Sun Square/Opposition Saturn ~ Doctor Who?

Sun square or opposition Saturn is commonly associated with cold, strict fathers, having an inferiority complex, being fearful of authority and feeling very uncomfortable under the solar spotlight. It can be all those things but I want to look at this so called ‘malefic’ aspect in another way. Saturn is only a ‘bad thing’ because Patriarchy tends to be experienced as oppression rather than support. Those of us who feel we have no sovereignty will find ourselves enslaved by Saturnian traits of authority, fear mongering and control. Therefore we will project these attributes onto how we experience Saturn in our natal chart or by transit.

There are many factors that determine whether you will see Saturn as Satan himself or whether you will see him as a wise old druid and a rock to lean on. If Saturn is in a day chart, well dignified or on a fantastic star, then even these hard aspects will not necessarily make Saturn malefic forever. What the aspect will show is the nature of the struggle that has to take place in order for you to re-claim your Saturn and become your own authority.

My favourite key words for Saturn are timelord, self-disciplined, self-sufficient, will-power, wise elder, old soul. The hard aspects in synastry may be some kind of karmic contract, which you will need to make an effort to undo if it is a negative relationship. The square is a Martian aspect, so combined with Sun/Saturn, makes it a real powerhouse. Sun square Saturn then can be the aspect of over-achievement as these subjects feel the need to really prove themselves to the world.

The ‘Doctor’

This workhorse attitude may come from having the example of a very dutiful, hardworking father. Conversely the father may have been the total opposite, weak, passive-aggressive or quite cold and cruel. Whatever the case there is often some kind of childhood adversity to overcome, which makes the subject stronger as they age.

Sun square Saturn sometimes defy age, having a very mature attitude as a child, but then grow progressively more youthful and playful as senior citizens. Sometimes this is because they have earned an early retirement due to working so hard in their youth.

The opposition is a Saturnian aspect so this double Saturn influence may make this combination a lot more serious than other Sun/Saturn combinations. Celebrity examples were rather thin on the ground with this one, in fact most of them are rather more infamous than famous.

 These folk can work themselves into the ground or become quite extreme in any thing they become obsessed with. They may project the Saturn side onto an authority figure, which they dedicate their lives to bringing down. There is something quite political about this opposition due to both the Sun and Saturn being patriarchal or monarchic. Maybe there is a battle here with owning ones sovereignty.

When Sun opposition Saturn becomes self-governing, they will then feel it is their duty to help others do the same. Self-discipline is very strong here, but if this aspect warps it warps big. Harold Shipman is a good example of the warping. This “trusted” doctor took the lives of at least 250 of his patients. He recorded that they died of “old age” after he give them a lethal injection of diamorphine. Morphine is very much a Saturnian drug.

Sun/Saturn ~ Hard Aspects

Sun Square Saturn

Peggy Lee (01’) is a great example of the durability of this aspect. Peggy started off as a Jazz and Pop Singer, then evolved into a songwriter composer and actress. Peggy lost her mother aged just 4 and was brought up by an alcoholic father and cruel stepmother. Singing provided an escape from her abusive home life.

Peggy took many part-time jobs, one in a restaurant, which paid her in food and she earned cash for appearances on a local radio show. She was finally able to support herself and leave home for the promise of fame and fortune in Los Angeles at just 17. She found success early so her career ended up spanned 60 years. Peggy is famous for her trademark husky purr and her cover version of the song “Fever”. She wrote and performed many of the songs in the Disney film “Lady & The Tramp” most famously “He’s A Tramp”.

Oprah Winfrey (03’), Antonio Salieri (05’), Robert Graves (07’) Azaria Chamberlain (09’), Suzi Quatro (18’), Emma Watson (23’), George Harrison (27’), Salvador Dali (28’), Eva Braun, John Dee, Alan Whicker, Carol King, Alexander Fleming, Erich Fromm, Divine, Benny Hill, Jane Fonda, Charles Manson, Natasha Richardson, Jimmy Hoffa, Helmut Kohl, Evelyn Waugh, Bilawal Bhutto, USA chart, Hanks/Wilson Davison, O’Neal/Fawcett Davison.

Sun Opposition Saturn

Saun opposite saturnNicolas Culpeper was a 17th century physician, astrologer, botanist and herbalist. Back then, astrology and medicine had a much closer relationship. His book “Astrological Judgement of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick” (1655) is the best record of medical astrology in Europe and is incredibly detailed. If he was alive today he would certainly be an activist against big pharma, as he was very much a natural healer even by the 17th century standards.

