June Astrology

June Astrology

The major aspects of month and their zodiac positions. Your love, career and energy horoscopes according to house position and what it means for all the zodiac signs. Links to the planetary aspects now include the collective transit meaning as well as…

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Current Moon Phases

May 19 New Moon 28º Taurus ~ May 27 First Quarter 6º Virgo
Jun 3 Full Moon 13º Sagittarius ~ Jun 10 Last Quarter 19º Pisces

new moon june 2023

New Moon June 2023 ~ Good News?

The New Moon 18 June 2023 is at 26º Gemini Decan 3.  Aspect: Square Neptune. Fixed Star: Wazn in Columba the Dove. Tarot Card: 10 Of Swords. Healing Crystal: Dalmatian Jasper.…


Full Moon July 2023 ~ Adventure

The Full Moon 3 July 2023 at 11º Capricorn Decan 2. Aspect: Opposite Mercury & Trine Jupiter. Fixed Star: Nunki in the vane of the archers hand in Sagittarius. Tarot Card: 3 Of…

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