Mars Trine Sextile Uranus ~ Excitement


Mars sextile Uranus or Mars trine Uranus is a unique, inventive and inspiring archetype. The soft aspect carries a highly magnetic attraction too since Mars is sex and Uranus is so stimulating. Mars/Uranus in hard aspect is usually associated with accidents, but with these harmonious connections, there is far less unpredictability and risk. Mars in soft aspect to Uranus makes the native passionate and dazzling. They also move fast and enjoy the chase when it comes to romance.

Mars trine sextile Uranus transit

Mars trine or sextile Uranus in the sky generates great excitement and originality. Expect innovations and inventions that blow-your-mind. Unorthodox sexual behaviour could grab the headlines. In the 60’s, arty ‘happenings’ would resonate with this energy and there would be something political about the event, it’s not about hedonism. Mars is activism and Uranus finds unusual and unforgettable ways to express it.

If your partner his this aspect then expect to be swept off your feet. Mars sextile or trine Uranus can whip almost anyone into a frenzy of excitement. It is a great motivational energy and makes for a fantastic personal trainer. However, in my research, I did note that even with the soft aspects there is still an element of danger with this vibration.

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