Tatchell, O’Neal/Fawcett Davison, Carter/Cash Davison.


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