In true Saturn fashion he married well so was able to treat people for free. He used local herbs from the nearby countryside and, unlike most of his contemporaries, wanted to see his patients in person rather than simply diagnosing from their urine.

Culpepper was extremely devoted to his practise and would often see 40 patients in one morning. He worked quickly and expertly due to his great experience and vast field knowledge of herbs combined with astrology.

Culpeper was probably one of the first to publish what we would today call a ‘self-help book’. These books were deliberately written in English rather than Latin and aimed at the poor so they could treat themselves using herbs. He died aged just 37 of Tuberculosis, (Probably burnt himself out!) but packed so much wisdom and influence into his short life.

Shakira (18’), John Phillips (30’), Carlos Kleiber, Harold Shipman, Anthony Shaffer, Derek Longmuir, Hans Christian Anderson, Keith Richards, Louis Lord Mountbatten, Mark Chapman.

Sun/Saturn Aspects

 Sun sextile/trine Saturn Sun square/opposite Saturn

10 thoughts on “Sun Square/Opposition Saturn ~ Doctor Who?

  1. Chris Watts confesses to his Dad that he killed his daughters. Taurus/sun conq. NN opp Saturn/scorpio. One can imagine the simmering volcanic temper at his sun not being able to exist.

    Marina I know how sensitive y are …hoping for some deconstruction like w/ Madeleine Mccann. If Chris had waited 10 years he might of turned into an OK person ….obviously at the time he wasn’t. In Fact I read special forces guy, soldier of fortune aka killer, sniper, mars/gemini…killing w/ his hands…sextile Aries moon& venus. They both had Aries/moons hence the money issues. But she was a sales person & w/ sagittarius planets; a conscientious mom. Her & kids beauty hurts, the older 1 so smart.

  2. The BBC did a survey asking 100 top orchestra conductors: who was the greatest conductor of ALL TIME? Their answer: Carlos Kleiber. Klieber actually conducted very little, and turned down some very choice appointments. He lived on a mountain and only came out to conduct when he was out of food. He grew up in the shadow of his father, who was also an eminent conductor. His recording of Brahms 4th Symphony is widely regarded as the finest rendition of that work, and is quite possibly the most gorgeous classical recording ever made. He was obsessive in his preparations, but was not a tyrant on the podium like many great conductors are. He would leave nice notes on peoples’ stands asking them to maybe play such-and-such part a little stronger, or something. He was born July 3, 1930, and would be a great addition to your list of famous people with sun opposite saturn!

    1. Thanks for that. Yes that fits perfectly. I love the fact he lived on a mountain! I will ad him.

  3. Curious about your thoughts on Sun conjunct Saturn 1 degree orb on fixed star Nashira?

  4. you mean “winona” had a small role in black swan… natalie played the lead!

    I’ve read things about how the Sun is dualistic in itself and contains its own shadow… but is the shadow actually Saturn? or do you see them as 2 separate archetypes?

    how about this anagram? HERO = HOER

    at first I didn’t think hoes and sickles were the same thing but turns out there do exist such thing as sickle-hoes. maybe that’s common sense but I am an urbanite, not a gardener!!!

  5. I assume this can also be a natal aspect, I have this aspect in my birthchart, Saturn in Scorpio opposition Sun In taurus &th house.I also have a grandcross with Chiron in Aquarius on the descendant and Pluto in leo on my midheaven…I feel this is not just a this life paternal/wisdom thing but also healing of past lives and karma and transforming them in this lifetime..I also have the asteroid Isis conjunct my ascendant and Medea conjunct my sun…so I see my life as a spiritual journey of transformation. I have just had my second saturn return, a lot of illness and restriction which has forced me to do more inner work.

  6. Not seeing on this post what dates this influence will be present. Often (and usually) emails come ahead of the time the influence actually happens, so it would be helpful if it states at the beginning at what time the influence is occurring. Full and new moons are obvious, but for those without the software to calculate over what window the Saturn square to the Sun is having an influence, it is hard to know when to be mindful of the effect. Just a thought…

    1. This is a natal aspect but we have Sun square Saturn in the sky on Feb 23. I usually put the links in the Monthly Horoscope pg 2.

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